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Let's Take 2 with calmcorporate

Let's Take 2 with calmcorporate

By raja sampathi
Ever wondered how the best leaders of the corporate world manage it all: work, family…. Life?

Hi - I’m raja sampathi and after a span of my own time in the corporate world, in this podcast I speak to some of the most well-rounded leaders in the corporate world who live their lives in a manner that leaves the rest of us wondering how they do it. Leaders, who lead with more than just their intellect: who lead with their heart.

So come along, as together we learn from their experiences and adopt the best practices they follow to make our professional and personal lives a little more meaningful
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Bonnie Wan, Partner at Goodby Silverstein & Partners on Your Eulogy Values, Determining What You Want in Life, Paying Unadulterated Attention and More
Bonnie Wan is a Partner & Head of Brand Strategy at the leading ad agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Her leadership has earned GS&P the Cannes Grand Prix Lion in Creative Strategy among other leading industry awards. Beyond the industry Bonnie created “The Life Brief” to help people live with greater clarity, creativity,and courage by teaching them how to write briefs for their lives. In this episode, Bonnie talks about her inspiration to create The Life Brief. Why is it important to ask yourself very tough, perhaps uncomfortable questions which will give the answers you are seeking. How she is actually able to bend time (some cool Jedi stuff) and what it takes to be fully present. She is incredibly honest and authentic and provides practically applicable wisdom. I call her a modern day philosopher masquerading as an ad strategist. I hope this episode is as impactful for you as it was for me. The Life Brief is also going to be released as a book in 2023. You can connect with Bonnie at - and while you are there make sure to sign up for her brief twice a month newsletter, and on Instagram
August 05, 2022
Let's Take 2 Trailer
Let's Take 2 Trailer 
May 26, 2022
David Siegel, Meetup CEO On The Importance Of Being Kind, PrioritizingFamily, Setting Boundaries and more
David runs Meetup, a company at the forefront of fighting the loneliness epidemic and today is net positive cash flow. It wasn’t always like this , when he took over as CEO, the company was bleeding cash, was plagued with inefficiencies, not to mention, it was just acquired by WeWork, a company (and its former CEO) now infamous for not being very good corporate citizens, that’s putting it mildly In this episode, David talks about how to lead with kindness & empathy, prioritizing family, being honest in business and setting boundaries. I believe we can find relevant applications of the same to our work and life and I hope you are able to walk away with some deep insights to live a meaningful life like I did. David is also the author of the Best seller ‘Decide and Conquer: 44 Decisions That Will Make or Break All Leaders’ a book where details his decision framework and how he used his qualities of being a good human to lead the sale of MeetUp out of WeWork and making it the thriving company it is today. You can get the book on amazon or Book Depository (slightly cheaper) You can connect with David on LinkedIn  or email - Check out the video version of the show -  where towards the end, David shares pictures of him wearing a yamaka on his purple hair. Totally worth it!
May 25, 2022