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Capital Hacking

Capital Hacking

By Josh McCallen, Erik Cabral
Co-hosts Josh McCallen and Erik Cabral are on a mission to bring massive value to entrepreneurs and investors who want to elevate their game! Move from Motivation to MOMENTUM EFFICIENTLY & with MAXIMUM IMPACT! Capital Hacking shows how Human Capital & Cash Capital work together to create POWER! "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility" – Ben Parker
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E111: How to Buy a Business with J Scott of BiggerPockets

Capital Hacking

E111: How to Buy a Business with J Scott of BiggerPockets

Capital Hacking

E191: How to Retire in 7 Years with Arianne Lemire
Arianne Lemire is a wealth creator and real estate investor who now owns over 1,800 multifamily units and flipped over 500 houses in the last several years in the Florida Panhandle. Her passion is to educate others on how they can do real estate investing for themselves. In this episode, Arianne talks about the value of educating yourself, the concept of delayed finance strategy, braving through your fears related to investing, and the secret to building a system that can do 100 house flips in a year. Through their website,, they teach people how to retire in seven years. You're not actually going to retire. But you will have this passive income that pays for your needs and wants – and more! Reference Links BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast YouTube Channel Wealth Gym
August 5, 2021
E190: A Lawyer’s Expertise on Crowdfunding Investing with Nathaniel Dodson
Nathaniel Dodson is a lawyer and an expert in real estate crowdfunding investing. He is also the founder of the Dodson Law Firm and In this episode, we jump into the vocabulary of the legal terminology we should know when it comes to certain types of syndications. Nathaniel teaches us about what crowdfunding is and the types of investors they are best for. We also learn about the pros and cons of crowdfunding, the differences between Regulation D and Regulation CF investments, the various costs associated, and how to properly market your project to meet the legal standards. Reference Links Crowdfunding Lawyers Realty Bits Juniper Square Fund Me
July 29, 2021
E189: How to 10x Your 4-Hour Workweek with BJ Kraemer
BJ Kraemer is the President and CEO of MCFA, which manages construction projects for the army. He’s also host of the podcast Inspiring People and Places Together with Josh McCallen he is also co-founder of Hospitality Restoration & Development. In this episode, BJ teaches us how to upgrade our minds by using a method of ‘10x Your Four-Hour Work Week’, based on the popular book by Tim Ferriss. NJ shares how he got into construction management after studying at West Point Military Academy, and joining the Army Corps of Engineers where he learned how to become a leader and nurture human capital. BJ and Josh also discuss how they originally met and were able to create a new business venture called Hospitality Restoration and Development. Reference Links BJ’s LinkedIn BJ’s Facebook MCFA Global Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robet Kiyosaki The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss
July 22, 2021
E188: Low Cost Short-Term Rental Investment Strategies with Julian Sage & Jon Bell
Julian Sage and Jon Bell a short-term real estate investment team and Airbnb experts. They also run Cohostit Property Management and host the popular podcasts, Short Term Rental Success Stories and Vacation Rental Machine Podcast. In this episode Julian and Jon discuss how they got into short-term rentals, and how they met on a Facebook group for real estate investors. They discuss how they use a model called ‘Master Lease Investing’ or ‘Rental Arbitrage’ to maximize their short-term rental returns. We also learn the ins and outs of finding properties, and how to manage and furnish them to keep costs low. Reference Links Short Term Sage Cohostit Property Management Short Term Rental Success Stories Podcast Vacation Rental Machine Podcast BiggerPockets
July 15, 2021
E187: Acquire Businesses for Faster Returns with Nick Bradley
Nick Bradley is a world-renowned business growth expert and the owner of Scale Up Your Business. In this episode, Nick shares with us how he got into private equity and scaling up business after he spent years as an efficiency expert helping struggling companies. He then takes us through the process of acquiring business, and how he uses his 7 value perspectives to help target finding good companies to buy. We also learn about leveraged buyouts, how to quickly make a return on your business investment, and the best path for new entrepreneurs. At the end of the show, Nick leaves us with a little teaser on the best place to find good deals on companies that are for sale. Reference Links Nick’s LinkedIn Nick’s Instagram Scale Up Your Business Scale Up Your Business Podcast Scale Up Your Business Facebook Community
July 8, 2021
E186: Flipping Long-Term Rentals into Cash Flowing Short-Term Rentals with Tim Hubbard
Tim Hubbard is an expert in the short-term real estate pro, and Airbnb expert, and an investment coach through his program Rest Methods. He’s also host of the popular podcast Short Term Rental Riches. In this episode, Tim shares with us how he got into short term real estate investing after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and combining those lessons with his love of traveling. He shares with us how Airbnb has taken on the hospitality resort space, and how to compete with hotel experiences. Tim is also an expert in turning long-term rentals into short-term cash flow, what the differences are in terms of geographic location, occupancy levels to aim for, and how to analyse a good investment. Reference Links Rest Methods Real Estate Coaching Short Term Rental Riches Podcast Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki Real Estate Guys Radio AirDNA Homeaway/Vrbo
July 1, 2021
E185: Airbnb Rental Income Maximized with Jean Haisch
Jean Haisch is both a short and long-term rental property investor located in Miami, FL. She is also the owner of Eagle REI, LLC. We initially met Jean through the Real Estate InvestHER community, and she recently became a resort investor with Josh’s Accountable Equity community. In this episode, Jean talks with us about how she got her start in rental property investing after she turned her first house into a long-term rental. She eventually rented the guest house on her new property through Airbnb, and then bought a triplex to short-term rent as well. Jean teaches all about the Airbnb market, and how things have changed over the years. We also learn how the transactions work and how to avoid common scams. Jean then discusses the importance of education through investor communities, and the value meetups can bring.  Reference Links  Jean on BiggerPockets  The Real Estate InvestHER Community  Accountable Equity
June 24, 2021
E184: Refi & Roll plus the Dual Asset Strategy with Gino Barbaro
Gino Barbaro is a multifamily real estate investor, a mentor, teacher, and BiggerPockets contributor. He is also a podcaster with Multifamily Zone Podcast, and Wheelbarrow Profits Podcast. In this episode, Gino talks about the values he learned from working at his family’s restaurant business, and how he got into multifamily real estate with his partner Jake. They eventually expanded their brand Rand Partners into a syndication company, property management company, and education platform. We also learn about cap rates and how they relate to rental income, dual asset strategies with whole life insurance investing, and the future of Airbnb and how it fits into his investment strategy. Reference Links Gino’s Email Jake and Gino Multifamily Mastery
June 17, 2021
E183: From Medicine to Private Investment Pro with Amit Gaglani
Amit Gaglani is an entrepreneur, business owner, physical therapist, and board certified clinical specialist in orthopedics. He is also a founding partner of Alliance Physical Therapy Partners. In this episode, Amit shares his incredible story about how he built his company, expanded his offices to a national level, and now has almost 100 clinics. We also learn about why joining a practice like his is more cost effective for a practitioner than running a solo mom and pop shop. He also stresses how he was heavily influenced by the books E-Myth, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and the Cashflow Quadrant, which helped create the foundation for his business model. Amit discusses how he met Josh through hearing him on The Family Office Podcast, and then went to check out his property Renault Winery as a potential investor, and how his due diligence helped expand his tribe.  Reference Links  Amit’s Email Alliance Physical Therapy Partners The Family Office Podcast  The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber  Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
June 10, 2021
E182: Royal Legal Solutions for Ultimate Financial Freedom with Scott Smith
Scott Smith is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and attorney with Royal Legal Solutions. In this episode, Scott gives us a crash course in what we need to do to legally prepare ourselves as investors. What makes Royal Legal Solutions unique is that it educates the average investor on legacy planning, saving money on taxes, and lawsuit protection. It also makes things affordable by bringing asset protection, estate planning, tax strategies all under one roof. Scott then breaks it down as to what happens when an investor joins his organization as a member, and what it means to have durable financial freedom! Reference Links Royal Legal Solutions BiggerPockets Podcast 109 Tim Ferriss
June 3, 2021
E181: A Deal Deep Dive Into Fourplex Investing with Steve Olson
Steve Olson is a real estate investor with Fourplex Investment Group (FIG). His company offers a unique opportunity known as “built to rent investing”. In this episode, Steve takes us into the world of fourplex real estate. We learn about finding good markets, building and managing properties, and the types of investors best for this kind of investment. Steve then walks us through the investing and construction process, what the requirements are, and runs the numbers for us. Reference Links Fourplex Investment Group Robert Allen agfSni7XX8QtTSq4baoK
May 27, 2021
E180: The Gift of Gobundance with Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan is the CEO of GoBundance, a mastermind group for successful men who want to strengthen their journey in life. In this episode, we go all in on building meaningful relationships and how to find your support tribe. Chris talks about his history of wanting to elevate and help others since he created his own mastermind back in 1996. He also discusses several meaningful encounters he had with others that helped define his path. We then talk about the power of GoBundance, accountability, and how to get the best value out of a mastermind. Reference Links GoBundance Halftime by Bob P. Buford Tribe of Millionaires by David Osborn More Than Money by Michael A. Cole
May 20, 2021
E179: BiggerPockets CEO Scott Trench “Let Your Financial Freedom Ring”
Scott Trench is an accomplished real estate investor, author, and podcaster, and CEO of BiggerPockets. In this episode, Scott joins us to talk about the world of financial independence and using frugality to build wealth. He shares how he initially became a part of the BiggerPockets community, and how he joined the team after meeting the founder Josh Dorkin. Scott teaches us his meaning of financial freedom, and how to use frugality as a tool by starting off small to achieve your goals. We also discuss BiggerPockets' influence on the real estate investing community, why it works so well, and where the community and the brand is headed next! Reference Links Scott Trench on BiggerPockets First Time Home Buyer Book First-Time Home Buyer Bonus Josh Dorkin on BiggerPockets Mr. Money Mustache
May 13, 2021
E178: Steve Sims - Make Things Happen through Successful Masterminds
Steve Sims is a well-respected thought leader, keynote presenter, coach, podcaster, and author of the book “Bluefishing”. In this episode, we take a wild ride with Steve as he talks about how his anger and frustration with life projected him on a path to success. He went on to develop the first luxury experiential concierge service, which created an opportunity for him to work closely with many high profile entrepreneurs. Steve shares the fantastic story about his new book “Bluefishing'', and the meaning behind the name. We also discuss the importance of communication, connecting with people, and the power of successful masterminds. Steve details the importance of creating a well-structured mastermind by focusing more on solving an audience’s problems, rather than selling who’s on stage. Reference Links Steve’s Website Entrepreneur's Advantage with Steve Sims Facebook Group The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday Joel Weldon
May 6, 2021
E177: The Future of Investing through Investment Clubs with Richard C. Wilson
Richard C. Wilson is the Founder and CEO of Family Office Club, which is the largest association in the family office wealth management industry. He is also the creator of Investor Club, which offers tax efficient income-focused investments. Richard joins us on the show again (he originally appeared in Episode 17), to talk to us about the future of investing with Investor Club. We learn about where the idea came from, how it fits into the Family Office Club universe, and how the deal structures introduce a new concept called the “gross revenue royalty payment”. We also cover topics on the Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) Community, broker dealers, and where the culture of Opportunity Zones is headed. Reference Links Family Office Club Investor Club Centimillionaire Strategies by Richard WIlson
April 29, 2021
E176: Maximize Your Returns with Build and Flip Investments with Dan Lesniak
Dan Lesniak is an entrepreneur, condo developer with Hyperfast Development, and creator of the Hyperfast Academy. Dan joins us again a second time (he first appeared on Episode 26) to talk about how he became one of the top selling condo developers in the US. His team is slated to net over $800M in sales this year. He discusses his real estate strategy, how to build a good support system, and why the power of ‘build and flip’ is better in certain markets compared to renting. We also dive into what it’s like to invest with his team, as we break down the numbers on the cost of construction, selling, and maximizing returns. Reference Links Hyperfast Development Hyperfast Academy and Podcast The HyperLocal HyperFast Real Estate Agent Book Grid Community Dan’s Instagram Dan’s Facebook Gobundance
April 22, 2021
E175: Presentation Power Secrets with Pat Quinn
Pat Quinn is a world renowned presentation coach and member of Advance Your Reach. In this episode we learn all about how to create an impactful live presentation that will motivate your audience to take action. Pat takes us through the ‘4 Parts’ of making an effective presentation that will help create the highest conversion rates. We also learn about the importance of speaking your audience’s language, telling emotional stories, and how to create a call to action that targets both tactical and emotional decision makers. Plus, learn how to get your free copy of the “The 15 Key Ingredients of a Signature Talk”! Reference Links Advance Your Reach The 15 Key Ingredients of a Signature Talk How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnagie The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes Influence by Robert B. Cialdini To Sell Is Human by Daniel H. Pink Messengers by Stephen Martin
April 15, 2021
E174: Enhance Your Investing through Franchises with Kim Daly
Kim Daly has been a franchise consultant for almost 20 years, and has coached both franchisees and franchisors in how to build a thriving business. In this episode, Kim talks all about this niche investment opportunity and how she got started as a consultant. We learn why franchising is so important as an investment, who it’s best for, and how it goes way beyond just food and retail. Kim also discusses how a well-managed franchise can survive during COVID, the process of buying or selling a franchise, and how to finance one, including through a qualified retirement account! Reference Links The Daly Coach - Website The Daly Coach - YouTube Kim’s LinkedIn
April 8, 2021
E173: The Midas Touch with Building Successful Franchises with Brian Beers
Brian Beers is a real estate investor, podcaster, and successful franchise business owner, including the legendary Midas auto repair centers. In this episode we talk about what is like buying, running, and growing a franchise as a family business. We discuss the pros and cons, costs involved, running a service during the pandemic, and building a strong team around your core values. Brain is also a part of GoBundance, and talks about how being a part of that community has changed how he approaches being a manager and investor. He’s also starting a new podcast called Business with Beers, where he covers topics about what he’s learned along the way building businesses. Be sure to follow him on social media for the official launch! Reference Links Brian’s Instagram Brian’s Twitter The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly GoBundance
April 1, 2021
E172: The Little Green Book of Real Estate Note Investing with Fred Moskowitz
Fred Moskowitz is an entrepreneur, investor, and an expert in real estate note investing. He is also the author of the new book “The Little Green Book of Note Investing”. Fred joins us on the show for a second time to talk about this alternative investment asset class and how it can benefit you. We define what alternative investing is and how it compares to Wall Street, and look at active vs passive investment approaches. Fred then tells all about his new book and what it covers. We dive in deep into what real estate notes are, how they work, and discuss real estate note funds as a passive investment strategy. Don’t forget to stick around to the end to learn how you can get your free gift from Fred! Reference Links Fred’s Website
March 25, 2021
E171: Level Up Your Outreach with Live Virtual Events with Shay Wheat
Shay Wheat is a certified corporate event planner and owner of Grace and Ease Productions. In this episode, Shay takes us through the world of event planning and how it can help your business to make new connections and build customers. We crack the code on how to create a successful virtual event that’s engaging for your audience. Shay teaches us when it's the right time for your business to do an event, and how to provide value in what you can offer. Don’t forget to stay to the end to learn about how you get your free Top 10 Virtual Event Tips! Reference Links Shay’s Website Event Profit Identifier Top 10 Virtual Event Tips Pete Vargas - Advance Your Reach
March 18, 2021
E170: Real Estate Investing for Regular People with Alex Felice
Alex Felice is a real estate investor and mentor with Broke is a Choice, co-host of the Military to Millionaire Podcast, and a producer and content creator for BiggerPockets. He has invested in several single family, multifamily, and syndication deals all while learning on the way. In this episode, Alex walks us through some of his deals, his missteps, how he was able to raise capital and get out of massive debt. We also learn about how he got involved with the BiggerPockets community, and how he was able to build the right team by leveraging all of his skills. Reference Links Alex’s Website Alex Facebook From Military to Millionaire Podcast BiggerPockets
March 11, 2021
E169: Cruising into Motel Real Estate with Nick Medina
Nick Medina is a serial entrepreneur and real estate investor. He’s the founder of telecom company M2 Group, and the owner of The Motor Lodge motel in Prescott, Arizona. In this episode, Nick takes us through his real estate journey in multifamily properties and his newly acquired motel. We learn about the advantage real estate has over the stock market, and how to use cost segregation and the 1031 exchange for tax planning. Nick also gives us the lowdown on how he runs his motel, and how his telecom business helps other hotels and multifamily properties. We then get into how Nick and Josh met through GoBundance and the value it has added to their lives. Reference Links Nick’s LinkedIn The Motor Lodge GoBundance
March 4, 2021
E168: Multifamily Missteps and Lessons Learned with Jerome Myers
Jerome Myers is a multifamily real estate investor with Myer’s Development Group, a coach, and host of the popular podcasts Dream Catchers and Multifamily Missteps. In this episode Jerome shares his journey into real estate after becoming frustrated with working for Corporate America. He talks about the challenges he faced getting into real estate with no experience, and what it was like securing his first deal. Jerome also discusses finding a partner while having a limited skill set, and how to seek funding when you don’t want to be a syndicator. Reference Links Jerome’s LinkedIn Myer’s Development Group Multifamily Missteps Podcast Dream Catchers Podcast
February 25, 2021
E167: The Future of Crowdfunding Deals with Republic CEO Chuck Pettid
Chuck Pettid is the CEO of Republic crowdfunding portal, a platform for investment opportunities in startups, gaming, real estate, and crypto. In this episode, Chuck talks about how this platform offers a different kind of fundraising model for companies and investors. He walks us through how a company would go about getting funding through Republic, the services it provides, and how campaigns are structured. We learn about the newer Regulation CF, how it differs from Regulation A, and what the rules are when it comes to soliciting funding. Chuck also discusses how the qualification of an “accredited investor” is changing and what it could mean for you as an investor. Reference Links Republic Crowdfunding Portal Republic Real Estate Co-Heads Janine Jesse
February 18, 2021
E166: Tax-Advantaged Passive Real Estate Investing with Jim Pfeifer
Jim Pfeifer is a passive real estate investor and the founder of Left Field Investors, a community designed to educate and bring passive investors together. In this episode, Jim talks about how he switched from Wall Street to Main Street after years of being a financial advisor and a reinsurance specialist. We learn about the different real estate options for passive investors, the tax advantages of investing through self-directed IRAs and self-directed 401(k)s, and the process of hard money lending. Jim also walks us through his current portfolio and the types of deals he’s looking for next. Reference Links Jim’s Email Left Field Investors
February 11, 2021
E165: GameStop - A Modern Wall Street Hack with Andy Wang
Financial Advisor Andy Wang from Runnymede Capital Management and the popular Inspired Money Podcast, returns to our show to talk about the recent GameStop stock phenomena. Andy gives us a breakdown about what happened and how this event could change the future of Wall Street regulation. We speculate about what GameStop can do from a business perspective in this unprecedented situation. We also learn about the definition of “return of equity” and how a business goes about projecting its earnings. Reference Links Runnymede Capital Management Inspired Money Podcast
February 5, 2021
E164: Horse Mastermind & Capital Hacking with Alex Breshears
Alex Breshears is a military spouse the founder of Infinite Road Investment, a private lender that connects investors. She is also the creator of the Private Lending Lessons Facebook group, which aims to teach others the world of raising capital. In this episode, Alex talks about how her constant moving as a military family combined with her love for horses created her calling to be a syndicator and private lender. We also walk through what it's like developing a business plan for an equestrian facility, and we learn why it was so important for Alex to want to teach others passive investing and capital raising. Reference Links Infinite Road Investments Private Lending Lessons Facebook Group The Hands-Off Investor by Brian Burke Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Game Dave Ramsey
January 30, 2021
E163: Learn “Residential Assisted Living” Real Estate Investing with Gene Guarino
Gene Guarino is a master of residential assisted living real estate. He is also a trainer, presenter, and owner of the RAL Academy and Majestic Residences franchise. In this episode, Gene talks about how he got into the space of creating residential senior assisted living, and then how developed the RAL (Residential Assisted Living) Academy to teach others. Gene has also created a franchise called Majestic Residences for converting these types of properties. We learn about what it's like to create and run a franchise and who this type of investment is for. As a bonus, don’t forget to listen at the end to learn how to get a free copy of his book “Blueprint”! Reference Links RAL Academy Majestic Residences Franchise System Pitch Masters Academy Real Estate Guys Radio BiggerPockets
January 21, 2021
E162: The Ultimate Sales Machine Secrets with Amanda Holmes
Amanda Holmes is the CEO of Chet Holmes International, a company founded by her father, the late and legendary sales strategist Chet Holmes. Chet was also the author of the book “The Ultimate Sales Machine”, which Amanda is currently updating. In this episode, Amanda shares many amazing sales strategies with us. We learn the “seven steps of making a sale” and how to build a rapport with prospects. Amanda also stresses the importance of developing a core story for your business and why you need to share it with your sales team. We also discuss the “Dream 100” strategy, the “CEO bunt”, and the “Buyers Pyramid” and how you can implement them to double your sales immediately. Reference Links Chet Holmes International Chet Holmes Free Resources
January 14, 2021
E161: Start “Wealth Building with Friends” - Our New Podcast!
We have a big announcement to make! We are excited to introduce to you a brand new show we are launching called Wealth Building with Friends. This new show is a round table discussion hosted by couples Josh & Melanie McCallen, and Usha Patel & Bob Wells, where we have thoughtful conversations with everyday, hardworking families as we discuss the experiences that have been the touchstones of our unique journeys to financial freedom. In this episode, we replay our official Facebook Live announcement for Wealth Building with Friends. We feature many special guests as we talk about this new format and cover topics that will be exciting for all kinds of investors. So please subscribe to our new show and join us at the table! Reference Links Wealth Building with Friends
January 9, 2021
E160: How to Find the Right Insurance for Your Business with Jeremy Goodrich
Jeremy Goodrich is a property and business insurance expert. He is the owner of Shine Insurance and host of the REI Clarity Podcast. In this episode Jeremy tells us everything we need to know to properly insure our businesses. We review all the different types of insurance and coverage including “Property and Casualty”, plus how they work in various circumstances. Jeremy also discusses the difference between an agent and a broker, and how to go about finding a quality agent who understands your needs and can provide you options. We also get into what insurance programs are, the typical mistakes property investors make when buying insurance, and why it’s never a good idea to under insure a property. Reference Links Shine Insurance Shine Insurance YouTube REI Clarity Podcast
December 23, 2020
E159: Dentists LOVE to Fill Investment “Cavities” with David Iglewicz
David Iglewicz is a powerhouse of energy real estate investor. He is also a passionate coach, mentor, and a pediatric dentist! In this episode, we drill in deep with David as he explores his “why” as an investor after dealing with some life-changing events. He feels a strong passion for wanting to share what he realized about real estate investing, and it’s become his life’s mission to teach others. We also learn about dealing with the fear mindset, and how not to depend on Wall Street for your financial future. This episode was recorded at PodMAX, an event where entrepreneurs can broadcast their message and brand on top rated podcasts in their industry. Reference Links David’s Email Prostoig Capital Dentalpreneur Podcast Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki Biggerpockets
December 22, 2020
E158: How to Fund That Flip with VP of Marketing Kendall Bazan
Kendall Bazan is the VP of Marketing for Fund That Flip, a marketplace providing short term loans and investment funds for real estate investors. In this episode, Kendall talks about her passion for marketing and wanting to communicate with people after living and studying abroad. We then get into the nuts and bolts of Fund That Flip, how it works, the types of investors it's for, and the funds they offer. We also analyse a use case, as Kendall walks us through how one might use their services to fund a real estate investment. Kendall then leaves us some tips on how to think about marketing in an effective way. This episode was recorded at PodMAX, an event where entrepreneurs can broadcast their message and brand on top rated podcasts in their industry. Reference Links Kendall’s Email Fund That Flip Fund That Flip Blog
December 18, 2020
E157: Hal Elrod - The Miracle Morning Author and Keynote Speaker
Hal Elrod is world renowned keynote speaker and author of The Miracle Morning. He also recently published a new book The Miracle Equation, and created a documentary for the Miracle Morning movement. In this episode, Hal talks about how he found his calling to educate and inspire others after a tragic accident nearly took his life. He created the Miracle Morning routine and associated book that eventually sparked a worldwide movement. We also learn about how achieving goals isn’t about the goal itself, but how it creates a better version of you over time. Hal also discusses the importance of self analysis, creating realistic affirmations, and having accountability for your goals. Reference Links The Miracle Morning The Miracle Equation The Miracle Morning Documentary
December 11, 2020
E156: Why Buying Wall Street Doesn’t Build Wealth with Anti-Financial Advisor Chris Miles
Chris Miles is known as the “anti-financial advisor” and is host of the popular podcast the Chris Miles Money Show. He is also an entrepreneur, real estate investor, coach, and co-author of the book Entrepreneur on Fire. In this episode, we talk about how to become financially free by moving away from Wall Street and creating residual streams of income. Chris dives into the numbers and shows how maxing out retirement contributions still doesn’t build wealth. We also get insights on his “Seven Secrets to Free Up Cash Today”, and the most popular investments his clients are looking for right now. Reference Links Chris Miles Money Show Money Ripples Entrepreneur on Fire Who Took My Money by Robert Kiyosaki The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz
December 1, 2020
E155: The Business of Helping Investors Buy Small Businesses with Peter Lehrman
Peter Lehrman is the Founder of Axial, an online network that provides resources for professional investors who are looking to acquire lower middle market companies. In this episode, Peter discusses the world of private equity and how Axial works between buyers and sellers. We also learn about the challenges of buying a small business, how the current economy has affected the landscape, and how Axial’s marketing tools can help alleviate the time and cost of an acquisition. Peter then leaves us with important tips on what an entrepreneur should consider when thinking about buying a small business. Reference Links Axial Networks Middle Market Review Digital Publication Article: Covid’s Silver Lining for American Capital Markets Biz Buy Sell
November 24, 2020
E154: Using Dividend-Paying Life Insurance as an Investment Strategy with Christian Allen
Christian Allen is the Founder and CEO of the strategic planning firm Money Insights, and author of the book Money Insights for Physicians. In this episode, we dive into the world of whole life insurance as an alternative investment and who it’s best for. Christian talks about his “Investment Optimizer” system that uses dividend paying whole life insurance to give better returns for cashflow investors. We also run the numbers on how to move from high income to high net worth using this strategy! Reference Links Money Insights High Net Worth Assessment Form
November 20, 2020
E153: The Formula for Financial Freedom with Joey Mure and Russ Morgan
Joey Mure and Russ Morgan are founders of Wealth Without Wall Street community and hosts of the popular podcast. In this episode, we find out why it was so important for them to put this community together and teach the foundations of financial freedom. We learn the formula for how to become financially free, and not live by the rules of Wall Street. Joey and Russ also discuss how to look at money differently, creating passive income streams, and why it's important to join a community of like-minded investors. As a bonus, Capital Hacking fans will also be given an opportunity to get free access to the Wealth Without Wall Street community at the end of the show! Reference Links Wealth Without Wall Street Wealth Without Wall Street - Capital Hacking Special Access Wealth Without Wall Street - Infinite Banking Community Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash
November 17, 2020
E152: The Ultimate Guide to House Flipping Investing with Matt Rodak
Matt Rodak is the Founder of CEO of Fund That Flip, a firm that focuses on raising capital for the residential rehab loan market, as well as online investing for peer-to-peer lenders. In this episode, Matt talks about how his entrepreneurial journey started when he worked in the corporate world building business for someone else. We then learn about how he started Fund That Flip, and why it was the best solution for him. Matt also gives the basics on getting into house flipping for beginners, and how to leverage your strengths in real estate investing. Reference Links Fund that Flip Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job by Jon Acuff MidAtlantic Summit
October 30, 2020
E151: BiggerPockets Business hosts; Carol and J Scott, share the power of couples investing
Carol and J Scott are a dynamic duo running several family businesses, and also host the popular Bigger Pockets Business Podcast. In this episode, Carol and J take us back to how they met and started their entrepreneurial journey together after both leaving Silicon Valley. We learn about what it’s like investing as a family team, defining your roles, and taking risks by embracing the worst case scenario. J also talks about the difference between starting a business vs buying a business, and how they can create more income streams. Reference Links Bigger Pockets Business Podcast The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie Walker Deibel
October 27, 2020
E150: YouTube celeb Attorney; Mat Sorenson on Self Directed IRAs and Solo 401Ks - avoid UBIT & UDFI
Mat Sorensen is a real estate investor, co-host of the Mainstreet Business Podcast, and an attorney with KKOS Lawyers. He is also the author of the best-selling The Self Directed IRA Handbook. In this episode we are joined by our friend Scott Bindas and talk to Mat about investing in real estate through retirement accounts. Mat is an expert in the Self Directed IRA space, and gives us an introduction on the history of these accounts and how they can be used for alternative investments. He breaks down how to set one up and buy property through it. We then dive into the world of the Solo 401K, who qualifies for one and how it could be used instead of a Self Directed account. Mat also compares UBIT (unrelated business income tax) and UDFI (unrelated debt-financed income) in relation to these retirement accounts. Reference Links KKOS Lawyers The Self Directed IRA Handbook Mainstreet Business Podcast
October 23, 2020
E149: Rod Khleif, the world-famous Capital raising expert, is helping us Define Our Success
Rod Khleif is a real estate investor, author, mentor, and podcast host who is passionate about giving back. He has owned over 2,000 properties, and is one of the country’s top real estate trainers. In this episode Rod talks about the importance of finding true fulfillment after he made millions in real estate and then lost it all. He talks about setting your “goals on steroids”,  how to write them and work towards achieving them. We also learn a lesson on success vs fulfillment, and how giving back is more important than owning expensive things. Rod then gives us an overview of his multifamily real estate education program and why it's important to always be learning. Reference Links Real Estate with Rod Multifamily Virtual Bootcamp\ How to Create Lifetime CashFlow Through Multifamily Properties by Rod Khleif Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
October 20, 2020
E148: Investing Through Delaware Statutory Trusts and 1031 Exchanges with Paul Moore
Paul Moore is a managing partner from Wellings Capital, and is a top contributor on BiggerPockets. He is also an expert in the alternate investing  space,  specializing in storage facilities and mobile home parks. In this episode, we learn all about using 1031 Exchanges effectively, uncover what a Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST) is, and the type of investor it is for! Reference Links Wellings Capital DST Special Report Paul on BiggerPockets Real Estate Guys Radio
October 16, 2020
E147: Passive Investing Through Real Estate Syndications with John Fortes
John Fortes is a real estate syndicator, fund manager, and host of the Passive Investor Show. In this episode, John breaks down everything we need to know about getting started as a passive real estate investor through syndications. He talks about the key players involved, and why it’s important to have a strong team. We go through the process of how the money moves in a real estate fund, what investors should look for in a deal, vehicles to invest through, and the difference between 506(b) and 506(c) syndications. Reference Links John Fortes Website Passive Investor Show Projected Returns Investment Tracker BiggerPockets Jake & Gino Investing Education
October 13, 2020
E146: The Tax Advantages of Real Estate Depreciation with CPA Mark Kohler
Mark Kohler is a serial entrepreneur. He is a CPA, attorney, business advisor, podcast host, and best selling author. In this episode, we take a very deep dive into the world of real estate depreciation and how to use it’s tax benefits to your advantage. We also learn about investing through Roth IRAs, health savings accounts, syndications, and strategies for equity stripping. Reference Links Mark’s Website KKOS Lawyers What Your CPA Isn’t Telling You Book
October 9, 2020
E145: The Mission of Multifamily Investing with Ellis Hammond
Ellis Hammond is the owner and creator of the Kingdom REI Podcast, and author of Mission of Multifamily, a free ebook on how to get started in multifamily investing. In this episode, Ellis shares with us how he started as an entrepreneur building communities of faith, and how he found his calling for property investing. We learn about the value of what multifamily brings to the community, and why good neighbors are more powerful than amenities. Ellis also walks us through what he defines as “triple bottom line investing”, and discusses his new book. Listen for details on how to get your free copy! Reference Links Ellis’ LinkedIn Mission of Multifamily Kingdom REI Podcast True Multifamily Podcast
October 6, 2020
E144: Hacking House Flipping and Raising Capital with Bill Allen
Bill Allen is the CEO, owner, and podcast host of the 7 Figure Flipping. He is also the creator of Flip Hacking Live, a conference that teaches people how to build success with house flipping. In this episode, Bill walks us through what the business of flipping looks like. We learn about raising money, finding the right investors, and do a sample role play on how to vet a potential investor and find the right deal for their investment goals. Bill then takes us through what Flip Hacking Live is, and who would benefit most from this conference. Reference Links 7 Figure Flipping Flip Hacking Live
October 2, 2020
E143: Demystifying Multifamily Investing with Andrew Cushman
Andrew Cushman is a multifamily real estate investor expert, owner of Vantage Point Acquisitions, and facilitator of the Multifamily Accelerator Mastermind. In this episode, Andrew talks about how he got into multifamily investing and gives advice on how to get started in real estate. We learn about what to look for in a deal, the different types of real estate classes, and the benefits of syndications and how they compare to mutual funds. Andrew also provides insight on how the “1% Rule” applies to multifamily properties and how to navigate a cap rate valuation. Reference Links Vantage Point Acquisitions Andrew on BiggerPockets Andrew on LinkedIn Gobundance
September 28, 2020
E142: SHARED CAPITALISM EXPLAINED with Entrepreneur Steven Rodi
Steven Rodi is the president and creator of the tech company Innovative Development. In this episode Steve talks about why he had to start his own company and how important it is to take risks to build the life you deserve. We also dive in deep about when to properly take a loan against your IRA, the meaning of “shared capitalism”, and finding the right investments for you. Reference Links Innovative Development
September 25, 2020
E141: The Steps to Analyzing a Real Estate Syndication Deal with Alina Trigub
Alina Trigub is known as the “Passive Investor Whisperer” and is the founder of SAMO Financial group. She is a real estate syndication pro, and educator, and coach. In this episode, Alina talks about the power of networking and connecting people. We also learn the importance of having an emergency fund, and why you need to educate yourself before investing. Alina also walks us through what priorities to consider when analysing a real estate syndication deal. Reference Links Alina’s LinkedIn SAMO Financial How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason
September 22, 2020
E140: How to Reverse Engineer the Cost of Obtaining Your Dream Lifestyle with Robert Leonard
Robert Leonard is a real estate investor and a top podcaster who hosts popular shows Millennial Investing and Real Estate Investing. In this episode, Robert shares some incredible investing tips, and talks about his journey from turning motocross professional to entrepreneur. He also shares his personal plans for investing, gives his top 3 pieces of advice for millennial investors, and shows how to reverse engineer the cost of your dream lifestyle. Reference Links Rober’s Email Robert’s Instagram Millennial Investing Podcast Real Estate Investing Podcast BiggerPockets 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss
September 18, 2020
E139: Real Estate Marketing Magic with Mastermind Mentor Jen Josey
Jen Josey is a real estate investor, broker, speaker, and mastermind coach. She is the founder of the REIGN (Real Estate Investor Growth Network) Mastermind, and co-founder of Jolific Homes Real Estate Investments and The Acorn Agency brokerage firm. In this episode Jen talks about how she got into real estate due to her love of house flipping shows on HGTV. She also discusses how to creatively market and brand yourself to find your ideal investment properties. We also take a deep dive into the REIGN Mastermind as Jen breaks down the different parts of the program and who would benefit from it the most! This episode was recorded at PodMAX Global, an event where entrepreneurs can broadcast their message and brand on top rated podcasts in their industry. Reference Links Jen Josey’s Website REIGN Mastermind Jolific Homes Real Estate Investments The Acorn Agency Jack Canfield Success Coaching PodMAX
September 16, 2020
E138: Investment Fund Secrets with Fund Manager Bridger Pennington
Bridger Pennington is the founder of Black Bridge Capital, a privately run debt fund. He is also the founder and podcast host of Investment Fund Secrets. In this episode, Bridger takes us through his journey of becoming a fund manager and why he started his own investment fund. We dissect what a fund is and how to find the right investors. Bridger also walks us through the process of FTC filings and how the laws work. However, Bridger’s biggest passion is wanting to teach others about this niche industry. So hang on tight to find out how you get a free copy of his introduction to fund investment training. This episode was recorded at PodMAX Global, an event where entrepreneurs can broadcast their message and brand on top rated podcasts in their industry. Reference Links Investment Fund Secrets Bridger Pennington’s Instagram Grant Cardone PodMax
September 15, 2020
E137: Tax Lien Wealth Investing Solutions with Melanie Finnegan
Melanie Finnegan is an expert of tax lien investing and is the owner of Tax Lien Wealth Solutions. Melanie shares with us her incredible journey of how a tragedy early in her life inspired her to touch people’s lives. We learn about how she got into the tax lien business and we dissect in detail how it works. Melanie also gives us a use case taking us through the entire process as we learn who the ideal investor is for this type of alternative asset. This episode was recorded at PodMAX Global, an event where entrepreneurs can broadcast their message and brand on top rated podcasts in their industry. Reference Links Tax Lien Process Tax Lien Wealth Solutions PodMax
September 11, 2020
E136: PodMAX Series - The Art of Acquiring Operating Businesses with Empowerment Coach Dawn Berry
Dawn Berry is an empowerment coach and independent business owner. In this episode she shares her incredible journey as to how she was given the opportunity to acquire an operating business and run a local cafe. She walks us through the process regarding the transfer of ownership and how the deal was financed. After running the cafe for some time and getting to know her customers, she was inspired to become an empowerment coach and provides advice for empty nesters. We learn about what empowerment is, why the coaching industry is growing, and the best rules to seeking out a reputable coach. This episode was recorded at PodMAX Global, an event where entrepreneurs can broadcast their message and brand on top rated podcasts in their industry. Reference Links Dawn M Berry - Certified Life Coach PodMax
September 9, 2020
E135: How to Spot Opportunities with Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor John Paul Kilduff
John Paul Kilduff is a real estate investor, coach, and serial entrepreneur. He is the Director of Operations for Anchored Homes, a residential redeveloper. He is the owner of social media management company Social Soaring, and contact information finder Best Skip Tracer. In this episode John discusses his calling while working for the Coast Guard and learning how discipline allowed him to see opportunities. He also talks about his time with the training program FortuneBuilders and how it influenced his success. We then learn about the importance of coaching and leveraging people’s strengths to grow your business. This episode was recorded at PodMAX Global, an event where entrepreneurs can broadcast their message and brand on top rated podcasts in their industry. Reference Links Anchored Homes Social Soaring Best Skip Tracer FortuneBuilders PodMax
September 8, 2020
E134: Successful Podcast Interview Marketing Strategies with Tom Schwab of Interview Valet
Tom Schwab is the founder of Interview Valet, a podcast guest marketing agency that focuses on leveraging podcast interviews to drive a customer’s sales and marketing strategy. Tom gets into the nuts and bold of how it works and the ideal clients it is best for. We also talk about how podcasting adds to the value of your marketing plan, and where he thinks the industry is headed for the future. Reference Links Interview Valet Podcast Guest Profits Book
September 4, 2020
E133: The Joy of Real Estate Redevelopment with Cardwell Thaxton
Cardwell Thaxton is the founder of the Cardwell Thaxton Group, a real estate redevelopment company. In this episode Cardwell takes us through his real estate journey and talks about how he first got started as an appraiser. He eventually moved into property redevelopment and discusses the importance of finding a good mentor, surrounding yourself around the right people, and the influence of the Bigger Pockets community. Cardwell also offers advice on buying your first redevelopment project and theorizes his ideal property and how he would raise the capital for it. Reference Links Cardwell’s Email Cardwell Thaxton  Group Matt Faircloth Bigger Pockets Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl
September 1, 2020
E132: Powerful Linkedin Techniques and Capital Raising Education with Jon Stoddard
Jon Stoddard is an expert at raising capital. He is the creator of and We dive in deep with Jon as he talks about how to find key investors and raise funds. He discusses the importance of having a solid pitch deck and how to articulate deals. We also get into best practices for building a strong network on LinkedIn and finding investors there. Jon then gives us a detailed look at the policies and regulations around crowdfunding. Reference Links Jon’s LinkedIn Investor Attraction Secrets Start Engine Crowdfunding MicroVentures Crowdfunding Net Capital Crowdfunding
August 28, 2020
E131: Learn to Master Social Media with Jordan Paris of Growth Mindset University
Jordan Paris is an author, entrepreneur, thought leader and host of the popular Growth Mindset University Podcast. In this episode, Jordan gives us inside tips on running a podcast and the best plan of action for finding sponsors. We then dive in deep with navigating social media as an entrepreneur, and where to find your community. Jordan gives us tips on the power of LinkedIn, and how to network and grow your following. We also discuss how to create a path for developing your personal brand. Reference Links Jordan’s Website Young and Profiting with Hala Taha David Parrell Twitter Jordan Harbinger Jim Kwik Mark Metry
August 25, 2020
E130: How to Master Your Digital Marketing Strategies with John Lincoln
John Lincoln is a top digital marketing strategy expert and CEO at Ignite Visibility. In this episode John teaches us the ins and outs of current trends in digital marketing. He talks about how the Ignite Visibility business model works, and how to build a good digital marketing strategy for your brand. John also discusses his new book “The Forecaster Method”, how to predict marketing trends for the future, and the changing world of social media platforms and search engines. Reference Links Ignite Visibility The Forecaster Method Book Roland Frasier’s Business Lunch Podcast
August 18, 2020
E129: Empowering The Woman Investor with Deborah Razo from Women's Real Estate Network
Deborah Razo is a real estate investor and creator of the Women's Real Estate Network. Deborah got her start as an investor after suffering from a tragic accident and realizing she needed a life change to create passive income. As an introvert, she had to learn effective networking, and surrounded herself around leading people in the industry. We learn about the importance of applying creativity to your investing approach, having an investment philosophy, and why Deborah wanted to create a community for women investors. Reference Links Deborah Razo Women's Real Estate Network (WREN) Real Estate Guys Radio Tony Robbins
August 11, 2020
E128: The Profit Comes First Principles with Business Coach Rocky Lalvani
Rocky Lalvani is a business and finance coach who uses the Profit Comes First methodology designed by entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz. It is Rocky’s mission to educate businesses about how to be financially responsible. He breaks down the principles behind Profit Comes First as he talks about the book and training process. We discuss why it’s important to take a profit first for your business, and how much, as we break down the numbers. Rocky also highlights why it’s also beneficial to get your employees to understand your profits as well. Reference Links Profit Comes First Profit Comes First Podcast Dave Ramsey Mike Michalowicz
August 4, 2020
E127: PodMAX Global - Learn the Fastest Way to Create a Process-Based Business with Cheryl Herrick
Cheryl Herrick is the founder of PTR Consulting, a company that offers analysis and solutions for businesses to help improve their internal processes and efficiencies. Cherly talks about the importance of understanding human psychology in business, and how to create a foundation for making a business more efficient. We also do a role playing scenario with Cheryl where she takes us through how to make customer calls more practical across a team. This episode was recorded at PodMAX Global. Reference Links PTR Consulting Leadership Principles by W. Edwards Deming The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber
July 28, 2020
E126: PodMAX Global - How to Buy Cashflow with Kevin Dugan
Kevin Dugan is the managing director of Altus Investment Group, a real estate investment company that specializes in turnkey properties. In this episode Kevin teaches us all about turnkey investing and walks us through the process of finding hot markets and the right homes to buy. He also breaks down a typical deal, who this investment is for, and how to find good renters. Kevin then discusses his involvement with the MultiFamily Masters Meetup, the premise behind it, and how its international reach teaches people in other countries about investing in the US market. This episode was recorded at PodMAX Global. Reference Links Kevin Dugan on Facebook Altus Investment Group MultiFamily Masters Meetup Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
July 21, 2020
E125: “Clues in the News" with Russell Gray of The Real Estate Guys Radio
Russell Gray from The Real Estate Guys Radio joins us on this episode to talk about his  "Clues in the News", a topic they often feature on their podcast. He discusses where he thinks the economy is headed and takes us through his “4 Phases of a Cascading Crisis”. We also learn about how printing money affects the economy in the long run, why it’s important to understand the global economy, and how to hedge against inflation. Reference Links The Real Estate Guys Radio Secrets of Successful Syndication Real Asset Investing Exorbitant Privilege by Barry Eichengreen The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin
July 14, 2020
E124 BONUS: BiggerPockets Business Bonanza!
In this special episode, we are sharing BiggerPockets Business Podcast Episode 58 where our very own Josh McCallen was a guest. Josh talks about how he got into resort property investing and the world of hospitality. We also learn about building your brand and your culture, finding your why, the value of hospitality in any business, and why it's important to treat people with humility. Reference Links BiggerPockets Business Podcast The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber Vivamee Hospitality Renault Winery Accountable Equity
July 12, 2020
E123: A Dedication to Bob Helms - The Godfather of Real Estate
It is with a heavy heart that we bring this special episode to you featuring Bob Helms who passed away recently. Bob was known as the Godfather of Real Estate. He was a legacy broker and investor, and is the father of Robert Helms from Real Estate Guys Radio fame. He was also a real estate agent, coach, and author of “Be in the Top 1%: A Real Estate Agent's Guide”. In this special episode we revisit our interview with Bob from the Secrets of Successful Syndication event, which was originally released as Episode 60 in October of 2019. Bob shared with us his lifetime of experience in real estate, where his primary focus was turning real estate agents into Investment Property Specialists. Bob also shared tips on how to promote yourself, perfecting the elevator pitch, plus good business card etiquette. He shared some great stories about people who were influential in his life, and why giving back to the community was so important to him. Reference Links Godfather Scholarship Fund Be in the Top 1%: A Real Estate Agent's Guide by Bob Helms Secrets of Successful Syndication Real Estate Guys Radio The Investor Summit at Sea Tommy Hopkins Sale Begins When Customer Says “No” by Elmer G. Leterman
June 30, 2020
E122: What the “HACK” is happening in the economy? Carl Fischer, Founder of Camaplan
Carl Fischer is a leader in the self-directed IRA investing and custodial space, and is the founder of CamaPlan. In this episode, Carl talks about how he got into self-directed IRAs and what sparked his inspiration to help others in the space. He also discusses the tax benefits of Roth IRAs and why it might be a good idea to convert a traditional IRA into a Roth. We also learn about why a self-directed IRA is great for real estate syndications, and how educating your audience is a valuable marketing tool for your business. Reference Links CamaPlan
June 23, 2020
E121: Asset Protection and Business Planning Investment Strategies with Clint Coons
Clint Coons is a real estate investor, lawyer, and manager of Anderson Business Advisors and Law Group, which provides asset protection and business planning services for real estate investors and small businesses. In this episode, Clint talks about the 3 primary goals of investing, which are asset protection, tax reduction, and long-term planning. We also discuss forming an entity, the differences between a C Corp and an S Corp, and working with CPAs who understand your type of business. Learn how you can get a free strategy session from Clint and his team! Reference Links Anderson Business Advisors
June 16, 2020