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Capital Hacking

Capital Hacking

By Josh McCallen
Co-hosts Josh McCallen and Erik Cabral are on a mission to bring massive value to entrepreneurs and investors who want to elevate their game! Move from Motivation to MOMENTUM EFFICIENTLY & with MAXIMUM IMPACT! Capital Hacking shows how Human Capital & Cash Capital work together to create POWER! "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility" – Ben Parker
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E6: Military Mentor and Investor Mike Foster teaches how to be Active Duty with Passive Income

Capital Hacking

E6: Military Mentor and Investor Mike Foster teaches how to be Active Duty with Passive Income

Capital Hacking

E235: Introducing STR BTR Super Strategy with Tony J. Robinson, BiggerPockets Rookie Podcast Cohost
Tony J Robinson is a husband, dad, founding member of Alpha Geek Capital, and entrepreneur.  In this episode of Capital Hacking, Tony discusses his journey to the world of short-term rentals, his techniques in choosing those properties, and tips on financing.   References: Instagram: @tonyjrobinson
May 26, 2022
E234: Life is Beautiful with Whitney Sewell
Whitney Sewell is the daily host of The Real Estate Syndication Show and founder of Life Bridge Capital, a syndicated multifamily investment firm that works with investors on strategically targeted multifamily properties.  In this episode of Capital Hacking, Whitney discusses with Josh how he enlisted in the military as a teenager, his path from being on the police force to investing in real estate, to his amazing work through the Life Bridge Foundation. References: Email -
May 19, 2022
E233: From Door-to-Door to Business Flipping with Lenny Gray
CEO of Rove Pest Control and D2D Millionaire, Lenny Gray is also the author of the Door to Door Millionaire book series.  He started his career in the door-to-door sales industry in the late 1990s. Along with running his own companies, he’s taught his sales techniques to other businesses that are now generating millions of dollars in revenue.  In this episode of Capital Hacking, he joins Josh to touch upon his basic principles for success in sales, his three qualifiers to make the sale, and how to expand wealth by selling businesses.   References: Door to Door Millionaire Book Series (2 books)
May 12, 2022
E232: The 21 Cashflow Niches Create FREEDOM with MC Laubscher
MC Laubscher, the host of the popular podcast Cashflow Ninja, investor, and entrepreneur, is back with us again! MC is an expert and renowned speaker on infinite banking and the founder/president of Producers Wealth.  Join him with Josh and Erik as they discuss where your focus should be during this new industrial revolution and how to protect what you have to be on the right side of today’s wealth transfer. Reference Links: Efficient Fund IV Webinar Cashflow Ninja Cashflow Ninja Podcast The 21 Best Cashflow Niches The 21 Best Cashflow Niches™: Creating Wealth In The Best Alternative Cashflow Investments Facebook
May 05, 2022
E231: Hustle Capital with Jason Koch
Jason is a former Wisconsinite (yes, he is a die-hard Packer fan) that moved to Michigan to be with the love of his life.  He is a husband, father of 4 amazing daughters, and leader/contributor in the online communities he is involved with.  When he is not working his W2, Jason is helping people - as a realtor - buy and sell their houses and investment properties.  He is leveraging his involvement in real estate to acquire a portfolio for himself and his family to provide financial freedom and allow for a lifestyle of travel.  Mindset and personal development are very important to him.  Jason brings that importance to today's episode of Capital Hacking by exploring the different paths to losing the W2 through investing even when it seems overwhelming. Instagram Facebook Oberon Ale
April 28, 2022
E230: Soul Inspiring Business with Kara Chaffin Donofrio
Real estate strategist, the host of the podcast Soul Inspiring Business, wife, & mother, Kara Chaffin Donofrio, excels in using her deep connections within the community combined with a wealth of experience to transform the real estate experience from one of confusion and fear to magic and clarity.  In today’s episode, Kara discusses creating passion in your business, putting together a talented team where strengths and weaknesses complement each other, and using your gifts to generate impact and change in your life. Reference links: Soul Inspiring Business A Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl
April 21, 2022
E229: Sales Are Sacred with Brian Luebben
Brian Luebben is a Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, and host of the podcast, Action Academy, out of Atlanta, Georgia.  While in college he built his first company (GreekBeats DJ/Entertainment) that allowed him to graduate debt-free. Shortly after graduating – he made it to the top of a Fortune 500 Company in their Sales Organization, only to realize quickly that “Retirement at 65” and corporate life simply was not for him.   In today’s episode of Capital Hacking Brain discusses the power of silence in sales.  He also explains the importance of being the most interested person instead of the most interesting person in a room and how it can help you in the world of sales. Reference Links
April 14, 2022
E228: Learn the "Sideways Eight" Investing Method with Jeff Holst
Real estate investor and coach, an attorney, and co-host of the Old Fashioned Real Estate Show, Jeff Holst, went from getting diagnosed with leukemia, dealing with the stress of bankruptcy, and finding himself at the bottom of the economy, to figuring out a way to hack the capital code – without putting in any personal money. In today’s episode, Jeff teaches us this out-of-the-box capital hacking concept called the Sideways Eight investing strategy where you learn how to do active private deals yourself. He also explains the different types of bankruptcy and the condo deal that got him from a state of bankruptcy to owning 150 units in just two years! Reference Links Old Fashioned Real Estate Show
March 31, 2022
E227: Building Your Pillars of Wealth Creation with Todd Dexheimer
Todd Dexheimer is the host of The Pillars of Wealth Creation podcast and owner of Venture D Properties focuses on multi-family syndication, specializing in purchasing apartment buildings in emerging markets. Todd started investing in single-family homes and renting them out until he ended up flipping about 150 houses over a six-year period and building about 100 rental units. In this episode, Todd talks about his real estate investing journey. He teaches some new types of investment categories you want to be thinking about including using private money for real estate investing, and how to do the math in analyzing those deals. Reference Links The Pillars of Wealth Creation with Todd Dexheimer Venture D Properties
March 10, 2022
E226: Alternative Investing Strategies That Work! with Frederick Hubler
Take this journey to alternative investing with Chief Wealth Strategist Frederick Hubler, an accomplished financial advisor with over 25 years of success in financial services and technology. In this episode, Frederick shares some mind-bending alternative investment strategies specifically around oil and gas, private preferred stock, institutional real estate, and putting cash into a DST (Delaware statutory trust). Frederick debunks the idea of mutual funds and explains why private equity works. He teaches the concept of a multifamily office and how he’s making a retainer based on someone's family's worth. Also, find out why you should be looking at income-producing vehicles that have tax credit only as an ancillary benefit. Reference Links Creative Capital Wealth Management Group
March 03, 2022
E225: Content Creation Strategies with Paul Xavier
Paul Xavier, the founder of Next Level Creators, teaches thousands of people to become course creators, add value online, and create multiple income streams. In this episode, Paul teaches some valuable strategies in content creation, including how you can go straight to selling courses without going through all that effort of writing a book. He shares some success stories of people who have taken his courses and how they have impacted their communities, all thanks to powerful content. Paul also takes a deep dive into creating timelines when crafting your training or online courses and why that’s super important. Reference Links YouTube: Paul Xavier
February 24, 2022
E224: Building an Investor Tribe with Travis Smith
Think about single-player games being multiplayer games – now, translate that to real estate investing, where you go from investing individually to investing with multiple people. Today’s guest, Travis Smith, has hacked the code in creating a business model that calls for collaborative investing with no less than your tribe. After working for a huge brand and moving up the chain, Travis started getting this itch to go down a different path. This led him to create Tribevest – an investing platform for people and their tribe to invest together and manage joint investments. Listen in as Travis teaches how Tribevest works, the power of collaborative investing, and what channel partners look like. Reference Links Tribevest Acorns
February 17, 2022