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Cambridge Zero Climate Talks - Bitesize

Cambridge Zero Climate Talks - Bitesize

By Cambridge Zero
Interviews on different topics such as climate change, sustainability and the environment.

The full radio show can be listen live every Friday 4-5 (BST) at Cam FM 97.2 and in our YouTube channel.

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CZCT - Bitesize: Episode 4 - Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change
On this episode, we speak to Aunty Ro Mudyin Godwin, a First Nation Palawa woman from Australia. She explains the impact climate change is having on her culture, the importance wildlife has in the regeneration of the environment, the sacredness of the Kangaroo as an animal Totem and the controversy of its commercial killing. 
August 09, 2020
CZCT - Bitesize: Episode 3- Cambridge Cleantech
On this podcast we speak to Alex Newman from Propelair, Vicki McGregor from Merit, Julie Chen from The Cheeky Panda and Martin Garratt from Cambridge Cleantech. We discuss how their business are leading the fight towards a sustainable future, learn about what Cambridge Cleantech does and we also talk about how COVID-19 has impacted what they do. #Sustainability #Innovation
July 31, 2020
CZCT - Bitesize: Episode 3: Curious People
We spoke to Naomi Clements-Brod and Claire McGuinness from the Cambridge Science Festival telling us all about their Curious People series 1 and much more.
July 27, 2020
CZCT - Bitesize: Episode 2 - Perovskites, Solar Cells and Energy Mapping
On this podcast, we speak to Dr. Sam Stranks, Dr. Elizabeth Tennyson and Stuart Macpherson from the Stranks Lab, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology and Cavendish Laboratory. Our conversation includes a topical discussion in relation to #perovskites, #solarcells, and the Primary School #EnergyMappingChallenge.
July 14, 2020
Interview with Dr. Ed Turner, Department of Zoology at University of Cambridge
As part of #NationalInsectWeek we revisit the interview with Dr. Ed Turner talking about the importance and role of insects in nature.
June 10, 2020