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Coffee With My Ex: Caleb Marshall and Haley Jordan

Coffee With My Ex: Caleb Marshall and Haley Jordan

By Caleb Marshall
From lovers to best friends to business partners, The Fitness Marshall's Haley Jordan and Caleb Marshall tackle hot topics while drinking way too much coffee.
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44. TFM Splitting Up + Our Solo Careers | Coffee With My Ex Ep. 44
You guys asked your juiciest questions this week! From solo careers to our highest paying gigs, the caffeinated duo left nothing out in today's Q&A. Get Our Merch!   TFM Spotify Playlist Link :
April 05, 2021
43. Is Therapy Worth It? + Drifting Away from Friends
Merch! What happened when lifelong friends become acquaintances? How do you cope with losing a best friend? Why do relationships just not work out? Is therapy worth the money and how do you even find a therapist!? Grab a cup of coffee and listen to Haley and Caleb try to answer some of your most asked questions!
March 29, 2021
42. 2000's Pop Culture Quiz + You Win Money When She Gets A Question Right
To celebrate the restock of Active Booty we are giving away a $25 gift card to for every question Haley gets right! We talk about our favorite iconic pop culture moments, what performances we will ALWAYS remember and moments that SHOCKED and SHOOK us.  HOW TO ENTER: Subscribe to this channel. Follow us on Instagram @coffeewithmyex. Leave a comment with your email address and name!   GET OUR MERCH
March 15, 2021
41. Worst Roommate Experiences + We Will NEVER Move Again
GET OUR MERCH   Caleb and Haley recount some of their worst roommate experiences and moving woes. Haley dishes out one of her most disturbing dorm room stories. Caleb talks about why he graduated and then moved back into the dorms. As we move into spring, they discuss their spring cleaning and decluttering routine and why taking care of your space is so important for your mental health.
March 08, 2021
40. WE ALMOST DIDN'T POST THIS (warning: SPICY episode)
The caffeinated duo get a little racy in today's episode. Caleb and Haley chat about their first time, and answer all of YOUR questions about sex. They talk about the importance of safe sex and how toxic masculinity can blur the lines of feminism! But beware...this is NSFW! Follow Haley Jordan  YouTube Instagram   Follow Caleb Marshall (The Fitness Marshall)
March 01, 2021
39. Why We Need to #FREEBRITNEY
GET OUR MERCH!!!   Thank you Juni Essentials for sponsoring this episode! Coffee With My Ex listeners get a 20% discount during the month of February with the code COFFEE20. Go to, click Shop, and enter the code at checkout today!   Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here:  Caleb and Haley analyze the Britney Spears conservatorship case in today's episode. In light of the recent New York Times documentary, "Framing Britney", the #FreeBritney Movement has more traction than ever. The Britney stans sit down to give ALL their thoughts on this situation.
February 22, 2021
38. A New REALITY SHOW?! + Worst First Date EVER
Check out Wyld Gallery for a collection of art pieces by Native American artists at and find your new piece or gift one to a special someone! Thank you Wyld Gallery for sponsoring today's episode. Caleb and Haley left the topics to the audience this week! Is there a reality show in the works? How do they deal with anxiety and imposter syndrome? Do they smoke "the weed"? The caffeinated duo lay it ALL out this week, so get ready. 
February 08, 2021
37. Going Through Each Other's TEXTS + Our Thoughts On Jojo Siwa (COCKTAILS WITH MY EX)
Today's sponsors: Like this show and want to make your own? Go to to start podcasting! Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here: In this special Cocktails With My Ex episode, the whole Fitness Marshall team sits down for a few drinks after a grueling work week. They chat about Jojo Siwa and the controversy surrounding her coming out. The team unwillingly dishes out some of their racy text messages in a fun little game.  
February 01, 2021
Caleb and Haley talk about how they celebrated the inauguration of President Biden. Caleb recounts a traumatic story that happened to him that morning, as well as his latest plastic surgery visit. Hungover, they go through their everyday routine and chat about their sleep habits and why it's okay to wake up at noon. 
January 25, 2021
35. How To Get Over A Break Up + Conquering Comparison (Just Ask Us)
Haley and Caleb launch their “Just Ask Us” series where they answer all the questions swirling in your brain. They can’t guarantee it’s GOOD advice, but they are going to try their best. How do you get over an Ex? How do you avoid comparing yourself to other? How to stay motivated to workout? We are here to help!
January 18, 2021
34. TRANSFORMATION PHOTOS ARE A SCAM + Our Relationship With Fitness
.Coffee With My Ex is back for Season 2! Get ready to catch up on all the juicy tea you've missed. Haley and Caleb chat about The Fitness Marshall 30 Day Challenge and our relationship with working out.  They discuss the madness surrounding the events at The Capitol, and why it's important to do our part. Looking in 2021, the caffeinated duo expresses their hopes for the new year. Follow us @coffeewithmyex on instagram
January 11, 2021
33. Our Trip To Palm Springs Was SABOTAGED! (OUR LAST EPISODE)
In the LAST EPISODE of the season, Haley and Caleb recount their recent trip to Palm Springs where everything went wrong very very fast. What happened to Allison and why did she end up leaving dinner early? What did Cameron do to sabotage the trip? Also in this episode, the still-in-love exes reminisce about the start of Coffee With My Ex and how thankful they are for all their listeners. We have had SO MUCH FUN with ya'll this year and cannot wait to see you again in 2021!
November 23, 2020
31. Sleepy Joe Biden and the Orange Man
Caleb and Haley explain and answer all things related to the US 2020 election. 
November 02, 2020
30. Launching an INCLUSIVE Clothing Brand FROM SCRATCH & why we're emotional
The entire Fitness Marshall squad sits down to discuss designing and launching their very own clothing brand. They discuss the process, ethics, and mission with our new line, ACTIVE BOOTY. The TFM teamanswer all your juicy questions: Who makes the clothes? Who did the most work out of the group? Who disagreed the most? Everyone breaks down in tears about the line and how much it means to them. Shop Active Booty on 10/27 HERE ->
October 26, 2020
29. Allison's Least Favorite Thing About Working With Us
We ask Allison all the question's she's been avoiding: From why she doesn't believe in ghosts to how long she thinks TFM will last. She spills the tea about her favorite BTS member, what she hates about working with us, and her current love situation.  Follow Haley Jordan   Follow Caleb Marshall (The Fitness Marshall) Follow Allison
October 19, 2020
28. Does The Hustle Ever End!? (How to avoid BURNOUT)
In a world that tells you to HUSTLE, MAKE MONEY and then HUSTLE HARDER, Caleb and Haley try to find a balance. When should you turn your passion into a business? When can you take breaks? How is the job opportunities and work culture different than the world our parents and grandparents grew up in? Also in this episode, Caleb and Haley get summoned to jury duty, how the pandemic affected The Fitness Marshall and why they feel so guilt about their business.   Everything You Need To Vote! - How To Date Men When You Hate Men - Where to listen to Coffee With My Ex Spotify Apple Podcast Google Podcast  Follow Haley Jordan YouTube Instagram  Follow Caleb Marshall (The Fitness Marshall)
October 12, 2020
Ep. 27 Bouncing Back From Broke (What We Learned About Money)
The ex lovers dive into the taboo world on finances, share their struggles and what they have learned about spending, saving and making money as entrepreneurs. Bouncing back from being sued, when to start saving for retirement, how to find a financial advisor, Should you get a credit card, what is credit, what is the stock market and how do you start? There are SO MANY THINGS that nobody teaches you and we certainly aren't experts, but we have learned a few things along the way!
October 05, 2020
Caleb and Haley recount their experience getting botox for the very first time this week. Caleb talks about getting lip filler before catching up on life while on break in Indiana. Caleb tells the story about how he missed his flight back to Los Angeles and had to miss brunch. They briefly mention their super secret project that they have been teasing since it's coming SO SOON!
September 28, 2020
25. TRUTH or DRINK!?
Head over to for this YouTube exclusive episode. Trust me you DO NOT want to miss this one. 
September 08, 2020
24. FAMILY DRAMA and How We Deal With It
Caleb and Haley are opening up about their family and hold nothing back. It's honest, uncomfortable, warm and hopeful. Caleb shares a lot of wisdom from his psychologist. Haley gets candid about growing up without a dad. Caleb talks about the religious guilt his family passed down to him. What it's like being in the middle of your parents divorce. The pressure of being the peacekeeper for your family and the guilt you feel for having a relationship with estranged members of your family that you feel like you aren't supposed to like. Become a channel member here!   Follow Haley Jordan YouTube Instagram   Follow Caleb Marshall (The Fitness Marshall)
August 31, 2020
23. Toxic Friends (How To Spot A Snake)
Haley and I recount our current and past friendships. Friends form high school, feeling obligated to stay friends with people, when to cut someone off, how to spot a toxic friend, should you give toxic friends a second chance and how to turn a bad situation into a positive learning experience.    Where to listen to Coffee With My Ex Spotify  Apple Podcast  Google Podcast   Follow Haley Jordan YouTube Instagram   Follow Caleb Marshall (The Fitness Marshall)
August 24, 2020
22. Our WORST fan experience (*we kicked her out)
Caleb and Haley answer your juiciest questions and discuss the results of the polls we gave you! What would Caleb and Haley do first if they switched bodies? What’s the WORST fan experience that led them to kick a girl out of their show? Do they believe in astrology? Did Haley and Caleb ever go all the way? Do they go to therapy? Our advice to our younger selves.
August 17, 2020
21. The Hardest Thing About Working With Friends
Haley and Caleb get honest with each other as they recount their work history. What gets under Haley's skin most? Is Caleb a bad business partner? The BIGGEST lesson they have learned about friendship and business, what it's like to lose friends because of business and what they love most about working together. They also I've advice on starting a business, fair pay and how to create an environment where everyone feels loved and valued.
August 10, 2020
20. Surviving Her First Earthquake + Our Most TRAUMATIC Tour Story
PLEASE FORGIVE OUR AUDIO....we are using the camera bc our audio messed up :(  In this week’s episode of Coffee With My Ex Allison experiences her very first earthquake in Los Angeles and does everything wrong, Caleb recalls a time when an old person literally peeled their face off in front of him, and Haley tells the traumatic tour story of when we got stalked after a meet and greet. Fill up your coffee cup and get ready for lots of laughs, and possibly tears with your friends from The Fitness Marshall
August 03, 2020
19. The Fitness Industry Is Toxic, Being a Plus Size Trainer, and our take on Taylor Swift's Folklore
Allison joins Haley and Caleb to talk about body positivity, hurtful comments and why compliments can sometimes be just as damaging as critiques. How does Allison deal with the pressure of representing plus size girls? Also in this episode, Haley teaches Caleb about bras and declares she is going braless, Caleb admits why he can’t wear underwear, Allison talks about a doctor made her feel worse and the team discusses the release of Taylor Swift’s new album folklore.
July 29, 2020
18. Favorite (and CRAZIEST) Tour Memories
Haley and Caleb recount life on the road and spill the tea on their favorite tour memories such as the time their show got shut down in South Africa, Cameron screaming at a hotel concierge, finding a mysterious pink purse in their hotel room with something CRAZY inside, Sleeping at a random fans house and literally bringing the ceiling down during a cardio concert!
July 20, 2020
Caleb and Haley are back and better than they were last week (which is not saying much) Caleb talks about his trip to Florida in the middle of the pandemic, the craziest thing he saw in Florida and what it was like surprising his 99 year old grandma. Also in this episode: Our thoughts on Kanye West running for president, the FREE BRITNEY SPEARS movement gaining traction with mainstream media, Love Victor and how Caleb felt seeing his story be told for the first time and why Haley is so obsessed with Hamilton the musical.
July 13, 2020
Haley and Caleb deal with their mental anguish and all out exhaustion for 2020. They discuss how social media is toxic, Haley reveals the only thing in this world that makes her happy and Caleb dishes about Queer Eye and why he is traveling to Florida in the middle of a pandemic.
July 06, 2020
15. The BEST Part About Being Gay (why I wouldn't change it) *COCKTAILS EDITION*
On this special cocktails edition episode of Coffee With My Ex, Fitness Marshall Manager Cameron Moody and Bakup Booty Allison Florea join the chat! Find out why Adele isn't a Pop Star. Is Britney Spears better than BTS? How Caleb got accidentally added into a celebrity group text. Haley admits what her mom taught her to do to people when she was younger and how Cameron's long lost career as a server at TGI Friday's
June 29, 2020
14. An Uncomfortable Conversation #BlackLivesMatter
With the undeniable momentum of Black Lives Matter, Caleb and Haley return from their hiatus to share their thoughts on the Movement. This episode is made for our white viewers and listeners as it is not our place to speak for Black people or to assert ourselves as an authoritative voice on the subject. Questions discussed: What exactly is systemic racism? Why do people want to defund the police? How can we be better allies? Why is it white people’s job to fix racism?  WATCH  13th on Youtube -  When They See Us on Netflix -  Teach Us All on Netflix -  Just Mercy - Selma -  LISTEN 1619 by New York Times Stuff You Missed in History Class ep. 31 (Tulsa Race Riots)  Seeing White, a Scene on the Radio Code Switch by NPR A full list of more anti-racism resources ....
June 22, 2020
13. Why Allison Left The Fitness Marshall
Allison joins Haley and Caleb for a conversation about Britney Spears recent dancing, Why BTS is the most talented music group in the world and how she had a falling out with Caleb that led to her leaving the Fitness Marshall just before viral fame came.
June 01, 2020
12. Why Body Positivity is Harmful
TRIGGER WARNING!!!!  Today’s episode may be triggering for some. We talk about body image issues, eating disorders, and body positivity. Do not watch it if you feel these topics might cause you harm. Caleb and Haley get honest about body positivity, what it means and why it might not be so good. What harmful eating habits did Caleb use to have and why did he get plastic surgery? Why we should stop complementing weight loss like Adele’s and The TRUTH behind Haley’s journey with her body. How we are all contributing to unrealistic standards of beauty and feeding the cycle of self loathing. 
May 18, 2020
11. How Cameron Saved Our Business
Manager of the Fitness Marshall and boyfriend to Caleb, Cameron Moody joins the conversation to talk about how he single handedly saved the Fitness Marshall from going under. How did Cameron and Caleb meet? What made Cameron go from boyfriend to manager? How did he learn to run a business and generate revenue? Also find out what happened when Cameron TRIPPED OUT on a cocktail of medications and thought Caleb and Haley were trying to kill him. 
May 11, 2020
10. Everything Wrong With LA (do we regret moving?!)
In their most requested episode, Caleb and Haley recount their move from Indiana to LA. How did they get the money to move? How does LA compare to the midwest. Will they ever move back home? The real cost of living in Los Angeles. Caleb and Haley spill the tea on how their biggest fight with Bria was broadcast on a reality show
May 04, 2020
9. Our Biggest Fight Ever (COCKTAILS WITH MY EX)
In this special edition episode of Coffee With My Ex, Caleb and Haley switch out coffee for cocktails and bring you a candid, unfiltered conversation that will be sure to have you laughing. They share their most embarrassing drunk stories, Caleb confesses his strangest turn on and Haley recounts her biggest blowout fight with Caleb, leading to a resurgence of buried emotions.
April 27, 2020
8. The Secret World of Youtube - WHO CAN YOU TRUST?!
The Fitness Marshall's Haley Jordan and Caleb Marshall get candid about what it's REALLY like to be a YouTube living in LA. How much money do you make? Are Your favorite YouTubers like the Try Guys, Blogilates, Rosanna Pansino, Remi Ashten, and Matt Steffanina really who they say they are? Also in the episode - Caleb shares his opinions and thoughts on women's monthly period, Caleb confronts Haley about her poor cleaning habits, is blue right really something to worry about? Caleb talks about his newest Tik Tok ideas and does a brief ASMR moment putting in his Invisalign
April 20, 2020
7. Anxiety Changed My Life Forever
In their most honest and uncomfortable episode yet, Caleb and Haley talk about their first panic attack, what it felt like and how they cope. Caleb opens up about his past marijuana use and Haley explains her unusual superpower of dissociation. 
April 13, 2020
6. We Are Taking Time Apart + Our Quarantine Routine | Coffee With My Ex
Caleb and Haley tighten the reigns on their social distancing, sparking new challenges that take a toll on their mental and physical health. They share their daily routines, highlight irresponsible behavior in the country and unpack the guilt we all feel for not maximizing productivity while on lockdown.  Follow Haley Jordan YouTube Instagram Follow Caleb Marshall (The Fitness Marshall) YouTube Instagram
April 06, 2020
5. Living In Lockdown + The Problem With Religion
Caleb Marshall and Haley Jordan detail exactly what life is like under the shelter in place order in California. After giving their unfiltered opinions on how the government is responding to the crisis, things get even more controversial when the exes get raw and real about their personal experiences with religion and Christianity. Follow Haley Jordan  YouTube Instagram  Follow Caleb Marshall (The Fitness Marshall) YouTube Instagram
March 30, 2020
4: Exposing Each Other's Bad Habits
Caleb and Haley join us fresh off the set of Lance Bass’s DailyPop Podcast. They let the reality of meeting an NSYNC legend sink in before getting down and dirty when they confront each other’s worst habits in a heated discussion holding nothing back
March 23, 2020
3: The Ban on Britney Spears
In this episode Caleb and Haley gush about their favorite pop star, the legendary miss Britney Spears. They dive into their Britney origin stories, discuss conspiracies surround Britney in 2020 and reveal what it was like visiting Britney The Zone experience in Los Angeles. Follow Haley Jordan  YouTube  Instagram   Follow Caleb Marshall (The Fitness Marshall)   YouTube  Instagram
March 16, 2020
2: Exposing Diet Trends: Keto, Veganism, Intermittent Fasting, Gluten Free and more
Caleb and Haley discuss popular diet trends and diet culture and make some bold statements that are sure to upset some people. They tackle the pros and cons of keto, intermittent fasting, Veganism, vegetarianism, and paleo. They discuss barriers to eating well, why diets fail and what diets they both personally follow.   Follow Haley Jordan  YouTube  Instagram   Follow Caleb Marshall (The Fitness Marshall)   YouTube  Instagram
March 09, 2020
1: The Breakup
Haley and Caleb rehash their complicated history and explain how they went from lovers to best friends to business partners.  Follow Haley Jordan  YouTube Instagram   Follow Caleb Marshall (The Fitness Marshall)  YouTube Instagram
February 28, 2020