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But, It's Haunted!

But, It's Haunted!

By But, It's Haunted!
Boston based. Join us as we visit some of New England's most haunted places, talk about the history and share our personal experiences! If you love all things spooky, this might be for you!
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Rutland Prison Camp, Taco Burgers and Whitney's Backup Singers!
Our second attempt at Rutland Prison Camp, was it worth the trip back? Find out! Returning for a second week, Maggie's Quivering Quotes and as usual, Kayla's(though its more of a group effort) Eerie Eats!
November 10, 2019
Tewksbury State Hospital Cemetery // Introducing 'Quivering Quotes'
Our original plan for this week was brought to a halt due to permission issues. But, we still managed to find a cool couple of spots to investigate. Maggie gets her own segment called Quivering Quotes and as always, Eerie Eats!
November 3, 2019
The Legend of Lucy Keyes and The SK Pierce Mansion
This weeks first choice location didn't go as planned unfortunately, but still some cool backstories on the places we did visit! And as always, Eerie Eats!
October 27, 2019
Lucky Number 13 - Ghosts, Zombie Deer and a Genuine Hobo?
Our unlucky trip to CT to investigate Fairfield Hills State Hospital and Great Hill Cemetery, plus a follow-up on Medfield State Hospital. Kayla encounters a 'Zombie Deer' and who could forget, Eerie Eats!!
October 20, 2019
Another Haunted Road..Will it deliver?!
Rock-A-Dundee Road in Hampden Massachusetts is home to several urban legends and ghost tales, did it satisfy our need for the spook?! Find out!
October 13, 2019
The Little Red Schoolhouse - Epsom NH and introducing Eerie Eats!!
A haunted schoolhouse and our first time being kicked out of a location. Also, you guys voted and Kayla's new segment name is officially Eerie Eats!!
October 13, 2019
But, You're Haunted?! .. Our Listener Stories!
Your paranormal stories, read poorly by us .. Enjoy!
October 9, 2019
Brown Cemetery - Windham Maine and Kayla's Chicken Flavored Chicken?
A haunted church and our return to Windham Maine. Find out why Kayla doesn't like the word poultry and help us pick a new name for her Ghostly Gourmet segment!
September 29, 2019
Mercy Brown and the New England Vampire Panic
You've heard of the Salem Witches but have you heard of the New England Vampires?! And our best Ghostly Gourmet yet!
September 22, 2019
Get To Know Us!!
Just a little bonus episode getting to know us, your hosts! A bunch of random and fun questions asked by some of you and ourselves..ENJOYYYY!
September 20, 2019
Medfield State Hospital, Ghostly Gourmet and Black Hairy Tongue?!!
What's creepier than an abandoned insane asylum? Not much... Listen to what we found at one of the most interesting places we've investigated. Week two of Ghostly Gourmet brought to you by Kayla .. And Katie's black tongue, ew!!
September 15, 2019
Good Ole Vermont and Kaylas First Ever 'Ghostly Gourmet'
Chittended Vermont, the creepiest town in the state according to some locals and home to the infamous Eddy Brother hauntings. Will it live up to the legends?! Find out... And we hope you like Kayla's first installment of her weekly food review, Ghostly Gourmet.
September 8, 2019
Gunntown, The Warrens and Perhaps Ghostly Gourmet?
*We apologize in advance for our poor sound quality, our new equipment is coming this week!* This week we visited Gunntown Cemetery in Naugatuck CT, a place declared haunted by Ed and Lorraine Warren themselves. Did it live up to the legends? Find out! We also stopped at a few other locations in the area connected to the Warrens! Will Kayla get her own segment? Let us know if you think she should!
September 1, 2019
Smith-Anderson Cemetery Windham Maine
Windham's oldest cemetery definitely gets a 10 on the haunted scale. Listen to find out what our investigation produced and find out just how creepy this ancient burial ground really is. Also, will Kayla find love? Stay tuned!
August 25, 2019
Tower Hill Rd/Elder Cemetery .. Also, Cracker Barrel
By far the most active sight we have visited thus far, this week our adventures took us to Cumberland Rhode Island. Here we took a drive down the haunted Tower Hill Rd and explored the Elder-Ballou Cemetery. What did we find? Tune in to find out. Also, we were really excited about Cracker Barrel and deserve a sponsor from Pepto...
August 18, 2019
But, WE'RE haunted?! Wolf Island RD/Salem MA
Wolf Island Road, located in Mattapoisett is said to be the most haunted road in MA, did it deliver? A chilling personal story from a local Salem cemetery...And are WE now haunted?! 
August 11, 2019
Rehoboth Massachusetts
Located in southeastern MA, a peak of the infamous Bridgewater Triangle, lies Rehoboth. A creepy town full of ghost stories, urban legends and things that go bump in the night.
August 11, 2019
Gilson Road Cemetery
One of the most haunted cemeteries in New England
August 11, 2019
But, It's Haunted - Trailer
Premiers Sunday August 11, 2019. Follow us on our adventures exploring New England's haunted places to see what we encounter. Will local ghost tales and urban legends prove to be true? Stay tuned to find out!
August 3, 2019