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By Phil
Whether you're a conservative, libertarian, moderate Democrat, or just someone with common sense, the California Underground is dedicated to pushing back on the extreme left that has overrun our state. We talk California politics and some national politics and how we can stop extreme leftists from ruining our beautiful state.
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Episode 67: The Jenner Dilemma, SD Schools Using COVID Cash to Cover Budget Shortfalls, Appellate Court Gives Newsom Scary Precedence
Jenner is on the scene...and nobody is happier than Fox News who can get people to tune in.  San Diego County schools using COVID cash to cover up budget deficits.  Appellate Court gives Newsom a scary precedence to continue using his emergency powers.  Show Is Now Being Simulcast on IG Live @californiaunderground Show Links San Diego School Districts Still Face Deficits Despite Flood of COVID Cash Appellate Court Upholds Newsom’s “One Man Rule”
May 7, 2021
Episode 66: We The People Does Not Mean the Government, CA Govt Works With Big Tech to Censor Info, Newsom's Pay to Play, Q&A
For the first time ever, the recording of the podcast is being live streamed on IG Live to allow for followers and listeners to interact.  Joe Biden made a statement that "We the people" means the government, which is a terrifying and incorrect statement.  Judicial Watch discovers that the CA Govt was working with Big Tech to take down what they said was "misinformation." Newom's "behest payments" look a lot like "pay to play." One company paid $250,000 in a "behest payment" and then was awarded $19 million in no bid contracts.  And for the first time, Q&A from listeners on IG Live.  Show Links California Officials Worked With Biden Linked Firm to Censor Election Posts Facebook, Google, other corporate giants flooded Newsom with record $226 million in charity donations in 2020
April 30, 2021
Episode 65 - Interview with Dr. Melanie Burkholder Candidate for 76th Assembly District Seat
On this episode I speak with Dr. Melanie Burkholder who is a candidate running for the 76th Assembly District in the California legislature.  We discuss her background, her motivation to run, the time President Bill Clinton hit on her when she was on Secret Service detail, and plenty of other topics.  Read more about her issues and campaign and support her by going to 
April 23, 2021
Episode 64: Welcome All New Listeners, Dems Attempt to Pack SCOTUS, MW Drama, Dr. Chau Fake License and Paid Big by Big Pharma
Welcome to all the new listeners who followed this week. I promise to work hard to keep providing quality analysis and insight into California politics.  Dems attempt to pack SCOTUS, but we're saved by Nancy Pelosi? A rundown of the Major Williams drama for the past week. Where we are and where I believe it will go. Also what we learned from all of it.  Dr. Chau, the Public Health Director for Orange County, has questionable credentials to be in his position. His psychiatry license is from degree mill university and he has been paid big money in the past from Big Pharma for speaking fees. Now you can see a connection for pushing vaccines for literally everyone if he's buddy buddy with Big Pharma.  Show Links Dr. Chau of OC/Vaccine Passports
April 16, 2021
Episode 63 - Biden's Gun Control EO, Grenell's New "Fix California", June 15th Reopen (Maybe?), Inmates Pretending to Be Trans to Switch Prisons
Biden unveiled his new EO on gun control that was announced with plenty of lies about what it actually goes after. Is it a threat or is it nibbling around the margins? Richard Grenell starts organization called "Fix California" which aims to sue states to clean up voter rolls and register voters as Republicans.  Noodles announces (maybe) we will fully reopen on June 15th. But it leaves many questions unanswered.  Finally, California is seeing a rise in male prisons claiming they are transgender to be switched to women's facilities.  Show Links Richard Grenell Seeks to Change California with New Group “Fix California” Noodles Promises California “May” Fully Reopen on June 15th What’s Happening in California Prisons Was Entirely Predictable
April 9, 2021
Episode 62 - The Left's Sanctimony, MLB Moves All Star Game from GA, Fallout on Food Banks, Mexico Protecting Our Border Than Biden Is
The Left has become everything they hated about the "Religious Right" of the Bush years. Sanctimonious and unyielding in their want for you to adhere to their lifestyle.  MLB caves to bullying and "punishes" Georgia by moving the All Star game out of the state.  Mexico working harder to protect our borders and stem the migrant crisis than President Biden is.  Show Links This One California Food Bank Illustrates the Devastation of Newsom’s Lockdowns Crisis at the Border; Mexico Worried About Influx of Migrants
April 2, 2021
Episode 61: Major Williams - "Fraud or for For Real?" (with Special Guest @CaliforniaPatriot)
On this episode I have a special guest @GoldenStatePatriot from Instagram on and we have a discussion about Major Williams whether he's for real or not.  We do a deep dive into his past as well as his association with Joe Collins (and some history about him as well). Our thoughts on how it plays out in the upcoming recall election.  Bonus discussion about "Progress to Purple" Show Links Major Williams IMDB Page -  Daily Caller Article on Joe Collins - 
March 20, 2021
Episode 60: Biden Gives Us "Permission" to Celebrate the 4th, Newsom's Empty Stadium Speech, Vindication for DeSantis, SF Bailed Out, AB5 Goes to Washington
President Biden in his eternal greatness gives us tentative permission to have a small gathering for the Fourth of July. Only if we are good though.  Newsom's speech in an empty stadium was the perfect backdrop to all the emptiness of his time as Governor.  Wall Street Journal vindicates Governor DeSantis on his approach.  San Francisco bailed out by Relief Package. No pain felt for lasting lockdowns.  Lorena Gonzalez's AB5 goes to Washington in the form of the PRO Act.  Show Links Vindication for Ron DeSantis Federal Stimulus Nearly Wipes Away San Francisco Budget Deficit Californians Rejected a Harsh Law That Destroyed Freelance Jobs, Congress Is Trying to Make It Federal Law
March 12, 2021
Episode 59 - Over/Under on California Fully Reopening, HR1 Is Democrats Codifying the 2020 Election, Newsom's Shady No Bid Contracts
With Texas, Mississippi, and even Connecticut lifting their COVID restrictions, what is the over/under on California fully reopening? There's a lot of factors that go into it.  HR1 which passed the House this week is a wish list of what Democrats would like in elections to guarantee they always have the advantage. It is their effort to codify everything that went wrong in the 2020 election, and strip state legislatures of their Constitutional power.  Newsom has awarded millions and millions of dollars for no bid contracts, however we don't know the link of those getting those contracts and the lobbying efforts for those contracts. For example, Blue Shield donates to Newsom, and then spends $480,000 on lobbying, then gets a $15 million contract for vaccine distribution.  Show Links 37 Things to Know About HR 1 As Newsom Pushes To Extend Emergency Spending Authority During Pandemic, Lobbyist Influence Remains Opaque
March 5, 2021
Episode 58 - CA Republicans Need to Go on Offense, Biden Bombs, Newsom Frazzled, School Board Member Says In Person Schooling is Akin to Slavery, Bananas Idea to Prevent Wildfires
California Republicans need to start going on offense hard in California. They may never have a better shot than right now to catch Democrats flat footed.  Biden gets his Establishment cred and starts bombing the Middle East. Military Industrial Complex celebrates.  Newsom off teleprompter appears frazzled. Also a new poll shows 47% of Californians would vote to recall Noodles compared to 43% who wouldn't.  School Board of Trustee in La Mesa says having a vote on in person schooling would be akin to slavery and is an idea rooted in white supremacist ideology.  End on a lighter note. A completely "bananas" idea to prevent wildfire destruction of homes.  Show Links Poll Showing 47% of Californians Would Support a Recall & Audio of Noodles Frazzled La Mesa Board Member Says Forcing Teachers Back to In Person Teaching is Akin to Slavery A Totally Bananas Idea
February 27, 2021
Episode 57 - School Choice So Hot Right Now, Newsom Tries to Polish His Image, Being "Symbolically Progressive"
California is one of the last states to reopen public schools for in person learning. The California Teacher's Association won't budge and Noodles doesn't seem to want to press them on it. So parents are starting to get into school choice. We discuss how school choice can break the monopoly unions and government can have on our children's education.  Noodles attempts to re-brand as the recall crosses 1.5 million signatures by taking his show on the road around California to show he's "working." Will it work or is it too late? Finally, an article by Ezra Klein in the NYT discusses how progressives in California have to stop being "symbolically progressive" and actually work to get stuff done. And I actually agree with him.  Show Links School Choice Articles 3 Reasons to Support School Choice - Foundation for Economic Education ( Newsom Polishes Image As Recall Drive Escalates California Is Making Liberals Squirm Bonus Link: California Liberals Don’t Care About the Poor
February 20, 2021
Episode 56 - The Left Can't Close the Lid on the COVID Pandora's Box, A New Contender for Governor, Recall Passes 1.5 Million, the Lesson of Sonny Bono
The Left spent all of 2020 using the horrors and fear of COVID to meet their goals. However, now they are in the driver's seat, they are starting to realize they may have gone too far and can't turn back time.  John Cox, former Gubernatorial Candidate of 2018 who was clobbered by 22 points, thinks that losing by 22 points two years ago is a definite sign he should run again. He's a weak and bad candidate and all he's doing is muddying the waters.  Recall passes 1.5 million, but the push continues to get to 2 million for extra cushion. Even the RNC has jumped in by donating $250,000 to the cause. Finally, what lessons can we learn from the late Sonny Bono when it comes to California politics? Show Links Republican National Committee Donates $250,000 to Recall Newsom Effort How the Political Rise of Sonny Bono is Happening Again in California
February 13, 2021
Episode 55 - 2021: The Year of the Elitists vs. the Populists, Kevin Faulconer Formally Announces Run for Governor, How Conservative Populism Can Win in California
2021 is rapidly shaping up to be the year of the Elites vs. the Populists. Between the GameStop Reddit Rebellion and now the Time magazine saying they "fortified" the 2020 election, it's becoming more and more obvious that those in power are consolidating power. The question is, how will the people respond? Kevin Faulconer, in no surprise move, formally announces his run for Governor. A discussion of how his style of Republicanism may be the first steps toward turning California. Remember turning around California will be like turning an aircraft, slow and steady.  Finally, a discussion how conservative populism (aka Kitchen Table Politics) can begin to pave a way for winning in California and pushing back on extreme leftist policies.  Show Links How Populist Conservatives Can Win in California Time Magazine, Secret Well Funded Cabal Worked to Protect 2020 Election
February 6, 2021
Episode 54 - Biden Will Cure COVID in First 100 Days, State Senator Scott Weiner Moves to Legalize Hard Drugs, Appellate Court Overturns Restaurant Order
Mark my words. With the help of the media and Democratic governors and mayors, Joe Biden will "defeat" COVID in the first 100 days of his Presidency.  Death rates in California have come down from 5.9% in May to 1.8% in December. Yet we're locking down even harder? State Senator Scott Weiner of SB145 fame is now following up his radical bill, with another radical bill which looks to legalize hard drugs in California.  Analysis of the Appellate Court's ruling in the San Diego restaurant case, and why I think it sets a dangerous precedent.  Show Links Death Rate Declines in California Scott Weiner Looks to Legalize Hard Drugs in California California Keeps COVID Data Out of Sight
January 22, 2021
Episode 53 - Conservatism Will Soon Be Illegal, Opponents of Recall Smear Organizers and Supporters, More Tax Hikes on the Way
After the events of January 6th, it is no surprise that the Establishment will use this opportunity to clamp down on any future outsiders holding the White House any time soon.  Piggy backing off the chaos in the Capitol, San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher calls anyone who supports the Recall effort against Gavin Newsom as "Pro Trump extremists" and says the organizers are linked to "Neo Nazis and white supremacists." Ironically, the more Democrats smear the Recall, the more popular it gets.  More tax hikes on the agenda, yet California has so much cash that it may actually have to return it to the tax payers.  Show Links California Has So Much Cash It May Need to Return Some to Taxpayers Tax Hikes Back on the Agenda for 2021 Legislature San Diego County Supervisor Claims Recall Leaders Linked to Neo-Nazis
January 16, 2021
Episode 52 - Stop Waiting for a Savior, January 6th, EDD Scandal Grows Bigger, CAGOP New Strategy Working?
The fight doesn't stop on January 20th. Stop waiting for a savior and start getting out there and making things happen. It won't be easy, but nothing that is worth doing ever is.  Recall passes 1 million signatures. Only 500,000 to go with even more support and attention.  The EDD scandal continues to spiral out of control with California possibly being on the hook for $50 billion.  Is the CAGOP's strategy that flipped four seats a winning strategy moving forward? Show Links Californians Being Urged to Not Travel More Than 120 Miles California Could Face Up to $50 Billion in Debt for Unemployment Fiasco Republican Congressional Wins In California Won’t Avert Party’s Death Spiral
January 9, 2021
Episode 51 - What Did We Learn in 2020? SD Judge Reopens Restaurants, Powell Finds Fraud in CA Elections, Noodles and His Lobbyist BFF
For the final show of 2020 we look back on everything we learned this year and where to go moving forward.  Noodles extends lockdowns into February. Why? Because of science that's why.  A San Diego Superior Court judge issues a preliminary injunction to allow restaurants to reopen. (This is why you make it a priority to vote local) Noodles and his lobbyist BFF up to no good again. This time Noodles issues new guidelines for lobbyists in his administration but conveniently his buddy Jason Kinney is not required to follow them.  Show Links Newsom Extends Lockdowns Until February Sidney Powell Says She Has Found Evidence of Voter Fraud in California San Diego Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction to Allow Restaurants to Open Newsom Lobbying Ban Won’t Affect Lobbyist Buddy Jason Kinney
December 19, 2020
Episode 50 - California Is In a Street Fight (And We Need Fighters), UBI Bill Introduced in California, Chuck Devore on How We Turn Back California
California is in the middle of a street fight and the Democrats have no problem playing dirty. Meanwhile our CAGOP plays arts and crafts and continues to ask for your hard earned money to do...well not sure what they do with it.  UBI Bill is introduced in California. Assemblyman Low (D-Campbell) says "People don't need tax breaks - they need real money in their pockets." Read that a couple times and see if it makes sense to you.  Chuck Devore (former California assemblyman) discusses his thoughts on why California turned blue and how to turn it back.  Show Links Assembly Introduces UBI Bill Biden Taps AG Beccera to Head Up Health and Human Services What Happened to California and Why Does It Vote Blue?
December 12, 2020
Episode 49 - Lockdown Part Deux, Electric Boogaloo, King Newsom Really Rules Like an Aristocrat
California is headed for more lockdowns, but this time based on regions and ICU capacity (whether those in the ICU have COVID or not). But will people comply this time around? King Noodles really rules like a true aristocrat. He's created disdain among many voting blocks including small business owners, minorities, public unions, and even Democratic supporters. Is there an opportunity to bring these groups together to elect a new Governor? Show Links California Gavin Newsom Presides with Aristocratic Hauteur Governor Newsom Ignores SCOTUS on Religious Restrictions
December 5, 2020
Episode 48 - Gorsuch Opinion Sends Shock Waves, Major Williams, Totally Inept CA Government Sends Prisoners UE Benefits
In a 5-4 decision from the Supreme Court, Justice Gorsuch sends shock waves through the legal world by saying without apology that it is high time the courts get off the sidelines and start protecting constitutional rights of citizens.  After a supporter sent me a video of Major Williams at a march with BLM members present, I reposted it on my IG page. Now Major Williams is calling me out as desperate to get traction and says I am trying to knock out the front runner Republican candidate. My thoughts.  California government is so inept (how inept is it?) they sent $140 million to prisoners who were able to scam the system. Meanwhile out of work citizens still wait for any sort of support as King Newsom continues to toss counties in the purple tier.  Show Links National News SCOTUS Smacks Down Restrictions on Indoor Worship in New York. California News Attorney Harmeet Dhillon Gets Number of Recall Signatures Wrong on National TV Murderer Scott Peterson, Death Row Inmates Receive Unemployment Benefits California Gavin Newsom Presides with Aristocratic Hauteur
November 28, 2020
Episode 47 - LaundryGate, Newsom Dines with Oil Lobbyist While Pretending to Be Green, A New Challenger Rises for Governor for 2022
LaundryGate has shown us the hypocrisy of Newsom this past week in a startling display. Not only does he not listen to his own guidelines, he is dining with an oil and gas lobbyist who was awarded oil permits in 2019 when Newsom became Governor. For all the greenies out there who think Newsom cares about climate change and the environment, take note that he says one thing in public and does another in private.  In a move that I predicted coming, Kevin Faulconer appears to be the rising challenger to Newsom in 2022. In my opinion he would be the perfect moderate solution to Newsom and his brand of extreme left policies. Turning around California will be like turning around an aircraft carrier. It will take time, precision, and strategy, but I whole heartedly believe we can get there.  Show Links Newsom’s Cozy Ties with Top Lobbyist Showcased by French Laundry Dinner Party Faulconer Right to Call Out Newsom Over Lavish Dinner Faulconer gives big speech to overhaul Calif. GOP, but were many listening?
November 21, 2020
Episode 46 - Reasons to Sleep Better if Biden Does Actually Win, Justice Alito and his comments on COVID lockdowns, Newsom Fails to Pay Taxes Again
Not to concede anything with all that is going on and what can be coming down the pike, but a look at why a Biden administration will ultimately be disappointing and uneventful.  Justice Alito issues harsh criticisms and warnings on the COVID lockdowns and calls them a "constitutional stress test." He fears that executive branches in state governments have gotten too powerful and I tend to agree with him.  Newsom fails to pay his property taxes...again.  We hear too often "As California goes, so does the nation." Well in 2020 the nation took up California voting practices and now we see what a mess that led to.  Newsom Fails to Pay Property Taxes, Again California Voters Don’t Distrust the System How Long Will Newsom Have a One-Man Rule
November 16, 2020
Episode 45 - Fall of the American Empire? Trump's Path to Victory, California Ballot Election Results, The Future of California is Libertarian
Open up discussing how the Roman Empire fell because the ruling elite started to detach themselves from the people they governed and instead treated them like subjects they ruled over. Is America headed for this fate? Trump has a path to victory. A couple dominoes have to fall his way but it certainly is possible for him to win the White House. We discuss the path.  Based on California's ballot results, is it true that Californians are actually more conservative than we think? Is the future of California libertarian?  National News Trump Will Win PA Litigation and Thus PA California News California Results Californians Not As Crazy as We Thought? California’s Anomalies Aren’t New Nor Have They Been Fixed
November 7, 2020
Episode 44 - Pre Election Episode, Why the Early Numbers Look Great for Pres. Trump, CAGOP Cratering, Prop Round Up
Last episode before the election. Lots to cover.  Early voting numbers look great for President Trump all over the country. It will have to be a huge win so the Left doesn't try any funny business to flip a few states their way.  Governor Moonbeam emerges to wonder why Trump supporters (like his own neighbor) are horrible people and why they won't just support a President Biden who will make everyone get along.  CAGOP continues to crater and become irrelevant and if they have a poor showing in Orange County they will continue to become a meaningless political party in California. However, there is a grassroots movement of people fed up with California politics who show changing California is not impossible.  Finish the show with a lightning round of Props and thoughts on each.  National News Polling Indicators To Make You Feel Better California News Jerry Brown Is Mad So Many People In His County Like Trump California GOP’s Fading Fortunes Prop Recap
October 30, 2020
Episode 43 - Debate Wrap Up, The Ripple Effect of Disneyland Being Closed, Diving Into Prop 25
President Trump pulled off a more Presidential debate where he held Biden's feet to the fire. Now can he ride the wave of momentum to a win in less than two weeks? All the Lockdown Lovers have no sympathy for Disneyland being closed because they are a multi billion dollar company. But do they realize that closing businesses have a ripple effect throughout the local economy? Like a $5 billion ripple effect of lost money to Southern California? Based on a convo from the weekly "Coffee and California Politics" (every Wednesday at 9am on Instagram follow: californiaunderground) we dive deeper into Prop 25 and what it means and the pros and cons of it.  National News LA Focus Group of Undecideds Break for Trump After Debate California News Judge Denies Beccera’s Request to Stop GOP Ballot Boxes Closed Disneyland a $5 Billion Hit to SoCal Economy Prop 25,_Replace_Cash_Bail_with_Risk_Assessments_Referendum_(2020) Bonus Link: to look into all non profits and organizations and who they are paying and what they support. 
October 23, 2020
Episode 42 - Pence Dominates In Debate, Left Tries to Distract, No on Prop 16
Pence was incredibly successful at dismantling all of Harris's arguments. So much so that now the Left is working to distract about anything but that debate.  $35 million contract with Biden friendly PR Firm was cancelled because Secretary of State Alex Padilla doesn't have the power to make such budgetary decisions.  We also discuss Prop 16 and how it plans on stopping discrimination by making discrimination legal under the California Constitution.  Show Links State Controller Rejects Secretary Padilla’s $35 Million Contract with Team Biden PR Firm No on Prop 16 Victor Davis Hanson Video 
October 9, 2020
Episode 41 - Debate Analysis, Gov Newsom Moves COVID Goalposts Again, Prop 19 Hikes Property Taxes
Debate analysis and President Trump's COVID diagnosis breakdown.  Governor Newsom moves the goalposts again on reopening by adding a new "equity" requirement to restrictions creating another hurdle to stop counties from reopening.  Prop 19 is another attack on property taxes. This time they are trying to tax property owners who transfer property within their family. Just like Prop 15, it's another attempt to chip away at Prop 13 and property tax protections in California.  Show Links Newsom’s Giant Head Fake Gavin Moves Goal Posts On Reopening Again Now Adding Equity Measures Explaining the Confusing Proposition 19 to Californians
October 2, 2020
Episode 40 - The Radical Left as Spoiled Children, 1.5 Million People Waiting on Unemployment, Fracking & Electric Cars Ban
The Radical Left has really become unhinged when they don't get their way. They seem to throw themselves on the floor whenever they don't get their way.  Gavin's task force quietly dumps bad news about the unemployment backlog at the same time the world was reeling from the news of the death of RBG. 1.5 million people are still waiting for help that was promised to them. So what's Gavin's solution? His solution is to come out with a flashy headline grabbing EO banning gas powered cars and fracking. Will it live to meet its goal? Was it to just grab away headlines from bad news? How will Gavin's buddies in fracking feel about this? Also some discussion on how progress doesn't come from government fiat but from private entrepreneurs.  Show Links Gov. Newsom buried EDD ‘strike team’ report. Governor Newsom and Senator Weiner Working to Ban Fracking Gavin Orders Electric Cars by 2035 Bonus Material VIDEO: Why Private Investment Works and Govt Investment Doesn't CO2 Is Greening the Earth
September 26, 2020
Episode 39 - Sparks of Revolution, Joe's Take on Chicken Poop, CA SOS GIves $35 Million to Pro Biden Firm, CAGOP Dropping the Ball on Recall
Joe had his first town hall last night and it was...interesting to say the least. It seems you can set your watch to Biden's mental decline. About 15-20 minutes and he's spent and we saw it in his town hall. At minute 21 he says nobody would have died from COVID if President Trump did what he was supposed to and also waxes poetically about the booming business of selling chicken poop.  The California Secretary of State awarded a $35 million contract to a political firm that is pro-Biden and is seeking to get out the vote in California. This presents an issue of California taxpayers funding a get out the vote campaign for Democrats in the state.  CAGOP dropping the ball on using the political power and force behind the Recall Gavin 2020 effort. When they could reshape their Party and work towards building on this, they instead do...nothing.  Show Links Videos of Biden town hall from Instagram account cnnfake_news_propaganda Good Bills Passing This Session House Republicans Investigating California SOS Contract with Firm Linked to Biden Campaign Recall Gavin Effort Booms Despite Media Blackout
September 18, 2020
Episode 38 - Remembering 9/11, LA Health Official Admits to Opening Schools After Election, 10 Bills Newsom Should Veto
On this somber day we look back on 9/11 and how far we've come from that feeling of national unity.  CAGOP delegates breaking ranks and supporting Joe Biden for President? Is it any wonder nothing ever gets done in this state? LA Public Health Official is caught saying that they will only begin to think about reopening schools until after the election. Why after the election when we already have more than enough data to show schools and children aren't high risk? Ten bills Governor Newsom should veto. We dive into two to dissect what the Democratic Legislature is up to.  Show Links CAGOP Delegates Supporting Joe Biden LA Public Health Official Caught Saying Schools Won’t Reopen Until After the Election Top Ten Bills Newsom Should Veto
September 11, 2020
Episode 37 - Blowout Heard Round the World, Update on SB 731, SB145 and the Hollywood Connection, CAGOP Drops the Ball on Recall
Nancy Pelosi makes a huge political blunder and gives Republicans video proof of Democratic COVID lockdown hypocrisy.  SB 145, changing the rules for sex offenders engaging in relationships with minors, passes both chambers of California legislature. But why are Hollywood companies like Disney and Warner Bros donating to the bill's author? CAGOP had an incredible chance to go on the offense this year with Newsom's awful management of COVID and they again drop the ball and show why they are the Party of losers here in California.  Show Links Newsom Takes Trump’s Advice and Agrees to $1 Billion Forest Management to Prevent Wildfires How Flatten the Curve Turned Into Shutdown Forever Here In California Recall Newsom Campaign at a Crossroads
September 5, 2020
Episode 36 - King Newsom Issues Color Coded Confusion on Reopening, DNC vs RNC, CA Wealth Tax = Death of California?
King Newsom finally released guidelines on how businesses can reopen, but there's something curious about them. Instead of focusing on deaths and hospitalizations (which was the original reason for "flattening the curve") it now only focuses on positive cases. Positive cases don't mean anything. It's time for local officials to step up and protect their constituents.  There couldn't have been a bigger difference between the RNC and DNC. The main one being the DNC portrayed an America where we continue to hide in our houses with our faces covered in fear of a virus with a 99% survival rate, and the RNC which portrayed a triumphant America where we get past this and back to normal.  California's proposed wealth tax is only on the super rich (for now), are we entering the end days of California? Show Links SB 731 - Sign the Petition to Protect Our Law Enforcement! California’s Proposed Wealth Tax is a Model for America
August 28, 2020
Episode 35 - Updates on Newsom Tax Avoidance, POTUS Going Dark, Prop 15 Will Be the Biggest Property Tax Hike in California History
Update on Newsom and his tax scheme to avoid paying taxes on his "gifted" mansion. Is he signing Executive Orders so that he can avoid any penalties for being delinquent on his taxes? SCR 93 is DOA after California Democrats prevent it from even getting to the floor for a debate.  AG Beccera is up to his old tricks by trying to mislead the public with his well crafted propositions. This time he is trying to fool the California public into voting for the biggest property tax hike in California history by claiming they will be creating new revenue sources to help fund education. When in reality it's a massive tax hike only millions of Californians that would negatively affect you in one way or another.  Show Links Update on Gavin Newsom Avoiding Taxes Attorney General Beccera Can’t Be Trusted to Name Propositions Go to ----->
August 7, 2020
Episode 34 - Don't Let Democrats Off the Hook for Lockdowns, End of State of Emergency, Newsom Violating Tax Law (and how you can help call him out)
CAGOP have an enormous opportunity to gain some momentum and a foothold in the state of California. All they have to do is make sure they don't let Democrats off the hook for being the Party of Lockdowns. Governor Newsom is their leader they need to be connected to him as much as possible.  Is King Newsom's reign finally over? Senate Concurrent Resolution 93 looks to end the State of Emergency and return power to the legislature.  Newsom may be in some legal hot water for tax avoidance by using his LLC "PlumpJack" illegally to funnel a $3.7 million mansion to him tax free. Plus some guidance on how you can get the authorities involved to look into it.  Show Links Senate Concurrent Resolution 93 Gavin Newsom Avoiding Taxes Fill out form 3949-A
July 31, 2020
Episode 33 - Republicans Need to Learn the Long Game, COVID Exposing the Rot of California Government
While it may be tempting to launch an all out revolution in California to "turn it red" the truth is turning any state around is going to require a long game that the Republicans need to learn how to play. Change takes time, but COVID may be providing the best opportunity to do so. With people frustrated with draconian orders, and government ineptitude to be able to help its citizen, there is a great opportunity to present a better vision for California.  Show Links Governor Newsom Now Owns the COVID 19 Pandemic Too San Francisco for Its Own Good
July 10, 2020
Episode 32 - Second Wave of Protests (But Not BLM This Time), Explanation of Where Newsom Gets His Power, Recall Newsom 2020
In this episode we discuss how the second wave of protests will not be from BLM, but instead Californians who are tired of this on/off, locked down/reopening, limbo we seem to be in. With most officials turning a blind eye to large protests yet punishing law abiding citizens with closures of their businesses, when will people say they have had enough? There's a lot of confusion about where Newsom is getting this what seems to be unlimited amount of power. We dive into the statutes of the State of Emergency and see where we go from here.  An official recall petition is circulating the state to recall Newsom...does it have a chance to pass? Show Links Powers of Governor Under State of Emergency Act Why a Newsom Recall Could Succeed
July 2, 2020
Episode 31 - Who Made Health Officials King and Queen of California, CA Assembly Chips Away at Second Amendment, Newsom's Paper Tiger Mask Mandate
It seems health officials across the state have given themselves the impression that they are now anointed complete rulers over our everyday lives and the Constitution no longer applies to them. Where are our elected leaders to rein them in? In the midst of a pandemic, California Assembly continues to chip away at Second Amendment rights in California.  Is Newsom's "order" as scary as people are making it out to be? Or is it all bluster? Show Links        Assembly Passes Two Bills With More Firearm Restrictions Newsom Order Mask Mandate Statewide
June 23, 2020
Episode 30 - Peak Hypocrisy Post COVID, Mask Lawsuit Update, Reparation Bill Passes in California
Many people who have been watching the news are starting to see the absolute hypocrisy of the actions of our elected officials. Protests that were for reopening businesses were deemed selfish and dangerous, protests for George Floyd are righteous and altruistic. Most are getting fed up with it and are starting to see through it all.  Quick update on the mask lawsuit that was filed in federal court in San Diego.  A bill passes the California Assembly to create a task force to look into reparations for slavery. Is this type of identity politics helpful in times like this when you are trying to bring people to solve issues? Show Links  California Assembly Passes Bill to Examine Reparations
June 12, 2020
Episode 29 - Interview Regarding Mask Lawsuit in San Diego
My firm recently filed a federal lawsuit against the County of San Diego regarding the mandatory requirement of masks when in public. This episode is a audio copy of the interview done with Brittany from the Instagram handle rooted.wings, discussing out stance while taking questions from viewers. 
June 9, 2020
Episode 28 - The Executive Order on Social Media and What It Could Mean and Whether It Will Have Any Effect
This show is all about the Executive Order regarding 230 protection for social media companies. We break it down and discuss what it was created for and why it's being brought into question now. Also whether or not it will end up working has yet to be seen. 
May 30, 2020
Episode 27 - Playtime Is Over, Alan Dershowitz Gets the Police Power All Wrong
With more and more information coming out about the severity of this pandemic, people are starting to wake up to the reality of what is really going on, and they aren't happy. As we continue to see the sharp drop off from the doomsday predictions back in March, citizens are starting to ask why their governments aren't letting them out.  Alan Dershowitz, respected attorney and professor, gets it completely wrong on the notion that the Constitution does not grant you the right to not have the state "plunge a needle into your arm." We discuss the police power and how far government can go, and it's much less than Dershowitz says.  Show Notes Alan Dershowitz States Government Absolutely Has the Power to Plunge Needle In Your Arm  Text from California Supreme Court Case Miller v. Board of Public Works of City of Los Angeles: The police power of a state is an indispensable prerogative of sovereignty and one that is not to be lightly limited. Indeed, even though at times its operation may seem harsh, the imperative necessity for its existence precludes any limitation upon its exercise save that it be not unreasonably and arbitrarily invoked and applied. Hadacheck v. Sebastian, 239 U. S. 394, 36 S. Ct. 143, 60 L. Ed. 348, Ann. Cas. 1917B, 927; District of Columbia v. Brooke, 214 U. S. 138, 149, 29 S. Ct. 560, 53 L. Ed. 941. It is not, however, illimitable and the marking and measuring of the extent of its exercise and application is determined by a consideration of the question of whether or not any invocation of that power, in any given case, and as applied to existing conditions, is reasonably necessary to promote the public health, safety, morals (Railroad Co. v. Husen, 95 U. S. 465, 470, 471, 24 L. Ed. 527; Beer Co. v. Massachusetts, 97 U. S. 25, 24 L. Ed. 989), or general welfare of the people of a community (Chicago, B. & Q. Ry. Co. v. Ill., 200 U. S. 561, 592, 26 S. Ct. 341, 50 L. Ed. 596, 4 Ann. Cas. 1175). In short, the police power, as such, is not confined within the narrow circumscription of precedents, resting upon past conditions which do not cover and control present day conditions obviously calling for revised regulations to promote the health, safety, morals, or general welfare of the public; that is to say, as a commonwealth develops politically, economically, and socially, the police power likewise develops, within reason, to meet the changed and changing conditions. What was at one time regarded as an improper exercise of the police power may now, because of changed living conditions, be recognized as a legitimate exercise of that power. This is so because: ‘What was a reasonable *485 exercise [of this power] in the days of our fathers may to-day seem so utterly unreasonable as to make it difficult for us to comprehend the existence of conditions that would justify same; what would by our fathers have been rejected as unthinkable is to-day accepted as a most proper and reasonable exercise thereof.’ Streich v. Board of Education, 34 S. D. 169, 147 N. W. 779, L. R. A. 1915A, 632, Ann. Cas. 1917A, 760. Miller v. Board of Public Works of City of Los Angeles (1925) 195 Cal. 477, 484–485 [234 P. 381, 383]
May 23, 2020
Episode 26 - Mask Fear Result of Safe Space Culture, Garcia Win Sign of Things to Come?, Legal Arguments Against Lockdown
When you realize the reason people are so obsessed with you wearing a mask is a direct result of the safe space culture it all starts to make sense. It's not about them being empathetic, it's about being selfish for their own safety over everything else.  Mike Garcia winning California 25th could be a sign of good things to come, but we have a long way to go to even begin turning the tide here in California.  Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down stay at home order. Does this mean anything for California? We dive into the legal arguments and dissect what they all mean.  Show Links Ruling in Wisconsin Audio clip of Justice Brandley: Quote from Case: "There is no pandemic exception . . . to the fundamental liberties the Constitution safeguards. Indeed, 'individual rights secured by the Constitution do not disappear during a public health crisis.'These individual rights, including the protections in the Bill of Rights made applicable to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment, are always in force and restrain government action." California Is Ready to Get Rid of Gavin Newsom California’s Forecasted Budget Deficit Decades in the Making
May 16, 2020
Episode 25 - Why San Diego Order Is Unconstitutional, Gavin Pushing Auntie Pelosi's Mail In Voting, California Post Corona
This past weekend we wrote a letter to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors and the Health and Human Services detailing why their Order is not founded in science, data, real world facts, and violates both the US and California Constitution. You can read the entire letter by clicking this link.  Newsom is looking to enact his aunt's dream of mail in voting across the nation by starting in California.  If you think the shutdown is scary, the aftermath of the California economy may be even worse. With incredible income inequality and a disappearing middle class, California is already teetering on disaster and now coronavirus may push it over the edge.  Show Links Newsom Orders Mail In Voting California’s Pandemic Response Will Enrich Elites at Expense of Working Class Post Coronavirus Challenges
May 11, 2020
Episode 24 - 1984 in Our Country, Double Standards, OC Beach Closure, Gavin Refuses to Manage State Budget Conservatively
As we head into week....6 of stay at home order? More people are beginning to wake up and feel they are being severely oppressed and robbed of their rights. Protests breaking out all over the state.  Gavin may have poked a hornets nest by singling out the OC and reawakening its strong Republican foothold.  In an interview with Seth Myers, Gavin talks about how our $24 billion surplus is gone and the federal government needs to bail him out so he can get all his progressive policies on his wish list.  Show Links/Suggested Articles California Doctors Say Sick and Elderly Should Be Quarantined, Businesses Open Newsom Announces 4 Phases to Reopening the State Newsomlini Post Coronavirus Challenges
May 1, 2020
Highlight from Episode 23
How much life are we willing to sacrifice for every 1 coronavirus death?
April 29, 2020
Episode 23 - Stats Don't Lie (But People Do), Freedom 48 Hours in California, Election Integrity, Politics or Bankruptcy?
Would you choose letting 3 people die to 1 coronavirus death? Most wouldn't. Stats are used to scare people into acting one way or another, but on closer look it's important to know what you are giving up to help one statistic at the cost of another. Proponents of the Second Amendment were excited for all of a couple days when Judge Benitez ordered an injunction stopping all background checks on ammo purchases in California. But thanks to President Trump and his federal appointments, the stay issued by the Ninth Circuit may not be around forever.  Ballot harvesting...mail in ballot...what does it all mean for the integrity of elections? Governor Newsom has a tough choice to make regarding whether he will choose politics or a bankrupt state, because he can't have both.  Show Links Protests All Over the State A new site set up for protest organizing. Follow them on Instagram at @fullyopenca Election Integrity Newsom Implies Communities Won’t Be Allowed to Lift Stay at Home Orders Until State Says So Is Politics the Reason Governor Newsom Keeping California Locked Down?
April 25, 2020
Highlight of Episode 22
Discussion of natural rights under the Declaration.
April 21, 2020
Episode 22 - Inalienable Rights Being Trampled On, Reopening America (And California), California Withholding COVID Information?
Governments have forgotten the inalienable rights that they were created to protect as they continue to impose draconian measures.  President Trump is ready to start reopening America, and California may not be far behind if they are to try and prevent economic and fiscal collapse.  Is California withholding essential information that the public should know of? Show Links Governor Newsom Outlines Requirements to Reopen Economy California Needs to Reopen Because It’s Flat Broke California Lawmakers Aim to Ban Wet Markets in the State So Much Is Unknown Because Newsom Keeps a Lid On It
April 18, 2020
Episode 21 - The Constitution Is Dead, Left Using Corona To Push Progressive Agenda
With every passing day, our Constitutional rights continue to whither away as we succumb to the rules and regulations being put into place by our governments.  Along with the continued assault on our rights, the Left has figured out this is the perfect opportunity to push their progressive agenda as far as possible; gun control, open borders, climate change, all of it is there.  Story Links Newsom Thinking About Giving Cash Payments to Illegal Immigrants in California Second Amendment Activists Suffer Setback
April 11, 2020
Episode 20 - CA Scrapped Mobile Hospitals In 2011, Governor Newsom Sees Opportunity for Progressive Agenda, the CA Paradox with COVID-19
While governors like Cuomo and Newsom are complaining that they don't have the necessary equipment to battle the coronavirus, California had mobile hospitals specifically created to meet the emergency needs of the state for this specific purpose but was scrapped because of "budget reasons" in 2011.  Newsom and Pelosi both see opportunity to push through a progressive agenda during this pandemic. Search "Cloward-Piven Strategy" and see how politicians are seeing this as an opportunity to change our political and societal landscape going forward.   How is California faring so well when a state like New York is quickly becoming a mess? Is it only because of social distancing or are there other factors at play? Links to Stories California Dismantled Mobile Hospital System in 2011 Governor Newsom: This Is An Opportunity for Reimagining a More Progressive Era Governor Newsom Grants Supreme Court Chief Justice Enormous Power Coronavirus Skeptics May Be Right
April 5, 2020
Episode 19 - Enjoying Your Free Trial Of Socialism? Don't Be Afraid to Question the Statistics and Speak Up
A popular meme is floating around asking "Are you enjoying your 30 day free trial of socialism?" It's a good question because if anyone wants to know what's it like to live in a socialist country, this is pretty darn close.  A lot of politicians are trusting doomsday scenarios and bad predictions, it doesn't mean you should either. It's already been shown that a lot of the doomsday predictions are based on faulty models. It is your right and duty to ask questions and not be afraid to be skeptical of what is going on out there.  Local News Stories AB5 Keeps Health Care Professionals from Workings Under Single Payer California Would Be In a Permanent State of Emergency San Diego to Start Using Drones to Enforce Quarantine Governor Newsom Needlessly Sounds Alarm
March 29, 2020
Episode 18 - Quarantined in California, Lorena Gonzalez Doesn't Back Down on AB5, Voting Rights Case Trashed by Obama Judge
We're all stuck inside, so why not listen to a little California Underground podcast? Governor Newsom issues a stay at home order to make sure people don't continue to go out and spread the virus. Introverts rejoice.  Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, when pressed at a press conference she used to simply score political points, says that she didn't want to turn the presser into a political issue over AB5. It is evident that she doesn't understand, or is being stubborn on how poorly her bill has hurt the California economy and workers.  In a weird move by a federal judge, a voting rights case was stalled when a judge ordered a three panel judge hearing for the Ninth Circuit then inexplicably cancelled it. Can one State Senator represent 1,000,000 million Californians and can one Assemblyman represent 500,000 adequately? Or is that by design? Links National News President Trump’s Approval Hits 55% With Handling of Coronavirus Malaria Treatment Looks Promising in Fighting COVID-19 Local News Governor Newsom Issues Stay at Home Order US/Mexico Border Restricts Crossing State Asseblywoman Lorena Gonzelaz Not Backing Off AB-5 Voting Rights Case You Probably Never Heard About
March 20, 2020
Episode 17 - Biden's a Jerk, Coronavirus Taking Over the World, CA Tax Revolt on the Horizon?
In this episode we tackle how Sleepy Joe, may be Biden the Jerk. His confrontations with voters has shown that he has no interest in constructive dialogue and that can hurt him come November.  Coronavirus has forced us all in the house, but my opinion is that the worst is behind us. While the Media and the Left tried to use this to sink President Trump, it will be another failed attempt.  California may have hit the breaking point with taxes. Voters rejected Prop 13 which was supposed to raise billions for schools through the issuance of a bond and yet it was voted down. Are Californians finally figuring out bonds = debt and to pay off the debt you need to raise taxes?  Link to full article below.
March 14, 2020
Episode 16 - Impeachment Circus Comes to Town, California Entering a Literal Dark Age, People Fleeing California At Alarming Rate
With the Impeachment Hearings underway, the circus is fully on display. With heaps of hearsay evidence, Adam Schiff looks to impeach the President over disgruntled desk jockeys who don't like how he conducts business.  But did President Trump set up the Democrats to fall into this Ukraine trap? Will it end up helping to drain the swamp? With California facing more wildfires and power outages, California is poised to enter a literal and figurative Dark Age. Because of this more people than ever are fleeing the state to escape a state that is teetering on becoming a third world state.  Show Links This Impeachment Is About Who Sets Foreign Policy Could It Be That Trump Has Been Setting Up the Left All Along? California Power Outages A Look Into Future California Exodus Is Real
November 19, 2019
Episode 15 - Leftists Can't Even Cheer a Win for America, Russia Collusion Now Criminal Investigation, More Taxes Headed Our Way, Newsom Loses Control of the State
Even when something as good as American military killing the leader of ISIS happens, Leftists can't even give an ounce of praise to the Trump Administration. In the words of someone I spoke with "I will not give any credibility or praise to this administration no matter what."  Did you hear that? It might be howling cries of shock from the Left as the Durham investigation turns into a criminal investigation. This means that he can now assemble grand juries, subpoena witnesses, and maybe get some underlings to flip on the top dogs.  California is a mess of wild fires and soaring gas prices. So what is Gruesome Newsom to do? Well blame evil capitalism and oil companies of course! No way over regulation, high taxes, and incompetent leadership could be behind right? Show Links Durham Investigation Officially a Criminal Investigation People Don’t Want a Sales Tax in California Gov Newsom Loses Control with Rolling Blackouts and Wildfires BONUS: Impeachment Not Popular In Swing States
October 29, 2019
Episode 14 - Warren Tap Dances Around Tax Hikes, Climate Change Unpopular, Bait and Switch with Gas Tax, and Death of the Uber Driver
Like the good socialist Elizabeth Warren is, she dances around how you are going to get all this free stuff without raising taxes on the middle class. Mostly because she knows that by saying so will be political suicide with her as the front runner. Her opponents know this and are hitting her hard on it too.  When everyday people are given the choice between fighting climate change and self preservation, majority of people pick self preservation. What a shocker right? Gruesome Newsom pulls a fast one (that everyone should have expected) and diverted money from the gas tax to pay for stuff that will help combat climate change. Also in other Gruesome news, he signed into law AB 5 which will further destroy working Californians ability to make a living by effectively banning independent contractors from being able to work.  Show Links Warren’s Plan Will Cost Trillions According to Liberal Think Tank Climate Change Extremism Isn’t Popular and Never Will Be Not Shocking Bait and Switch by Governor Newsom with Gas Tax California’s AB 5 Will Force Companies Out of California BONUS: Dan Pena on Climate Change
October 23, 2019
Episode 13 - Impeachment Mania, AOC's "Just Society", Gruesome Newsom Recall, More Anti Gun Laws in CA
In this lucky episode we dive into the impeachment mania and why strategically Nancy Pelosi has painted herself into quite the corner that she can't get out of. Is impeachment already DOA? Then we talk about something that was swept under the rug with all the impeachment mania and that is AOC's Green New Deal 2.0 AKA her "Just Society" bill and why it looks like something out of California.  Gruesome Newsom has been busy putting all the blame on PG&E for blackouts across the state, all the while he signs 15 anti-gun bills into law in California. Gray Davis was recalled for less, and now we can make a Newsom recall a reality.  SIGN THE CERTIFIED RECALL NEWSOM PETITION AT WWW.RECALLGAVINNOW.COM This is not some phony petition which is worthless, this is the real deal! If it gets the requisite signatures Newsom will be recalled! Spread the word! Show Links NBA Bows to Chinese Overlords AOC’s Just Society California Facing Sweeping Power Outages Quick shout to a new petition being circulated at to sign a petition to recall Gavin Newsom. Newsom signs host of anti-gun laws in California
October 14, 2019
Episode 11 - The California Democratic Primary and What It Tells Us About the State of the Party
This episode talks all about how the California Primary for the Democratic Nominee affects the Presidential race, for better or for worse. But even in a state that is deep blue, the Democrats are not without their problems. There is a war going on nationally and locally within the Democratic Party of which faction wins. Is it the establishment, corporatist, faction or the far left socialist faction? And if the Democratic Party chooses a California style Democrat for President, how badly will they be beaten in the general election? Links California Democratic Party Is A Mess President Trump More Popular Than Democratic State Legislature CA Will Pick Next President? CA Will Set Democratic Presidential Nominee Agenda
June 17, 2019
Episode 10 - CA Strapped For Cash When Papa Trump Says "No More", Fatal Blow to Single Payer Healthcare, and a Conservative Ninth Circuit
Mueller drops a big stink bomb before heading off into the sunset and stokes the flames of impeachment. But is it enough to ward off the impending "Spygate" investigation?  Is the Alabama Abortion Bill good or bad for Republicans in 2020? Governor Newsom is starting to find out that it's hard to take on big pet projects when you can't use federal money. Like a child who was spoiled rotten under President Obama, California is having to deal with the repercussions of a stern adult in the White House with President Trump.  Will you believe that the Ninth Circuit is on its way to flipping conservative in the next couple of years? Say hello to expanded Second Amendment rights! (And so much more) Links Trump Administration Takes Back $930 million for Cancelled High Speed Rail Ninth Circuit Heading Towards Flipping Conservative in 2020 Governor Newsom Backtracks on Single Payer Health Care Public Sector Unions - The Other Deep State
June 3, 2019
Episode 9 - Leftists Unhappy With Ending to Story, The Comeback Kid, The Great "Mystery" of High Gas Prices in CA
Similar to how Game of Thrones fans are upset with the ending of the show, Leftists are upset with how the Mueller Report ended and making desperate attempts to try and change the ending to fit their narrative. Desperate attempts like banning conservatives on social media before 2020, and illegally obtaining President Trump's tax returns.  Speaking of which, the Left may have given President Trump a gift by showing how he was the comeback kid in the 90's. Going from billions in debt to back on top of the world. There is nothing Americans love more than a good comeback story, and the Left has just given President Trump the best story to tell ahead of 2020.  California politicians are scratching their heads to figure out why gas prices are so high (could it be all the taxes and regulations?). Even though people brag about California being the 5th largest economy in the world (according to a new Bloomberg study), it doesn't change the fact that California is also number 1 in state debt, poverty, and income inequality.  Links Facebook Begins to Ban “Far Right” Commentators Trump Administration Forces China to Sell Long Beach Port CA Officials Start Investigation Into Why Gas Is So Expensive. Bloomberg Article: CA Economy Envy of the World
May 13, 2019
Episode 8: 9/11 Was Not "Just Something" - Pres Trump Calls Leftists' Bluff on Sanctuary Cities - CA Hits "Taxuration"
As someone who grew up in New Jersey, 9/11 was not "just something some people did." Representative Omar's remarks are disgusting and insulting to millions of Americans who remember it, and thousands who were directly affected by it. It's becoming more and more clear this Justice Democrat is working to tear down American institutions.  President Trump makes a brilliant move to show the hypocrisy of Leftists regarding Sanctuary Cities. They used to say how Sanctuary Cities were much safer, the economy was better, yada yada yada. Basically they were heaven on earth. But now with the threat of (in their words) the federal government "dumping" illegal immigrants into their cities, they are calling foul and worried it will cause problems.  A recent study shows that California citizens are starting to approach "taxuration" where citizens can no longer stand anymore taxes. What does this mean for Gavin Newsom's ambitious plans going forward?  That and much more in this episode.  Links   Hackers Attack DMV Voter Registration California Approaching “Taxuration” Newsom Wants California to Be Its Own Nation State
April 15, 2019
Episode 7 - Being a Leftist Means Never Saying You're Sorry, Smollett Walks, and Newsom Asks El Salvador for More Migrants
With the Mueller Report now out, leftists continue to grasp to their decaying reality they have been telling themselves for two years. Instead of feeling bad about spreading so much disinformation and lies, they double down and believe there must be something on President Trump they can use to get him out of office.  Jussie Smollett walks free and instead of leaving gracefully and thanking his lucky stars that he got off so easy, he turns around and says he will sue the City of Chicago for slandering his name. Then his attorneys continue to believe he was really attacked, except they were in white face which is why he couldn't identify them.  Governor Newsom heads off to El Salvador to ask them how he can help them send more migrants to our cash strapped state for more freebies. Instead of worrying about the tax paying citizens of California, he goes to Central American countries on bended knee asking how he can better help them. Never mind that we have crumbling roads, housing that is unaffordable, and record poverty. We need more migrants.  Links to Article Prosecutor Association of Illinois Slams State's Attorney Kim Foxx Over Handling of Smollett Case Senate Bill Looking to Require Presidential Candidates to Disclose Tax Returns Governor Newsom Travels to El Salvador
April 1, 2019
Episode 6 - It's Mueller Time! Gavin Newsom Continues His Transformation Into Mad Dictator
It's finally Mueller time! And the result? A big nothing burger. But just because you think the Mueller investigation is over, doesn't mean the Far Left has given up. They are calling for more investigations because they now believe Mueller may have been compromised. So while the chapter closes on this 2 year long episode, it doesn't stop leftists from coming after President Trump with everything they got.  In California news, Governor Newsom continues his transformation into mad dictator of California. After flaunting his power and enacting a completely unconstitutional Executive Order, he now threatens to withhold money from localities if they don't comply with his vision for affordable housing. All while he critiques President Trump for withholding funds for the now defunct high speed rail that will never get built.  And in closing, should conservative be our mantra moving forward? What are we trying to preserve? Because right now if we are trying to preserve the status quo, it would be pretty crappy.  Links to Articles Governor Newsom Threatens Localities Over Transportation Funds Your One Party Government at Work
March 25, 2019
Episode 5 - Never Bow to the Mob, Cartels = Terrorists?, and the Hypocrisy Over Newsom's Death Penalty EO
Tucker Carlson made an important point this week when he said that it is important that we never bow to the mob, ever. When it comes to them trying to silence anyone who dissents from the far left narrative, we can't let them do it. 2020 is right around the corner and they are amping up to make sure there isn't a repeat of 2016.  President Trump states that he is looking into declaring Mexican cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations. This will have a huge impact on battling against a crisis at our border.  This past week Gavin Newsom declared that he was putting an end to the death penalty in California via Executive Order. However, according to the California Constitution, you can't repeal an amendment via EO, nor does the language in Prop 17 (the one that instituted the death penalty) say it can be repealed via EO. So why is the Left screaming about how President Trump is a dictator when he's exercising his Congressionally approved powers, but not when Gavin Newsom is clearly violating the California Constitution.  Links to Articles in the Show President Trump Considers Declaring Mexican Cartels as Terrorist Orgs Governor Newsom Seeks to End Death Penalty Through Executive Order Article XVIII - Amending the California Constitution
March 17, 2019
Episode 4 - Welcome to the Church of Climate Change, Stacks of Bills, CA Sets Dangerous Immigration Policies
Welcome to the Church of Climate Change, where your personal rights and property come second, no questions asked. If you think it sounds a little cultish and fanatical, it's because it is.  California is walking a tight rope with its budget and reliance on the highest earners in the state. What happens when a couple thousand of those high earners decide to head towards the exit in favor of greener pastures? It's not pretty and California could be in for a world of hurt.  In no surprise to anyone, we dive into whether the Sanctuary State law was put into place to benefit a Democratic lawmaker's personal family. California continues to thumb their nose at the federal government and the Supremacy Clause when it comes to immigration. At what point do lawful California citizens get tired and push back? Articles Referenced in Podcast: California's Rendezvous with Reality California Lawmakers and Lobbyists Hustle to Write Hundreds of Bills, Many Not Fully Cooked How Many Bills Will Governor Newsom Sign? OANN Clip of Kevin DeLeon California Refused 5.6k Requests to Turn Over Criminal Illegal Aliens to Federal Officials
March 3, 2019
Episode 3 - CAGOP Caves to the Establishment, Cash Me Outside Socialism, and the Fall of Jussie Smollet
In this episode the main topic is how the CAGOP caves to the establishment and votes for a swamp creature in Jessica Patterson and how this spells doom and gloom for the future of conservative politics in California.  Bernie Sanders enters the race for President, but several videos of him going full pinko commy surface and show how the thought of pushing back on communism makes him physically sick.  The Ballad of Jussie Smollet comes to an interesting close as the Chicago PD figure out that he staged the whole thing. The Looney Left is caught flat footed and abandon their support of him.  Plus I play with audio clips for the first time. 
February 25, 2019
Episode 2 - High Speed Rail Bust, Homelessness in CA, and the Green Pipe Dream
On this episode I discuss how Governor Newsom's fiscal conservatism is merely for political gain and not for the benefit of Californians.  In national news, there is the issue of President Trump's national emergency on the border wall and how RINO's and puritanical conservatives cry foul whenever he doesn't live up to their expectation. Then I touch upon the Green Pipe Dream (aka the Green New Deal) and how the Looney Left keeps marching down the road of socialism.  In state news, I discuss the race for CAGOP Chairman and how Jessica Paterson is a swamp creature hoping to keep the CAGOP a party of losers. Then I dive into the rampant homelessness in California and how in the end, California and it's spending on social welfare has become just like the High Speed Rail, a train to nowhere.  Links: Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: San Diego Lifts Ban on Living In Vehicles: California's Misguided Solutions to Homelessness: 
February 19, 2019
Episode 1
The pilot episode! I dive into the goal of the California Underground and what its goal is. I discuss how the Left has gone completely looney and is racing faster and faster to socialism.  I discuss an article from The Federalist on Senator Kamala Harris (and confuse how to say her name numerous times) and the hard questions she should be facing but won't be facing.  Then I discuss Governor Newsom, the new hypocrite sitting in the Governor's Mansion about his recent move to a mostly white, upper class neighborhood far away from the diverse Sacramento neighborhood where the Governor's Mansion is.  Welcome to the California Underground!
February 5, 2019