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Connect 4 Community

Connect 4 Community

Connect4Community is a journey into the experiences, and perspectives of some of the influential minds in Nova Scotia. Listen in for candid interviews from individuals belonging to marginalized groups, and those who work to improve their experiences.
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Journey From The Motherland
His journey takes him from the arid deserts of Botswana, through the United States and finally to The Frozen Tundra of Canada. Isaac shares his experiences from immense culture shock, the his battle with a path laden with systemic hurdles.
May 18, 2022
Life After The Military - Roger Beals
What is life like after the Military? Is it a seamless transition to civilian life or is it more complex? Take it from a man that has done journey... Roger Beals, Base Security Mgr (Dept. of National Defense), served in The Canadian Military and shares his experiences candidly and honestly.
April 12, 2022
Sam’Gwan the Artist (Tonya Paris)
Mi’kmaq & Afro Nova Scotian Artist-Activist Tonya Paris reveals how she was gifted her name “Sam'Gwan” and shares the meaning behind some of her notable art pieces she created for the community. 
March 15, 2022
Navigating The Arts as A Black Woman in Nova Scotia
Civil Engineer, singer, mentor and playwright Tara Lynn Taylor shares her extraordinary journey navigating The Arts Industry as A Black Woman in Nova Scotia...
February 16, 2022