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Episode 2 - Samira Jones

An episode of "Can You See Me?" - Women.Leadership.Race with Yolanda Johnson

By Yolanda Johnson
Welcome to "Can You See Me?" - a space to intentionally highlight everyday women and people of color who are leading in their communities, businesses, professions, or homes. This show is purposed to provide a platform for women of all races, people of color and socioeconomic backgrounds to contribute to their community, promote their business or profession, inspire others and strengthen diversity.
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Captivating & Intriguing Episode!! Kashonna Holland - Corporate Trainer, Professional Coach, and Author
 About Kashonna:  Kashonna Holland is an engaging keynote speaker, an inspiring coach, a motivational author, and an insightful corporate trainer. Kashonna is the President & CEO of Simply Kashonna, a business built to promote BOLD, FEARLESS and COURAGEOUS living. She goes beyond surface issues to address the pink elephants that inhibit personal, professional and spiritual potential. Kashonna has helped many people walk through the ambiguity of their lives and on to defining their life’s purpose by discovering their authentic self. Both, in the corporate arena and in the non-profit world, strategic growth and development of people have always been the focal point of her service. Corporately, she has held positions in both Human Resources, as well as the Staffing industry. Additionally, Kashonna spent years in an executive role where crisis intervention and spiritual guidance were her primary responsibilities. Understanding that leadership training and development is essential to any corporation or organization’s growth, Kashonna launched Leading Forward LLC, which is dedicated to enhancing employee engagement, performance, productivity and morale. Kashonna is also the author of 7 Days to Simply Shift: A Daily Guide to Transforming Your Mindset Personally, Professionally and Spiritually. In 2016, Kashonna was the recipient of the Fannie Lou Hamer Award and currently serves on the Howard County Board to Promote Self-Sufficiency and Howard County Commission for Women as a community advocate. No matter the venue, Kashonna will impact you with her contagious energy, vibrant smile, and sincere message. 
March 31, 2019
Featuring Dr. Kumea Shorter-Gooden, Co-Author of “The Double Lives of Black Women.”
About Kumea Shorter-Gooden I grew up in Washington, D.C. and earned a bachelor’s degree magna cum laude from Princeton University and a Ph.D. in clinical/community psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park. I have taught, trained, consulted, and published on issues of equity, diversity and inclusion for more than 25 years. The following experiences have shaped my consulting practice: In the 1960’s, I was recruited and given a full scholarship to integrate a girls’ independent school in Northern Virginia. As a professor, I mentored and educated clinical psychology graduate students, with a focus on their development as culturally responsive practitioners and researchers. I have conducted research on how African American women navigate racial and gender bias, and I co-authored the award-winning book Shifting: The Double Lives of Black Women in America. As a licensed psychologist, I practiced psychotherapy with a diverse population of individuals and couples – in community mental health centers, a college counseling center, and independent practice. I have served as a senior administrator and Chief Diversity Officer at two institutions – Alliant International University and the University of Maryland, College Park.
March 31, 2019
“The Ugly Duckling”....sexual abuse, childhood trauma, and healing.
A powerful and convicting conversation with Dr. JiaJoyce R. Conway of York, PA. Dr. Jia was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a graduate of Coppin State University, where she earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science degree in Nursing. She furthered her education at Chatham University in Pittsburgh where she completed her doctorate degree as an advanced practitioner. Dr. Conway knew early in life that she wanted to take care of, help and educate others. Always a nurturer, pursuing a path that combined healthcare, education, mentorship and coaching just came naturally. Education was not only a route to the pursuit of happiness, but it was how she learned to cope. Consuming herself in work and schooling was a means of not having to deal with her pain of loss and sexual abuse. Despite achieving great success in her career; it was not until she had birthed her first child and nearly lost her marriage did the change truly come. It was at these two major turning points in her life that she made the decision to take her life back from pain and push towards purpose. Dr. Conway is the CEO of Changing From the Inside Out Ministries, LLC and The Epitome of a Woman Life Coaching Academy.
March 23, 2019
Chatting with Author, Mary E. Murrill, CEO of “Rescue Me Virtually”.
Enjoy this episode! I had a great afternoon chatting with Mary E. Murrill as she talks about how she thrived with faith through divorce, breast cancer, and “standing tall in a seated position.”
March 19, 2019
Join me for an intriguing conversation with Damarys Zampini, President and CDO of Sustrategy.
Damarys discusses how she navigates male-dominated industries, defines success, and while being a Latin-Canadian Woman. She also gives a great take on immigration in the US.
March 4, 2019
Part 2 - Tracy Allen, LCSW-C of Reclaiming Hope LLC in Baltimore City, Maryland: Mental Wellness, Entrepreneurship & Mental Health In The Black Community
Part 2 -  Conversation with Ms. Tracy Allen continues! A candid conversation with Ms. Tracy Allen, LCSW-C and owner of Reclaiming Hope LLC in Baltimore City, Maryland. You don't want to miss this! Tracy candidly discusses mental wellness, the joy and challenge of entrepreneurship and mental health in the Black community.  
February 16, 2019
Part 1: Tracy Allen, LCSW-C of Reclaiming Hope LLC in Baltimore City, Maryland: Mental Wellness, Entrepreneurship & Mental Health In The Black Community
A candid conversation with Ms. Tracy Allen, LCSW-C and owner of Reclaiming Hope LLC in Baltimore City, Maryland. You don't want to miss this! Tracy candidly discusses mental wellness, the joy and challenge of entrepreneurship and mental health in the Black community. 
February 16, 2019
Interview #7 - Diane L. Haworth - Author of "How To Choose Love When You Just Want To Slap Somebody"
Listen in on my time with Author and Coach, Diane L. Haworth of Virginia.  Her first book, "How to Choose Love When You Just Want to Slap Somebody" was published by Balboa Press in August 2014. Her TV show, "Heart-Centered Success with Diane L Haworth" debuted in January 2018 in the Washington, DC area with episodes available on YouTube.   After freeing herself from illness, excessive weight and an unsupportive relationship, Diane wanted to help others find the freedom and happiness she now enjoys. As a result, Diane is passionate about helping those who are ready to transform their lives and attract the joy she feels is our birthright. Since 2007, Diane has specialized in blending traditional coaching practices with spiritual truths to help clients release mental, physical and spiritual blocks to success in all areas of their life. 
January 14, 2019
Interview #6 - “Business & Friendship” - Sheila McEwan & Nelisa Howard - Traci Lynn Consultants
Listen to friends and business partners, Lisa and Sheila, as they laugh and talk about sustaining their business partnerships, friendship, marriages and living life over the age of 50!!!!!
December 20, 2018
Chai & Conversation with Cordelia Gaffar, Author and International Speaker.
Interview #5 - A good cup of Chai and Conversation with Author and International Speaker, Cordelia Gaffar. Listen as Cordelia speaks of miscarriages, motherhood, becoming a requested speaker and “Sweet Talk”.
December 18, 2018
Onsite interview with Dr. Carrie Register-Haley - Alexandria, VA
An intriguing conversation in the home of Dr. Carrie Register-Haley, Author & President & CEO of Revelation of Investment Coaching. "The Best Investment Is In One Self"
December 15, 2018
A fun and educational interview with Aleks Trpkovska, Author of “The Pain Free Path To College”.
Interview #3 - Aleks Trpkovska, Mom, Creative Strategist, and Author of “The Pain Free Path To College”.
December 11, 2018
Episode 2 - Samira Jones
A discussion with Samira Jones, Author of "Tough Skin", Life & Business Strategist
December 5, 2018
Episode 1 - Ilka V. Chavez, Author of “What Leaders Say & Do”, President of Corporate Gold LLC
The very first segment of “Can You See Me”!! An exclusive interview with Ilka V. Chavez, Author of “What Leaders Say & Do”, President/Owner of Corporate Gold LLC. She is truly a Beyond Measure Woman, and leader of leaders!!! Enjoy!!
November 28, 2018
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