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Hosehbo! Show

Hosehbo! Show

By Bryan Lee
Hosehbo! This means how are you in Hokkien
I lived in Singapore. Friends like to call me Bosslee. My monologue about life after work during this COVID period.
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49 Changed my mind

Hosehbo! Show

Day 9 - My last In camp training
Thoughts on SAF food
January 26, 2021
Day 8 - my last in camp training
Emo thoughts
January 26, 2021
Day 7 - My Last in camp training
Taking time to learn keybr. Feeling emo and I should have used a decision tree when moving from room A to room B
January 25, 2021
Day 6 - My last in camp training
Day 1 of ops. Biggest challenge is not the ops nor the exercise but during test time. Sleeping with snorers is hard
January 24, 2021
Day 5 - My last in camp training
What do you do when you have breaks during your in camp training? You talk about life, money and cpf.
January 22, 2021
Day 4 - My last in camp training
Making friends on army, learning new things from each other
January 22, 2021
Day 3 - My last In camp training
Audio logging of my last in camp training. The vegetarian lunch is pretty sad today
January 20, 2021
Day 2 - my last in camp training
Audio logs of my in camp training
January 19, 2021
Day 1 - My last in camp training
Logging my last in camp training experience. The cover art is the dinner for today.
January 18, 2021
EP2 Bosslee reads Tech News
This week we talk about 2 news  SPOT by Boston Dynamics   Pixel 4A  Reviews SPOT: We will talk about SPOT the four-legged robot that helping out with safe distancing operations on the ground. This robot is build by Boston Dynamics.   Recently GovTech IG account posted this because SPOT deployment is one of their project. So I start to ask them how are the privacy of citizens being balance with SPOT.  Pixel 4A  A really good budget Pixel phone. Lots of big improvement. But should you be changing? Especially if you are currently holding an iPhone.  Things to consider  Camera OS Software lifespan Price
August 11, 2020
EP1 Bosslee reads Tech News
The very first series of Bosslee reads Tech News Links to the news I talk about: Singapore Blockchain Sim Swapping Twitter Hacked Other Links Device 2FA Free Authy ELI5 What is Blockchain Youtube: Bosslee Tech Support
August 7, 2020
Channel updates | Bosslee Tech Support
Time files, in another two weeks we will be out from circuit breaker. During this period of time, learn quite a bit of stuff, feels like a jack of all trade master of none. This episode talks about the lessons I learn from making content online and the channel updates.
May 18, 2020
3 Privacy Tech News You Should Know | Bosslee Tech Support
Sources:   1/ Xiaomi Recording Millions Of People’s ‘Private’ Web And Phone Use ->    2/ Facebook agreed to censor posts after Vietnam slowed traffic ->   3/ Cyber-intel firms pitch governments on spy tools to trace coronavirus ->
May 5, 2020
WFH Day 23
No MCD after 5th May still | Google Meet FREE for all No big breakfast still Another FREE video conferencing software - Google Meet *60mins time limit This show is slightly longer, about 11min. I start to HTHT with you about my learnings on making videos. Could be the last podcast...
April 30, 2020
Messenger Rooms and Google Duo
14 Days into Circuit Breaker New product from Facebook Google updates Duo? Whats Duo you say?
April 28, 2020
Day 13 of Circuit Breaker #WFH
How's everyone out there? Coming to 2 weeks liao, when I talk to my friends, seems like most have come to terms with Working From Home, buying grocery and ordering food online. In this episode of Bosslee Tech Support, I talk about an ATM Card sms scheme and rant about some of the crazyness happening online now. IG: YT: FB:
April 20, 2020
Netflix Offers - A Facebook Scam
Netflix Offers - A Facebook Scam | Bosslee Tech Support EP8 While surfing Facebook, I found a pretty smart scam that was build on Netfix's giving a full year free especially during this Covid19 period. In it, I share a few tricks that the scammer did to make the ads look really but at the same time if you pay a bit of attention, you can find a bit of flaw  w: ig: @bossleetech
April 18, 2020
Do you REALLY have to go to a physical shop? | BLT EP7
Day 7 of Circuit Breaker Not so good news, more case in Singapore - Trending in the 300 zone Sharing thoughts about the change in e-commerce landscape - Bunnies Singapore - King of Fried Rice Apple and Google have a clever way of encouraging people to install contact-tracing apps for COVID-19 -
April 15, 2020
Circuit Breaker Day 5: How do you get a Redmart delivery slot?
Friends have been asking, how do you get a Redmart delivery slot? You can access this link to find out when do they deliver items to your area In the show, I also share about some the changes that they made recently IG: @bossleetech w:
April 11, 2020
Circuit Breaker Day 2
Today find the biggest single day increase of Covid19 cases. Enough about Zoom news. Share how and where you can find out more about e-commerce scams in Singapore
April 8, 2020
Circuit Breaker Day 1
- sharing tips on working from home as I have been doing it for the last 3 weeks  - sharing what is a good alternative to Zoom - taking about heading out for food during circuit breaker period - Going Live on IG @bossleetech
April 7, 2020
Dorscon very very very very dark orange
With the latest update on Singapore Covid19 measures, more of the workplaces will be on-boarded to working from home. Some of the SMEs might not be used to this and the digital setup are not in place. Here are some of the free video conferencing tools that SMEs can consider using.  Link to detail shownotes ->
April 5, 2020
What is the Trace Together app all about?
My attempt at apps review  Reviewing the  Trace Together app and sharing what is it all about also trying to debunk some of the myths around it.    
March 31, 2020
Bosslee Tech Support
Bosslee Tech Support; Tech for the rest of us & the talkative side of me You must listen than you know what I want to say lah
March 28, 2020
Baby led-weaning 1
To feed or not to feed
January 6, 2020
Recorded in 2019
Published in 2020
January 6, 2020
Work life balance
After work, the rest is the balance
January 5, 2020
I caused my baby to chocked
Was feeding medcine but I was in a hurry and Serene got chocked
January 4, 2020
My biggest takeaway as a new father
Hello everyone! After all the craziness in 2019. I am back In this episode, I'm sharing my biggest takeaway as a new father
January 4, 2020
Reported #03 Big Fish Big Meat
Hello everyone! Welcome to episode 3 of Reported. Coming week is going to be short week for everyone, because it is going to be Chinese New Year. So I like to take this opportunity to say GXFC. During this CNY, we will naturally be eating more. Even the MOH, our Ministry of Health have shared on the news that a list of 1000 clinics that will remain open during the Chinese New Year holidays. This is because they are worry that if we eat too much and we rush to the hospital using A&E unnecessarily.
February 3, 2019
Reported #02
Hello everyone! Welcome the very first episode of Reported in the new year. This is a show about discovery, sharing stories on the internet. How is everyone doing, are you struggling to keep up with your new year resolutions? Well if you are, just want to share with you that sometimes. We have to take it easy. Else you will be feeling very miserable and end up affecting your whole year. Maybe if you have given yourself too much goals to achieved try to cut down a bit. Now to the show.
January 6, 2019
52 Reported
Hello everyone! Welcome to episode 52 of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. This is a show that talks about life after work. Boom! episode 52, if you break it down this means that I roughly do a show every week. Also means that every week I have something to say...
December 30, 2018
51 Forward fyi #01
Hello everyone, Welcome to a new segment that I am trying out. it is an extension to Bosslee reads the news, where I will be sharing stories on the internet. Everytime listen to me talking about life and career also bored.  Before we start, I like to wish everyone a Merry Merry Merry Christmas and an awesome happy new year. May the new year, the work-life balance becomes better and less of #BHG 背黑锅, less 小人 to defend also.  Links Interesting reviews that netizens are leaving on the cyclist workplace FB page Link to SG Road Vigilante Post  HWZ's EDMW - (warning, intense debate and long posts) They got the wrong person
December 25, 2018
50 What’s your pricing
Hello 👋 everyone! Welcome of the 50th episode of Nightly, a Nightly podcast about life after work. I have three festive stories to share today.
December 19, 2018
49 Changed my mind
Hello everyone! Welcome to episode 49 of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. This is a podcast about life after work. Today was suppose to be my last day at work but it is not. Some situation changed and I have still working for the man. So today I like to shared the story of me changing my mind and the thought process I went through.
December 18, 2018
48 Socially-conscious enterprise Hawker centres
Hello everyone, Welcome to a Nightly Podcast. A show about life after work. Today we are at episode 48. Never expect to reach here, I think around 20 plus episodes, i want to give up already. Now looking back, it seems that we have just started. Today like to try something like, I like to call it "Ahlee reads the news" inspired by Mr Brown Today we are talking about Socially-conscious enterprise hawker centres. This topic in the news for very long already. So I thought I give my take on it. Now we first need to understand what exactly is the Socially-conscious enterprise hawker centres.
December 2, 2018
47 Customer Service
47 Complaints Hello everyone! Welcome to the 47 episodes of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. Nightly is a podcast about Life after work and talking about how to get out of the rat race. How is everyone doing today? I am actually recording this on a Saturday Morning. The sun is super bright! Which is great because for the past few days there is heavy rain. Let us jump right in. Today we are talking about customer complaints. If you are a seller be it online or offline, you will for sure encounter a lot of different customers and complaint matters. But do you have to take all the feedback in? For example: recently I met up with a customer. She was complaining about how one area of our service is not flexible and affecting her work. She also kept repeating how another service is super awesome. During the 3 hours conversation, we share with her solutions and workaround but they were rejected as she was expecting our service to work exactly like the others. In short, she was looking for a standardised system so that her employees can have just one workflow as she is selling on many different platforms. She is not wrong, You see the ex-Evernote CEO Phil Libin once said that “Feedback is great for telling you what you did wrong. It's terrible at telling you what you should do next.” So the important thing here is to understand what exactly is the root of the problem. Also sometimes, the customers are very aggressive, so they keep talking and talking giving you no chance to explain. To put that into control, you have to be calm, because we need to understand that they are angry with the matter and not you. We are just a medium. Finally, towards the end. Personally, I deem that 40% of her feedback is very much valuable. The remaining is largely she has no idea of the available functions. So my friends, if you are meeting with a bad experience with a product or service. Please try to control and avoid shouting at the customer service, because we need to also know that they are a medium and not the cause of the problem.
November 24, 2018
46 Can you deep dive?
Hello everyone! Welcome to the 46th episode of Nightly. My name is bosslee and I am your host. Today, I have two interesting thing to share. One, when you big big boss starts questioning and your boss become a spider, what do you do? Two, have you seen the trending video about a baby bear climb up a mountain to met with its mom. It shows courage and the attitude of it giving up.
November 7, 2018
45 Tic Tok, Tic Tok
Hello everyone! Welcome to the 45th episode of A Nightly Show. A show about life after work and how to get out of the rat race. So last week, we talk about me leaving a stable job and not having a plan. The goal currently is now is thinking what to do next. Currently, it is something that is to be in the ecommerce space. The next thing I want to share is about a new trending app Tic Tok.
November 6, 2018
44 Book Review: Trust Me, I’m lying!!
Hello everyone! Welcome to the 44th episode of Nightly. My name is bosslee and I’m your host. Nightly talks about Life after work and also ways to get out of the rat race. Today, I like to review about a book titled: Trust me, I’m lying. It’s a very interesting book that talks about the landscape of online media and also how you can try and make your own news go viral. Listen and I love to hear from you.
October 27, 2018
43 Do you have a plan?
Hello everyone! Have a special announcement to share. Sorry for the wind sound? As I’m a walking as I’m recording this, also if you have any feedback or like to share your thoughts! Please DM me. Thank you!
October 21, 2018
42 I have a sexy voice - talk Show with Chris
Hello everyone! Welcome to 42th episode of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. Today like to share a short talk short that I recorded the last weekend. Also like to thank Suyuen for her awesome feedback. Lastly, love to invite fellow friends on come onboard and join me in podcasting :)
October 11, 2018
41 Karma Coffee, How S-Hook Lorine goes Viral
Hello everyone! Welcome to the 41 episode of Nightly. In this episode , I shared about an interesting coffee place I found in Nepal; Coffee - where you can pay for any price you deem a for decent long black. Also recently read a book about manipulating media, just nice the we have the incident os S-Hook Lorine goes Viral. One of the chapter closely relates to this.
September 30, 2018
40: Travel Log Nepal
Traveling in Nepal this week for work. Sharing my first time experience in Nepal and some tips for new Travelers.
September 28, 2018
39 Day 5 No Coffee, Nas Daily
Hello everyone! Welcome to the 39 episode of Nightly. My name is Bossle and I am your host. A Nightly Show is a show about life after work and building a business on the side to get out of the rat race. Today I’m talking about no coffee for 5 days and thoughts about Nas Daily.
September 21, 2018
38 Coffee Detox, Leave a message
Hello everyone! Welcome to the 38 episode of Nightly. My name is bosslee and I am your host. Today we talk about Coffee Detox and my passion for voice as a medium. Plus thank you so much for listening.
September 17, 2018
37 Feeling Lazy
Hello everyone! Welcome to episode 37 of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. Maybe this vacation is too long because instead of feeling refresh I am starting to feel lazy. It is like breaking a habit. If you have not taken leave for a long time, this is the exact kind of feeling. You go to work everyday, suddenly you are told to take a rest and you realised you have no idea of what to do. Another thing that I shared in this episode is the unexpected thing that happened. Each time I plan to startup something, I will be thrown a lemon.
September 16, 2018
36 Preventing Burnout
Hello everyone! Thanks for listening. I’m on leave these two days! Taking sometime off to think about the future and also preventing burnout from work
September 14, 2018
35 Good partners are hard to find
September 1, 2018
34 Taking time for granted
August 11, 2018
31 A Rant 背黑锅
Episode 31: I shared about be being 背黑锅. In the role I’m in, I need to do some configuration on the system. These requests usually come from business stakeholders. This time round, I believe there is a miscommunication on both party but the fault falls on the person who do the configure. This is so WTF. #corporateshit
July 9, 2018
30 Aging gracefully & Manuka Honey
Hello everyone! Welcome to A Nightly Show, an audio log about an average Singapore trying to breakout of the rat race. Not all sunshine and rainbows here. Sometimes the show is like a drama. Today, the sharing is about Aging, handling stress and about Manuka Honey
July 8, 2018
28 “If you don’t use it, lose it.”
Hello everyone! Welcome to the 28th episode of Nightly! My name is bosslee and I am your host. Nightly is a podcast that talks about life after work and it also serves as my audio log. Today I’m talking about a lifestyle I’m pursuing and that’s minimalism. Three things I learn from being an minimalist. 1/ it’s not cheap to be an minimalist because quality shirts that would last a life time cost you. 2/ it does not mean that you buy less and have less. It means only owing stuff that brings value to your life. 3/ Finally, my motto if you don’t use it, lose it.
June 18, 2018
26 Learn Thai, Kim Trump & Buying Online
Hello Everyone! Welcome to the 26th Episode of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. Sa wa dee Krup! Learning Thai now and it sure is a very fun language to learn. I think learning a 3rd language is important beside that it is fun, it also helps to expand your opportunities. Also in this episode, I talked about Kim Trump Summit in Singapore. Super proud to be the nation to be hosting this. Finally talking about the buying behavior for large ticket item, do you use desktop or mobile?
June 8, 2018
25 Hongkong and Alibaba
Hello! Welcome to the 25th episode of Nightly. My name is bosslee and I am your host. Today, I like to share with you my recent Hongkong trip and also my experience of sourcing for suppliers on Alibaba.
June 3, 2018
24 Made my first sale, health and being jack of all trade
Hello everyone! This is bosslee here and I am your host. This podcast talks about life after work, sometimes I treat it like an outlet to destress. Today I’m sharing three things. 1/ I made my first sale from an ecommerce platform. 2/ I got my health report score card and 3/ how I avoid being jack of trades
May 22, 2018
23 Opportunities
Hello everyone, welcome to the 23rd episode of Nightly. My name is bosslee and I am your host. This podcast talks about life after work and shares the story on how I’m trying to get of the rat race. Kinda of like reality show. If you listen long enough, you will know probably my whole life story. Anyway today I got an opportunity to meet up with a business person running medical hall. It’s interesting to how she present the opportunity to me
May 19, 2018
18 May weather sucks, SMRT Comms team and FBI
Hello everybody! Welcome to the 18th episode of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. How are you doing this amazing Sunday? It is interesting how we are able to wake up super early during the weekdays but when it comes to weekend, waking up at 7am is a struggle. Do you share the same?
May 6, 2018
17 I’m 36 and I'm working in Tech
I’m 36 this year and I work in an industry that is growing like crazy. The average age among my colleagues is about 23-25 but I do not feel old. In fact, working around them makes me feel young
May 3, 2018
16 Direct to Consumers
So today topic is something very close to me. It is about this article by Inc titled: Over 400 Startups Are Trying to Become the Next Warby Parker. You see Warby Parker is an ecommerce business operating under the Direct to Consumer model. They build up a brand, removed the middleman and sell direct. Some very successful ones include, Warby itself, Dollar Shave Club, Casper, Away. This article talks about how some 400 startups are trying to bring down every consumer category. There is this particular category that I am super interested and it is the TCM category.
May 2, 2018
15 Vegetarians, Twitter Privacy & Keto Diet
Hello everyone! Welcome to the 15th episode of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. How are you today? I’m sure today your office must be pretty empty too. Most of your colleagues would have taken an annual leave because it would give them a long weekend. Some might even take this opportunity to travel overseas.
May 1, 2018
14 Breaking the habits
Hello everyone! Welcome to the 14th episode of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host! So I totally broke my chain of schedule on recording podcasts for the last few days. Episode 13 was on 22 April 2018. I am so ashamed of myself. I do not have a specific topic to discuss about today but like to casually share some of the thoughts on my mind - Breaking the habits - North and South Korea vow to end the Korean War in historic accord - Don’t believe everything on the internet - Happiness Is a Choice You Make
April 28, 2018
13 Fame, Power and Status
Hello everyone! Welcome to the the 13th episode of Nightly! Today I am a bit sad. One of the EDM DJ that I like has pass away. For EDM fans I’m sure you are aware. DJ Avicii was found dead in Oman yesterday (21 April 2018). He produced some of the greatest hits in the EDM scene, one of it is the “Wake me up” which has 100 million played on Spotify but my personal favorite is “The Night”
April 22, 2018
12 The worst kind of colleague
I been working for sometime in a growth startup. Here I met 3 different kinds of colleagues and this podcast shared my thoughts about them
April 19, 2018
11 Thailand, Music Festivals and Coffee
Life after work, late night recording talking about my recent trip to Thailand, the music festival I attended and the awesome coffee house I went too to keep me awake
April 18, 2018
10 Getting caught up in a busy world
Now for the topic of the day, I think this is turning into a podcast about Chromebook I wrote this script on flight, I really think that Chromebook is super awesome. Everything that I need to get done on a laptop, I can do it even while offline. As for entertainment, I realised that I can install Netflix on the Chromebook and watch the shows offline just like an Android devices. Here’s a hot tip for you, if you try to download Netflix via the Google Play store, it will tell you that the app is not compatible with this device.
April 14, 2018
09 Budgeting for travel plans
4 ways to Budget for your travel plans
April 11, 2018
08 Macbook or Chromebook
Been an Apple fans since 2016 but recently I got A Chromebook, my perspective have changed.
April 8, 2018
07 win the battle, lose the war
United as one! Round 3. We were the terrorists. We followed the same plan to take on a more aggressive approach but this time round, we took the decision to aim at only the harder place to plant the bomb because we deem they might be arming more people to guard the opposite area. We were wrong on this and we end up losing the game. However we we had lots of fun in this, you see teammates rushing out shouting “go go go” like all of us have only a single goal and that is to win. That feeling feels really good even losing the game because it feels like a team United.
April 7, 2018
06 Making a company work is like a team sport
If you want to learn how to run a company, you should try taking part in dragon boat. It will change your perspective.
April 5, 2018
05 Building the habit loop
daily action builds habits. It gives you practice and will make you an expert in a short time. If you don't break the chain, you'll start to spot opportunities you otherwise wouldn't. Small improvements accumulate into large improvements rapidly, however if you start skipping one day, it makes it easier to skip the other.
April 4, 2018
03 April fool pranks?
Where did they go?
April 1, 2018
02 Graber is coming!
Graber = Grab + Uber
March 31, 2018
01 About me
36th birthday, yoga and edm
March 30, 2018
Coming soon!
Here’s another another podcast
March 30, 2018
BSN07 – Let’s talk Rubbish
Warning. This is an episode of me talking to myself. No interviews, no specific topic. I talk about why BSN episode 7 came so late and how I got my motivation back. When I was doing this episode, I was recording this on Bigo Live too.
September 7, 2016
BSN06 – Let’s talk Aerial Yoga with Nicole Lee
This week, let’s talk about Aerial Yoga with Nicole. She is a very charming lady and this is how she describe herself, “I am living life with a relentless thirst. I am an aerialist, a yogi, a pole dancer and everything in between. I love being in the air. I relish extreme sports and live […]
August 6, 2016
BSN05 – Halftime!
This week, I’m on a break but I have a story to share and the title of the story is “Don’t quit your job”. Plus in the podcast, you get to listen to next week’s trailer and I’m sure after listening you will be super pumped to find out what is the topic for next […]
July 31, 2016
BSN04 – Let’s talk Freeletics
BSN04 – Let’s talk Freeletics This week, let’s talk about Freeletics with Cassandra. She left her corporate job and jump into the world of fitness. She is a trainer and also an expert on nutrition. Beside sharing about Freeletics, we also talked about the benefits of being a vegetarian and how can you get low […]
July 23, 2016
BSN03 – Let’s talk Bodybuilding
Once upon a time, if men wanted to compete in a physique competition there was only one category: bodybuilding. The same was true for women. These days, women can compete in bikini, figure, fitness, physique, and bodybuilding. The posing and related requirements are different for each, but the main difference is obvious: muscular size. This […]
July 16, 2016
BSN02 – Let’s talk Triathlon
This week in Becoming Stronger, I get to speak with Sara who is a women with many talents. She works in legal but is still able to find time for training, coaching and speaking. Her typically day starts at 4am, involves swim,bike,run and like everyone else work. In this podcast, we learn how to better […]
July 9, 2016
BSN01 – Let’s talk Strala Yoga!
This week on Becoming Stronger Podcast, I get to speak with Jo. Jo is a trained Strala Yoga instructor and she is very kind of share with us her thoughts on Yoga, what are the things that beginners should look out for and what are the yoga essentials you might like to consider. Links [jo_strala on […]
July 3, 2016
BSN01 – Becoming Stronger Now
Becoming Stronger Now! A brand new podcast featuring discussions on health and fitness topics that are important to busy people. Busy people like you and me who often get drench into our work and forget about our health. Hear from fitness experts on they manage their work life balance and also bite size fitness tips. The […]
June 29, 2016