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Podcast ByDavey | Blogging, Branding & Marketing Podcast

Podcast ByDavey | Blogging, Branding & Marketing Podcast

By Shubham Davey
This podcast is brought to you by Shubham Davey, that's me. I wouldn't claim to be a leading digital marketing consultant or a guru of anything. However, I'm proud to claim myself as a guide who knows a thing or two about blogging, branding & marketing. I have been practicing blogging & digital marketing since 2011 and after helping & clients win online while living under the rock, I have decided to go public and share my experience of marketing business online, especially when more and more people & businesses are coming online. Find me online @bydaveyji
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Ep #001: Trailer | Introducing 'Get Discovered with Shubham Davey'
I want to take a moment of yours to introduce to you this podcast where I'm determined to share my experience with utmost practicality. What made me get started with this podcast? I've seen a lot of people struggle with building a personal brand, including myself. In my course of understanding a thing of two about building a personal brand, I've realized that there's a lot of misunderstanding that people have.  This podcast is an attempt to get rid of those misunderstanding & replacing it with the right mindset required to build a personal brand.  This podcast contains everything I'd say to a decade younger self. All the realization, mistakes I wan't supposed to make, let alone repeat it, those down time I had when nobody listen to me, those blackouts where I had no idea how to get started. This is where you'll find it.  This podcast is a journey of me building a personal brand for myself that includes openly talking about my fears, failures & mistakes. This is to ensure you don't commit same mistake.  This podcast isn't about the shortcuts to get in front of millions of people. This podcast isn't about finding way to make a quick buck online. Even though I'm not looking for any of these, let me know if you find any shortcuts, because there are no shortcuts. This is about grinding your way up without losing your patience & doing everything with a right mindset.  I'll try my best to record myself every single day for at least 3-5 minutes. I'm excited to add value to you on daily basis. Sure, I'm not confident & nervous, but I'm ready to put more efforts and get better.  See you around!  To know more about me you can find me & my content on: Twitter LinkedIn Medium     Quora Personal blog Instagram
January 1, 2021