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By Moriah Kofsky
Every person has a calling, but far too many of us are not in alignment with what we are called to do. Our culture coerces us to play it safe, trade courage for pragmatism, and limit the possibilities of who we can be. What does it cost the individual and collective to accept a culture that profits when we abandon our purpose? The host of Called, Moriah Kofsky, believes it costs a lot. Join her as she sees what it takes to uncover and follow a calling (and what is at stake if we don’t) in speaking with those who have dedicated their lives to answering the call.
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6: Ungifted and Self-Actualized with Scott Barry Kaufman + Moriah’s Shame Story!
*There was a previous version of this episode that cut off part of the introduction. The audio is now fixed!* Earlier this year, Moriah read Scott Barry Kaufman’s book Ungifted, which explores conventional wisdom about the childhood predictors of adult success and argues for an approach to intelligence that values each person’s skills, passions, and goals. Scott weaves his personal narrative of being an ungifted student into the book and Moriah saw her own experiences related to how she learned to perceive her intelligence and how she got into college reflected in his story. Moriah deeply connected to Scott’s story and for the first time, she felt a little less ashamed of her academic path. In fact, it seemed like Scott was narrating Moriah’s own life at points, and she soon found out that they attended the same high school! In this episode, Moriah speaks to Scott about growing up with a learning disability, being the underdog, and integrating adverse experiences into our lives to become self-actualized. Moriah also opens the episode with her shame story!! Which she is very nervous about! And lastly, Scott recently released his new book Transcend: The New Science of Self Actualization, which we touch on in this episode with varying degrees of success. Follow Called: @called_podcast Music: Tha Intro / Steven's Forest by DummyFresh
May 14, 2020
5: Inner Peace for World Peace with Rev Briana Lynn
Rev. Briana Lynn (The Reverend W.I.T.C.H) is a Minister, Instructor, SoulMentor, Medium, Speaker, & Ceremonialist. I met Briana in 2014 on a rugged three month backpacking excursion through the Andes and Amazon. She was my instructor (aka mentor, medic, teacher) and helped to graciously thrust me into adulthood. Six years later I once again had the pleasure of reveling in Briana’s wisdom. In this episode of Called we speak about purpose many other beautiful things including: -What it looks like to build a society based on the laws of nature -Serving entheogenic plants for the first time -How to get a mentor without the financial means to pay for one -The root causes of all conflict and violence with self, other selves, and the world and more! Briana’s magic as a SoulMentor & Instructor is to support people in remembering their unconditional access to this infinite source. Briana earned her NLP Masters Practitioner at NLP Marin & began her first coaching venture, WholeLife NLP, in 2010. She integrates this with her Masters (MA) in Peace Education from The United Nations University for Peace. This along with her 15 years of adventures & study in Latin America serves as the foundation of her Soul’s Purpose - ending all wars with self, other selves & the world herself & for all beings to embody heaven on earth in this lifetime. She is also a founder of the Earth Temple, which is both a center of prayer & school of shamanic arts. You can find Briana on Instagram @wholelifewitch Listen to Briana's Podcast Real Life Magic: Follow Called: @called_podcast Music: Tha Intro / Steven’s Forest by DummyFresh
April 27, 2020
4: Holding Space in Liminal Spaces with the Philly Death Doula Collective
Nicki Cowan, Kai Wonder, and Lori Zaspel are the three founders of the Philly Death Doula Collective (PDDC). PDDC seeks to provide care that enables individuals to live as fully as possible, even when the medical prognosis is terminal. As death doulas, Kai, Nicki, and Lori assist with advanced care planning, facilitate ritual workshops and Grief Circles, and create connection between doulas and their community. In this episode, Moriah asks PDDC: Is there a “good” death and a “bad” death? How does one become a death doula? What does it feel like to be close to death? Can we mitigate the fear of death or is it intrinsic to being human? and more! To learn more about PDDC you can visit their website: Follow Called on Instagram and Twitter @called_podcast Music: Tha Intro / Steven’s Forest by DummyFresh
April 13, 2020
3: Becoming a Glassblower with Alexander Rosenberg
Alexander Rosenberg is an artist, educator and writer based in Philadelphia. He received a Master of Science in Visual Studies from MIT and a BFA in glass from Rhode Island School of Design. His artistic practice is rooted in the study of glass as a material. Alex has attended artist residencies at The MacDowell Colony, Wheaton Arts, Urban Glass, Vermont Studio Center, StarWorks, Pilchuck Glass School, GlazenHuis in Belgium, Rochester Institute of Technology, Radical Heart (Detroit), and Worcester Craft Center. He is the recipient of the 2012 International Glass Prize, an Awesome Foundation Grant (2019), The Sheldon Levin Memorial Residency at the Tacoma Museum of Glass, A Windgate Fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center, The Esther & Harvey Graitzer Memorial Prize, UArts FADF Grant, and the deFlores Humor Fund Grant (MIT). In 2018, he was cast in the Netflix series Blown Away. Alex headed the glass program at University of the Arts (2010 - 2017), and was an artist member of Vox Populi gallery (2012 - 2015). He currently teaches at Salem Community College.  In this episode, Moriah and Alex talk about: How Alex went from a high school drop out to a professional glassblower The value of kinesthetic intelligence Why blowing glass is always a performance Climbing the walls of Eastern State Penitentiary and more! Follow Called on social media @called_podcast Get in touch: Music: The Intro / Steven’s Forest by DummyFresh
April 6, 2020
2: From Healer in Hiding to Animal Communicator with Keao
Keao (pronounced: kay-ow) is a gifted Spiritual Medium who specializes in connecting humans with their pets. In this episode, Moriah and Keao talk about: -What Keao’s life was like before embracing her gifts -How Keao communicates with animals -The difference between connecting with pets and wild animals and more! Keao has contributed her gifts of connecting on OM Times Radio, Spirit Chat, BLE Fix, Happiness University, Monica the Medium TV Show & Podcast and a Jennifer McLean Special Event. Other contributions to the Healing Arts include workshops, sessions and talks on her signature healing modality and organized reading, The Petal Process: Letting Go from Head to Toe. Through this organized reading method, Keao herself has realized her true heart’s calling in helping humanity connect with the animals. Music by DummyFresh.
March 30, 2020
1: Merging Psychology and Mysticism using Tarot with Jessica Dore
Jessica Dore is a licensed social worker, tarot practitioner, and writer who combines her knowledge of psychology, behavioral science, tarot and mysticism to support people during times of change and stuckness. In this episode, Jessica and Moriah discuss why Jessica began using tarot as a therapeutic tool, how symbolism can yield revelations, how Jessica's work is transforming the conventional therapeutic paradigm and more. Jessica has been featured in The New York Times, New York Magazine‘s The Cut, Teen Vogue, and on NPR’s Weekend Edition. Her writing has been featured in O Magazine, VICE, and Psych Central. Jessica also has immensely popular Twitter and Instagram accounts (@thejessicadore) where she goes deep into the mystical and psychological meanings behind the tarot.  Music by DummyFresh
March 23, 2020
0: Who Am I And What Is This Show
In this Episode, Moriah introduces herself and shares why she decided to make Called. Music by DummyFresh
March 19, 2020
Called Trailer
Every person has a calling. It is your life's purpose. An expression of your soul. But far too many of us are not in alignment with what we are called to do. Our culture coerces to play it safe, trade courage for pragmatism, and limit the possibilities of who we can be. What does it cost the individual and collective to accept a culture that profits off of us abandoning our dreams? Host of Called, Moriah Kofsky, believes it costs a lot. Join her as she sees what it takes to uncover and follow a calling (and what is at stake if we don’t) as she speaks with those who have dedicated their life to answering the call. Follow Called on Instagram and Twitter @called_podcast Song credits: "Moonrise" and "Organisms" by Chad Crouch. Retrieved at Creative Commons. 
March 9, 2020