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Calm Conversations

Calm Conversations

By Calm Collective Asia
Conversations on mental health and well-being, brought to you by Calm Collective Asia. Listen to personal stories, and learn strategies for good mental health from our guests from all walks of life.

Special thanks to National Youth Council, Youth Action Challenge, and Youth Co:Lab for supporting this podcast, and for Snakeweed Studios for helping us to record and produce the podcast.
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How to go from Surviving to Thriving
In our final episode of this season, Sabrina (Co-founder & CEO, Calm Collective) shares how she went from surviving to thriving with her bipolar II disorder. As Sabrina looks back on her mental health journey with Alyssa, she details her lowest point and what recovery looks like for her today. Trigger Warning: mention of suicidal thoughts and a suicide attempt Read Sabrina's original blog post here: Follow us on Instagram @calmcollectiveasia Visit our website:
December 20, 2021
Is Medication Necessary for Mental Health Treatment?
Mental health conditions exist on a spectrum, and some people with a diagnosis are able to function well without medication. However, there should be no shame in requiring it. For those that need medication management as part of their mental health recovery, there are many misconceptions that continue to persist today.  Join us on this episode as we demystify with Nicolette Yeo (Writer and Host, Calm Collective Asia) and Dr Ken Ung, one of Singapore's leading psychiatrists practising at Adam Road Medical, on what it is like to be treated with medication as a mental health treatment, how he works with patients to manage side effects, and what the process of finding the right medication mix is like. Follow us on Instagram @calmcollectiveasia  Visit our website at  Subscribe to our Telegram Channel  Read more from Nicolette  How to talk about mental health at work without just virtue signalling How to approach a loved one whose mental health might be in a downward spiral
December 03, 2021
Can You Heal From Trauma?
Often, when someone goes through a traumatic incident, the trauma stays with them, even though the danger is gone. The deep pain and unforgettable moments that linger can have adverse effects on that individual. While it's impossible to undo what's in the past, know that it's possible to heal.  In episode 10 of Calm Conversations, Anna Williams (mental wellbeing advocate and mindfulness devotee) bravely shares with us her story of overcoming trauma, life challenges and finding mindfulness, healing and self-love. T/W: This podcast has references to (but no explicit details about) sexual abuse, incest and suicide Follow us on Instagram @calmcollectiveasia Visit our website: Subscribe to our Telegram Channel   Resources/Books mentioned:   I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou The Courage to Heal by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis Outgrowing the Pain: A book for and About Adults Abused as Children by Eliana Gil
October 22, 2021
Why are Asians ashamed to talk about sex?
When was the last time you openly had a conversation about sex with your Asian parents? Yeah, we can't remember either. In many Asian societies, talking about sex is an uncomfortable topic. That feeling is reinforced when growing up, we witness the discomfort of our Asian parents around this topic. However, when conversations around consent and sexuality don't happen during our formative years, feelings of shame around sex can affect our mental health well into adulthood.   In episode 9 of Calm Conversations, we speak with Joo Hymn Tan (Project Director for the Birds and Bees Programme, AWARE) about how feelings of shame around sex can impact our relationships, and how parents can break the cycle of shame by learning how to address the topics of sex and consent to their young children.   Resources   Birds and Bees: A workshop for parents by AWARE  Follow us on Instagram @calmcollectiveasia  Visit our website:  Subscribe to our Telegram Channel
October 08, 2021
#ifeelyoubro: Sexual dysfunction and other insecurities
Men are not excluded from the wrath of insecurity, and more often than not, they find it difficult to voice them out. In episode 8 of Calm Conversations, Egan speaks to Sabrina and Sean Low (Ordinary Folk) about various male insecurities, from sexual dysfunction to hair loss, and how not talking about these things affect men's mental health. Follow us on Instagram @calmcollectiveasia Visit our website: Subscribe to our Telegram Channel
September 17, 2021
Dealing with grief after pregnancy loss
Women who have experienced a miscarriage describe a range of emotions. Not only do they experience a sense of sadness and grief related to the loss of their miscarried child, but they may also grieve the chance to become a mother or to grow their family. However, often nobody knows about a miscarriage because there's no funeral to mark it, leading to women feeling alone in their loss. In episode 7 of Calm Conversations, Alyssa speaks with Dr Mary Sawdon a naturopathic doctor and fertility coach about her journey dealing with infertility and the grief of her multiple miscarriages. Follow us on Instagram @calmcollectiveasia Visit our website: Subscribe to our Telegram Channel Links to resources mentioned by Mary: Books Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod: Outer Order Inner Calm by Gretchen Rubin: Affirmation cards Love Powered Co: Guided Meditation Expectful: Simple Habit: Connect with Mary Instagram: Website: Facebook:
September 03, 2021
How do relationships become toxic?
Every relationship requires effort and may face bumps along the road. But how do we know if our problems are just a normal phase or a sign of a toxic relationship? Join us for this episode with Alyssa and Jolene Hwee (Clarity Counselling & Consulting) as they discuss red flags and explore how various attachment styles and injuries can affect relationships.    Follow us on Instagram @calmcollectiveasia  Visit our website:  Subscribe to our Telegram Channel
August 20, 2021
Can I live a normal life with bipolar disorder?
We all have our emotional ups and downs. But for bipolar disorder, the mood changes between manic and depressive episodes are so intense that they could interfere with one’s daily life. Join us for this episode where Sabrina looks back on her mental health journey with bipolar disorder and speaks with Dr Pearlene Ng about recovery, medication, treatment and whether or not one can live a normal life with bipolar disorder.    Follow us on Instagram @calmcollectiveasia  Visit our website:  Subscribe to our Telegram Channel
August 06, 2021
Finding belonging as a third culture kid
Getting to live all over the world sounds amazing right? As parents bring their families to different countries to experience new surroundings due to their work, their children are often left to wonder... where is home? Where do I really belong? Join Alyssa and Josh Tan in this conversation as they discuss their experience as third culture kids in navigating their mental health, dealing with grief, searching for a sense of belonging all while growing up in several different countries.     Follow us on Instagram @calmcollectiveasia Visit our website: Subscribe to our Telegram Channel  TCK Resources:   Belonging Everywhere and Nowhere: Insights Into Counselling the Globally Mobile by Lois J. Bushong Third Culture Kids: A Gift to Care For by Ulrika Ernvik Third Culture Kids 3rd Edition: Growing Up Among Worlds by Ruth E. Van Reken, Michael V. Pollock, David C. Pollock Boarding School Resources:   Boarding School Syndrome: The Psychological Trauma of the 'Privileged' Child' by Joy SchaverienTrauma, Abandonment and Privilege: A Guide to Therapeutic Work with Boarding School Survivors by Nick Duffell and Thurstine Basset
July 16, 2021
The untold reality of being a caregiver
In this episode, Alyssa and Joan (CEO, ThoughtFull) discuss their experiences of being caregivers to their loved ones who battle mental health conditions. As they discuss the challenges caregivers face, such as having to carry heavy secrets, we learn more about the importance of caregiver education and how it could help not only their loved ones but themselves as well.    Follow us on @calmcollectiveasia   Visit our website:    Resources:   Caregiver Alliance Support   TOUCH Caregiver Support   Caregiving Welfare Association   AWWA Centre For Caregivers   Agency for Integrated Care (Caregivers Training Grant)
July 02, 2021
Should I get help for my anxiety?
Everybody feels some form of anxiety in their lives, but when should you seek help for it? Who should you seek help from? What's causing it? We tackle these questions and more with Nisha Jhangiani, Founder of Mind Wellness, who specialises in professional counselling and cognitive hypnotic psychotherapy.    Follow us on Instagram: @calmcollectiveasia Visit our website: Some resources:   Mindfully-You: A Mental Well-being Retreat    Box Breathing Video  Breathing for relaxation & sleep  Information and Tips to Manage Anxiety   Regulating Anxiety & Stress in the Body 
June 18, 2021
Navigating grief and suicide loss
In our first episode, Alyssa (co-founder, Calm Collective), who lost her husband, Tyler, to suicide in 2017, shares how she navigates her grief, how others helped her cope with loss, and advice for others who are grieving.    Trigger warning: suicide. Losing a loved one to suicide can traumatic and overwhelming, but you don't have to cope alone. Here are some useful resources:    Contact Samaritans of Singapore: 1800-221 4444 or email to enquire about Healing Bridge, a support group for suicide survivors Wicare - Support for widows: Resources on grief:
June 04, 2021
Introducing Calm Conversations
Calm Collective Asia has launched a mental health podcast! That means you can listen to our talks during your commute, while you're cleaning the house, or on your morning walk. We can't wait to share with you all the stories, lessons, and advice around mental health we've learned from our conversations. Episode 1 is coming soon on 6th June 2021! To stay updated on future episodes, follow Calm Collective Asia - IG: FB:  Telegram:
June 01, 2021