Cambie Report

Cambie Report

By Ian, Patrick & Matthew
Vancouver's new local politics podcast. Covering the 2018 municipal election. Hosted by Patrick Meehan and Matthew Naylor from Pod Keep Our Land and Ian Bushfield from PolitiCoast.

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More places to listen

Ep 04: Mario Canseco Research Co
NOTE: We're moving to a new feed. Visit to find the new links. Mario Canseco (@mario_canseco) is a pollster with the new company Research Co. His first poll looks at the popularity of several potential mayoral candidates. Ian, Matthew and Patrick talk with Mario about polling, his new company and the state of the race.
April 14, 2018
Ep 03: The 'independent' mayoral bid
Shauna Sylvester has launched an independent bid for mayor of Vancouver but is she a Vision plant? Meanwhile on the left, COPE is reportedly urging UBC urban designer Patrick Condon to seek their nomination. And on the right, John Coupar seems to be sucking all the air out of the NPA nomination race. Finally, we revisit the ongoing remuneration row going on at the Metro Vancouver board and we look once again into our mailbag.
April 9, 2018
Ep 02: Another mayor bites the dust
Ian, Patrick & Matthew look at the state of the Vancouver mayoral election, the Metro Vancouver board's decision to vote themselves a pension increase, more mayors who aren't running again and finish off by responding to the incredible feedback from episode 1! A quick note: We'll be moving podcast hosts soon (so you won't hear the Anchor ad at the end). This should be seamless but bear with us in the meantime.
March 29, 2018
Ep 01: Elections are weird - A history of Vancouver politics
In the first full episode of Cambie Report, Ian Bushfield and Patrick Meehan are joined by Erin Reddekopp ( from The Tipsy Archives ( podcast to dive into the history of Vancouver politics, break down how municipal elections work in the city and look at the state of the race. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook Send us an email: Follow Ian Follow Patrick Find Ian's ongoing spreadsheet of declared candidates:
March 18, 2018
Introducing Cambie Report
Ian Bushfield, Patrick Meehan and Matthew Naylor introduce Cambie Report, the upcoming Vancouver municipal politics podcast. Our goal is to cover local politics heading into the 2018 municipal elections in BC, while featuring as many different voices as we can. Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher or wherever podcasts are found. Make sure also to leave us a 5-star review on iTunes so we start big! Let us know who you want to hear on the show or what topics you want us to cover. Email us at or find us on or
March 12, 2018
Ep 00: Cambie Report Teaser
From some of the people behind PolitiCoast and Pod Keep Our Land comes Cambie Report, Vancouver's newest local politics podcast. Stay tuned to this feed for more soon! Music:
March 10, 2018
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