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Making The Indies

Making The Indies

By bWbWrestling Podcast Network
Dennis sits down with the up-and-comers and the mainstays of the Independent Wrestling Scene.
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Drinkin' Brews with Ashley Vox
Ashley Vox is one of the fastest rising stars in the North American wrestling scene. She's most recently appeared on #AEW and #ImpactWrestling. Her tag team with sister Delmi Exo was recently featured in the PWI 500, The PWI Women's 100 and PWI's Tag Team 50 - they are the only team/person to ever accomplish this feat. We talked about her life outside of the ring - working at a brewery, why she loves that job so much.  Grab drink and get to know Ashley Vox.
January 9, 2021
Makin The Indies Episode 4: Delmi Exo
On this episode of Making The Indies, I sit down with Delmi EXO. We chat about life on the road, killing time during shows and her new Patreon exclusive show, Delmi's Bar. Delmi will be part of Limitless Wrestling's VacationLand Cup 2020 on the 19th of December. You can stream the show on Breaking the seal ... The Guinness Beer ... Delmi lists the flavors of Diet Four Loco's .. yes, you read that right. Dennis decides the show needs to become an intervention. A really fun, different look at one of Independent Wrestling's biggest stars. Delmi's Twitter: Delmi's Patreon:
December 3, 2020
Makin The Indies: Episode 3 - Kennedi Copeland
My guest this week is The Queen of the headscissors takedown into arm bar, Ms. Kennedi Copeland Most recently seen on the latest episode of Limitless Wrestling's "The Road," and Pizzy Party Wrestling's "OW! That's I Call Wrestling!" One of Pandemic Wrestling's break out Indie Stars, in my opinion. I became aware of Kennedi through Pizza Pro's Bout 4' Clout 99, which ... spoiler alert, will be in my Top 10 shows of 2020 list this year.  We talked about Copeland's life growing up, her aspirations and everything in between. This is a really fun interview, with one of indie wrestling's next big stars. 
November 22, 2020
Makin The Indies: Episode 2 - Kaia McKenna
Kaia McKenna impressed a lot of people over The Collective weekend with her hard work behind the scenes. We talk about her early life as a kid growing up in a family who watched the wrestling together; her gaming days and her time in Karate (We also go sideways with some Cobra Kai talk. She'll be a part of the Camp Leap Frog Halloween special on Thursday (10/29) on  Support Kaia on Social Media: Twitter: IG: Support Dennis on Social Media: bWbPPV Twitter:
October 27, 2020
Makin The Indies: Episode 1- Kris Levin
Kris talks to Dennis about where the idea of Camp Leap Frog, how it was all developed, obstacles of putting together something of this nature. He also talks about his other major project, "Tales From The Mat,". We talk a little Lou Thesz, too.  Support Kris:  Kris' Twitter: Tales From The Mat Website: Camp Leap Frog on Support "Making The Indies": and Dennis' Twitter:
October 27, 2020