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By Candice Leigh
Welcome to the iHaveWrites Podcast!
Ready to kick back and relax?

Join Candice Leigh every week as she brings you poetry, unfiltered conversations, music, and much more. The podcast that has no rules or regulations--just real people with real experiences. Every week it'll be the conversation you are waiting to be a part of. Whether it be what's new on Netflix or how life has changed since the pandemic, we want to talk about it all.

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Episode 5-I Guess Everything Does Happen For A Reason


Beau Monsieur Launch Day Q&A
I tell you what, I could not think of a better reason to dust off the mic and put it to use again.  We pop out of a hiatus to interview the two co-owners of Beau Monsieur, Will Nixon Jr. and Letisha Boast. Listen along as we talk about how important it is for men to have an outlet when it comes to self care.  Looking for the perfect gift for the special men in your life? Wanting to know where only men can go for self care and relaxation in the future? Listen along, while these questions as well as many other others get answered as we talk about all things, Beau Monsieur.  You can visit the company's website at,  Or you can visit their social media page which is @beaumonsieurspa on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
October 22, 2021
Episode 11-Recap On Mother's Day Weekend
Happy Mother's Day!!!  On this weeks episode, recap with Candice as she talks about her Mother's Day weekend as well as wishing ALL Mothers, once again a very Happy Mother's Day.  As always, kick back and relax as Candice talks about everything that happened this past weekend. While you are at it, think about what you did this past weekend for Mother's Day. Have a story you'd like to share? Leave it on a voice memo or email it to This week we also logged into the Twitter app just to have a little fun in seeing what we could find when we searched #Candice. You'll definitely get a laugh at listening to the tweets that are stored behind that hashtag. If you are on Twitter, search #yourname and share with Candice the tweets you find. Email them to so they can be featured on next weeks show! This weeks poem is titled, "A Silent Love" which can also be found at A Silent Love © Candice Leigh 2021
May 12, 2021
Episode 10- Time To Celebrate!
So after a week of celebration, tune in as Candice tells you everything that she has been celebrating!  You'll hear about the many ways you can join in on celebrating not only yourself but also the people you know and love because it is important to let them know just how special they truly are. Also join in this week as Candice talks about how important it is to think about what message you'd give a younger you if you ever got the chance. She took a week off and is now more ready than ever to get back into the swing of things!! . . Post about celebrating yourself and your loved ones can be found on Candice's Facebook on her profile which is Candice Leigh, or you can use this direct link to the post or click here . . Instagram Post about leaving a message to your younger self (which I highly recommend you checking out) can be found on Candice's Instagram page @ihave_writes or you can copy and paste the direct link or you can click here
May 03, 2021
Episode 9-I Will Be Quiet No More
This week, settle in with Candice as the conversation gets heavy. After recent events, and yet another African American young man being killed at the hands of a police officer, join in on the conversation with Candice as she discusses how we can no longer sit back and continue to allow this to happen.  Before the heavier topic is discussed, as promised, listen along as Candice gives her review about the movie, "I Care A Lot" If you haven't watched yet, you'll want to skip ahead on this part because there are definite spoilers. You can listen in detail in this episode, but all in all it is definitely a movie she recommends. (Sorry, Caitlyn!) And as always, an original poem written by, Candice Leigh will be read. Today's featured poem is, Mistakes In Minnesota © Candice Leigh 2021 and you can read this poem by clicking here or visiting Also, you can watch the movie, I Care A Lot, on Netflix or any other supported streaming platform.
April 19, 2021
Episode 8-Netflix and Chill
This week join, Candice and her sister as they tone things down and engage in fun casual conversation. Special guest, Caitlyn, joins to talk about what's popular on Netflix, recent Covid activity, and what she would tell her younger self if she had the chance.  Also, this week, there will be new traditions starting on the iHaveWrites podcast-so be sure to tune in so you don't miss all the fun and exciting new things that are happening.  Have a particular topic you'd like to hear Candice talk about? Or even be a special guest on the show? Send an email to and lets make it happen! Original poem, Poetically Viewed, read and written by, Candice Leigh can also be found on her website @
April 12, 2021
Episode 7-Writer To Published Writer, Both Exhilarating and Scary
This week settle in with, Candice Leigh as she talks about the joys of become an actual PUBLISHED WRITER!  She discusses that even with doing something that you absolutely love, along with the joy it brings--it can also bring fear. In this episode you'll hear about how Candice learned to overcome the fears that could potentially stop her doing what it is she loves. Also in this episode, Candice asks for YOU to speak up. Weigh in on this topic by letting her know if you've ever had hurdles you weren't sure you could jump before being able to pursue what it is you love.  You can either leave your response in a voice message, which is a feature offered by certain listening platforms. If you rather email your response or am not able to leave a voice message, you can email Candice at the email address found below. These responses will be featured on the next episode.  For the next 20 minutes, get comfortable and relax. Enjoy the conversation you always find yourself waiting for each and every week.  Any thoughts or questions? Email Candice at . . You can find Candice's published poem, "Lullaby" at the website below . . You can find Candice's poem, "Wonder Woman" that will be featured in the Poetry 365 March 2021 Anthology Of Poetry (Instagram account @rdw.projects) . . You can also find Candice and all her original poems on Instagram @ihave_writes and on
April 05, 2021
Episode 6-Dealing With Things The Pandemic Has Changed-From A Child's POV
This week settle in with, Candice Leigh and her special guest, Kannen Chenier. Follow along as they talk about how the pandemic has changed his school life and how eager he is to get back to normal. In this episode, you'll hear about how though everyone was affected and still may be affected, it is very important to reach out to our little ones and get their thoughts about what is going on. Put out some feelers, and start a conversation, let your little one know that what they are feeling is okay and that they should know they always can come to us to let it out. Come and tune in to a great conversation filled with laughter and love and as always the episode will end with a poem and this one is extra special because it was written by Candice and Kannen, a great mother and son combo. 
March 29, 2021
Episode 5-I Guess Everything Does Happen For A Reason
Get ready to kick back and relax with Candice as she talks about the recent surgery and how things have been since then. In this episode she'll talk about the importance of chasing dreams and how it is just as important to support the ones doing the chasing. At the end of the show, she'll read a poem she wrote in celebration of World Poetry Day which was on March 21, 2021.  For the next 20 minutes you won't have to worry about your I's being dotted or your T's being crossed. Let your hair down and relax, no perfection necessary.
March 22, 2021
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March 20, 2021
Episode 4-I Have Surgery Today!
Listen along as Candice describes what happened on the day everything went wrong. She'll explain why she is having her fourth knee injury related surgery later on this morning. Follow and subscribe to be updated on how the surgery went and what's to come in the future. 
March 16, 2021
Episode 3-An Angels Ascent
This episode is also available as a blog post:
March 15, 2021
Episode 2-Can I Borrow Your Black
This episode is also available as a blog post:
March 15, 2021
Episode 1-Where Innocence Grows
A poem written by Candice Leigh. You can find this poem and many others at
March 14, 2021