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After 5 with Capital EA

After 5 with Capital EA

By Capital EA
With over 40 years combined experience in executive assistance, Capital EA's team of senior EAs know what it takes to deliver, succeed and thrive. Managing Director, Ursula Kohler interviews Executive Assistants from all walks of life and includes a few invited guests for intriguing value along the way. Join the conversation today!
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After 5 with Capital EA - Taking a Leap into Administration in order to create a solid foundation for his future success: Mr Jackson Ward
When asked what sets you up well in any role? Jackson sees Administration as a solid starter! At the lovely age of 21, Jackson has moved to Canberra from Sydney to further his life's vision by first commencing in administration then to manoeuvre his way into politics and one day be a Senator or Minister in the big house. Jackson completed a degree in Politics and International Relations this year (2022) and is an avid supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community and its issues. We talk many things including the social policy areas Jackson wishes to advance to help create a larger Canberra LGBTQIA+ Community. Jackson is bright, confident and so genuine in his endeavours, he puts a smile on everyones face that has the pleasure to meet him. Our listeners also have the opportunity to hear a little extra fun that Jackson enjoys doing in his down time, I encourage you to stay on and listen for these fun bits. If you're keen to connect with Jackson Ward, he'd love to hear from you via Linkedin Otherwise, shoot us an email at and we'll arrange a connection with him. As always, if you enjoy listening to our podcasts, please give us a follow, like and share with your friends that may also need to hear a little from us. 
June 29, 2022
After 5 with Capital EA - "the EA role is what you make it!" Chantalle Labutte shares her experiences, drive and tips she has picked up along the way.
Here we have Chantalle Labutte – one word to describe this girl is DRIVEN! She has blown me away with her love for this role, and this is something she has wanted to do since high school. Chantalle talks about how much more there is to the Executive Assistant role, and in her words “it is what you make it”. We discuss the tips and tricks Chantalle has picked up along her career to date, and the importance of managing upwards along with finding balance – so important! For anyone just starting out, or interested in some tips that can help you prioritize and advance in your role, be sure to listen in and reach out should you wis to get in touch with Chantalle. Lasty, if you enjoy our podcast, please follow and share with others so we can keep on doing them 😊
March 30, 2022
After 5 with Capital EA - When customer service trumps long-term experience with Executive Assistant Kristina Sukloska
Upon meeting Kristina last year, I recognised immediately, she was a young woman on a mission! Having just commenced in an EA role within a Federal Government Department, Kristina wanted to hit the ground running…and boy, did she advance quickly. At the tender age of just 22, this girl is going places. One thing stands clear for me when talking with Kristina, that, when meticulously lining up your goals and hitting them, one can really make some BIG trajectory in your career. Our conversation highlights Kristina's background including her further education, learning the role of an EA and all it entails and now entering the APS5 role and working with an Executive Officer too.  There's lots of 'gold nuggets' in this conversation, that provides lots of insights on the new EA transitioning quickly with gusto and determination. If you wish to connect to connect with Kristina, please get in touch with us ( or 02 61090333) and we'll be only too happy to hook you up. Of course, if you or someone you know should tell their EA/PA story…sing out and recommend them! We want to hear and share everyone's story - we all have one to tell! Enjoy the podcast, and don't forget to give us a like :-)
February 15, 2022
After 5 with Capital EA - Taking the opportunity to being a positive impact in someones life with Shaunee Robb
Senior Executive Assistant Shaunee Robb works for the Acting CEO of the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) From Raiders Cheerleader to a very busy CEO office, I found Shaunee to be a woman ready to roll up her sleeves, especially if it's under the banner of being a 'positive impact' to someone which I found incredibly refreshing!  Shaunee recounts her career thus far and shares a little of what her future will hold too, she has tried her hand at finance, HR, project management to Executive support and firmly believes this is the role that provides her with the most bang. Together with her peers over at NIAA, she also conducts a National Induction Session for new EAs onboarding twice per year, her mission is to ensure she is always a great mentor and considers it paramount that EAs work on their own foundation to set themselves up right from the beginning to own your role and be a confident strategic partner. Take a listen and be sure to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it as this keeps us motivated to roll them out for you :-)
December 21, 2021
After 5 with Capital EA - the EA role gave me all the skills required to be a Senior Advisor with Gemma Beggs
Finding solutions and 'herding cats' was the key message in our little chat with Gemma Beggs this month! This one was developed to give some deeper insights into what's required to transition from EA to Senior Advisor. Working in the Victorian Government just 3 months has provided its challenges, but none that as so far ruffled Gemma. Gemma moved from Canberra to take up this career opportunity and it she is super proud of demonstrating her skillset in stakeholder management, negotiation, time management and maintaining systems and processes successfully. Whilst being motivated by her boss to continue to push ahead in her role, it was also the confidence to believe in herself and kick things up a little by building trust in those that she works with to continue to drive the things that she's keen to see developed in the office and her executive team. I encourage you to connect with Gemma via LinkedIn and reach out if you have any questions, she is more than happy to have a chat with any EAs that are looking to progress to these roles and has a wealth of insights that can help! If you enjoyed this podcast, please like and share it with your network. You just never know who may need to hear and it also gives us motivation to keep things real in this industry we have all come to work so hard in.  Ursula x
November 30, 2021
After 5 with Capital EA - from Child Care to APS5 EA role Lizzie Colquhoun shares her experience to date all at the ripe age of 23 years old!
What a super duper person Lizzie is, she completely blew my mind with her tenacious attitude toward everything she put her hand to!  Lizzie is 23 years old and has taken to the role of being an EA after her mum's advice that she'd be great at it. She shares her transition from child care, call centres, countless interviews and how critical communication is for a successful way forward. Lizzie's message to everyone listening, is 'don't be afraid to ask questions', it has meant so much to her achieving advancement and overall promotion in her career already. For anyone just starting out, or interested in some tips that can help advance. Be sure to listen  in and reach out should you wish to get in touch with Lizzie. Lastly, if you enjoy our podcast, please follow and share with others so we can keep on doing them :-)
October 12, 2021
After 5 with Capital EA - Extra Considerate, Extra Calm and Extra Change is what keeps Nikki-Lee Prismall from KPMG going!
Extra is actually a great word to sum up Nikki-Lee, she provides extra to everything she applies her hand to. Developing a passion for people, Nikki-Lee shares her transition points merging from receptionist to working for 7 years with Deceased Estates at Tasmanian Perpetual Trustee  dealing with grief, anger and sadness! Nikki-Lee has gained so much insight by working with people at all emotional stages in their lives. Nikki-Lee has been a Volunteer in an interesting field, doing an incredible job as it was here that Nikki-Lee was introduced to the world of the Executive Assistant and through this opportunity took her  Nikki-Lee has been the Office Manager, EA to the COO and now Manager of Business Support working at KPMG Tasmania.  I encourage you to connect with Nikki-Lee, she's the absolute bomb and is so happy to share her ideas, mentorship and network. Nikki-Lee can be contacted via LinkedIn here -
September 03, 2021
After 5 with Capital EA - Having a clear vision towards your goal, is what sets you apart from the rest! Ms Michelle Oliver
I was first introduced to Michelle at an EA networking event and I found her instantly engaging due to her 'what you see, is what you get' down to earth demeanour. I've come to learn over the years that being YOU for who YOU are is a learned experience, in that the very things that occur in your life can drawer you closer each day to being okay with how you came out the other side! Michelle is open, real and I particularly enjoyed hearing about her team and how her senior executive works. Mr David Fredericks PSM, Secretary to the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources has an in-depth understanding of how his team works, which makes the world of difference in each of them working so well together. They are essentially a very high-functioning team and work so hard to maintain it, I have so much respect for their diligence to keep it moving all so well. So my question is, how do we teach our bosses to understand exactly what we do? Why not ask Michelle? She can be contacted via LinkedIn here or make a comment and I'll ensure she gets it! If you like our podcasts, please remember to rate it and share it with your peers :-) Enjoy this, it's a real insight at it's best!! Keep up the good work!
July 28, 2021
After 5 with Capital EA - From Personal Assistant to 'Laughing Coach' this month we get to learn all about what it takes to laugh more often with special guest Ms Annie Harvey
When I was first introduced to the idea of chatting with Annie, it was mostly the fact that she had the wondrous title of 'Laughing Coach' that drew me in! I mean who doesn't want to know how to laugh more…right?  What did surprise me was Annie's work background including Personal Assistant support, PR & Marketing for Guinness Beer and Gordon's Gin, working as a primary school teacher, a tutor, being made redundant, enduring three corporate burnouts and designing a Ted X training session!  Annie's story is simply remarkable and incredibly interesting. I encourage you to listen in and hear why laughter can really help eliminate stress, overwhelm and general unhappiness!  I am on board completely, and can say quite confidently she got me laughing! Annie is a proud South Australian and can be contacted via web or LinkedIn Let us know your thought and whether she got you laughing! Enjoy…xx
March 22, 2021
After 5 with Capital EA - It's time to lean on yourself in order to create the life you dreamed of: Ms Adele Selby
Listening to Adele Selby share her experiences as an EA and why she made the decisions she did in her career, is why I love producing these podcasts. For any EAs thinking of embarking on a sideline hustle or even venturing into something they've always wanted to do, then you will enjoy this chat. Adele is an EA working with Lander & Rogers (Law Firm based in Melbourne), she commenced with them more than 17 years ago! Adele talks about the critical guidance she received early in her career, and how it essentially set her up for the success she has accomplished. Adele has dyslexia and found a way to embrace it all whilst managing a role that required a distinct eye fo detail. Along with her EA role, Adele is Co-Founder of Sorelle Events, Co-Chair of Trib Australia   I thoroughly enjoyed our chat and Adele's authentic open approach to life, she speaks of the 'Generosity of Spirit' and that is exactly the words I think of when you meet Adele. Enjoy and please comment, follow and connect with Adele if you would like to know/learn more about her and what she's done to be successful.
January 27, 2021
After 5 with Capital EA - This month we're talking Mental Health and what we learned during this COVID19 year with special guest and psychologist Ms Lacey Clews
Have you struggled during this 'unusually different' year? It has not been easy for so many, particularly for EAs in having to juggle it all! Lacey Clews is a registered psychologist with over 20 years experience and shares with us what is typically happening on the ground for people during this time. She shares insights and ideas that could help your general wellbeing, whether it be to remember to simply 'just breathe' to checking in and taking stock on how you're actually feeling. If you're wanting to get in touch with Lacey, you can reach her via her website
November 24, 2020
After 5 with Capital EA - If there is a way to add joy to your all means add it! :-) Mr Nick Ginsburg
Our EA guest this month is larger than life, Nick Ginsburg. He has jumped into the online world this year with lots of gusto to share with EAs everything he knows about how to become successful, remain successful and true to yourself along the way! Nick is the EA to the Provost and Senior Vice President at Monash University. Nick shares his story about pivotal steps he took to push himself out of his comfort zone, how being vulnerable played a big part and people he sought advice from to help guide him along the way. We share some deep and meaningfuls about surviving and thriving in the EA role! You'll be sure to pick up a few ideas from this one......let us know what you think and don't forget to subscribe! x
September 16, 2020
After 5 with Capital EA - Starting out in the EA Career can be daunting, but if you're anything like Harry, the role of EA provides many opportunities: Mr Harry Burgess
Harry is 21 years old, he is bright and has an incredibly open mindset to seize the moment! He continues to trial opportunities that present themselves and as his workplace engages regularly with parliamentarians and tight turnaround times, Harry has a calmness about him that resonates in all that he does! Harry shares the importance of connection with the team and why choosing the best channel to be yourself, take advice from your Mum and give the app Couch to 5K a go to get you moving again. Enjoy this really lovely chat!
September 08, 2020
After 5 with Capital EA - The Supportive Partnership: Ms Bev Sims
Bev is the Executive Assistant to Dr Martin Parkinson, current Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Bev shares some real insights into working within the executive team to deliver frontline outcomes! Bev's EA experience spans over 30 years and it is clearly displayed here in her very fine words of wisdom.
September 08, 2020
After 5 with Capital EA - Looking back to the future providing private sector EA support in 2020: Ms Nadene Smith
Nadene is an Executive Assistant with Leidos, she has over 20 years experience working in the private sector. Nadene talks on her past opportunities, working with the Australian Medical Association, Booz and Company, HP and Leidos Australia now from her home office during COVID-19. Nadene shares some great insights on what she's discovered to work well whilst at home and with various personalities working to a direct lead and four managers within her team at Leidos.
September 08, 2020
After 5 with Capital EA - We're talking big topics, real life, and why sweating the small stuff is history!: Invited Guest Ms Bin Barnier
We all get caught up in the small stuff, but when a life threatening event hits you, a whole new perspective when does the big stuff become your priority? Bin shares her 'present reality' and how being too busy can really be a serious issue! Bin is a mentor and coach and incredibly motivational woman that everyone needs to connect with!
September 08, 2020
After 5 with Capital EA - What keeps us going: Ms Narelle Mamic
Our conversation with Narelle was simply inspiring! Resilience is the first word that comes to mind, and when working as an EA for over 25 years, resilience can be a learned skill and one that Narelle describes beautifully. This is essentially what keeps us going after 25 years as an Executive Assistant! Enjoy!
September 08, 2020
After 5 with Capital EA - Working as a Virtual EA with Capital EA: Ms Sarah Walter
Sarah is one of the VA super stars within the Capital EA family! Sarah talks experiences working with a virtual executive assistant business over the past 4 years and shares her tips and tricks in working remote with a young family in tow!
September 08, 2020
After 5 with Capital EA - Transitioning in your EA career: Ms Geraldine Rossiter
Geraldine chats with me about transitioning in the EA career, by moving into a completely new role and being promoted to an EO. Gerry shares her steps taken on moving, which was actually quite methodical including gaining some coaching to help with the succession plan!
September 08, 2020
After 5 with Capital EA - The EA Career: Ms Cathryn Rodriguez
We welcome the wonderful Cathryn Rodriguez to After 5 this afternoon. Cathryn is the Executive Assistant to the Director of the Australian War Memorial, The Hon Dr. Brendan Nelson AO BMBS FRACP (Hon) FAMA. Today we chat about her career to date, personal experiences and why she loves being an EA!
September 08, 2020
With over 30 years combined experience in executive assistance, Capital EA's Ursula Kohler and Carly Hartas know what it takes to deliver, succeed and thrive. Join the conversation!
September 08, 2020