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By Design

By Design

By Scout Studio
By Design is a podcast hosted by members from Scout, Northeastern University's student-led design studio. Each episode, we'll break down impactful topics through a series of stories and conversations with our design friends. We'll offer a range of perspectives from our guests in an effort to further our collective understanding of the world of design.
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Minisode! How Can Typography Tell a Story?
Join Roman on this special episode as he takes you on a typographic journey! Vernacular Typography is the process of using letterforms from street signage, historic events, and basically anywhere in the wild as design inspiration. Modern day typographers including Tré Seals of VOCAL Type employ this strategy in creating fonts that help give a voice to underrepresented groups in the design world. Learn about the power of type in conveying emotion, inflection, and history in each letterform. 
April 22, 2021
Why Rebrand? (With Mike Swartz)
Rebranding can be complicated. In this episode, we talk with Mike Swartz from Upstatement about all that went into their rebranding of Northeastern University! Also, fellow Scout member Cayla Chow tells us about a rebrand that didn't go so well.
November 15, 2020
Should Designers Break the Grid? (With Mitzi Okou)
Lately, it has become blatantly clear the ways in which the systems around us are racist and white-serving by design. We’ll talk with fellow designers, including Mitzi Okou from Where Are the Black Designers, about how these issues manifest themselves in the design community.
September 20, 2020
Coming soon - By Design: A Podcast from Scout
Watch out for the first episode of By Design this fall!
May 6, 2020