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CAAMP Counseling - Condo & HOA Experts

CAAMP Counseling - Condo & HOA Experts

Come join us for Condo and HOA advice as experts provide their knowledge and resources to community association board members and managers. Visit CAAMP's website at for manager events and additional resources Contact our host Trevor Barone at: 321-775-5514 or
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Insurance Negotiation for Master Condo & HOA - Trevor Barone
Florida Condominium Associations have to deal with annual insurance negotiations, but maximizing the annual renewal process can be confusing and frustrating. Insurance Advisor and president of CAAMP Trevor Barone has assembled a team of leading advisors in the community association world to explore the intricacies of working with an independent insurance agent to obtain the best terms and pricing for your board of directors. Todd Hillhouse from Planet In-House and UAS Thermals and Bonnie Beddell from Worthy Appraising More info at
June 12, 2018
Association Websites & Social Media - Seth Chipman
Primer on the statutory requirements and legal issues for websites applicable to condominiums. Seth D. Chipman, P.A. Tel: 321-639-1300 Fax:321-639-1303 Special Guest Speaker: Bianca Duffield, Marketing, Communications & Events for Nishad Khan Law Social Media 101- Creating Community Unity Association managers often need instruction and supplemental information to guide their boards into making sound decisions regarding social media use. This information enables managers to inform their boards about the importance of utilizing social media policies, management of that presence, and application of relevant platforms for various community needs. Phone: (407) 228-9711 | Fax: (407) 228-9713 Email: Website: Joshua Adams Rock Paper Simple is a website development firm who have created a unique product specially for associations which will be rolling out in April. Head Honcho 321-626-2172
May 14, 2018
Attorney Sonia Bosinger and Mark Kramer Present on Drones
Drones are impacting our associations in many positive ways as well as a few negative ways. Sonia Bosinger, Founding Partner of Arias Bosinger discusses the legal implications of using and restriction drone use on community associations in Florida like Condominiums and HOAs. Mark Kramer from Eagle Hawk provides his insight as a professional in the UAS industry on what new aerial technologies can provide to property managers and home owners.
May 11, 2018
Condo & HOA Board Certification Full Class by Attorneys Sonia Bosinger & Carlos Arias CAAMP
Condo & HOA Board Certification Full Class by Attorneys Sonia Bosinger & Carlos Arias CAAMP
May 04, 2018