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CannCon - Cannabis Conservative

CannCon - Cannabis Conservative

By CannCon
With all the censorship going on out there, hopefully this is a place where Patriots and conservatives can come to get the news and info they won't see most other places, plus some like minded commentary!
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10/3/2021 Weekly Recap: AZ, PA, WI Election updates, COVID, Taiwan vs. China, and what do do about it all!

CannCon - Cannabis Conservative

10/3/2021 Weekly Recap: AZ, PA, WI Election updates, COVID, Taiwan vs. China, and what do do about it all!

CannCon - Cannabis Conservative

Weekly Recap with Brock Carrow of The BrockCast, Eli of Stuck In the Middle, and Sage of Sage News Network
Check out and support my guests below: Brock: Instagram @BrockWithTheStrongName and BrockCast wherever you get your podcasts Eli: Sage: Some technical difficulties, as its my first time live streaming to Rumble, so bare with with it :) We discuss Kamala Harris's "rats" fleeing the sinking ship, the Michigan school shooting and the school's own liability in the matter, Ron DeSantis freaking out the left with a proposal to form a "State Guard", and Alec Baldwin's interview on ABC.
December 4, 2021
The Declaration of Independence is so relevant right now...
If you don't yet at least a 3-month supply of emergency food, now would be a great time to stock up!  Also: buy some seeds!!  3 months will give you enough time to get a good garden going to supply supplemental food.  Once the grocery shelves are bare, its too late! Lets look at a few sentences of the Preamble of the Declaration that often go unmentioned... Our Founding Fathers outlined that we have the right to abolish government and begin all over...but what isn't mentioned often is that they tell us *when* it is appropriate.
October 14, 2021
10-12-21 "Giving the Power Back to the People"
Be sure to have at least, at minimum, a 3 month supply of emergency food just in case...with these trying times: Trump said it.  Is he going to deliver?  It sure seems he has already...but We The People must accept it and work for it.   "Mr Franklin, what is it you have given us?" "A republic.  If you can keep it"
October 12, 2021
10/6/2021: We are winning. Joe is uniting us.
Please check out my affiliate at My Patriot Supply.  We are likely to face upcoming supply shortages, including food.  The governments lawfully mandated "surplus" for each citizen is depleted. Have you noticed the grocery store shelves are getting more and more bare?  When it happens, it'll be too late to prep.   Get yourself a 3 month supply at minimum of this 25-year food supply.  Ride out the storm until you can self sustain or the supply chain rebounds!
October 6, 2021
10/3/2021 Weekly Recap: AZ, PA, WI Election updates, COVID, Taiwan vs. China, and what do do about it all!
Be Prepared! Shop here and help support my show: If you don't have a "prepper" mindset and a plan, you need one.  Consider picking up, at the very least, a few months emergency food supply.  Because when the shelves are barren and empty: it's too late.
October 4, 2021
UK Public Health release DESTROYS vaccine narrative!!!!!!
Vaccine deaths in the UK are absolutely bizarre!!  These numbers are entirely contradictory to the "data" health officials are regurgitating to us! Source (table 5):
September 28, 2021
Weekly Review: Maricopa Audit review and Project Veritas Whistleblower!
The day has finally come! 10 months in the making!  Doug Logan, Ben Cotton, and Dr Shiva Ayyadurai finally submitted and shared their audit review documents. Here's my opinion of the report and what needs to be done from here to clean up our elections and win back our country!
September 27, 2021
Exclusive interview with James Knox of, Maricopa Election Canvasser
In this episode, I discuss with James Knox of about the ongoing canvassing that has been kept relatively under the radar since they began back in December of 2020.  We'll discuss what they're doing, what they're asking, and what they're finding! And the latter is pretty shocking!!
August 23, 2021
Our First Amendment and Free Press is under CONGRESSIONAL attack...
And take a wild guess what political ideology/demographic they're shouldn't be too hard to guess. Parler: @RealCannabisConservative Tik-Tok: @CannabisConservative
February 25, 2021
Is the MSM starting to make way for Kamala Harris as President?? And why??
CNN is slowly turning on Joe in a way that won't upset the "democrats" but at the same time, allow for criticisms to pave the way for him to resign and allow Kamala to take over.  She's been the real target...we all know it. And this is all to benefit "Big Tech"
February 19, 2021
Joe Biden's TRAIN WRECK of a Town Hall....Racism, Xenophobia, Genocide, and LIES.
He covered it all last night.  He's racist, dumb, a liar, a xenophobe, completely out of touch with reality, and the "cabal" that TIME spoke of is covering it ALL up.
February 17, 2021
The Impeachment is OVER. STOP celebrating. It is NOT a "victory"!
There is WORK to be done folks!! We all have to work at this.
February 15, 2021
Gina Carano, "Cara Dune", from Mandalorian FIRED over IG post....
Gina Carano was fired for making a factual statement that the Nazi's in Germany used media disinformation to turn German citizens against German Jews in an effort to expose hidden fragments of the religion.  This is fact.  This happened. But Pedro Pascal is still playing the lead in Mandalorian after comparing Trump supporters to confederates and Nazi's in a similar IG post with zero factual basis.
February 11, 2021
When we're censored, regulated, and beaten down...
The censorship was one thing.  But now REGULATING the Free Market to support the "hedge fund billionaire's" what point is "enough enough"??
February 3, 2021
Will there ever be another "fair" election?? Possibly....
Burma is under military control amidst election fraud while the US threatens to take action if they don't allow the "rules of the land" to be followed. Pot: meet kettle. And Gov Cuomo has health officials leaving in big time numbers!!
February 1, 2021
Maricopa County, AZ agrees to a Forensic Audit....but.....
You won't like WHO is doing the audit....
January 28, 2021
Is Joe Biden "The Most Popular President in History"?? And how are his policies thus far going to impact our daily lives??
Joe Biden posted an underwhelming 48% approval rating for his first 5 days thus far in office according to the Rasmussen Daily tracker poll linked below.  By comparison, President Trump and President Obama both came in at 58% and 67%, respectively.  But perhaps the most telling sign of Joe's approval is "The People's Poll":  his social media performance. And how are his flurry of Executive Orders signed in the first few days going to effect you in the long run?  Yikes....that's all I'm gonna say! Some come on in, kick back, and try not to break whatever device you're listening on!!  Goosfraba!! Twitter: @cannabisconserv Facebook:
January 25, 2021