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The Caffeinated Banter Cast

The Caffeinated Banter Cast

By Resobaso
A group of Gamers and small time reviewers come together weekly to be a bunch of caffeinated nutcases talking about Gaming, Technology and whatever games we are playing at that time.

Main Crew (currently): Resobaso (, Jennifer ( and ColdDeath (
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#9: He was paid for this!11!!

The Caffeinated Banter Cast

#109 - "Satire evolves into reality"
Don't you just love it when reality manages to turn out dumber than 2 year old satire articles... thanks Activision. It's been one of those weeks and this time we finally manage to get to the next game in the 1001 Games series. Have fun :) Intro/Outro music:: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeath's Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Activision makes satire become reality ( Sony and RTS buy EVO ( Square Enix Presents ( 1001 Games: Phoenix
April 17, 2021
#108 - "Another day in Journalism"
This week is a bit somber, with EAGate and an innocent man apparently lets off shots at the journalist who spent their time dragging him for literally no reason. Gonna be honest, this tea is super tasty. Intro/Outro music:: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeath's Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: One-sided Kotaku reporting on CIG ( ( Nobuo Uematsu might be on his last project ( #EAGate ( Denuvo Anti-Cheat on PS5 ( Shots fired by Troy Leavitt(
April 10, 2021
#107 - "They were still working on Artifact?"
The Troy saga continues, Marvel's Avengers is still a thing, some devs get bought and more Intro/Outro music:: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeath's Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Troy Leavitt leaves WB Games ( Marvel's Avengers - with pride and accomplishment ( Lootboxes may affect age rating in Germany ( Artifact development comes to an end ( Dev aquisitions (
April 2, 2021
#106 - "Copy Paste Journalism"
We talk about Game difficulty and grinding, Pokemon and Playstation State Of Play, and even one of the biggest journalism organized hit pieces. Intro/Outro music:: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeath's Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Game Difficulty / Grinding ( Pokemon Presents / State of Play Fuck Games Journalism (HP / Troy Leavitt Controversy) (, (
March 28, 2021
#105 - "Apple, EA, Nintendo & Blizzard - Everyone is here!"
And the countup begins for the next Nintendo Direct... Intro/Outro music: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeath's Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Apple vs. Epic shenanigans EA Red Team finds flaw in E3 website Nintendo Direct... yes you read that right Blizzconline 2021
March 19, 2021
#104 - "That's a lot of money"
Can we all just agree that companies seem to be really good about making people, not like them? The same way how game journalists do a good job at not being journalists. Intro/Outro music:: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeath's Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Terraria Stadia version cancelled ( ESA wants HOW MUCH for digital E3? ( Dualshockers Exodus ( Mag Talk: Nintendo Power Issue 5 (1989) (
March 15, 2021
#103 - "M-ass Effect Stadia?"
Embrace the fail, as Google Stadia burns down its in-house devs, and Bioware decides to shrink the ASS in MASS Effect. Intro/Outro music:: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeath's Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Embracer Group keeps embracing ( Google Stadia closes in-house dev teams ( Ass Effect ( ) 1001 Games: Pac-Man
February 28, 2021
#102 - "Gamestonk"
Gamestop is a mess, the stock market is a bigger mess, and expecting a Twitch Streamer to teach your kids how to act is the biggest mistake since Anthem. Intro/Outro music:: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeath's Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: GameStock and all its glory ( Ninja declines educating kids ( Mag Talk: Power Play 06-07/88 (German) (
February 28, 2021
#101 - "Shortened for her pleasure!"
The show is now HALF the length, so everyone can enjoy it! Microsoft attempts to raise the price of Xbox Gold by almost double per year, and Blizzard the garbage heap that they are merging a good dev with themselves.  My skeptic alarm is blaring. Intro/Outro music:: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeath's Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: MS backpedals hard on Xbox Live Gold price increase ( Vicarious Visions merged into Blizzard ( 1001 Games: MUD (
January 31, 2021
#99 - WHAT is getting a Remaster?!
Nicalis gets on the public's bad side again, a long awaited sequel gets announced, some old games that no one would have guessed get a "remaster" and we look at an old magazine issue again! So close to 100.... so close... Intro/Outro music: Written Work: (Where you can find Jennifer's written content!) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Nicalis issuing DMCAs against free Cave Story games ( Sequels, Remasters and WATs ( , Sony banning PS5 owners for misuse of PS Plus ( Mag Talk: Computer Gaming World (US) Issue #5 (
December 20, 2020
#98 - Nintendo smashing it
Nintendo's legal department is getting some work again, while the next gen console launch is still messy. Also some speculation on Square and talk about Game Awards. Intro clip: Written Work: (Where you can find Jennifer's written content!) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Nintendo files C&D against Smash Tournament ( PS5 UK deliveries seem to be a mess ( Horizon Zero Dawn surprisingly coming to GOG ( Will Square Enix sell their western division? ( Game Awards 2020 Nominees announced (
December 20, 2020
#97 - "Like a Dragon-Fish?"
A very mellow set of stories, and sadly a Swatting story but hey New Consoles are out (Not like you could buy one atm anyways) Intro clip: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Next-Gen has become Current Gen ( MS/Sony have a different Japan-focus ( Ubisoft Montreal got swatted ( GPD continues interesting compact PC line ( Mag Talk: Gamers 05-92 (German) (
November 22, 2020
#96 - "That's a lot of gigs"
Somewhere along the time skepticism has gotten to critical mass and I can't even tell if a "Leak" is a leak anymore. and neither can CD Intro clip: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Kerbal Space Program 2 delayed again ( Watch Dogs Legion source seems to have leaked ( Sega Sammy reports 3 billion yen deficit ( Marvel's Avengers game seems to have... lost a bit of money ( 1001 Games: Tempest (
November 15, 2020
#95 - "So about delays?"
EA has tons of money and doesn't care about fines, Nintendo has a pretty nice Partner Showcase, and Cyberpunk has ANOTHER delay. Intro clip: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Another Cyberpunk delay ( EA faces 10 Million € fine in the Netherlands ( Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase ( Mag Talk: Electronic Gaming Monthly #5 1989 (US) (
November 8, 2020
#94 - "This industry is bleeding dry"
Between unskippable ads and Vampire Bloodlines bleeding employees every time they end up on the news, I can say that this is absolutely a mess. Intro clip: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Unskippable ads "mistakenly" in appear in NBA 2K ( Vampire Bloodlines 2 loses Senior Narrative Designer ( Streamers... should buy a license? ( 1001 Games: Rogue (
November 1, 2020
#93 - "This is 95% False"
For the sake of argument, ColdDeath did exactly 95% of the work. Intro clip: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Some crunch right before CP2077 releases ( Some Kena: Bridge of Spirits drama( Nexus Mods bans political mods temporarily ( Mag Talk: Video Games 04-91 (German) (
November 1, 2020
#92 - "M$ Spends the big money!"
Not to say that a new Game Gear game isn't absolutely exciting but one thing that gets us all happy, but TGS is even better. Intro clip: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Microsoft buys Zenimax Media ( Some classic Konami games appear on GOG ( A new... Game Gear game ( No PS5 Upgrade for Spiderman ( TGS 2020 (
November 1, 2020
#91 - "That Super Techy Episode"
Everything from PS5 Showcase, some video card benchmarks, Cyberpunk fanwankery, and Modded Switch news. Intro clip: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Playstation 5 Showcase ( Nintendo Direct mini Twitch testing automated mid-roll ads ( nVidia RTX 3080 benchmarks officially out( Cyberpunk 2077 System Requirements revealed ( Modded Switch crashes on SM3D All-Stars (
November 1, 2020
#90 - "Kotaku UK goes bye bye"
Ninja comes back to Twitch, The new Xbox details, and the big one I am excited to announce, a Branch of Kotaku flatlines. Intro clip: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Ninja back on Twitch ( No More Heroes 3 among games delayed due to Covid ( Xbox Series X/S details leak and get confirmed( News on Deltarune ( Hyrule Warriors sequel gives first game (massive) sales boost ( Reso wants to talk about sexy armor for dude and dudettes ( Kotaku UK goes bye-bye (
October 13, 2020
#89 - "Kotaku is Kotaku"
Nintendo throws a party for Mario, Nvidia shows off some new GPU's and Madden 21 is a mess. Intro clip: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Nintendo Mario 35th Anniversary Direct ( nVidia reveals next generation of their GPUs( Kingdom of Amalur Remaster gives original owners on Steam a nice discount ( Madden 21 has record low user score on Metacritic ( Kotaku being... Kotaku ( CD Projekt Red is doing well (
October 13, 2020
#88 - "Miles Morales the best skin"
Somehow, game companies manage to do more damage to a franchise or brand far better than any evil corporation ever could Intro clip: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Eiyuden Kickstarter ends on a high number ( Call of Duty trailer censored ( Fall Guys sales rise high ( Monster World IV remake revealed ( Hidden Variable Studios and Autumn Games cut ties with Lab Zero Games ( Lots of Battle Passes in Marvel's Avengers game (
September 27, 2020
#87 - "The Goose is out to play"
Goose Game has a name change, and Occulus doesn't like happy customers and decides to add some Facebook logins to the mix and fails. Also Woman games? Games women play? Yeah, this is a special kind of Episode. Intro clip: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Goose confuses Amazon ( E3 tweets out list of games "women gamers" are playing ( Vampire Bloodlines 2 dev gets rid of Narrative Designer ( Occulus users forced to use Facebook accounts soon (
September 27, 2020
#86 - "an EPIC Lawsuit!"
Epic is such a great source of entertainment, and with ColdDeath along for the ride, Reso has to come to grips with the idea that lawsuits can in fact be for the press. Intro clip: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Halo Infinite delayed to 2021 (Xbox Series X still out in November) ( AC: Valhalla Director fired from Ubisoft ( Avengers Game does not improve upon closer inspection in Beta ( Dante will be in Nocturne HD Remaster... via DLC ( Epic vs Apple & Google (
September 13, 2020
#85 - "Games are selling GREAT"
Reso and CD have a great time talking about games selling gangbusters out here, from Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Persona 4 Golden, Along with Yoshinori Ono leaving Capcom! Intro clip: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: FF7 Remake surpasses 5 million units sold ( Persona 4 Golden sells much more than expected on PC ( Horizon Zero Dawn launches on PC and... well... ( Yoshinori Ono leaves Capcom ( Aeon Must Die controversy ( Impromptu StreamerTalk
August 23, 2020
#84 - "A Million dollar hoax"
Is Star Citizen even real? And Destroy All Humans destroys the ability of journos to take a joke. Intro clip: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Some PSP batteries are expanding ( Destroy all Humans! Remake is "offensive", naturally ( Eiyuden Kickstarter is quite successful ( Onward gets a post-lauch downgrade ( Star Citizen gets roadmap for... roadmap ( 1001 Games: Missile Command (
August 13, 2020
#83 - "What even is Journalism??"
Me and CD continue to ask ourselves "What even is Gaming Journalism" Intro clip: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Xbox Showcase 2 ( Sonic 2 date confirmed ( Ghost of Tsushima record sales for new IP ( Ex Suikoden staff announce new RPG ( Games "Journalism" is at it again (
August 13, 2020
#82 - "such a scam"
ColdDeath, brings a special set of stories to just drive Reso damn crazy. Intro clip: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Gamer Girl Trailer.... wat ( ValiDate ( World of Warcraft now has... Flappy Bird Minigame? ( Ghost of Tsushima makes some people upset ( Journalists suddenly care about .... ethics? ( Pixelbuster (
August 2, 2020
#81 - "The Golden Path"
Somehow considering how everything has been going, finding out that Ubisoft was filled with creeps and Persona 4 Golden selling like gangbusters. Rightfully so this episode is happening. Intro clip: Written Work: ((Where you can find Jennifer's written content!)) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Nintendo Treehouse & Devolver Digital Events Persona 4 Golden sells 500k units on PC( Sony invests in Epic Games ( Kingdoms of Amalur gets new expansion ( Ubisoft Shakeup (
July 22, 2020
#80 - "Kicking them when down"
Safe to say 2020 has been a pretty absurd year but nothing is gonna top this episode where we talk about EVO and Pedophiles. Intro clip: Written Work: (Where you can find Jennifer's written content!) ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: FGC / Evo / General Discussion on current ( Events, public reactions ( and coverage by publications (Lack therof)
July 17, 2020
#79 - "30 million dollar failure"
Full of Twitch stories New Game +, and some questionable Disrespect! Intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics New Game Plus Expo ( Tales of Arise Delay ( Commander Keen game apparently cancelled ( Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire Event ( Twitch bans Dr. Disrespect ( Mixers goes under ( Twitch Lawsuit (
July 9, 2020
#78 - "The Last of Snap"
Maybe not the most event week, but hey we have a new Pokemon Snap game? Oh hey, that Last of Us game came out...So that's cool, right? Intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Pokemon Announcements ( Crash Bandicoot 4 Trailer Leak ( Another Cyberpunk 2077 Delay ( Last of Us 2 is out... and oooh boy (
June 28, 2020
#77 - "That Sony Episode"
Let's be really honest, this episode is really just about the Sony Presentation, but we can't just do a whole show on just one topic so enjoy our trio have a great time talk about other stories. Intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Persona series jumps to PC ( Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment up for sale ( New controller options for Dreamcast and Saturn ( Sony's PS5 Event (
June 21, 2020
#76 - "Too hot for Reso"
Another week went by and Reso still had NO air conditioning, so he sat this episode out and let ColdDeath and Jennifer handle the show while he attempted to stay cool. Intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Game Gear Micro announced ( UbiSoft "Non-Subscription" Nonsense ( Kingdoms of Amalur Remaster leaked ( Star Theory shuts down due to Take-Two shenanigans ( Fallout 76 is "Major Failure" according to the Australian government (
June 14, 2020
#75 - "Shortened for her pleasure"
Between a minor recording error on ColdDeaths part, and a MAJOR error on Reso's part. The was cute a bit shorter than usual. Really, you should thank us, half of the show really boiled down to us talking about...Ourselves? Intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: 1001 Games: Defender: Topics: C&C Remaster will include cut content ( Sonic Movie sequel confirmed ( PS5 Event on June 4th ( Fallout 76 Fasnacht Parade Event bugged ( The Journos are at it again (
June 9, 2020
#74 - "Waaay too many stories!"
This Episode is filled with good and bad stories and Reso does some good and adds a few stories for good measure as well, you know because he can! Intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Serious Sam Stadia Exclusive Timed ( FF7 Remake sales update ( EA releasing source code for C&C Remaster ( PC Gamer article from 2016 accused of plagiarism ( Doom Eternal Anti-Cheat will be removed ( Last of Us Part 2 "Dedicated Jump Button"( Microsoft original Xbox source code leak ( New Game Plus Expo (
May 31, 2020
#73 - "The Last of Leaks"
Betweens leaks of the last of us, super pretty tech demos, and Doom Eternal Anti-cheat software no one wanted. Id say this was a fairly tame week. Intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Unreal Engine 5 revealed with demo running on PS5( Sony / Naughty Dog abuse DMCA ( Doom Eternal gets Denuvo Anti-Cheat ( Samurai Shodown controversy ( Mafia Remake leaked by MS (
May 25, 2020
#72 - "Yakuza Vs Nintendo"
The snark Duo join forces and cover some oddball stories. And we talk about the Super Famicom! Intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: Topics: Nintendo Leak ( Underwhelming first Xbox Game Reveal Event ( PEGI makes PS Vita rating much more expensive ( Doot Eternal Soundtrack Controversy (
May 19, 2020
#71 - "The greatest episode we will ever do!"
This isn't even hyperbole, this episode is the greatest thing we have ever done and will likely never be overcome. Intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Resobaso's Gaming channel: 1001 Games: Battle Zone: Special Battlezone Link: Topics:  Massive Last of Us 2 leak ( Microsoft Controller Drift ( Temporary Drift Issue with new Switch Pro Controller ( Indivisible on Switch.... surprise! ( EVO 2020 among cancelled events(
May 19, 2020
#70 - "PASSWORD is best"
Horizon Zero dawn getting a super sequel, Nintendo security breach leaves people screwed over, Sony has a strange patent for a...assistant robot??? Intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Magazine Link: Topics: Nintendo Security Breach( Sony Patent for a robot companion ( No WWE 2k21 Horizon Zero Dawn potentially already a trilogy (
May 13, 2020
#69 - "Press X for the new Episode!"
The trio always has a good time when together and this Episode is no different! From Jason Leaving Kotaku to a variety of other stories. The show is a real laugh, stay tuned as the show doesn't end just because we sign off! Intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Magazine Link: Topics: FF 7 Remake sales going well( Cooking Mama: Cookstar Drama ( Press X leaves Kotaku ( "Improving system performance" means boot loops? ( No Co-Op in Trials of Mana (
May 12, 2020
#68 - "Steets full of Pasta, too easy"
CD and Reso are a funny bunch and given a seemingly odd week of news they do what they do best. Segway! And hey we even get to make fun of Journos for complaining about an easy mode! Intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: "1001 Games": Lunar Lander: Mag Talk: Computer Gaming World Issue #4: Topics: PS5 Controller revealed( Streets of Rage 4 Retro Reveal( FF7 Remake Pasta ( When is easy too easy (
May 8, 2020
#67 - "Boy, things are light"
A variety of topics, Gearbox being terrible, Reso talks about series he wants to see return, and the group moans over an Animal Crossing save problem. Intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: "1001 Games": Galaxian : Mag Talk: Gamers 04-92 (German): Topics: Possible Save Game problems in Animal Crossing ( Gearbox stiffs employees on bonus ( Games / Series Reso wants to return/continue
May 8, 2020
#66 - "So much for being mini" Feat PeteTendo
Pete ends up back on the Podcast, and the show goes in so many different directions. Along with a group moaning over the internet's reaction to the Nintendo Direct Mini. Intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Topics: Sega Shiro-ooooh ( Nintendo Direct "mini" ( NieR Replicant coming to current gen (
April 26, 2020
#65 - "Bethesda and Gamestop"
Reso is away due to feeling under the weather and working super stressful hours around a bunch of hours at his Job, so Jennifer and CD pick up the slack one more week. intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: "1001 Games": Asteroids : Topics: GameStop - what the hell: PS 5 Specs revealed : Doom Eternal DRM launch-accident :
April 12, 2020
#64 - "Everything is melting down"
ColdDeath and Jennifer sit down amidst the world slowly falling apart while Reso is away for his anniversary. Intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Topics: E3 canceled: Overwatch lead writer leaves Blizzard after 20+ years : Games / Series we want to return/continue
March 29, 2020
#63 - "A super slow news day"
The gang is all here and we have to fill an entire show with really nothing going on these days. Nevermind the fact that Reso won't on the show for at least two weeks :( Intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: Topics: DoA 6 Haircolor DLC ( ) E3 Creative Director resigns ( ) Will E3 happen? ( )
March 22, 2020
#62 - "A seriously sick show"
CD and Reso are SICK this episode with some absolutely CONTAGIOUS stories! Consider this Episode an absolute ADVENTURE! Intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: 1001 games: Magazine Link: Topics: Corona effects ( ) GDC 2020 postponed ( ) Plague Inc removed from App Store in China ( ) Xbox Series X Specs  ( ) Nintendo sent brand new Game Boy to 95 year old grandma  ( )
March 19, 2020
#61 - "Sucks to say we told you so!"
Jennifer isn't feeling great so the show can't drag on too long, not that it matters because this show is eaten up by a real downer of a topic. Not that it was ever a surprise to any of us, we all kind of knew it! Intro clip: Written Work: ColdDeaths Game Organizer: "1001 Games": Space Invaders: Topics: The Journalism Clique ( ) comment by Ninja about "It's just a game" ( ) Animal Crossing New Horizon save limitations ( ) Ubisoft does Lara Croft better than Crystal Dynamics ( ) Witcher 3 sales surged ( )
March 8, 2020
#60 - "Not a super busy week"
Jennifer double booked so your favorite pair of nerds take the wheel and talk about some decent stories and Reso throws his old age around considering Capcom and its sales. I have forgotten to place this so many times so here it is. ColdDeaths Games Organizer: Intro clip: Written Work: "1001 Games": Combat : Mag Talk: Video Games 03-91 (German) : Topics: Sony Patent for AI that can give you hints ( ) System Shock 3 likely shelved ( ) Capcom sales update ( ) Sonic movie starts strong ( ) Untitled Goose Game DICE 2020 GOTY ( )
March 1, 2020
#59 - "This podcast is BLOCKED"
Today's standouts are Cliffy B blaming everyone but himself for his bad business choices, Blizzard doing the right thing, and  Wonderful 101 having a Kickstarter and killing it. Intro clip: Written Work: BootHill: Topics: Cliff Bleszinski blames failure of his games on politics ( ) Warcraft 3 Refunded launch was "a hard week" ( ) The Coalition lead leaves for Blizzard / Diablo ( ) Rockstar Games Co-Founder leaves ( ) Wonderful 101 Kickstarter ( )
February 23, 2020
#58 - "The Show is REFUNDED"
Damn it Blizzard, can you just stop ruining things I actually care about. Meanwhile, we talk about Nintendo Switch Sales numbers, Stadia, and Torchlight 3! Intro clip: Written Work: "1001 Games": Breakout: Magazine: Topics: Nintendo Switch hardware sales numbers ( ) Stadia announcements "up to publishers" ( ) Warcraft 3 Refunded ( ) Torchlight Frontiers revamps as Torchlight 3 ( )
February 16, 2020
#57 - "Tokyo Mirage x Tekken
Honestly, by the end of the episode, the name of the game became a downright chore to say anyways. This joke never got old. Intro clip: Written Work: Pong: Topics: Retail Sales of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore... aren't great ( ) Fire Pro Wrestling World DLC to Support Injured Wrestler ( ) Plague Inc. spikes in popularity... rather timely ( ) Knights of the Old Republic Remake Rumor ( ) Joe Biden on Video Games ( ) Guy tries to get Melonie Mac fired from Gamestop for "womaning wrong" ( )
February 9, 2020
#56 - "Too bad, you died" Ft: petebeckett1
The trio brings a guest into their madness and boy oh boy the show turns out to be a laugh riot of topics, bad jokes, and enough snark to kill a comedy show. Wanna check out our guest?: Intro clip: Written Work: Topics: Little Town Hero - Physical Edition ( ) Game Delays + Crunch Hysteria ( ) Horizon Zero Dawn might come to PC ( ) Sony skips E3 again ( ) "1001 Games": The Oregon Trail ( )
January 26, 2020
#55 - "Season 3!"
We've been gone for a bit (Or at least that's how it's supposed be) and no sooner do we get back shit got real while we were gone! Intro clip: Written Work: Magazine: Topics:  WWE 2020 had a Y2020 bug ( ) Tencent invest in Platinum Games ( ) Skyrim Grandma in Skyrim as Follower through Mod ( ) Another stupid Monster Hunter Review ( ) Introduction: "1001 Games you should play"
January 21, 2020
Smash Brothers won't give us lewds, China takes a step towards stopping huge spending in games, Sony changes up presidents on both fronts, and Jeff Kaplan doesn't understand what a sequel is vs an Expansion. Intro clip: Written Work: Magazine: Topics: Mai Shiranui too lewd for Smash (Bros Ultimate) ( ) China restricts game time and spending ( ) Sony personnel changes ( ) Jeff Kaplan on Overwatch 2 as a sequel ( )
January 21, 2020
#53 "Well, it's actually not THAT bad"
 Blizz Con 2019 is a thing, Ubisoft is taking stock of their game releases, Miyamoto is a BAMF, and EA Games come running home to steam.....MOSTLY? Intro clip: Written Content: Magazine: Mag Talk: Computer Gaming World Issue 3 (1982) ( Topics BlizzCon 2019 ( Ubisoft delays games ( ) Miyamoto is a Person of Cultural Merit ( ) EA back on Steam, with a caveat ( ) Mary Skelter 2 banned in Australia ( )
January 20, 2020
#52 - "Obviously no Reso"
A fun Episode with CD and Jennifer! Intro clip: Written Content Topics: Playstation 5 ( ) Playstation Cross-Play exits Beta ( ) Game Talk: Advergames Google Stadia "Negative Latency"  ( )
January 7, 2020
#51 - "Just pay the man!"
Reso and CD always share some of the best episodes together, and for whatever reason have the toughest and most absurd stories to handle. People leave Sony, Alphadream is shuttered, and Bobby Prince wants his money! Intro clip: Written Work: Magazine: Topics: Depatures at Sony ( ) ESRB "under fire" ( ) AlphaDream files for bankruptcy ( ) Bobby Prince sues Gearbox and Valve ( ) Mag Talk: Gamers 03/92 (German) ( )
December 22, 2019
Season Finale – “Defend Bobby, Defend him!"
The Finale is here...Finally! Despite us slowing down the news can't bare to wait for us to cover it! Intro clip: Magazine Link: Topics: Game Awards Concerns ( ) A... new Half-Life... yeah ( ) PS5 Controller Patent ( ) Bobby Kotick and Politics in Games ( ) Google Stadia Launch ( )
December 12, 2019
Near End of the Season - "No I didn't make an editing mistake"
Reso tells CD a funny story about his adventure in TV Buying, CD has been a busy bee not always playing games, and Jennifer is having PC problems. Also Video game stuff happened. All that and more in this episode! Music was created by and can be obtained at: Written Work: Topics: 1. Path of Exile announcements ( 2. Pokemon Sword/Shield Launch ( 3. Human Head Studios shutting down ( 4. Red Dead 2 ties mechanics to framerate ( 5. Sonic Movie redesign (
November 24, 2019
#50 - "50 and still counting!"
We made fifty of these guys! We did it! Podcast Site: Written Work:   Intro clip: Magazine Link: Topics: Focus Home Interactive removing Frogwares titles from stores ( ) Switch Lite potentially still has Joycon issues ( )
October 21, 2019
#49 - "Its bite-sized"
Reso and Jen take the helm for a small and bite-sized episode! What really matters is that we have a few good laughs...Mostly at the ESA. Intro clip: Podcast Site: Written Work: Topics: Valve vs French Court ( ) League of Legends still played by a lot ( ) ESA plans for E3 2020 ( ) Youtube Verification Updates and Backlash ( )
October 5, 2019
#48 - "DRM and loggin those keys"
ColdDeath and Jennifer go in along and cover some juicy stuff, Borderlands 3 reviews, UK lays down the lay on Lootbox, Nintendo blocking piracy sites via UK ISPS, and Jennifer talks until she is blue in the face about The Wolf Among Us. Podcast Site: Written Work: Intro clip: Topics: 1. Borderlands 3 Reviews and DRM ( 2. UK Officials on Lootbox regulation ( 3. Nintendo blocks Piracy Sites through UK ISPs ( 4. Nicalis controversy ( + Chucklefish) (
September 24, 2019
#47 - "Rich Switch Owners"
A New week a new show! The Trio with a bit of a light week decide to shift some gears and talk about some digital fuckery and Occulus. The sexy Nintendo Direct, and Spyro Switch Trilogy making no sense. Podcast Site: Written Work: Intro clip: Topics: 2 Occulus games gone from store and accounts ( ) Nintendo Direct ( ) Spyro Switch Trilogy very incomplete on cartridge ( )
September 15, 2019
#46 - "Astral Chains just is too much dumb fun"
The Trio manage to have a relatively good episode that is full of laughs, ranging from a bad take on Astral Chains, NBA 2K LITERALLY HAS GAMBLING and the side effects of #Me2 Podcast Site: Written Work: Intro clip: Topics: Astral Chain review by The Independent ( ) NBA 2K20 Gambling Mechanics ( ) Telltale "returning" ( ) Unsurprising Delays ( ) #metoo in Gaming and its consequences ( )
September 14, 2019
#45 - "Gamescom today WoW tomorrow"
Like the Triforce, the Trio is finally reunited, Reso has returned and boy its one hell of a show ranging from laughs to Gamescom news, and Reso talking about the new and the old when it comes to WoW. Podcast Site: Written Work: Intro clip: Topics: Dragon Quest Builders 2 Director Leaves Square Enix ( ) Kingdom Come banned in Australia/Approval of DayZ after censoring drug reference ( ) Potential PS5 Dev Kit Leak ( )
August 31, 2019
#44 - "Joy-Cons and Grandia"
CD and Jennifer sit down and talk about all kinds of good stuff, Joy Con repair, Grandia's ....shoddy german translation,  and even Lootcrate being as empty their bank account. Podcast Site: Written Work: Intro clip: Topics: Grandia HD 2 German Translation ( ) Apex Legends uproar over MTs ( ) Loot Crate files for bankruptcy ( ) New Epic Games studio in Germany ( )
August 31, 2019
#43 - "Video games and crazies"
Reso is away due to health, so Jennifer and CD pick up the torch and start running for the hills, Crazy people, Walmart doing absolutely silly things, Take-two is turning up the heat when it comes to finding the source of leaks, and they even cover some Magazine Talk with Issue 2 of Game   Podcast Site: Written Work: Intro clip: Magazine Link:     Topics: 1.  Man arrested for threat on Square Enix ( ) 2.  Walmart pulling violent game advertisments ( ) 3.  Take-Two investigating leaks ( )
August 20, 2019
#42 "Dumpster fire is out of control"
 Reso and CD jump into some juicy stories, granted, a bit later than planned.   Podcast Site: Written Work: Intro clip:    Magazine Link:     Topics:  1.  Another Epic exclusive ( ) 2. Epic Games Store delays features ( ) 3.  E3/ESA Massive Data Breach ( ) 4.  PAX is unprofessional ( )
August 12, 2019
#41 - "A Bethesda Account is required"
 Jennifer and ColdDeath take up the fight this week as Reso is stuck at the hospital. Thankfully they get to all the fun. Joycon Repairs, Doom Port diaster, Mechwarrior 5 Mercenaries is an Epic Exclusive, and much much more.    Podcast Site: Written Work: Intro clip:    Magazine Link:    Topics:    JoyCon Repair Service ( ) Doom Classic Port Desaster ( ) Bloodstained Devs needed to beat bosses ( ) Mechwarriors 5 Mercenaries Epic Exclusive ( )
August 3, 2019
#40 - "The Drift"
Many great topics! Stadia is NOT the Netflix of gaming, Updated Switch announced, Epic Games store Missing games mystery, and a juicy Joycon lawsuit, Reso also talks about Bioshock! Podcast Site: Written Work: Intro clip:  Magazine Link:  Topics: Stadia is not Netflix (  Updated Switch announced (  Epic Games Store Missing Games Mystery ( ) A Joy(con)ous lawsuit ( )
July 25, 2019
#39 - "The gaming industry is special"
 Reso and CD take it easy and discuss some items of note, ranging from new upcoming Nintendo Hardware, Shenmue 3 publishers being absolute tools to their backers, And we have a good laugh at VG 24/7's terribly written piece.   Podcast Site: Written Work: intro clip:   Magazine Link:    Topics:  1.  Nintendo Switch Lite  ( ) 2.  Shenmue 3 Kickstarter criticisms ( ) 3. On Gamer Feedback ( ) 4. Study on Video Games ( )
July 20, 2019
#38 - "Fuck G2A!"
   This Episode was a blast! Jennifer and Reso spend most of the episode talking about gushing about how much they have come to enjoy Octopath Traveler, We collectively say "Fuck G2A", Extra Credits are blatant cowards and insane, and Mordhau drums up some absurd controversy.   Podcast Site: Written Work: intro clip:  Topics: Extra Credits seems to think gamers are braindead  G2A controversy (again) ( ) Devotion publisher looses license ( ) Mordhau controversy ( )
July 10, 2019
#37 - "Not as bad as we thought?"
The Trio have an easy episode as not a lot of stuff goes catches our eye, Google Stadia game prices, Commodore 64 Retro, Why Frostbite ISN'T being used for Fallen Order, Nintendo opens open about a lack of Censorship. We even have a 3 way discussion on Pokemon, and look at the Second Issue of the German Magazine known as GAMERS.   Podcast Site: Written Work:      Intro clip:    Magazine Link:   Topics:  1.  Google Stadia game prices ( ) 2. Commodore 64 Retro ( ) 3.  Why no Frostbite on Fallen Order ( ) 4.  Nintendo president on censorship ( ) 
July 5, 2019
#36 - "Not a Podcast, its a Surprise Conversation"
The gaming world is full of surprises, and oddness that we have to deal with. Reso talks about Press X to Jason's joke about "Ethics in Journalism", Star Control settles its suit in the most creative way, EA actually manages to eat its own foot, and Square Enix "Ethics Department". We even talk about a shared favorite game "Disgaea 1" and look at Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 2!  Podcast Site: Written Work: Magazine Download:   Intro clip:   Topics: 1.  Star Control lawsuit creatively settled 2.   EA "Surprise Mechanics" 3.  Square Enix Ethics Department stuff 4. Game Talk: Disgaea 1 5.  Mag Talk: Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 2 (1989) 
June 26, 2019
#35 - "All three, for E3"
 E3 has wrapped up and we sit down and talk about the ups, the downs, the exciting, and the breathtaking.  Reso and Jennifer actually have a lot in common as far as items they want, and CD struggles to keep the group on track.   Podcast Site: Written Work:      Intro clip:  
June 20, 2019
Bonus #4: E3 2019 Microsoft Conference Live-Commentary
And now for something completely different: Taking the opportunity, Resobaso and ColdDeath watch the Microsof Press Conference at E3 2019 and do some live-commentary, with some additional thoughts at the end. To watch it in sync with video of the conference, load up the following vid and start our episode at ~15 seconds of the video, that should have it pretty much in sync. Enjoy :)
June 15, 2019
#34 - "The Pre Show Show"
CD and Reso sit down and talk preshow, strap in folks this is gonna be good!   Podcast Site: Written Work:     Intro clip:   Topics: Pokemon Sword/Shield Direct:  Google Stadia Details :  Announcements and Leaks ahead of E3 (a lot, as usual)  Announced / Leaked games: Darksiders: Genesis Destroy All Humans Remake Citizens of Space Baldur's Gate 3 Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated Spaceland Tales of Arise Ni no Kuni Remake Elden Ring
June 13, 2019
#33 "Good Journalism"
This week has been interesting to say the least, Dean Takashi "Doesn't want to burn books", Polygon makes us wonder "WHAT ABOUT THOSE BILLION DOLLAR DEVELOPERS D;", Chris Avellone upsets people by saying games don't need external politics, Iron Maiden sues 3D Realms,  Collection of Mana incoming?, and Larian studios teases with "III". We also talk Magazines with GamePro (US) Issue 1 Podcast Site: Written Work:   Intro clip: Magazine Link:     1.  Dean Takahashi "journalism"  ( ) 2.  Polygon article on lootboxes  ( ) 3.  Chris Avellone: games can be apolitical -> people lose their mind  ( ) ( ) 4.  Iron Maiden sues 3D Realms for "Ion Maiden"  ( ) 5.  Collection of Mana trademarked in Europe ( ) 6.  Larian Studios teasing "III" (3) ( )
June 5, 2019
#32 - "I got nothing"
This was a long one boys and girls, and we cover a lot of ground. Following up on Loot boxes all over again, NIS Denies claims of not paying workers, Epic Games sends customer info to the wrong person, Sony CEO says Consoles are a Niche Market. We also Talk about Telltales Walking Dead, and we cover a metal gaming magazine of the past called....VIDEO GAMES"   Podcast Site: Written Work: Remix Track:     Topics: 1.  Sony CEO: Gaming Consoles Are now a 'Niche Market' ( ) 2.   Small Update: NIS denies payment troubles ( ) 3.  Loot Boxes: Nintendo to shut down 2 games in Belgium & US regulation about to be introduced ( ) 4.   Epic Games alledgedly sends GDRP personal info to wrong person ( )  
May 31, 2019
#31 - "One EPIC Episode"
  Super Mario Maker gets a direct, Epic Store makes an Epic mess, CD Projekt Red is trying to not kill its Staff, and Podcast favorite NIS is having sound rough times due to pulling their Mobile game off the market! Jennifer comes and brings us our Game Talk, a massive Triple A Game known as....Undertale? Podcast Site: Written Work: Remix Track:    Topics: 1.  More details on Super Mario Maker 2 announced ( ) 2.  Games got pulled from Epic Store during Big Sale ( ) 3.  CD Projekt Red promise to improve work-life balance ( ) 4.  NIS in trouble  ( ) 5.  Riot does not budge on forced arbitration ( )
May 23, 2019
#30 - "CENSORED"
Some fairly good topics this week hey we even managed to cut back on the serious stuff and just have a good time. Final Fantasy VII Remake Teaser is shown and blown our minds, Loot box law is looking like it could happen, Ex Claptrap VA calls out Gearbox CEO, along with some Randy Pitchford drama. Podcast Site: Written Work: Magazine Download: OC Remix Track:   USK Label Examples: 1. 2. 3.  Topics: 1.   New FF 7 Remake Teaser 2.  Potential law banning lootboxes coming 3.  Ex-Claptrap VA accusation against Gearbox CEO
May 15, 2019
#29 - "The Vaporware Cast"
Some weeks we have to just have a good time, and sometimes we have to trudge through some crap. MK11 continues to be a trainwreck, M$ tries to tell players how to trash talk, Star Citizen makes a bunch of money for no reason, Sonic is nightmare fuel and more. Also. Nintendo Power. That is all kids! Podcast Site: Written Work: Magazine Download: OC Remix Track: Topics: 1. Followup on Netherrealm Studios' treatment of contractors 2.  Microsoft's "Trash Talk Guidelines" 3.  Forbes article on Star Citizen 4.  Sonic co-creator thanks fans for encouraging change of movie design 
May 7, 2019
#28 – “Totally not genuine”
Reso and ColdDeath have some fun back and forth they revisit the Fillip story and Colddeath brings up a new dimension to the story. We dig around stories ranging from Kotaku EU making a hit piece and we talk about the entirety of the MK11 lifespan....holy crap. Podcast Site: Written Work Blog: Opening Track: Topics: 1.  Short Interlude on Filip Miucin 2.  Kotaku UK article on alleged slur in Persona song 3.  Mortal Kombat 11 "assorted" 4.  System Talk: Nintendo Game Boy (30th years old now)
May 1, 2019
#27 – “No mercy!”
Jennifer and Reso take over the show for one week and the latter takes the opportunity to gab out of order with stories, and all around be a bigger goofball than usual. with a mix of Sony, Ubisoft, and the return of a story that we haven't talked about since episode 2??? Things get super spicy. Podcast Site: Written Work: OCRemix Track:    Topics: 1.  Sony created a regulatory board for sexual content 2.  Ubisoft donates money for Notre Dame repairs 3.  Xbox One S All-Digital Edition announced 4.  Filip's long due apology 
April 23, 2019
#26: The 80's saw it coming!
Reso and CD gab, gab, and gab some more about Final Fantasy XV, Sony decides to launch their long awaited PSN Name Change, EA and Respawn announce their MTX and Lootbox free single player game to the skepticism of literally everyone on the internet. We also looking at an issue of Computer gaming monthly all the way back in 81' ! Magazine Viewable here:  Podcast Site: Written Work: Music Used in this episode:  (Done by   Alex Moukala Tutorials)   Topics: 1.  Activision Blizzard uses all kinds of "voluntary" "health tracking" on their employees 2. PSN Name Change is live 3. Surprising Star Wars Fallen Order reveal 4. Game Talk: Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis/ Final Fantasy XV 5. Mag Talk: Computer Gaming World Issue 1 (1981) 
April 15, 2019
#25: Anthem's Island
With Reso sick, Jennifer joins ColdDeath in talking about the trainwreck that was the Anthem development, news and Yoshi's Island, a game that Jennifer enjoyed a lot on the SNES.  Podcast Site: Written Work: OCRemix Track:  Topics: What have we been playing / doing? "Skyrim grandma" will be an NPC in The Elder Scrolls VI Hideo Baba leaves Square Enix What went wrong with Anthem? Game Talk: Yoshi's Island
April 7, 2019
#24: Too much EA
Are players owed the entire game? and Easy Mode? Reso, CD, and Jennifer cover a nice range of topics including finally having a chat about EA, and their laying off over 300 people. Podcast Site: Written Work:  OCRemix Track:  Topics: 1.  Minor Disscusion: Are gamers owed an Easy mode? 2.  EA lays off at least 350 staff 3. Pub Talk: EA 
April 1, 2019
#23: Playing with Power!
The Trio has RETURNED. Jokes, some slight ribbing (At Reso's expense) , and some Metal Magazine covers make for a fantastic show. Special Guests include Google Streaming, Atlus announcing and announcement, and GoG bringing Cloud Saves to old Dos Games. Podcast Website: Written Content: Magazine Link: OCRemix: ReMix: Golden Sun: The Lost Age "Au Clair de la Lune"  Topics 1.  GOG adds cloud save support to DOSBOX games 2.  Google Stadia 3.  Persona 5 R announces next announcement 4.  Modern Game Talk: Persona (modern part of series) Done by Reso 5.  Mag Talk: Power Play 12/87 
March 24, 2019
#22: America fails me
Interesting news, Some coke, and big moves for people in the tech industry, along with google. We also continue our Retro Talk by tackling Diablo 1 and its history, along with a semi disappointing  EGM issue. Also Reso talks about losing his Final Fantasy VII Save and having to start all over again. OC Remix: Podcast Website: Written Content: Magazine link: (Download Issue 1) : The History of Tetris: Topics: 1.  Jade Raymond now VP @ Google 2.  Sega pulls "Judgement" sales after arrest of actor 3.  Retro Game Talk: Diablo 1 4.  Mag Talk: Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 1 
March 17, 2019
#21: Not American Marketing
Reso and CD get back this week and continue the slow reorganizing of the podcast structure with a pair of juicy stories involving Diablo on GoG and DMC 5 and its lens flare censoring. We finish up Retro Talk with...Modern talk, and we start a new section called "Mag Talk" where we talk about old magazines and guess what: YOU can follow along! OC Remix: Podcast Website: Written Content: Magazine link: (Download Issue 1) :  The mentioned "Pixelated Memories" for James Pond: Topics: 1. GoG And Blizzard Partnering for classic Games ( ) 2. DMC 5 Lense flare booty censoring ( ) 3. Retro Talk/Modern talk 4. Magazine Talk
March 10, 2019
#20: T&A Not Allowed
 Jennifer is out sick, so Reso and Colddeath decide to try the newer format of the show with less news and more emphasis on ourselves and interests. Overall it was good....Until you realize how long that first segment is. News wise, GOG is laying people off, A review hates female "naughty bits", and THQ Nordic goes to 8Chan for an AMA?!  Our shared blog: (We write about games, comics, tech, etc.) Intro track: Topics: 1. What have we been playing / writing? 2.  GOG layoffs, stops fair pricing campaign 3.  THQ Nordic AMA on 8Chan 4.  Eurogamer Dead or Alive 6 review goes as expected 
March 3, 2019
#19: Time to Slam
With Resobaso absent due to being on a trip, Jennifer and ColdDeath talk about this week's news. More bad news, some sad news and one downright bizarre entry. Intro Track: "The battle of strings and a cellphone" (a bit older, so recording quality isn't perfect):  Topics: 1. What have we been playing / doing? 2. Rumor: Xbox Game Pass might come to Switch 3. Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime retiring soon 4. Youtuber apparently blacklisted by EA due to Anthem review 5. Layoffs at EA Studio "FireMonkeys" 6. Potential layoffs coming for ArenaNet 7. PS Vita manufacturing ending soon in Japan 8. Top sellers for PS4 in Japan 9. Iron Galaxy's Dave Lang wants to make a Space Jam 2 game
February 24, 2019
#18: I am just a dude
A rather odd and stupid series of stories brings us back together for a new show, and tangents keep us laughing, Terrible Resetera articles, Activision laying off 800ish employees, EVO not liking T&A, Oxford telling us we should have known decades ago and even some Nintendo hype news to balance it all off. Boy its been one hell of a week. 1.  Nintendo Direct 2. Oxford study - no link between violence and games 3. Yusuke Hashimoto departing Platinum games 4.  Activision Blizzard lay off around 800 people after record earnings call 5.  Evo stops broadcast of Dead or Alive 6 ad due to "core values" 6.  Catherine: Full Body outrage 
February 17, 2019
Bonus #3: All about CD
After Jen and Reso, this time ColdDeath gets interviewed by Jen on his past, present and near future. Topics covered: What were your highlights in 2018? What are you looking forward to most in 2019? Any gaming magazines you have read? Most hated game in recent years? Plans for 2019? (Gaming related) PC Genre you could never get into? Controller? Or Mouse and keyboard? Least liked "Tales of" Game (That you finished)/Favorite "Tales of" game Favorite Tales protagonist (and why is it Velvet)? What game HAS to be on any retro gaming platform? Best and worst Disgaea Protagonist (without using the Word "Valvatorez")?
February 13, 2019
#17: Battlefieldfront 5....
Tangents, Rants, and ughs galore! As the trio covers a large amount of downer news, from Mass layoffs to finally talking about the Epic Store and Metro Exodus. Covered Stories 1. Xbox Live coming to Nintendo Switch, Smartphones 2. Previous Telltale devs form AdHoc Studio 3. Pennsylvania calls for a tax on violent video games 4. Disney sticking with EA... for some reason 5. EA blames release date and missing BR mode for bad launch 6. Layoffs at Activision Blizzard expected 7. An Escapist mess 8. Epic Game Store
February 10, 2019
#16: Shagged
Jennifer returns and we all have some good laughs at the expense of many many other people, Reso brings up Reviews, and IGN (Because of course) And ColdDeath explains his true return to consoles. All this and more! Topics: 1.  Fallout 76 Patch Problems 2. Star Control: Origins back on GOG as well 3. Petition for Shaggy as Mortal Kombat 11 DLC 4. Smaller Nintendo Switch model reportedly in the works 5. FIFA Premium currency removed in Belgium 6.  Sony Patent on backwards compatibilty 7.  Machinima closes 8. Retro Talk: Years 2006-2010
February 5, 2019
Bonus #2: All about Reso
After Jen in the first bonus episode, this time ColdDeath interviews Resobaso on his past, present and near future. Topics covered: What were your highlights in 2018? What are you looking forward to most in 2019? Any gaming magazines you have read? Most hated game in recent years? Experiences with PS4 Pro / Xbox One X? "Worst of Genesis" Plans for 2019? (Gaming related) What are you currently collecting? Worst Gaming purchase? "Too many 3DS's?" 
January 30, 2019
#15: Self aware
Reso and ColdDeath come back for the episodes while Jennifer is still recovering from her illness. A lighter show than most doesn't mean we don't get our fair share of laughs, soapboxes and of course hot takes. So sit back and prepare for Nintendo, Dead or Alive, and even some Cyberpunk! Topic List 1. What are we playing? 2. We have a (Basic) Website! 3. Wii Eshop closing 4. Cyberpunk 2077 Creative director goes to blizzard 5. Nintendo not considering price drop or new Switch Model at this time 6. Metroid Prime 4 rocky development and rebooting with Retro Studios 7. Dead or Alive 6 gives the fans what they want 8. Durante opens studio devoted to porting PC games.
January 27, 2019
#14: That was interesting
We return for another episode and the world decided to keep its stupid at a minimum. So we primarily decided to talk retro and a few other topics. Episode Topics 1. (Unconfirmed) EA Star Wars game cancelled... again 2. All Online Gambling is now illegal in the US 3.  Star Control: Origins is back on Steam 4.  Machinima Youtube channel has been wiped clean 5.  Fortnite will not be on next Soulja Boy console  6. Retro Talk: Years 2000-2005
January 21, 2019
Bonus #1: All about Jen
In this Bonus episode, ColdDeath "interviews" Jennifer about a mix of topics: Highlights in 2018 What is Jen looking forward to most in 2019? Thoughts on Overwatch "Ellie" / Experiences as a "female gamer" early on Have you read any gaming magazines in the past? Speculation on "Worst Company 2019" Most hated game in recent years? Plans for 2019
January 17, 2019
#13: Man up!
This episode gets super super spicy as the trio returns, and we cover Blizzard, Unity, and Reso's hot take about Pokemon Lets Go. But you better believe it, we turn our snark to maximum. Intro clip: "Controlled Jazz", by Mustin, Scott Peeples: Topics : What have we played AGDQ raised 2.4 million dollars for Prevent Cancer Foundation More Blizzard controversy Mike Morhaime leaves Blizzard Bungie going independent with Destiny Rumor: possible SNES games and emulators found in Switch Online App Rimworld Review controvery Unity Engine shenanigans Reso talks about Pokemon Let's Go
January 14, 2019
#12: A Social Experiment
With one of us sick and absent, Reso and CD tackle the first Episode of the new year, refreshed, energized and more snark than you ever imagine. Bethesda, OverWatch, and even 2K can't escape out sights. Intro clip: "Jaded by Death", by HoboKa: Topics :  What have we played  What did we get from the Winter Sales Speculation on "worst company 2019" Atlas MMO launch controversy Stardock's Star Control Origins game taken down from Steam and GOG via DMCA "Female" Overwatch eSports player "Ellie" NBA2K Christmas "Present" PS Classic price marked down already Bethesda Nuka Dark + Reaction What are we looking forward to in 2019
January 6, 2019
#11: Crossing the finish line
11 Episodes in, for 11 weeks, we have kept the show going, and while not consecutive it is nothing to sneeze at. So the Caffeinated Crew covers a few new topics along with looking back at some of the notable stories that passed us by this year.  Intro clip: "Galvanized Boss" by Standby: Topics: Game Awards 2018 (Results and Announcements) Starbreeze facing insolvency due to bad sales of Overkill's Walking Dead Bethesda revealing customer information due to glitch in support system 3rd Episode of Walking Dead Last Season coming in January 2019 We look back at the year 2018 Additional info: The Verge PC Build Article:
December 11, 2018
#10: Welcome to the Vault
The trio returns to talk about a handful of topics, and we continue our talk of our gaming pasts, with the second console we all own. If only because Reso really doesn't want to hurt peoples feelings. 4:30 - Game Awards 2018 coming up soon 8:06 - FTC potentially investigating loot boxes 12:55 - Fallout 76 Bag controversy (a tweet showing the Fallout 76 advertisment vs the bag that you actually got: ) 41:44 - Nintendo ending their Creators Program 51:45 - Gamestop fiscal report 1:05:05 - Petition going to immortalize 82 year old Skyrim fan in the next Elder Scrolls game 1:08:30 - Retro Talk Part 2
December 3, 2018
#9: He was paid for this!11!!
The season is winding down, and so are our stories, Nintendo, Telltale and Rock Paper Shotgun all get some love (Or hate). We even discuss our past in gaming, and Reso isn't happy about it. Intro clip: "I accidentally the whole Mario", by The Grammar Club: Topics:  Walking Dead - The Last Season is back in development Super Smash Bros has the highest pre-sales in series history Smash Bros piracy Pokemon Let's Go sales passed 3 million Nintendo Switch exploit "updated" Ubisoft not censoring Siege internationally because of China after all Steam Link discontinued Rock Paper Shotgun writer disrespects FF 14 Fanfest and community Retro Talk 1: "First Game System", "First Few Games", "Where did we get the games from"
November 25, 2018
#8: Let's Go, The Podcast!
Pokemon Lets Go! And many many many other topics, Most small, some involve companies not showing up to shows, or games finally be GOLD. Intro Clip: "Floor Is Lava" by DaMonz: Topics: Telltale are liquidating their assets Game Awards 2018 Nominees Updating Review Scores (on the example of SimCity 2013) Bandai Namco Vancouver is shutting down Star Citizen reaches 200 million USD in crowdfunding Metroid Prime 4 is "well in development" Final Fantasy 7 Remake progressing C&C and Red Alert Remakes announced Super Smash Bros Ultimate has gone gold Devil May Cry animated series announced, crosses over with Castlevania animated series Sony is skipping E3 2019 Speculating on the future console generation Thinking back to the announcement / launch of Xbox One and Playstation 4 Luminous Productions studio from Square Enix is developing a PS5 game Sony controller patent with touchscreen Nintendo 12 million dollar lawsuit against ROM site Pokemon Let's Go
November 21, 2018
#7: Too long to watch
The trio returns to cover Prima Games, Fallout, Square Enix, and even Nintendo! It is bound to be a great show. If only they can keep the episode length in check. Intro clip: "On Wings of Steel" by Juan Medrano: Topics: Fallout 76 Day One Patch size inXile and Obsidian acquired by Microsoft Pillars of Eternity 2 sales numbers are rather low Prima Games are shutting down in 2019 Nintendo Switch gets a Youtube App Playstation Classic games PS Classic uses an open source emulator (PCSX Re-Armed) Final Fantasy XV DLC cancelled, Hajime Tabata leaves Square Enix
November 11, 2018
#6: Is this a joke?
Jennifer, ColdDeath and Reso return for another week and things get spicy with Deltarune, and the victorious return of Bubsy! Laughs and some anger ensue. Intro clip: "Children of Zakarum by Platonist: Topics: Physical and digital "shelfspace" and download speeds Nintendo console and periphery costs What have we been playing Microtransactions (on the example of Assassin's Creed Odyssey) Bubsy the bobcat returns... again Deltarune and its uninstaller troubles Nintendo Direct around Smash Bros Ultimate Console Special Editions Blizzcon pros and cons (Diablo Immortal...) Journalists (and some other people) reacting to the Diablo Immortal reactions working conditions in the games industry
November 4, 2018
#5: Violence and E-Sports
We discuss Sony, Rockstar, Esports, and much much more, So sit back and enjoy Reso, ColdDeath, and Ferni in this chilled out episode Intro clip: Final Fantasy VI "Day of Ruin" by DJ ThirdEye: Topics: Reso's Games Shelvespace Sony PSN username change side-effects What we have been playing (with some side-tracking) The media's portayal of games .hack//GU Last Recode manages to sell 300k copies worldwide Medieval Remake in the works Library of Congress adds exceptions for the preservation of online games Getting side-tracked by talking about some older games Red Dead Redeption 2 releases, sells great CS:GO professional player gets 5 year ban New Sony censorship policy applies to Japan as well
October 29, 2018
#4: Kids with Nukes
Nukes, Kids, and EA. I mean honestly what more do you really need to know? Happy to say this is the first episode that actually sounds really good. Also. Nukes, don't forget nukes. Intro Clip: Mega Man 2 "Made of Metal" by PsyNES & Elrinth: Our topics: - ex-IGN plagiarist returns to Youtube - What have we been playing - Rockstar vs Cheaters - Red Dead Redemption 2 Editions with GTA Online Cash - Game Install Sizes / Digital vs Physical - People leaving EA DICE - Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Opening Weekend: pulls in 500 Million USD - Ubisoft Massive don't want to make overly political statements - Games Journalists: Nukes are bad, mkay?
October 21, 2018
#3: Telltale's Autopsy
We had an episode that basically never got made because OBS crashed. We discuss some interesting Topics and officially finish talking about Telltale barring that dumpster fire doesn't completely blow up again. OCRemix "Comrade K.K." by Diggi Dis: Our topics: - OBS tech trouble - What have we been playing - The Telltale "shutdown saga" continues, class action lawsuit filed - "honorable mention": Scott Wilson, former Walking Dead actor, died - Working conditions in game development - PSN Users Name Change - Sony patent related to backwards compatibilty - The same game on multiple platforms - Mega Man Live Action Movie - New Nintendo Switch model in the works - 3DS faceplates - Nintendo Switch Dock - Coming Game Releases
October 14, 2018
#2: Telltale Joins the Cast
While Fernado couldn't join us, we tackle a Story that shakes the industry and we have a few laughs at the same time. Our topics: - What have we been playing - Telltale shutting down - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy coming to Nintendo Switch - The World Ends With You Final Remix - The Verge "How to build a pc" video guide - Nintendo Direct - Nintendo Switch Online - Sony Playstation Mini
October 14, 2018
#1: Off a cliff
ColdDeath, LadySugarCube, FerniWrites, and Resobaso come together for the first time to do the show.  You know what they say, "First Season is always a bit rough"  This episode covers the following topics (and boy are there a lot in this episode): What we have been playing Advantages / Drawbacks of Nintendo Switch ports Nintendo Switch Online Pokemon Let's Go 30 vs 60 FPS Text readability in some games Micro-transactions in single player games Mega Man 11 Demo Octopath Traveler Demo Dark Souls Enjoyment ratio of reviewed games The insane story of Memento Mori How thorough should a review be? Platform exclusives Motion controls Cross-Play and Sony's arrogance Mid-Generation upgrades (Xbox One X, New 3DS) XBox in Japan Console War Paying for online access on consoles Nintendo Switch Voice-Chat App and Friend Codes Nintendo's naming choices
October 14, 2018