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Canopy Cast is a guest-based podcast that showcases an ecosystem of expertise through thought leadership and innovation. We bring people together to provide value for our audience through impactful stories and experiences.
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Kat Houghton
#33 - Kat Houghton is a behavioral researcher, digital therapy expert, and TED Talk speaker.  We had the honor of bringing her on the podcast to talk about her expertise in those areas and dive deep on her thoughts about some contentious topics in today's world. 
June 07, 2021
Jeff Davis
#32 - Jeff Davis is the Founder & Chairman of Molio, a full-service digital agency that specializes in launching brands with online video at the core.  We discuss product launch, the power of video, and product pitfalls and failures with Jeff in this episode.
May 20, 2021
Matt Sweetwood
#32 - Matt Sweetwood is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in many companies.  During the time of our recording, Matt was the CEO of a luxury rentals company based in Miami called LUXnow.  Matt offers a lot of great advice for careers as well as his experience being brought in as CEO. 
April 21, 2021
Matthew Korban
#31 - Matthew Korban is a certified health coach, executive life coach, and keynote speaker.  In this episode we talk about life transformations, how experiences are pivotal in self-improvement, and how to take first steps forward for yourself. 
April 07, 2021
Curtis Ray
#30 - Curtis Ray is a serial entrepreneur who ultimately found his calling in Finance.  He invented the MPI method of investing in partnership with Mutual of Omaha and is managing thousands of happy clients with their investment portfolios. We discuss traditional retirement plans, history of effectiveness and more.
March 24, 2021
Andy Seth
#29 - Andy Seth is a serial entrepreneur who has also found himself on the artist and author path.  We primarily talk about his experience writing his new book, Bling, as well as the accompanying soundtrack. 
March 12, 2021
Colin McIntosh
#28 - Colin McIntosh is the founder and CEO of Sheets & Giggles, a sassily branded bedding company headquartered in Denver, CO.  Colin started the company when fed up with scratchy, hot bed sheets and it has exploded since being featured in Forbes, BuzzFeed, and more.  We discuss startup hurdles, surprising successes, and how media can change things overnight.
February 24, 2021
Rachael Jackson
#27 - Rachael Jackson is a US Army Veteran Apache helicopter pilot who co-founded and is now the CEO of TRIBAL App. TRIBAL is a community-first social platform bringing people together with inspiring stories and nurturing communities to create positive impact.  We discuss the importance of finding your tribe as well as what can happen when you build something based on it. 
February 11, 2021
Shiloh Johnson
#26 - Shiloh Johnson is the founder and CEO of ComplYantApp, a web-based platform designed to help business owners stay on top of business tax deadlines to save money and increase productivity.  Shiloh discusses the secrets your average CPA doesn't want you to know, as well as how those turned into inspirations for ComplYantApp and where she is today.
January 27, 2021
Ed Vincent
#25 - Ed Vincent is the Founder & CEO of festivalPass, a new way to experience events on a subscription basis.  Ed talks about his idea, where it stemmed from, and their plans to conquer covid while their users are having a hard time experiencing events in-person.
January 13, 2021
Brant Cooper
#24 - Brant Cooper is the CEO of Moves the Needle, a company whose mission is to ignite the entrepreneurial action within large organizations.  We discuss entrepreneurship, what that looks like within an organization, and Brant's passion about his business' impact.
December 30, 2020
Nathan Jones
#23 - Nathan Jones is the Vice President of Sales at WhiteCanyon Software.  We discuss business models including some ideas of his own, sales techniques and what he's seen be successful, and how he's transferred his previous sales skills to software. Website: LinkedIn:
December 16, 2020
Cynthia Del'Aria
Cynthia Del'Aria the CEO and Founder of Raika Technologies.  We discuss the startup culture, her journey as an entrepreneur, and the messy bits of startups that not everyone wants to talk about.   LinkedIn: Website:   Episode Sponsor: Kitcaster -   Show Notes:  Background (1:30)  Different Skill Sets (9:18)  Why Startups Fail (11:00)  Ideas Born Out of Frustration (18:30)  Leadership (27:54)  Unicorns (28:30)  Why Airlines (31:45)  Biggest Mistake (35:45)  Final Questions (46:55)
August 06, 2020
Greg Spillane
#21 Greg Spillane is the CEO of and previous COO for  Greg offers fantastic advice on company culture, what motivates employees, what it means to go from entrepreneur to executive, and how to be a great leader when given the opportunity.   LinkedIn: Website: Episode Sponsor: Kitcaster - Show Notes: Background (3:30) Getting Started with Fancy (7:30) What is Fancy? (9:50) The Process (11:20) Covid (17:40) Culture (21:20) Intrapreneurship (33:00) Final Questions (48:20)
July 31, 2020
Max Mirho
#20 - Max Mirho is the founder of EntrepreNerd and the co-founder of Moss Generation.  We discuss young entrepreneurs, what that looks like in college, and how to apply yourself to different opportunities.  LinkedIn: Website: Episode Sponsor: Oxenham Group - Show Notes: Background (1:45) Entrepreneur Checklist (4:45) Entreprenerd (8:25) Becoming an Entrepreneur (16:00) Moss Generation (19:57) Big Picture Goal (28:35) Being Productive (31:30) Final Questions (47:05)
July 25, 2020
Ryan Frederick
#19 - Ryan Frederick is a product and company builder, investor, best selling author, public speaker, and more.  LinkedIn: Episode Sponsor: Kitcaster - Show Notes: Background (2:37) Small Business vs Startup (6:50) Scale (11:34) The Founder’s Manual (12:50) Being an Entrepreneur (20:00) Discipline (24:20) Tips & Tricks (30:45) The Outdoors (35:45) His Product Company (49:20) Final Questions (55:00)
July 17, 2020
Bob Burg
#18 - Bob Burg is the best selling author of the Go-Giver series of books as well as a world renowned public speaker.   LinkedIn: Website: Twitter: @BobBurg - Episode Sponsor: Oxenham Group - Show Notes: Background (1:45) Author (3:40) Speaker (6:30) Covid (9:00) Story Behind Go-Giver (13:00) Being a Co-Author (15:30) Final Questions (27:00)
July 11, 2020
Chris Chapman
#17 - Chris Chapman is a podcast host and entrepreneur who provides great advice for those wanting to accelerate their careers, especially at a young age. LinkedIn: Podcast: Episode Sponsor: Oxenham Group - Show Notes: Background (1:41) College Experience (8:20) Career (12:05) Work/Life Balance (18:15) Social Media Content (22:20) Next Level Minds Podcast (24:20) Final Questions (34:00)
July 09, 2020
Ali Fischer
#16 - Ali Fischer is a coach, consultant, and mental wellness champion.  She offers fantastic advice on culture and work life balance, and is a lighthouse for women all over who need a North Star in their life.  LinkedIn: Website: Episode Sponsor: Oxenham Group - Show Notes: Background (1:34) Coaching (3:48) Taking the First Step (7:33) Domestic Abuse (10:51) Increase of Violence During Covid (14:39) The Impact on Children & the Future (17:32) Positives She’s Gained (22:13) Professional Career (29:47) Ballet and RaceCar Driver (47:49) Final Questions (58:50)
July 04, 2020
Dr. Aditya Nagrath
#15 - Dr. Aditya Nagrath is the Founder and CEO of Elephant Learning, a software that helps kids learn math and also makes it fun in the process. LinkedIn: Website: Episode Sponsor: Kitcaster - Show Notes: Elephant Learning (1:24) The Process (4:00) Tech Utilization (9:20) SaaS Background (10:55) Initial Inspiration (12:37) Math as a Language (23:29) First Major Breakthrough (30:24) Journey of Publicity (36:00) Where to Find Elephant Learning (39:13) Next Steps (39:50) Final Questions (44:00)
July 01, 2020
Jeffery Bermant
#14 - Jeffery Bermant is the Co-Founder and CEO of Virtual World Computing as well as Cocoon, a private browser that lets you take control of your data.  We discuss security, data, opportunity in the space, and more.  LinkedIn: Website: Episode Sponsor: Kitcaster - Show Notes: Background (1:45) Cocoon (5:03) Inspiration to Help Others (21:32) Current User Base (31:31) Going B2B (32:29) Final Questions (46:13)
June 25, 2020
Matthew Hunt
#13 - Matthew Hunt is an amazing innovator that has grown and exited several businesses successfully.  He is now focusing on AutomationWolf, a B2B automated lead generation agency - an "agency for agencies."   LinkedIn: Website: Episode Sponsor: Oxenham Group - Show Notes: Background (1:33) Biggest Hurdles (4:45) Scaling Transition (8:12) How to Charge (12:42) Right Niche and Clientele (16:45) Strategies for Prospecting (24:04) What is Business (41:19) His Process (46:59) Tips for Community Growth (53:29) Final Questions (59:54)
June 18, 2020
Wendy Glavin
#12 - Wendy Glavin is a marketing, social media, and consulting expert who has 30+ years of experience.  LinkedIn: Website: Show Notes: Background (1:33) Always Trying Things (12:03) Accident (16:20) Live Videos (17:46) Different Mindsets (25:22) Final Questions (34:50)
June 13, 2020
Nathan Simmonds
#11 - Nathan Simmonds is an author and coach who specializes in leadership and getting people in positions they care about.  We discuss what mindset changes need to happen to make those next steps and much more.  LinkedIn: Website: Instagram: @howtofindfulfilment Show Notes: Background (2:15) Turning Point (5:13) Types of Leadership (12:45) Role Models (16:27) Where He’s From (22:50) Tea (23:53) Facing Death (26:16) Daily Tips for Fulfilling Life (27:53) His Process (33:30) Where to Find Nathan (40:20) Final Questions (44:50)
June 10, 2020
Roman Prokopchuk
#10 - Roman Prokopchuk is an entrepreneur in the digital marketing space and top 100 podcaster. We discuss digital marketing, work/life balance, podcasting, and more. Podcast: Digital Savage Experience LinkedIn: Instagram: @romanprokopchuk Episode Sponsor: Oxenham Group - Show Notes: Background (1:52) Hard Working Immigrant (4:28) Coping with Covid-19 (6:56) Becoming a Foster Parent (8:40) Work/Life Balance (11:17) Motivation (17:08) Podcasting (22:27) Favorite Episode (39:43) Tips to Start a Podcast (41:50) Final Questions (44:47)
June 06, 2020
Marisa Sergi
#9 - Marisa Sergi is the CEO and Founder of RedHead Wine.  She started RedHead while at Cornell in their incubation program and has since brought her brand to many stores including Wal-Mart! We discuss startups, incubation programs, food, cheese, and of course, wine.  Marisa provides great insight to wine and the industry as a whole. LinkedIn: TikTok: @marisasergi Facebook: Instagram: @redheadwine - Episode Sponsor: RedHead Wine - Show Notes: Background (1:30) Career and College (7:14) Earning Support Early On (8:55) Getting Into the Wine Industry (13:11) Meeting GaryVee (15:42) Who and How to Hire (22:27) Biggest Obstacles (26:56) Marketing (31:09) Where to Get RedHead (37:12) Seeing Your Product in Stores (38:56) Final Questions (40:48)
June 03, 2020
Ryan Sullivan
#8 - Ryan Sullivan is a rapper, podcast host, podcast producer, and entrepreneur.  We discuss where music is headed with AI, rap culture, and podcasting.  Podcast: Instagram: @sullybop - LinkedIn: Episode Sponsor: SullyBop Show Notes: Why “SullyBop”?  (1:17) Getting into Rap (3:34) Next Big Rappers? (13:47) Being Asked to Freestyle (23:43) Stereotypes (25:37) Different Kinds of Rappers (28:30) Royalty Free Music (34:52) Future of Music with AI (38:27) Podcasting (52:16) Final Questions (55:54)
May 30, 2020
Bill McGuckin
#7 - Bill McGuckin, Owner and Managing Partner of Oxenham Group discusses networking, the hiring process, and what to look for if you are job searching.  Bill breaks down Oxenham's process of finding the perfect candidate. Website: LinkedIn: Episode Sponsor: Oxenham Group - Show Notes: Background -- (2:08) Oxenham Group (6:15) Mock Zoom Interviews (8:40) Digital Interview vs Physical Interview (10:20) Favorite Interview Questions (21:11) Servant Leadership (30:06) Final Questions (38:47)
May 27, 2020
Michel Falcon
#6 - Michel Falcon is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, best selling author, and people first culture advocate.  We discuss business and how it is affected by toxic culture, but can thrive when employees are put first and how this all affects the end result for the client. Podcast: Breaking It Down With Michel Falcon - Website: Instagram: @michelfalcon - LinkedIn: Episode Sponsor: Oxenham Group - Show Notes: Introductions (1:26) Michel's Story (2:07) Thoughts on Education (5:53) His Book (9:58) Learning the Process (15:31) Advice on Company Culture (21:30) Communication and Conflict (37:46)
May 20, 2020
Kyler Miles
#5 - Kyler Miles is a content specialist, podcaster, and creative that has an incredible entrepreneurial spirit.  We discuss the creative culture, how to get over creative blocks, pricing yourself as a creative, and more.  Podcast: Instagram: @kyler_miles - YouTube: LinkedIn:  Episode Sponsor: Oxenham Group - Show Notes Kyler's Journey (2:08) Inspirations (8:10) A Culture for Creatives (12:50) Creative Blocks (20:36) His Process (30:26) How to Price Yourself (36:24) Objectivity vs Subjectivity (41:16) Advice on Starting (45:53)
May 16, 2020
Jordan Mendoza
#4 - Jordan Mendoza is a training and development manager who loves focusing on the human connection throughout his job, podcasting, and consulting.  We discuss what he looks for in hires, what it takes to be good in sales, remote work, and more.  Podcast: Instagram: @jordanjmendoza Twitter: @jordanjmendoza LinkedIn:  Episode Sponsor: Oxenham Group - Show Notes: Introductions (1:25) Origin Story (2:10) Response to Hard Times (7:22) Working from Home (12:14) Clifton Strengths (17:48) What do You Look For in a Hire? (19:42) Getting Into the Training Mindset (23:50) Blaze Your Own Trail (32:50) What is the Next Step for Sales? (43:00) Staying Remote? (50:20) Three Pivotal Moments (56:05)
May 13, 2020
Jesse Todisco
#3 - Jesse Todisco is the Founder & CEO of 46 & 2 Wealth Partners and host for The Jesse Tee Show.  We discuss the entrepreneurial mindset, finance, and showing up in your life for others.  Find Jesse's website and social media through his LinkTree: Episode Sponsor: Oxenham Group - Show Notes: Introductions (1:25) Growing Up in Boston (2:10) Entrepreneurial Mindset (4:15) Truth Resonates with People (9:28) Control You Can Change (13:30) Why Empathy is Important (17:00) Two Current Financial Camps (18:50) What if You Aren't Financially Prepared? (22:30) How Did You Originally Start Your Podcast? (25:10) Exchange of Time Leads to Value (31:51) Biggest Obstacle of Starting a Podcast (37:30) Unofficial Uncles? (40:40) Kids are the Best Teachers (43:13) Date Your Daughter (46:25) Invest In Yourself (53:30)
May 09, 2020
Brian Schulman
#2 - Brian Schulman, Founder and CEO of Voice Your Vibe, is an entrepreneur and LinkedIn Top Voice who has been active on the platform nearly since the beginning. He excels at building communities and connecting people, especially through video.   LinkedIn: Free LinkedIn Masterclass: Free Leap Into Live Streaming Bootcamp: Calendly: Episode Sponsor: Oxenham Group - Show Notes: Introductions (1:26) Brian’s Story (3:40) Keeping a Positive Attitude (10:30) Voice Your Vibe (15:06) LinkedIn Has Changed My Life (20:28) Don’t Discount Your Story (24:30) Go Where the People Are (28:50) What About LinkedIn Got You Interested? (34:38) Three Impactful Moments in LinkedIn (36:45) Post Frequency and Outcomes (39:40) 5 LinkedIn Tips for Video Creators (44:15) Covid-19 Marketing Plan (1:02:10)
May 06, 2020
Mo Ali Heydarpour
#1 - Mo Ali Heydarpour is a professional soccer trainer and influencer who started his professional career playing in Slovakia and Canada only to realize that training was his passion. He is a sensation on both TikTok and Instagram while also breaking into the LinkedIn community with amazing videos and podcasts with the players he trains. Mo Ali has traveled the world training and playing with the best of the best including a 2v2 match with Neymar, a story that he shares with us. Website - LinkedIn - TikTok - @moalifc - Instagram - @moalifc - Facebook - @moalifc - Episode Sponsor: Oxenham Group - Show Notes: Introductions (1:25) Soccer vs. Other Sports (2:35) Cultural Impact of Soccer (4:30) Social Media & Sports (6:00) Past Career & Transition (9:05) Why LinkedIn? (12:43) Favorite Experience? (14:17) Thoughts on MLS Progression (18:27) Training Tips When Traveling or in a Small Space (24:30)
May 02, 2020