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The CaneCast Show gives you behind-the-scenes, insider access to the Canes Baseball family. Our host, Rob Younce (@robyounce), takes you on the diamond to meet current players, alumni and coaches, and to gain perspective from college coaches and pro scouts.

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Canes South Preview with Cory Welch (Director) and Jason Cochcroft (South 2021 Assistant) - Ep 29
Today's guests are Cory Welch and Jason Cochcroft with the Canes South Program.  Coach Welch is the Director of the South as well as Assistant Coach with the National 2022 team.  Coach Cochcroft is the Assistant on South 2021 team.  Both are studs and give tons of great info on our players from NC and SC.  So, let's hear from both of them.
June 16, 2020
15 Recruiting Tips for Players & 6 For Parents - Ep 27
Today's episode is all about the players.  With travel baseball starting back up, I feel compelled to give players some relevant tips on how to make a great first impression when the college coaches are allowed back to recruiting.  It is vitally important in the recruiting process.  As an added bonus, I am also throwing in 6 tips for parents as well.  So let's take inventory - Earbuds? Check.  Notebook? Check.  Pen? Check.  Ok...let's get after it!
June 04, 2020
Andrew Ashur, Davidson College alum & CEO at Lucid Drone Technologies - Ep 26
Today's guest is Canes and Davidson alum, Andrew Ashur.  Andrew was a pitcher for the Canes and the Davidson Wildcats. He is now the pitch master and CEO of Lucid Drone Technology.  His company exists to make life better and safer for workers who clean the exterior of large buildings.  They have now pivoted to provide a safer and faster method to sanitize large facilities like football stadiums and event arenas.  Lucid has been featured in Forbes and Tech Crunch.  Yeah...and he is only 23.  Andrew talks about his lessons for success in baseball and business.  So, make sure your headphones are secure.  Here's Andrew!
June 02, 2020
Brian Hucks, Canes National 2022 & Lexington (SC) HS - Ep 25
Today's guest is Canes National 2022 Head Coach, Brian Hucks. Coach Hucks is a legend at Lexington HS. He has been with us for 4 years with our Canes South program.  He is a great teacher of the game and he is renowned for making guys better.  Coach Hucks previews some of the 2022 talent on his roster as well as his style of play. Beware...after this interview, you will want to slide headfirst into second to beat the tag.  Here's Coach Hucks!
May 28, 2020
Logan Harvey, Wake Forest alum & Fan Park App CEO - Ep24
Today's guest is Canes Alum, Logan Harvey. He played with the Canes since he was 15 years old.  After a successful career playing baseball at Wake Forest University, Logan is now the CEO of Fan Park, which provides contactless parking solutions at large events like college football games.  Logan dishes on his journey through the Canes and Wake as well as the translation of those skills to the business world.  This is a notebook filler of an episode so break out a new pen to make sure you have enough ink.
May 26, 2020
Grant Holmes, Oakland A's - Ep 23
Today's guest is Oakland A's Pitcher and Canes alum, Grant Holmes. Also, we have Canes Pitching Coach, Jamie Evans.  Listen to Jamie and Grant talk about his baseball journey, including joining the Canes and his nerves on draft day.  Grant was the first Canes arm to hit 100mph and that was 6 years ago!  In addition to being super talented, Grant is humble, Faithful and focus.  So whether you are a hitter in the batter's box or a deer in the woods, watch out because Grant is coming after you.
May 21, 2020
Beau Burrows, Detroit Tigers - Ep 22
Today's guest is Detroit Tigers Pitcher and Canes alum, Beau Burrows. He is knocking on MLB's door with a big-league arm.  You will learn about Red Dragon's time with the Canes as well as his focus, accountability and determination.  You will hear about Beau's true love for the game while he dishes great advice for amateur players.  You will hear Beau talk about the importance of being a good teammate and being coachable...especially by coaches like Jeff Petty and Jason 'Big Donkey' Mills.  Be sure to take notes while Beau talks or his knowledge will blow straight past his fastball.  Here's Beau.
May 19, 2020
Ryan McBroom, Kansas City Royals - Ep 21
Today's guest is Kansas City Royals 1B, Ryan McBroom.  He is a Canes alum who has earned his place every step of his baseball journey - from a walk-on spot at West Virginia to earning a full-ride after his sophomore year to climbing the minor league ladder to the show.  You will hear McBoom (as he is affectionately known) talk about what has gotten him to this point - a lot of hard work, the ability to adjust and focus on his goals.  How many guys to you know seek out at-bats against 100 mph arms during the offseason?!?  If you know a player who is wanting to be recruited to play baseball in college, send him this episode.  Well, you don't want to hear it from me is Ryan.
May 13, 2020
Logan Allen, Cleveland Indians - Ep 20
Today's guest is Cleveland Indians LHP, Logan Allen.  He is a Canes alum who is deeply rooted in his family, which easily explains why he is a fan favorite.  He is one of the winningest pitchers we've ever had - we struggled to find a loss in a game he pitched while wearing our uniform. Logan brings the heat with some hilarious Canes memories, MLB trades,  and his own development in Cleveland.  This episode is a grand slam of insight, knowledge, humor and advice.
April 28, 2020
Rob Partin, Wilson Sporting Goods - Ep 19
In this episode, we are talking with Rob Partin. He played baseball at Louisville and now works for Wilson Sporting Goods.  He represents some of the best brands in baseball - Wilson, Louisville Slugger, EvoShield, DeMarini and Atec.  He travels the country seeing some of the best amateur baseball.  Listen to Rob discuss working with the Canes and the importance of relationships in baseball.  Wit
April 27, 2020
Matt Swope, Maryland Terps - Ep 18
Today, we are talking with the University of Maryland assistant coach, Matt Swope.  He was a standout Terp as a player and is now the hitting coach. During his tenure, the Terps have had great success and are churning out MLB draft picks.  Let's talk a little hitting with Coach Swope and hear why he recruits Canes players.
April 24, 2020
Zac Senf, Canes Southwest Director - Ep 17
Today, we are talking with Zac Senf. He directs our Canes Southwest program and serves as an assistant coach on our 17 American team.  Zac has been a Canes affiliate for 3 years.  Listen to what drew him to the Canes as well as his experience inside the program, including the impact on recruiting. Let's get to right to Coach Senf.
April 23, 2020
Mackenzie Gore, San Diego Padres - Ep 16
Today, we are talking with Canes alum and San Diego Padres prospect, Mackenzie Gore. He started his Canes career throwing low 80s and is now throwing upper 90s. He matured in more ways than one and keeps a level head on and off the field.  Mackenzie shares how he was humbled in the game and his Canes experience. He is knocking on the MLB door but still looking to learn and grow.  Buckle up because Mackenzie is bringing the heat.
April 22, 2020
John Whittle - The Big Spur & Canes Social Media Dude - Ep 15
Today, we are talking with John Whittle.  He covers baseball, football and basketball for South Carolina's The Big Spur website.  He is also the social media guy for the Canes 17 National.  With all of his reporting, it is safe to say John has seen a LOT of good baseball.  In this episode, John shares stories of his time with the Canes as well as insights on what the Canes are about.
April 21, 2020
Brandon Liles, Cane Youth Teams Director - Ep 14
Brandon Liles is well known in youth baseball circles.  He has been with the Canes for several years and has helped develop our youth teams in several states.  Today, Brandon talks about the importance of becoming a Cane in youth baseball and the commitment we make to help develop our young players.
April 20, 2020
Jason Mills, Canes Central Director & Canes 17 National Pitching Coach - Ep 13
We are talking with Jason Mills. He directs our Canes Central program and serves as Pitching Coach on our 17 National team.   Listen to Coach Mills talk about the development of the Central teams, the recruiting process and how our Central guys get committed to schools.  As always, he serves up great advice. Let's get to Coach Mills.
April 17, 2020
Chad Pinder, Oakland Athletics - Ep 12
Today, we are talking with a guy who will play anywhere to make it into the lineup.  As a matter of fact, he has played 7 different positions in his MLB career with the Oakland Athletics.  He was on Jeff Petty's original Canes team, playing up as a freshman/sophomore.  He was a 160-pound college freshman to being an All-ACC performer.  Hard work and overcoming doubt has propelled him into becoming a big leaguer.  To Chad, it is all about the relationships so it's no wonder he is a fan favorite.  Let's listen to Chad talk about how versatility has kept him on the field.  This is a power packed-episode so let's get to Chad Pinder...right now.
April 16, 2020
Joe Mantiply, Va Tech Hokies alum & MLB Reliever - Ep 11
Today, we are talking with Joe Mantiply.  He was on Jeff Petty's original Canes team.  He had an outstanding career in the ACC, leading Virginia Tech to host their first-ever NCAA Regional.  He has thrown in the big leagues for the Detroit Tigers and last year with the New York Yankees.  Listen to Joe talk about his current throwing routine and the work ethic it takes to be successful in baseball.  So, make sure your battery is charged and you are ready to listen to Joe bring the heat.
April 15, 2020
Brandon Lowe, Tampa Rays - Ep 10
Today, we are talking to an MLB All-Star who was told he was too small when he was in high school...which made him work harder.  He was overlooked during the recruiting process his career with the Canes...which made him work harder.  He earned a scholarship his senior year and he worked even harder.  He has turned himself into a DUDE.  He was a Freshman All American at Maryland, a 3rd Round draft pick of the Tampa Rays, an MLB All-Star and frontrunner for the AL Rookie of the Year last year until an injury shut him down. We are talking about Tampa Rays 2B, Brandon Lowe.  Listen to B-Lowe talk about his motivation and hard work it takes to become an successful college and MLB player.  So, buckle up and be ready to hit that 3-1 fastball into the upper deck, just like Brandon.
April 14, 2020
Ray Hedrick, Randolph Macon College - Ep 9
Today, we are talking with Ray Hedrick, Head Coach at Randolph Macon College in Ashland, VA.  Coach Hedrick has an impressive coaching tree growing at his alma mater.  After hearing this interview, it will be no surprise as to why.  As you can guess, he's had a LOT of success at RMC, including 6 ODAC conference championships, 3 Coach of the Year awards and a great run deep into the Divison 3 World Series.  There so many things in this episode that can help players and parents so make sure your battery is charged and your earbuds are secure.  Coach Hedrick is dishing out knowledge like his team secures wins.
April 13, 2020
Connor Jones, St. Louis Cardinals - Ep 8
Today, we are talking with Connor Jones.  He played a few years with the Canes & was a very important piece to UVA winning the College World Series.  He was recently named to the ACC's  All-Decade team.  Now, he is a St. Louis Cardinals farmhand who is getting results at every stop.  The next stop for him?  Busch Stadium.  Connor dishes on his baseball journey, his hobby of DJ'ing and his love for the Redskins and NBA's Sixers.  He is everything you want your son to be...except for the Redskins part.  So, it's time to suit up and try NOT to get thumbed by Connor's sink and run.
April 10, 2020
Jo Adell, Los Angeles Angels - Ep 7
Today, we are talking to one of the top prospects in all of baseball.  He is a Canes alum and was the 10th overall pick in the 2017 draft.  Baseball America ranks him as the #3 prospect in baseball.  He has all 5 tools and the coveted 6th tool of being an awesome human being.  He makes a difference on and off the field.  Of course, he is Jo Adell.  Jo talks about his time with the Canes as well as his fight to be considered more than just a 95 mph pitcher when he was a teenager...just 2 years ago.  So, let's all be like Jo and hammer the fastball away for a 3 run tank.
April 09, 2020
Tyler Beede, San Francisco Giants - Ep 6
In today's episode, we are talking to a Canes and Vandy alum.  He won a WWBA Championship with Jeff Petty and the Canes.  He won the College World Series with Tim Corbin at Vanderbilt...and, he is now throwing gas for the SF Giants - Tyler Beede. Tyler will talk about his family influence, dealing with high expectations and performing at a high level.  His journey is a great story and he dishes out advice like he approaches hitter - he comes right at you.  He brings energy to the dugout so if you here a MILK chant starting, you'll know it's him.
April 08, 2020
Jeremy Sheetinger, Georgia Gwinnett College and Stick & Ball TV - Ep 5
Today, we are bringing someone who is no stranger to having a MAJOR impact in baseball AND in your earbuds.  He has a doctorate in certified audio gold with his podcasts for the ABCA and now with Stick and Ball TV - Jeremy Sheetinger.  Sheets is the Head Coach at NAIA powerhouse, Georgia Gwinnett College.  I am honored to call Sheets a friend and LOVE the message he sends.  If you are a player, coach or simply a fan of baseball, Sheets will drop bombs of info on what to expect in recruiting, what college coaches look for and what to expect when you get onto a college campus. So, sit back and get dialed in.
April 07, 2020
Seth Maness, ECU Career Leader in Wins & Former MLB Pitcher - Ep 4
Today's guest is a Canes alum who has lived out every kid's dream.  He was a college star - he is East Carolina's career leader in almost every pitching category and he pitched in the World Series with the St. Louis Cardinals.  While he didn't light up the radar gun, he has been a winner at every stop in his baseball journey.  He has also faced his share of adversity and overcome it.  Our guest is none other than Seth Maness. So, you better dig in to the box, because he is coming RIGHT at you.
April 06, 2020
Josh Reidt, Reidt Fitness Systems - Ep 3
Today, we are bringing some major BDE with our guest, Josh Reidt.  Josh owns Reidt Fitness Sytems in Huntington Beach, CA and he is the Strength Coach for Canes Baseball.  He works with our National and American teams and he also trains some of the best amateur and pro players in his gym.  Josh just gets results.  Players get stronger and faster while also staying healthy.  So, let's get stretched out and ready for some scap gains! Big shout out to Josh for joining us.  Give him a follow on social media @reidtfitness.  You can reach him at If you would like to watch this episode on YouTube - Check it out at If you enjoyed this episode, Like, Comment, Subscribe, Review and Share!  Give us a follow on social media at @canecastshow.  You can reach out to me on all social channels at @robyounce or email me at  I welcome your feedback as we look to improve the show every episode.  Stay safe.  Wash your hands and don't complain about the bad hops.  Anybody can catch the good ones!
April 05, 2020
Jake Cave, Minnesota Twins - Ep 2
In Episode 2, we dive headfirst into Jake Cave's career.  He is an outfielder with the  Minnesota Twins and a Canes alum.  Jake shares stories of his Canes memories, his maturation into a professional player and even dishes on how Jeff Petty tore his ACL.  As always, Jake gets after it full bore and shares solid advice to players in dealing with the COVID-19 shutdown and getting prepared for the season.  This is a can't miss episode for any player!
April 01, 2020
Ep 1 - What is the CaneCast Show? (with Jeff Petty & Dan Gitzen)
Episode #1 - LET'S GO!  Welcome to the CaneCast Show, where you get behind-the-scenes, insider access to the Canes Baseball family. I am your host, Rob Younce, and I will take you on the diamond to meet current players, alumni, Canes coaches, college coaches and pro scouts.    In today's episode, we talk with Canes founder and CEO, Jeff Petty, and Canes General Manager, Dan Gitzen, about what to expect on the CaneCast Show.  Without wasting any 2 strike pitches...Let's get some insight into a Different Brand of Baseball.
March 30, 2020