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Celebration Community Church Podcast

Celebration Community Church Podcast

By Nathan Purdue
The C3 Podcast is a product of Celebration Community Church, with two physical campuses in Hays, KS and Colby, KS. Taking a long-form approach, hosts Nathan and Derek discuss in depth topics that may not fit the bill or the allotted time of a service. Desiring to tell the story of a church body grounded in the local community but visible globally, the C3 Podcast reframes the cliche church lexicon to rebuild faith language rooted in the love and light of Christ. Expect guest interviews, theology discussions, and many, many bad jokes.
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What We Believe: The Bible
A huge thank you to Natalie Klima for being on this episode! After Pastor Brant's message on the Bible, I thought it might be pertinent to have this episode come out-- not necessarily covering the same material, but a personal anecdote about how the Scriptures might inform how we live and grow. I hope you find this meaningful!
September 21, 2021
What We Believe: Salvation
Thank you a ton to Matthias Carter for tackling this episode with me! Today, we discuss Salvation: what is it, who is the active agent in salvation, can we lose our salvation? It is our hope that this is a springboard into investigation, conversation, and discovery for you! C3's Statement of Faith:
August 24, 2021
What We Believe: Human Beings
A light topic to listen to today! In all honesty, we struggled with publishing this episode. We don't claim to have a full understanding of how all this works, but we discuss who humans are, who they were intended to be, and some of the disconnect between those two things. While contentious, this conversation is important to come to a faithful approach to living on Earth. Statement of Faith on website:
August 10, 2021
What We Believe: The Trinity (Part 2)
In this second episode on the Trinity, Nathan and Derek talk about a couple heresies that still make their way into our midst today. Episode one is a good pre-cursor to this episode; if you haven't listened to it, we encourage you to do so as a reference point. Enjoy!
July 20, 2021
What We Believe: The Trinity (Part 1)
One of the most misunderstood components of our faith is really an important one to attempt to get right-- How do we explain who God is? For almost 2000 years, believers have struggled to explain God's Triune Nature. Nathan and Derek also struggle with the ways to explain God, but introduce the three components of the Godhead in this first episode on the Holy Trinity.
July 13, 2021
How We Practice: Baptism
Many people have experienced baptism, whether as a child or an adolescent. Derek and Nathan talk about why we practice a believer's baptism at C3, and also are a bit vain in the intro. I'm certain you'll forgive us.... hopefully. Enjoy! Questions, comments, concerns, complaints? Let us know here:
July 07, 2021
How We Practice: Communion
The Lord's Supper, The Eucharist, Communion-- Many different names for the way we remember God's sacrifice. How do we support the way we practice communion at C3? Derek and Nathan talk a little music, a little bible, and a little practice this week.
June 30, 2021
Season 2 Introduction
Welcome back to the C3 Podcast-- Derek and Nathan will be going through the church's Statement of Faith this season, found here: We're excited to have you along! Questions, comments, concerns, gossip? Let us know here:
June 22, 2021
9.1 Annika TL;DL-- Surrender: A Reflection on Holy Week
This week, Nathan reflects a bit after Annika's interview on what surrender may look like on our lives. As it is Holy Week, we took a passage from the narrative leading up to Jesus's betrayal (Matthew 26:6-16) and examined how that narrative may help us to frame in how we should behave in relation to what God calls us to do. We hope you enjoy this episode!
March 30, 2021
9. Surrender and Peace with Annika Carter
This week, we were fortunate enough to have Annika Carter, the Assistant of Encounter and co-host of the Encounter YA Podcast to discuss her story and what ministry looks like in her current setting. We hope that her story is an encouragement to you! Thank you, as always, for listening. To support Annika, visit the following link: (select CARTER Fund).
March 23, 2021
8.1 Missions TL;DL
Nathan is back for another TL;DL. Today, he reviews some of the aforementioned Missions that C3 supports financially, and also how we might remember the practicality of a life on mission. Thanks for listening!
March 16, 2021
8. The Heart Behind Missions at C3
As believers, we are instructed to live on Mission for God, thought it may not be stated explicitly like that in the Scriptures. Today, Nathan and Derek talk about what Missions looks like at C3, from both an abstract conceptual lens and from a practical lens. We also talk about Derek's aphantasia and Nathan's trouble with lyrics. Enjoy! 
March 09, 2021
7.1 Patrick TL;DL-- An Interaction with Jesus
Today, Nathan talks about a portion of Pat's Interview where he mentioned, "It's about how His (His being Jesus) Story interacts with your story." How does the story of Jesus impact us?  Thanks for listening!
March 02, 2021
7. Youth Ministry, And all things bigger because of Texas with Patrick Turley
Today we have Patrick Turley, the newest addition to the C3 Staff on the podcast. Patrick is a prolific drummer as well as a fantastic youth minister, and we dive into his story as a touring musician, the journey from musician to youth ministry, and his vision moving forward. Nathan also scares Derek with a harshly worded intro question. We hope you enjoy!
February 23, 2021
6.1 Kael TL;DL-- Testimony
This week, Nathan talks about testimonies. Yours are important; share them with friends, family, and others as an encouragement! God may just use your story to aid another in need. Thank you, as always, for listening.
February 16, 2021
6. Kael Bloom
We're doing a couple episodes that are a bit different. One of the most powerful things we have are stories-- through the Scriptures, we learn the story of God, and we learn that we are a part of that unfolding story. Kael Bloom is on our podcast this week telling his; his journey from the grand metropolis of Oakley to Colorado Springs, to Wichita, and of course with time in Hays in between. We talk worship leading, being a pastor's kid, and overcoming grief.
February 09, 2021
5.1 Garrett Kahrs TL;DL
Today, Nathan speaks quickly about discipleship and evangelism. If the biblical mandate is that we are to make disciples and bring good news, how might we go about doing that? Thank you for listening! If you'd like to leave us some feedback, do so here:
February 02, 2021
5. Discipling and Evangelism with Garrett Kahrs
This week we're joined by author, speaker, pastor, podcast host, dad, and otherwise cool guy Garrett Kahrs. Garrett tells us how he came to faith, then some practical ways to engage discipleship and evangelism wherever you may fall in your faith journey. Garrett's books can be found here: As always, we'd love to hear how you think we're doing! Let us know here:
January 26, 2021
4.1 The Bible TL;DL
This week, Derek reviews last week's conversation on the Bible. He walks us through the 3 questions to help frame a better reading of the Bible whenever we open it: 1. What does this passage reveal about God? 2. How does this passage fit into the unfolding story of God? 3. How might this passage affect me or my life? We would love feedback on how we're doing! Let us know here.
January 19, 2021
4. The Bible is Tough, but Worth It
This week, Derek and Nathan talk about the Bible. Because of its many authors and foreign contexts, the Bible can be very inaccessible and hard to understand, so we need a good introduction to how we approach the Scriptures. I won't call it good, but Nathan has put together a Bible Foundations class that this episode loosely follows. The functional questions that the class (and this episode) attempt to answer are: "What is the Bible?" and "What do we do with it?" Thank you for listening to the episode! Let us know your thoughts here or by leaving a review on your preferred platform.
January 12, 2021
3.1 Prayer TL;DL
This week we have another episode recapping one of our longer interviews. Nathan talks about the idea that God is accessible through prayer-- that he's far more gracious than we think he is. We look at two short passages of Scripture to remember how God has chosen to interact with humanity, and that he's still doing so today. Also, we have a short clip of next week's episode, so be sure to tune in! Scriptures used: Genesis 16 1 Timothy 2:1-6
January 05, 2021
3. Pray Today Initiative with Pastor Brant
We're looking ahead to the church-wide challenge for 2021 today. Pastor Brant joins Nathan and Derek to discuss what prayer is, what keeps people from feeling like they can be successful when they pray, and: Why prayer was the next spiritual discipline to focus on Acrostic poems (if you like 'em, you're in good company with my mother) WWJD(no bracelets included) We'd love to hear some feedback on what you think about the show! Please consider rating the podcast on your preferred outlet or by filling out this Google Form.
December 29, 2020
2.1 Worship TL;DL
Pastor Derek talks us through the worship episode that was published last week. Specifically, Derek imagines the life of a Christian as a follower rather than a fan; Kyle Idleman wrote a book concerning this very matter that the church previously utilized for a sermon series. He also discusses the Pharisaical practice of Jesus' time, and how rituals (if done without heart) take us away from the call of Jesus. Thank you for listening to the C3 Podcast! If you have feedback, questions, or other comments, we'd love to hear from you! Shoot us a message here:
December 22, 2020
2. Worship-- What, Why, How?
This week, Nathan and Derek discuss the reality that worship is a normative reality of human experience. Basically for real humans who don’t talk like that, it’s something we do… a lot. The question ceases to be whether or not we worship, but what the things we worship are. We look at the biblical narrative to determine where worship is seen in the scriptures, and how they have changed over time. Other topics include, but are not limited to: Nathan’s first “speaking in tongues” experience (?) Worshipping the Dallas Cowboys (ick, I know) Cletus and Harry; heroes or heretics? The surprising place that Nathan is (actually) from Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development Referenced in the show are these Scriptures/Visuals: Worship Concentric Circles Genesis 1:28-30; 3:6-13, 22 Isaiah 1 Matthew 15:8-9 1 Timothy 2:5 Colossians 3:16-17 2 Corintians 5:17 Matthew 5:1-12 Acts 2:42-47 John 3:30
December 15, 2020
1.1 TL;DL Church Membership Summary
Longer Episodes are published bi-weekly; in the meantime, here's a short recap and a closer look at an aspect of our discussion on church membership last week. TL;DL stands for "Too Long; Didn't Listen", but we know you wanted to hear the melodious sound of at least one voice this week, right? ..... right?
December 08, 2020
1. Church Membership for Normal People with Pastor Brant Rice
This week, the head honcho talks about membership: his experience with church growing up, why he chose C3 as a “church home”, how we might reframe the word “membership” to be more functional and meaningful for today’s church, and a preview of what 2021 will look like for C3. In this episode, we also discuss: Football in the silliest terms Brant can think of Brant’s strange sleeping habits Nathan's unfortunate concert-going record The church roof blowing off We talk about these Scriptures during the episode: 1 Corinthians 12:12-26 You can find our church by visiting, and can find more information on Mission Statement and our church's beliefs by clicking on the "About Tab."
December 01, 2020
0. C3 Mission Statement
Thank you for listening to the Celebration Community Church (C3) Podcast! In this episode, we discuss our church Mission Statement-- what does it mean? How is it practical to the life of a church member? You can find our church by visiting, and can find more information on Mission Statement and our church's beliefs by clicking on the "About Tab."
November 30, 2020