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RegTech Round-up

RegTech Round-up

By Canadian RegTech Association
RegTech Round Up brings thought leaders and technology professionals within the Canadian RegTech community together to discuss current regulatory challenges and emerging technology trends and solutions.
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RegTech Without Borders - Finding Solutions to Tackle Common Regulatory Challenges

RegTech Round-up

RegTech Without Borders - Finding Solutions to Tackle Common Regulatory Challenges
In this episode our host, Matt Fowler, speaks with Michael Barton from Invest Northern Ireland and Paul Childerhose (CRTA Board Member and Membership Engagement lead) about the opportunities that exist for firms large and small to leverage the growing tech and data talent in and around Belfast. With a growing need to manage common regulatory challenges Invest Northern Ireland, and the CRTA, are able to help firms find the right services, solutions and talent. As the flow of regulation, and often innovation, moves across Europe towards North America hear how you can find the right support for your growth and success as distance and boarders create less and less friction to your success.
September 18, 2022
Founders Series - Abishek Gupta, Director of Sutra Management Consulting
In this episode, host Myron Mallia-Dare speaks with Abishek Gupta from Sutra Management Consulting. Sutra Management Consulting is a analytics driven advisory focusing on assisting their clients deploy analytic and AI solutions.  In this inspiring episode Abishek explains how they recognized the gap of knowledge at the operational level at organizations trying to deploy AI and how they seized this opportunity early in Asia.  Now expanding into North America, Abishek shares their company journey and some of the key differences of working in Asia versus North America. 
August 07, 2022
Founders Series - Tolga Kurt, Managing Partner of H3M Analytics
In this episode host Myron Mallia-Dare speaks with Tolga Kurt, Managing Partner of H3M Analytics. H3M is a AI-based AML software for KYC, AL and Sanctions. Now on his second start-up Tolga walks us through his motivation for starting H3M in 2018 - and his desire to use AI for the greater good and describes how the software uses active learning and ‘human-in-the loop’ to improve AML compliance to continually improve models and detection
August 03, 2022
Founders Series - Discussion with Emmanuel Cohen, Armadillo Group
In this episode our host Myron Milla-Dare speaks with Emmanuel (Manny) Cohen, CEO and Founder of Armadillo Group. Manny talks through his 25 year journey building his company - digging into his own pockets for funding - overcoming the skeptics and being a leader in bringing new tools and techniques into the KYC and due diligence process.  Armadillo Hub, is a scalable, cloud–based, end-to-end automated RegTech platform, giving global regulated businesses the tools to conduct the appropriate background checks on corporate and private clients. The platform leverages cloud and robotic process automation to manage the large data needed to perform due diligence and they are progressing in the use of AI and blockchain capabilities 
June 08, 2022
Shining a Green Light on your ESG Data
In this episode host Paul McRorie speaks with Ally Karmali, Associate Partner and Practice Lead in IBM Sustainability, Risk and Compliance and Martijn Groot, VP Marketing and Strategy, Alveo Technology. With Martijn providing a European perspective and Ally a North American perspective, they discuss the evolving regulatory and standards landscape and common data challenges  such as the availability and usability of data. They provide their views on how banks are responding to mandatory and voluntary disclosure requirements and how to get ahead. Ally sets up a future podcast by discussing Canada's unique opportunity to take the lead and expand data reporting to consider how industries are generating business and its impact on the environment and the  indigenous community. 
March 10, 2022
Innovation and Investor Protection in Wealth Management
In this episode, host Paul McRorie speaks with Parham Nasseri, VP Regulatory Strategy and Partnerships at InvestorCOM and Noel Sequiera, Manager, Membership Intake & Business Conduct Compliance at IIROC.  Noel and Parham discuss the changing landscape in wealth management. They discuss some of the new trends such as greater customization, new product impact, and the use of gamification tools, the role of the industry and the regulators in educating investors and how they see the wealth industry evolving. 
February 25, 2022
Regulation of a Moving Target - Regulation & Opportunities in the New World of Digital Assets
In this podcast Paul McRorie speaks with Torstein Braaten, Head of Regulatory Affairs & CCO,  Bitbuy and Joe Schifano, Global Head of Regulatory Affairs, Eventus Systems. Listen as they explore regulation and market structure nuances between traditional markets  and crypto or digital assets. They dig into the differences but also highlight the many similarities and discuss the techniques and tools used to effectively surveil this evolving market segment.  
January 26, 2022
Founders Series - Discussion with Jennifer Arnold - Co-founder and CEO of
In this episode Myron Mallia-Dare speaks with Jennifer Arnold, Co-founder of MinervaAI is a RegTech platform using deep learning and automation to execute enhanced due diligence and AML investigations in under 45 seconds.
November 02, 2021
Pivoting in a Digital Age
Ted Hershey, Senior Vice President, Solution Services at DFIN Andrew Obee- President, Ficanex Technology Inc sit down with host Myron Mallia -Dare to discuss how they have re-invented their businesses in a Digital Age... You'll hear how DFIN shifted from print to digital and how Ficanex moved from an ATM cash services business to a platform business (their Tunnel Platform) ripe for Open Banking. Great discussion on the what, why and how they transformed their businesses. 
September 13, 2021
Quantum 2.0 Shifting to Readiness
In this episode Myron Mallia-Dare speaks with Noelle Ibrahim, Industry Consultant, Quantum Computing from IBM and Philip LaFrance, Standards Manager from ISARA and take a deep-dive into some of the themes covered in our introductory podcast "Quantum Computing 101"  Noelle and Philip delve into a number of user cases and share their views on Quantum Readiness within financial institutions and the Canadian Regulators  Listen as Noelle shares relevant user cases for Financial Crimes and credit and Philip opines on the impact of Quantum on cryptography. 
August 29, 2021
Founder Series - Discussion with Alexon Bell, Quantexa
In this episode Myron Mallia-Dare speaks with Alexon Bell, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Quantexa.  Quantexa is a Decision Intelligence Company that helps organizations drive better decisions and surface hidden risks by bringing contextual insights from data into visual form. Well- recognized within the Financial Crimes area for its transformational approach to KYC management,  Quantexa also provides solutions for customer intelligence and credit risk. In this insightful talk, Alexon shares their company journey and the challenges and triumphs along the way.
August 22, 2021
Crypto and the Age of Digital Asset Disruption
In this podcast Paul McRorie speaks with two industry experts: Brian Gelfand, Senior Advisor and Consultant at Ernst and Young and Eric Richmond, Chief Operating Officer and VP of Legal at Coinsquare. In this episode we talk about Crypto and the Age of Digital Disruption - you will hear of the convergence of the legacy and the novel. Listen along as we cover the basics and set the stage for this brave new world. 
July 28, 2021
Founder Series - Discussion with Mark Rowan, Founder & CEO, Data Sentinel
In this episode Myron Mallia-Dare speaks with Mark Rowan, Founder and CEO of Data Sentinel. Data Sentinel is a data trust and compliance platform that helps businesses persistently manage their data privacy, compliance, governance and data quality in real-time. The focus of Data Sentinel is to help organizations automate the management of data assets that are deemed to be sensitive within organizations so that they can develop  trust in their data and in the processes that they're following, and ultimately trust in the outcomes they want to achieve. 
July 01, 2021
Client Focused Reforms: Compliance Tick Box or Strategic Opportunity?
In this weeks episode Paul McRorie sits down with Parham Nasseri, Vice President of Regulatory Strategy & Partnerships at InvestorCOM Inc. and Justitia Pak, Business Process and Compliance Digitalization lead, at BMO Financial Group. 
May 07, 2021
Founder Series - Finhaven
Host Myron Mallia Dare sits down with DH Kim from Finhaven Finhaven is a Vancouver based financial service and technology company who has built a marketplace on distributed ledger technology that connects private issuers and accredited investors to new capital and investment opportunities 
April 04, 2021
Knowledge Graphs - A Digital Twin of your Data
In this episode Paul McRorie speaks with Elizabeth Bethoney, Vice President of Sayari Labs and Harsh Sharma, Senior Advisor, Open Knowledge Graph Labs, Enterprise Data Management Council on how knowledge graphs are being applied within financial services and across sectors to solve the data challenges that large complex organizations face. 
March 18, 2021
Founder Series - Qnext
Myron Mallia Dare sits down with Anthony DeCristofaro, President and CEO of Qnext. 
February 28, 2021
Suptech and RegTech Innovation in Canadian Securities Regulation
In this podcast,  Donna Bales speaks with Oumar Diallo, Directeur, Fintech et Innovation, Autorité des marchés financiers and John Hinze, Director of Corporate Finance, British Columbia Securities Commission on how they have leveraged technology within their organizations to advance their innovation journey. 
January 25, 2021
Building an Asset Specific Data Practice
In this podcast, Donna Bales speaks with John Lowrey, an industry leader and innovator in capital markets and electronic trading and execution on how he approached the development of an asset specific data practice. John will share his journey from concept to implementation and the lessons he learned along the way. 
January 07, 2021
Quantum Computing 101
Join Myron Mallia-Dare, strategic advisor to the CRTA and technology lawyer from Miller Thomson as he leads a discussion with Rafal Janik, Head of Product at Xanadu and Richard Moulds the General Manager of Amazon Braket, the quantum computing service of Amazon Web Services (AWS). 
November 02, 2020
Leveraging Decision Intelligence for Financial Services
In this podcast we explore a relatively new field of leadership in the artificial intelligence era - "Decision Intelligence." Our experts will explain this new discipline and delve into some of the tactical, strategic and operational user cases.  Donna Bales, co-founder of the CRTA leads the discussion with Christopher Napoli, SVP of Global Sales at Diwo and Marc Buklis, a seasoned practitioner in risk management and technology.
October 26, 2020
Automate and Augment the Mundane: Driving Efficiencies and Deliver better Experiences Through Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
RPA holds great promise as it acts as a medium for process improvement and improved ROI by introducing automation to routine and highly repetitive tasks. RPA’s simplicity is one of its greatest strengths – it can be used to orchestrate workflows, integrate with your business rules and decisions, manage your content, and capture data, however implementing RPA can often be challenging due to planning challenges and excitement to get started before fully understanding the business processes, the impact to the business and the critically important “Return On Investment” (ROI) for making this investment in the first place. Join Myron Mallia-Dare, strategic advisor to the CRTA and technology lawyer from Miller Thomson as he leads a discussion with Benjamin Jacob, Partner Automation, IBM and Patrick Morrison, MBA, StereoLogic on: What struggles are firms experiencing to maintain funding their RPA programs and how to effectively set up your organization for a more successful program outcome Current user cases and best practices in maintaining RPA systems How to keep human interactions with RPA systems fully aligned and compliant to your businesses documented processes Innovation in the field of RPA - such as cognitive RPA in which RPA tools and solutions that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Text Analytics, and Machine Learning 
July 30, 2020
AML/CFT - Caution Ahead!
Donna Bales,  co-founder of the CRTA speaks with Canchek co-founders Larry Boyce and  Laurie Clark on AML risk considerations for small and mid-sized firms
July 23, 2020
Tower of Babel - How to Manage Global Regulatory Challenges - Interview with Nick Bray, Cube Global
Listen to CRTA Board Member Paul Childerhose in conversation with Nick Bray, Senior Business Lead for Cube Global as they discuss regulatory change management and the need for automated intelligence.
July 19, 2020