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Byte Size: Conversational computer science

Byte Size: Conversational computer science

By learn cs with us

Computers might be boxes of magic rocks, but they shouldn’t be mystical. We believe that everyone is capable of learning to program. Byte Size is a conversational course in computer science. We’ll chat about fun topics and teach core concepts in computing in a way that’s palatable regardless of your background. Join our conversation and you’ll be able to call yourself a computer scientist, too. 🧑‍💻 Supplemental & practice content available at
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2-1: Computers aren't demigods
2-1: Computers aren't demigods
Computers just do what flawed humans tell them to do—they’re not capable of original thought, and they’re certainly not capable of thinking about things at a higher level than any human. In this byte, software engineering researcher David Widder explains the pitfalls of placing too much trust in computers.
May 05, 2021