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Philosophy in the Real

Philosophy in the Real

By Cadell Last
This is a podcast that seeks to bring philosophy into the Real qua Impossible, that is: the little piece of the present moment that resists our desire.
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Pathological Evolution (#1) (with Raven Connolly): Unconscious Desire, Social Tensions
The idea of evolution transformed science (Darwin); the idea of pathos transformed psychology (Freud).  Discussing "pathological evolution" is necessary today because our global society is changing faster than ever, and this change is going to involve a deep confrontation with our self: what do we really want?  What do we see in the "pathos" of modern global society?  Can we analyze this "evolving pathos" as a complex "hyper-object" (entities that escape traditional temporal-spatial reasonings)?  How does pathos involve and underlie important dimensions of contemporary gendered, class-based and racial tensions?
November 28, 2020
Last and Guner (#1): Why Microdose?
In this episode (originally streamed in the 21-Day Meditation Challenge Facebook group), we set the foundation covering the concept of psychedelics in history and present day. There is a new emerging bio-science that uses psychedelics in sub-perceptible doses to improve basic cognitive functioning. Here we outline how we want to do our part to become mature and responsible participants in this new psychedelic revolution.
November 23, 2020
The Enlightenment Gap (#2) (with Gregg Henriques): Modern Philosophy of Psychology
This conversation is attempting to build on our notion of an "Enlightenment Gap" emergent in the scientific universe between matter/mind (i.e. mind/body problem), science/society (i.e. social construction).  Here we attempt to dive deeper into the foundations of modern philosophy as it relates to psychology and psychoanalysis.
November 19, 2020
Sex, Masculinity, God (1.1): The Reality of Sexual Difference
In the second trialogue on sexual difference we focus on its nature as that which precedes the emergence of the different sexes (“a difference which precedes a difference”). In this affirmation pre-identity different we attempt to understand its consequence for the way we construct and relate in historical reality (specifically the flaw in the ideology of “two becomes one”).   Sex, Masculinity, God (the book):
November 18, 2020
The Enlightenment Gap (#1) (with Dr. Gregg Henriques): Identifying the Problem
This conversation is introducing the idea of the "Enlightenment Gap" as a problem emergent to the scientific universe.  Here we define the problem as the still unresolved relation between matter and mind, and between science and society.  In short, when we enter the scientific universe the nature of mental phenomena, and the nature of social knowledge, are brought into antagonism with the nature of material phenomena, and the nature of scientific knowledge.  Today, these antagonisms are often represented in the problem of mind/body and the problem of social construction. 
November 17, 2020