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The Coastal Athlete Program

The Coastal Athlete Program

By G.P. Scheppler
"Train Today, Survive Tomorrow" CAP is a podcast for the people who go, in their own words.
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Ryan Eick - Team Canada, Adaptive Surfing Facilitator, and Waterman
March 02, 2022
Caleb Taylor talks Operation Argo, the current crisis in Ukrain, and about how OAF Nation serves as a forum for the GWOT generation
Caleb Taylor is a writer, Emergency Management Specialist with FEMA, and the Brand and Content Manager for OAF Nation. Taylor tells some incredible stories about being on the tarmac when refugees from Afghanistan arrived at Dulles Air Base, how OAF Nation has grow and helped break preconceived notions of the GWOT generation, about social change, and even a little sports at the end. This is by far one of the most compelling, topical, and interesting podcasts in our channels history. Make sure you don't miss it!
February 25, 2022
The Legend Of Peg Leg McGillyson | OAF Nation
Full Article
February 24, 2022
World Champion Joe Jackson!
The boys talk  world championships, dogs getting stoned, Olympic inclusion, achieving goals, and then Schep rants about Warhammer 3. This is a fun catch up and hang, make sure to check out the video version of the show you YouTube!  CLICK HERE TO WATCH!
February 21, 2022
Adaptive Surf League Santa Cruz
Check out this episode on Youtube Follow Martin Pollock @1limbsurfer and Claudio Morales @claudioyeew 
November 29, 2021
CAP is back! Schep & Joe catch up
October 29, 2021
Sanoe Kauai Lifeguard Association | CAP & KLA Ep.2
Join Schep and Sanoe as they talk more about the experiences of a KLA lifeguard, in the second edition of the KLA series. These two talk about life on the island and what it takes to be a member of KLA.  Intro: Sanoe talks about how she got into KLA, her kids and the local pool, a community spot. 8:00 - Schep and Sanoe talk about how you have to have a respect for nature (sharks), when out in the water 11:40 - We talk about the gear Sanoe uses on a daily basis and what its like being an operator and a grabber during a rescue and what it takes to become an operator. 17:00 - “No towers, just a coconut tree.” Sanoe tells Schep how there used to be no towers and how they finally got them. 19:00 - How does she do it? Sanoe explains that she has a great partner and she keeps organized on the job. She also describes how busy the beaches were before covid. 26:00 - Sanoe tells Schep about how being a lifeguard can also be part educator. 34:00 - Sanoe explains why she thinks she might be the only female on KLA. 39:00 - LIGHTNING ROUND. Schep fires off rapid questions for Sanoe
March 30, 2021
Chris Pico, Kauai Lifeguard Association | CAP & KLA EP.1
Join Schep as he sits down to talk with Chris Pico, a lifeguard for Kauai Lifeguard Association (KLA). They talk about equipment and training, as well as rescues and some pretty awful injuries. This is the first installment of a series that Schep is doing with KLA, so stay up to date as he interviews members from this awesome team. Wanna jump around Intro - How Pico got into rescue swimming, training and how it was growing up on the Island. @9:00 Experiences with people getting in trouble on a flat day. @11:00 How to have fun outside of his job. @15:00 The lifeguard culture and their relationship with locals. Pico tells Schep about the awesome programs they have on Kauai, to teach people about how to be safe in the water, including the, JR. Lifeguard program and the Rescue tube program, which are tubes people can find around the beach so anyone can perform a rescue, if need be. @27:00 How to be authoritative while having a nice demeanor and to tell people the severity of the situation they're in and how. They also talk about surfing and shark activity. @34:38 Skin fishing and Picos story about swimming with dead fish in sharky water. Sounds fun! @38:15 Changes in the community and the island, and the relationship with tourists. Pico also talks about the 2018 flood they had, and rescuing people during it. @45:00 Picos time on Captain Zodiac and a gnarly story about rescuing a tour boat who tried going through a 2 door cave. @51:00 Talking with all the different people that come through Hawaii and meeting some interesting people. @55:00 Gear talk, what kind of equipment Pico uses, jet skies, sleds fins and more. @1:02:00 Pico talks about the Injuries that come with the job. As well as rehab for his injuries. @1:10:00 Schep and Pico talk about the podcasts they listen to. @1:11:00 Picos worst injury he has sustained. Almost lost his leg! @1:19:00 We close out with Pico and Schep talking about how KLA has impacted the community so much.
March 12, 2021
EP 75 - Brady Tucker; Champion of books, Air Force Veteran, Seeker of Nuance
In this episode, Schep is joined by the creator of “Books Behind the Badge,” Brady Tucker to discuss how his book club got started. They talk about different types of literature they enjoy, ranging from Sci-Fi to poetry, to fictional stories about first responders, written by first responders. They also dive into why it’s so important for the community that first responders and veterans are writing. Want to skip around? The guys open the conversation with how they both got so into reading and what they read when they were in the service. @11:45 - Brady talks about how Books Behind the Badge got started and the podcast that goes along with it, that can be heard on whatever it is you use to listen to podcasts on. @ 25:00 Schep and Brady discuss some of Brady’s favorite first responder authors, which include Donna Brown, Bill Mauro, Tammie Bullard. @34:00 Brady discusses why he decided the Airforce was the right path for him and why he wants to become a cop after he getting out of service. @40:00 Both Schep and Brady talk about why it's important to have authors who are either first responders or veterans writing like David Rose, who was on the podcast last week. SHOW NOTES BY DJ PEANUT BUTTER AND PICKLES
January 19, 2021
EP - 74 David Rose ; Author, World Maker, and Recon Marine
We are joined on this episode of the show by David Rose, author, world maker, and recon marine. No one reads this... so just click the links and support David's work! Dead Reckoning Collective DRC Podcast Booo AMAZON
January 12, 2021
EP - 73 Leo Jenkins; Author, Medic, Surfer, Innovator, and the Kerouac of the GWOT
Listen to the Dead Reckoning Collective's sit down with the godfathers of GWOT writing HERE. No one is reading these other than Mr. Vo... So this is just present for SEO purposes. Leo Jenkins has served his country, his community, and his family as a warrior medic, fitness guru, journalist, and author. godfathers Buy Leo's amazing work HERE.
December 29, 2020
EP - 71 Taryn Frazelle US Navy SAR Swimmer, Crossfit Games Regional Athlete, and EF Overwatch Executive Search Consultant
We are joined by Taryn Frazelle for this episode of the show, aka #33! In a male-dominated career field, Taryn kicked ass and took names. This is her story. No one reads these... other than you Cory... I am gonna go surf instead of typing.  To order George Randle and Mike Sarraile's newest book please click here.
November 20, 2020
EP - 70 Steph Lynn, Freediver, catamaran captain, citizen of the sea
Schep interviews Steph Lynn, Freediver and catamaran captain, to talk about her path to life on a boat from the corprate world, swimming with orcas, gators, and sharks, how life changed when the pandemic hit, staying safe at sea, and the perils of using social media to reach your audience. Educators like Steph are on the vanguard of bringing edutainment to a large audiance, offering them a chance to follow her travels and learn about creatures of the deep. This is how we change the publics persception of the need for ocean conversvation. Check out Stephanie's Instagram account HERE.
November 11, 2020
EP 69 - Simba Surf's Terry Sims & Danny Cortazzo
Terry Sims and Danny Cortazzo drop into the show to talk about the roots of simba surf helmets, the history of brain buckets in the line-up, our duty to protect and mentor future generations of water people, surf lifesaving, rescue swimming and so much more. If you would like to learn more about Simba Surf please click HERE. This is not a paid ad or placement episode. The CAP founders are avid supporters of safety equipment and want to talk to anyone innovating in the space. However, if you do buy a helmet make sure to tell them about us and we will send you a free sticker pack!
November 02, 2020
EP - 68 Nick Betts Master Shooter, Branding Expert, and US Army Veteran
Schep sits down with Nick Betts, Master shooter, branding expert, and US Army Veteran, to talk about life as a creative, transitioning from military service, relationships, reinvention, skateboarding, and what makes URT URT amazing!
October 27, 2020
EP - 67 The Marine Rapper aka Raymond Lott
This is a really special episode of the show led Doc. TMR and the Shreddy Yeti have a special little something in common, and we hope you enjoy the moment as much as we did. TMR tells about the origions of Star Spanagled Banger, how Vet With A Sign inspired a new movement, and the dangers of Bro Vet culture. The rest of the episode is fire and wanders from TMR's roots in skateboarding and rock music to his exposure to B.I.G. PULL UP YOUR CREW! Push ups don't stop suicide. CALL YOUR FRIENDS, COMMUNICATE.
October 20, 2020
EP 66 - Alben Osaki Photographer, Climeber, and Navy Veteran
Check out Alben's work here.
October 14, 2020
EP - 65 Jake Sonnier, Contract Rescue Swimmer, Navy Veteran, and budding audiophile (Part 2)
This episode of the podcast features the return of Jake Sonnier, a contract rescue swimmer, navy veteran, and budding audiophile. This is one of the first times one the show we have the chance to hear from a SAR swimmer at multiple points in their career. When Jake first appeared on the show he was an active duty swimmer, now he works for an oil and gas company in the Gulf of Mexico. The boys bounce around covering his rescue swimmer journeys that took him overseas, to the YMCA in San Diego, and eventually into the private sector. We drop you right into this conversation between former classmates as they catch up about life, mental health, transition struggles, and how the lens through which they see the world has changed over the last twenty years. Old SAR dogs learning new tricks... bookmark this one. We would tell you to like and subscribe, but no one is reading these things, right? We will prove it too you. The first four people to message our IG account (@coastalathleteprogram)  "Read the show notes" will get a five sticker pack through whatever form of mail delivery service is still funded. So Others May Live.
October 06, 2020
EP - 65 Jake Sonnier, Contract Rescue Swimmer, Navy Veteran, and budding audiophile (Part 1)
This episode of the podcast features the return of Jake Sonnier, a contract rescue swimmer, navy veteran, and budding audiophile. This is one of the first times one the show we have the chance to hear from a SAR swimmer at multiple points in their career. When Jake first appeared on the show he was an active duty swimmer, now he works for an oil and gas company in the Gulf of Mexico. The boys bounce around covering his rescue swimmer journeys that took him overseas, to the YMCA in San Diego, and eventually into the private sector. We drop you right into this conversation between former classmates as they catch up about life, mental health, transition struggles, and how the lens through which they see the world has changed over the last twenty years. Old SAR dogs learning new tricks... bookmark this one. We would tell you to like and subscribe, but no one is reading these things, right? We will prove it too you. The first four people to message our IG account (@coastalathleteprogram)  "Read the show notes" will get a five sticker pack through whatever form of mail delivery service is still funded. So Others May Live.
October 05, 2020
EP 64 - Darien Durr US Navy Rescue Swimmer and Instructor
Instructor Durr is a legend in the SAR community. He has molded the new generation of SAR swimmers and has been a pioneer for diversity in the special operations community.  Even after 19 years of service, Instructor Durr is just getting started. Never doubt Durr, listen to the episode to find out why. Since enlisting in 2001, the Rescue Swimmer renaissance man has served under three presidents and grew up in the Global War On Terror (GWOT) while successfully building a family. He cuts his own hair, skates, welds, is a photographer, electrician, marksman, and also does construction. This was a fun and insightful conversation any water rescue professional will enjoy listening to. Rescue swimmers are selfless individuals who are willing to risk their lives for total strangers, one would hope they are inclusive and welcoming of the best candidates regardless of skin color.  Sadly, that is not the case.  But with heroes like Instructor Durr, we all just may have a chance to get through all this division. Oh... and Schep gushes. FOLLOW DURR INSTAGRAM @SINNERSNITMARE XBOX GAMERTAG SINNERSNITMARE Necque.
September 21, 2020
EP 63 - Danny & Schep argue in a small space
Clickbait is a hell of a drug. Are you still listening to the show? Do you read the show notes? If you do, today's your lucky day. If you message us on Instagram (@coastalathleteprogram) and tell us your three favorite episodes.... You will get a limited edition sticker set in the mail. Make sure to include your name and mailing address at the bottom of the message to get your free CAP sticker pack.
September 08, 2020
EP 62 - GarageCast, The Boys turn a garage into a sweat lodge
For the first time since the world caught on fire, the boys get together in person to talk about family, travel, psychedelics, and what it means to be committed to a menstruation institution. GO FUND JOE BUY OASKI IMAGES READ SCHEPS NEW BLOG
August 15, 2020
EP 61 Jim Seimas Sports Editor of the Santa Cruz Sentinel
To listen to episode 61 of the Coastal Athlete Program featuring Sports Editor Jim Seimas of the Santa Cruz Sentinel please click HERE. Read Jim's work HERE.
August 07, 2020
CAP Cast 24JUL20
Support Sara-Ray and Joe!
July 25, 2020
CAP Cast 17JUL20
July 18, 2020
CAP Cast 10JUL20
New England defeated the Montreal Impact 1-0 with a goal from Gustavo Bou in the 56'th minute. Theory Henry took a knee for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. The San Jose Quakes take on the Seatle Sounders tonight on ESPN at 6 pm PST Here is the updated bracket for the MLS IS BACK tournament Cabrillo College baseball alumni Clayton Andrews has been added to the Milwaukee Brewers 60-man player pool, yesterday according to Steve Adams of MLB Trade Rumors. Andrews has been nasty through two seasons of AA and lower baseball striking out 12.8 batters per nine innings, with a 1.016 WHIP. (Talk about what whip is) The 5’6” lefty reliever also contributes as an outfielder. In his minor league career, he has played the field in 74 games with 69 plate appearances, during which he hit for a .333 average. This could make players who can do both infinitely more value in the COVID era. Normally baseball can source the active minor leagues for talent that is regularly seeing live-action. That won’t be the case this year, so these 60 player pools have to be stoked with players they can trust to stay involved and working. I had a great interview with Clayton, I think I may finally release it here. The Blue Jays have announce that they are moving one of baseball’s future stars to first base, per Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet (via Twitter). Last year little Vlad committed 17 errors in 94 starts at third base. This move isn’t a surprise, he wasnt going to win a gold glove at third and the wear and tear on first basemen is minimal. Buster Posey has announced that he will opt out of the 2020 season, citing that he and his wife have recently adopted twin sisters born prematurely who are currently still in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. President of baseball ops Farnham Ziedi and manager Gabe Capler have voiced their full support of Posey’s decision. The Giants will be fine. If this crazy thing goes off after all, this forces the orginizations hand to call up Joey Bart. Bart, a former Harwich Mariner in the Cape Cod summer league, through two seasons in the minors has hit for a .284 average with a .875 OPS. He also has some pop with 29 home runs and 29 doubles in 517 at bats. Thats 275 total bases on 147 hits. For more on this read Kery Crowely’s excellent piece in the Merc. Linked HERE
July 11, 2020
Pitch By Pitch Podcast 09JUL20
The MLS is back and with it a new podcast hosted by a familiar voice. Let us know how you enjoy the new show, and look for it in your preferred podcasting app. Who Is Thierry Henry? MLS Match Center McClutch's Baseball Card Link
July 09, 2020
CAP Cast 03JUL20
Interviews with bodysurfers at the All Siders Bodysurfing club meetup!
July 04, 2020
EP. 61 Rob Garnet One More Wave, Chief Of Operations
On this episode of the show, the boys welcome One More Wave Chief Of Operations Rob Garnet to talk about surf therapy, the roots of One More Wave, and how the mission has evolved over time.
July 01, 2020
CAP Cast 26Jun20
On this episode of CAP Cast the boys talk about suffocating in sand, the perils of the open sea, beach closures, the MLB's imminent return and Liverpool's quest to a Premier League title. To show your support for Joe and Sara Rae, please click HERE.
June 26, 2020
EP 60 - Judy Fridono & Surf Dog Ricochet
In this episode of the podcast, Joe and Schep sit down with Judy Fridono, Executive Director of Puppy Prodigies and Surf Dog Ricochet's human, to talk about service dogs in the surf line, the workplace, and in the home. Judy shares what lead her to found Puppy Prodigies, a 501 (c)3 non-profit, and the impact she has seen service dogs have in people's lives. This is a great episode to share with a person who you think would benefit from working with a service dog, or with people who have expressed interest in training their own dog for service work. Don't keep this conversation to yourself, make sure to spread this knowledge. Learn more about Surf Dog Ricochet and Judy HERE. To get involved, please click HERE. To show your support for Joe and Sara Rae, please click HERE.
June 24, 2020
CAP Cast 19JUN20
Schep and Danny go deep on the latest in lifeguarding, music and sports. Links to articles referenced is below.
June 20, 2020
Ep 59 Jon Gaffney, Waterman and Writer
On this episode of the podcast the boy's host writer and waterman Jon Gaffney and his tales of surfing the frigid breaks of Maine.  Jon talks about being on the bleeding edge of Van Life, his experience working as a product journalist, what it takes to surf the icy north, and what he wears when his life depends on it.  At one point, Schep gushes about Jon's influence on his career and how a visit to Santa Cruz set wheels in motion still turning to this day.
June 18, 2020
58 SuperbiscutSC founder Jason Hackforth
Superbiscut founder, hand plane shaper and traveling waterman Jason Hackforth joins the boys to talk about his trip to the BSR Surf Ranch in Texas including some great tips for first-time wave pool riders, what motivated him to become an artist in the bodysurfing space, innovations in hand plane propulsion, the sexy new 7" Yuccas, and how to pick the right feet wings for the job. FOLLOW SUPERBISCUT ON IG @SUPERBISCUTSC You are definitely going to want to head on over to youtube to watch the raw and unedited version of the episode, Jason shows us the guts and bolts of his hand shaping studio! Make sure to check out Ep 21 for our first interview with Jason from back in the day.
June 14, 2020
CAP Cast 09JUN20
The boys talk about the recent fatal shark attack in Australia, how the USLA has handled COVID-19 information and instruction, and about what it means to cancel the 2020 South Jeresy Lifesaving CompetitionJersey season.
June 11, 2020
CAP Cast 29 MAY 2020
In today's CAP Cast the guys talk about flying white sharks, psychedelic treatments for PTSD and chronic depression, the dire state of MLB, separated shoulders and proper etiquette during the summer surf rush. If you would like to know more about at home  kits, please click the link below. This is not a sponsored link! Make sure to check out our youtube channel for the RAW and Unfiltered edition. Check out Alben Osaki's incredible photography here. Make sure to pick up a print for yourself!
May 30, 2020
CAP Cast 21 MAY 20
From the creators of The Coastal Athlete Program Podcast comes to a new current events show delving into from around the world ranging from sports to foreign policy. Welcome to the revolution, does anyone read these anymore?
May 27, 2020
57 Brent Allen Marine Conservation Activist & Water Protector
Follow Brent Allen and his quest to protect coastal natural resources. Instagram: @brentallenoutside @protectmontereybay
May 21, 2020
56 – Always check your ‘MUTE’ status before providing feedback
The post 56 – Always check your ‘MUTE’ status before providing feedback appeared first on CAP.
May 14, 2020
055 – Jose Martinez, One More Wave rider and motivational speaker
Jose joins the boys to talk about working for the cartels before serving in the United States Army and how he has adjusted to life as a triple amputee. This is a can’t miss episode! Would you like to support One More Wave? They sponsor our founders as well as over 300 other veterans around the country. Please CLICK HERE to see how you can support the mission.
May 06, 2020
054 – Salt Water & Sand Colonics and Santa Cruz Surfer Interviews
The post 054 – Salt Water & Sand Colonics and Santa Cruz Surfer Interviews appeared first on CAP.
April 30, 2020
53 – Help A Surf Warrior Get Back On The Waves
April 22, 2020
052 – Alex Jones Bathed In Patchouli Oil
Here is the link to the VICE interview with Edward Snowden.
April 14, 2020
051 – To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Danny White
On this episode of the podcast, the boys talk about what they got up too over the most recent publishing break. Let’s just say Danny got a peek behind the curtain at local performing art eating establishment in San Jose.
April 07, 2020
049 – The New York Yankees honor a living legend
The post 049 – The New York Yankees honor a living legend appeared first on CAP.
August 26, 2019
045 – Bodyboarder Slater Thompson
The post 045 – Bodyboarder Slater Thompson appeared first on CAP.
July 31, 2019
048 – Slater’s guild to Orange County
We are joined on this episode of the podcast by our buddy, the gnarly Slater Thompson. If you missed Slater introducing himself on episode 45, you can check it out here In this episode Slater takes through his favorite spots to ride, eat and chill in Surf City USA.
July 30, 2019
042 – Remembering Tommy Dilley; Father, educator, lifesaver
The post 042 – Remembering Tommy Dilley; Father, educator, lifesaver appeared first on CAP.
July 29, 2019
047 – S&C coach Rick Meldrum, MS, to talk about training tactical​ vs sport athletes
We are joined this episode of the podcast by S&C coach Rick Meldrum, who cut his teeth as a Crossfit coach before becoming an accredited subject matter expert.  Rick talks about his experience working at West Point, UMASS Lowell, Hawaii and with private clients. Rick was one of Schep’s first coaches, so its really cool getting an insight into what makes them both tick.
July 26, 2019
046 – The perils of podcasting
The post 046 – The perils of podcasting appeared first on CAP.
June 13, 2019
044 – Schep tries to get Danny to bodysurf and other announcements
The post 044 – Schep tries to get Danny to bodysurf and other announcements appeared first on CAP.
May 26, 2019
043 – (fixed) Cal Fire Capitans Drew Rhoads and Eric Chisholm talk Lost Coast rescue
To support the Jesse Pitman 5k Run/Walk please * Click HERE
May 19, 2019
041 – Fin Talk 2.0 with Schep and Joe
Schep, Joe, Danny, Posey and Tuck sit down to talk story about fins, life around the water and get an update on what Joe has been up to.
April 26, 2019
040 – CAP Mentor Program ft. Will Landsbury
Schep and Danny are joined this episode of the podcast by Will Landsbury, a CAP Mentor Program alumni and wide receiver for Northwestern University. The guys talk about what Will’s experience in the program was like, how his life has changed since he became a D-1 college football player and where he plans to use his abilities in the real world.
April 21, 2019
039 – This Ocean Life Podcast’s Josh Pederson
Below is an excerpt from the show. The full transcript of the podcast is available upon request.  “Welcome back to the Coastal Athlete Program. I’m your host Schep. We’re going to be sitting down with Josh Peterson of This Ocean Life.TV to talk about his podcast and what got him started in collecting the oral history of the people who not only find their recreation but sometimes their career, their lifestyle, their religion in and around the water. Now, you guys may remember Josh. I’ve already appeared on his show, and we’ll talk about that a little bit during our episode. But for now, we’re going to go ahead kick it over to the credits. And then we’ll see you after that. Welcome to The Coastal Athlete Program, presented by Apex Predator Athletics ‘Train Today, Survive Tomorrow.’ Now from shores of Monterey Bay, here’s your host Schep.  Welcome back to the Coastal Athlete Program. Once again, I am your host Schep and I am joined in the studio today by my gorgeous, co-host Posey Blue Scheppler, who is currently asleep on my foot. You may hear her snoring as we get going. Iam joined in today’s episode by the flow master of disaster, the silky smooth voice that soothes you on late nights in Santa Cruz on 90.7 KSQD. I got it right that time. The man who you see going through security and think, of course, that guy sitting next to me in the middle. And then you watch him come marching down the center all six foot four of him. Ladies and gentlemen, Danny White. Welcome back to the show.
April 17, 2019
038 – Cruise ships in Monterey Bay with Brent Allen
Monterey Bay needs aid! SIGN THE PETITION HERE  There are currently 12 more scheduled cruise ships in Monterey Bay this year alone… Don’t change your profile picture, get off the sidelines and get in the game. The ocean needs you. Schep and Brent Allen sat down to discuss the state of cruise ships in Monterey Bay and the risks posed by their continued encroachment on the preserve. The interview was originally recorded back in December, but the issue rages on here along the Central Coast. We, the people, have been sold out by a small group of elected officials who have made a unilateral decision that puts the largest underwater preserve in the United States at risk. Cruise ships in Monterey Bay is a national issue, not something that a local city council should be allowed to sidestep in the name of short term profits. If/when there is an incident involving a cruise ship, the impact will be felt along the entire Pacific seaboard. DONT PUT YOU HEAD IN THE SAND! EDUCATE YOURSELF AND DEMAND ACTION FROM YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS. Best resource Brent Allen Outside’s blog post The death and life of Monterey Bay  COMPLETE LIST OF SCHEDULED VISITS IN 2019 SF CHRONICLE ARTICLE MONTEREY NOW COVERAGE OF PROTESTS  
April 04, 2019
037 – CAP IS BACK! CAP Podcast “Return of the Pose” starts now
Schep, Posey and Danny welcome you back to the CAP Podcast and offer up explanations for where we have been and what we’ve been doing since our last conversation. The group also gives you a sneak peek of what to expect this year and a few juicy samples of where we are going. * If you haven’t already please make sure to rate and subscribe to us on your prefered audio platform. When you take the time it helps us extend our reach to spread our message of outdoor recreation and coastal conservation. * We are back to releasing at least an episode a week through the Northern Hemisphere spring and summer months. The tower is open, feel free to get back in the water knowing qualified personnel are standing by. * The Coastal Athlete Program is the only show that increases your survivability every time you listen! Don’t be the one with a secret, make sure to talk about the CAP podcast with your friends and co-workers. If you know someone who would like to appear on the show please email We are particularly looking for water rescue professionals active in recent news events. If you would like to support our continued efforts please support us on Patreon. We have included a link to HERE for your convince. For less than a cup of coffee a month you can make a significant difference in our ability to produce the show. There is so much that we aspire to do with the show but we need your support to make it a reality.   Danny’s Show LINK    
March 25, 2019
036 – Ellen Heally talks at sea supplementation and human performance
The post 036 – Ellen Heally talks at sea supplementation and human performance appeared first on CAP.
November 21, 2018
035 – CAP catch up with Schep & Joe
The post 035 – CAP catch up with Schep & Joe appeared first on CAP.
November 12, 2018
The post 034 – CAMP FIRE EMERGENCY CALL FOR AID! appeared first on CAP.
November 09, 2018
031 – Ellen Healy Talks Afloat Fitness
Ellen Healy (CSCS, PN1, TSAC-F, CF-L1) joins us to chat about her background in the fitness industry, and the time she spent as FITBOSS onboard the USS Carl Vinson. Ellen talks about working as a civilian contractor providing fitness to deployed sailors and the challenges that came it the unique set of conditions.
October 22, 2018
030 – Salty Water Rescue Crew Report From Panama City
In this episode of the podcast, we are joined by Zac James of Salty Water Rescue Crew. Zac is an EMT with a specialization in water rescue and remote emergency medicine and responded to Hurricane Micheal in the Panama Beach area with the NGO Salty Water Rescue Crew.  CAP is flexing its journalistic muscles by bringing our audience a first-hand account of the devastation and providing insight into what happens in the hours and days following a storm. During a natural disaster, most people wisely try to get as far away as possible. A few brave souls move in the back through the fleeing throng of humanity to be ready to respond.  The first 24-48 hours following a disaster can be the most lethal. The demand is real.   Topics of note * Rapid response report from Mexico Beach in Panama City * The surgical precision of smaller NGO’s vs major NGO’s * Mission flexibility and its impact on gear selection * Sociological response patterns similarities between the Napa Fires and Hurricane Michelle * Opportunities to improve dispatch and distribution networks in crisis zones * Ways non-responders can support rescue efforts * The origin story of the Salty Water Rescue Crew * Ways CAP listeners can lead by example Look for a follow-up episode going deeper in depth about ways to support the community.
October 15, 2018
029 – California Bodysurfing Championships
The post 029 – California Bodysurfing Championships appeared first on CAP.
October 10, 2018
028 – Surfing With Sharks; Injury Management, Risk Mitigation, And The Human Response
The post 028 – Surfing With Sharks; Injury Management, Risk Mitigation, And The Human Response appeared first on CAP.
October 01, 2018
027 – Egan Maritime Institute Shipwrecks & Lifesaving Museum
The post 027 – Egan Maritime Institute Shipwrecks & Lifesaving Museum appeared first on CAP.
September 26, 2018
026 – Brian MacKenzie Talks About Viewing Sport As Art, Breathing For Success, And What Went Into Writing POWER SPEED ENDURANCE
Brian MacKenzie aka BMac joins Schep for episode 026 of The Coastal Athlete Program Podcast to talk about what went into writing Power Speed Endurance, breathing for success, and how to view sport as art.  BMac is another one of those guests who has found himself at key pivot points within the field of human performance and if you listen close enough the common themes are starting to emerge. If you have been listening to us for a while a lot of stuff may sound familiar since Schep and BMac have little to no patience for things that detract from the goal of physical readiness. Train like your life depends on it because ultimately that is in fact the case. Brian Mackenzie is an expert in the development and application of custom protocols to optimize human health and performance. His work harnesses and integrates respiratory, movement, strength and endurance-based training approaches to elicit unprecedented positive results. His protocols have been used to accelerate and raise both mental and physical performance in world-class Olympic and professional athletes, top exceutives, and elite military operators, as well as to improve the health for people suffering from various chronic illnesses. Everyday people have also used Brian’s tools to reduce pathologic stress and to vastly heighten their mental and physical well being and performance. A highly unique feature of Brian’s approach is that he voluntarily and repeatedly subjects his protocols to rigorous 3rd party scientific testing, re-testing and improvement, at top institutions including Stanford University School of Medicine, Florida A&M University and The Center for Sports Performance. Few, if any, experts directly seek to apply unbiased laboratory and field testing to their craft as Mackenzie does. Brian is himself a highly accomplished athlete. He completed the Ironman (Canada, 2004), completed both the The Western States 100 (2006) mile and The Angeles Crest 100 (2007) mile runs using adapted training protocols he developed to avoid injury and fatigue. Also a prolific writer, Brian co-authored the book Power Speed Endurance, The New York Times Best Seller UnBreakable Runner, and UnPlugged, which assesses the integration of emergent technology and human performance. His programs have been featured in Outside Magazine, Men’s Health, Runners World, Triathlete Magazine, Men’s Journal, ESPN Rise, as well as periodicals such as The Economist. Brian and his protocols have been featured in 4 of Timothy Ferriss’ New York Times bestselling books including: “The 4-Hour Body” and “Tools of Titans”. Brian MacKenzie’s programs have been taught at more than 400 seminars worldwide and are used by thousands of athletes ranging from beginners to elite medalists and record holders via his “Power, Speed, Endurance” platform and by private consultation. Currently, Brian is the Creative Director at Power Speed Endurance a company focused on the optimization of human performance, corporate performance and the delivery of science based protocols to optimize physical, emotional and cognitive performance for health.
September 10, 2018
025 – Ryan Masters Talks Bodysurfing Mavericks, The 2018 California Bodysurfing Championships, And A Life Spent In The Water Making Art
We are joined in studio this episode of the podcast by Ryan Masters ( @ryanmasters831 ); poet, writer, and big wave bodysurfer. Ryan’s bodysurfing career has taken him around the world sharing breaks with THE biggest names in the sport. This is the first time we have interviewed someone who been down the face of Mavericks, and the story is harrowing. The tradition continues of guests bringing their A game when coming on the show. We really get into the whole spectrum of bodysurfing related topics; fins, food, fear, and injury.     The Santa Cruz Bodysurfing Association  “The Santa Cruz Bodysurfing Association was established in 1983 by Tom Mader, Julie Davis, and Horst Wolf.  These three shared a love for the perfect “A-frame” wave at Sunny Cove Beach in Santa Cruz, and decided to host a contest to promote the sport, with Churchill Fins as the main sponsor.  With safety and fun as the main focus of the Santa Cruz Bodysurfing Association, it didn’t take long for this contest to become a favorite event for bodysurfers from all over the world.  Soon, the SCBSA expanded to two contests a year:  the Cold Water Classic in the late fall (featuring ice cubes down your wetsuit!) And, the California Championships, usually held in the Spring.  Both of these contests were legendary in the bodysurfing world due to the FUN side of the competition.  Events such as the Tandem and Pure were introduced as a way for participants to have as much time in the water as possible.  These events are still the favorites at SCBSA contests, sometimes drawing over 20 swimmers in the water at a time!  Also introduced by the SCBSA were new moves such as the “death cradle,” the “submarine,” the “Nixon,” and the “salute.”  Aside from contests, the SCBSA has taken a part in local events such as Save Our Shores, Surfrider Foundation, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  The Association has hosted a Wave Festival, a Porch to Porch bicycle event, ski trips, group trips to international bodysurfing competitions, and more.  For information of the SCBSA contests and events, see the links above.  Most important, be safe and have fun in the water!” California Bodysurfing Championships ENTER THE CONTEST HERE
September 03, 2018
024 – California On Fire Update With Captain Drew Rhoads
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August 27, 2018
023 – Fan Questions; 5 Books For Watermen, Caloric Loading For Surfing
Top 5 Books For Watermen Power Speed Endurance  – Brian McKenzie  THE NARRATIVE OF ARTHUR GORDON PYM OF NANTUCKET (SINCE THIS ONE IS SO OLD, THIS LINK IS TO A PDF COPY!) Swimming To Antartica – Lorane Cox Rescue: True Stories Of The USLSS   Got Fight – Forrest Griffen  
August 20, 2018
022 – The Future Of The CAP Podcast And Wetsuits
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August 17, 2018
021 – @Superbiscuitsc joins us to talk about shaping alternative surf craft
    Links   Superbiscuit   The evolution of shape  
August 13, 2018
020 – Spotting While Swimming Offshore
  Schep Shreddy Yeti
August 06, 2018
019 – Bodysurfing Staycation Debrief And Alternative Surf Craft Hang With Doc Jackson & Schep
July 30, 2018
017 – July Seminar Update, Bodysurfer Mobility, and July Give Away Info!
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July 16, 2018
016 – George Briones of SOFlete talks about his origin story, how he got hooked up with SOFlete during the formation of the company, what makes a good coach, and adds his two cents on the quest to find balance.
George Briones [@soflete_gb3] sat down with Schep to talk about what to look for in a coach, entrepreneurship as a veteran, shares his origin story, and talks about how he linked up with SOFlete during its formation in 2015. We are honored that George opened up to us and our audience, it’s a deeper look than he has ever given in a podcast. If this is your first time listening to The Coastal Athlete Program please make sure to join us on this journey. Like and subscribe, and please please make sure to leave us a review! Find us on Instagram @coastalathleteprogram on Facebook and online Subscribers get first access, find us in iTunes / Spotify / Google Play / Stitcher Radio
July 02, 2018
015 – ERS4 Ally and Repellor DMC Fin Reviews
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June 25, 2018
014 – Major Mike Harris, USMC Harrier Pilot & Founder Of MURCA
Major Mike Harris, USMC, sat down with Schep recently to discuss ultra athletics, training methodology, heart rate zones, and balance. Marine Ultra Runners Club of America   We will be updating and adding to this post over time. Make sure to check back for more photos and intel.
June 18, 2018
013 – Autum Lancaster of Cal Fire + Schep & Joe talk fins
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June 11, 2018
012 – Juan Macias of Cal Fire & Kpaloa Swim Fin Review
Joe Jackson sat down with Juan Macias of Cal Fire after the Nor Cal Water Rescue Rodeo to talk about Juan’s path to service. Juan details his journey as a Fire Firefighter One (1) Seasonal from Mexico to the United States, and discusses how being bilingual has benefited him.   Kpaloa Classic OnGoing Review v1.0 Swim Fin Category: Surf Quiver Comp: DaFins Pro’s: Super comfy Soft foot pocket, firm tip Great all day bodyboarding fin Nice wide foot pocket Stylish Cons: At 5’11 220 they felt a little underpowered in 4-6ft swell on a bodyboard Where can I get them? HERE   From Kpaloa’s website “Founded in 1983 by Augusto Conti, son of a prominent rubber industrialist, KPALOA is a 100% Brazilian company specialized in the production of high performance surface swimfins made of high quality vulcanized rubber, for bodyboarding, bodysurfing, swimming and rescue.  Due to his know-how in rubber technology and his great love of sports, besides being focused, painstaking, and highly artistic, Augusto idealized the project at the very beginning of bodyboarding in Brazil, was passionate about it, and, ever since, has offered athletes a state-of-the-art product. “Something new is coming up at sea”, the slogan used by Kpaloa to launch its first model of swimfins! Since its creation, KPALOA has always aimed at producing the best swimfins in the world, giving athletes and lifeguards equipment that offers excellent propulsion, comfort, durability and safety.”   SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave
June 04, 2018
011 – NorCal Water Rescue Rodeo Debrief with Captain Drew Rhoades of Cal Fire
Aloha Pod Members, Schep and Joe just got back from the rodeo! They spent all there time getting the episode ready, make sure to check back here for more information. (THEY WILL BE UPLOADING LINKS, VIDEOS, AND GALLERYS THROUGHOUT THE WEEK AS THEY FINISH PROCESSING) Big thank you to Cal Fire Station 1166 for taking care of us, and welcoming our pod into their home. Jesse Pitman Memorial 5K Jesse Pittman was born and raised in the redwoods of northern California. As a young man, he spent two seasons as a wildland fire fighter with CAL Fire before he joined the United States Navy to become a SEAL commando. After completing his third deployment, Jesse volunteered to do another back-to-back. Jesse had a saying among his teammates, “I don’t run, I charge.” On August 6, 2011, Jesse was one of 31 American heroes lost in a helicopter crash over Afghanistan. Jesse died while living a life dedicated to service and conquering challenges. His next goal was to attend college and earn his bachelor’s degree. Now, Jesse’s wish will carry on with you.
May 21, 2018
010 – What/How We Ride
Schep and Joe sit down to discuss what they ride and how they ride it! This is a straight-up waterman hang.
May 14, 2018
009 – Jake Sonnier US Navy Rescue Swimmer
Jake Sonnier US Navy Rescue Swimmer We are joined this episode of The Coastal Athlete Program Podcast by Jake Sonnier US Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmer, crew chief, fisherman, and all around bad ass to talk about his career as a water rescue professional. Jake talks about his aquaphobia and fear of heights, and how he refused to let them deter him from becoming a Rescue Swimmer. Schep and Jake discuss jet fins vs rocket fins, shark encounters, and Jake shares some of his stories about flying in the Florida Keys. Water Rescue Professionals are often perceived as fearless superheroes when in reality many of us struggle with phobias and pain just like everyone else.  The life also calls us away to stand duty, often times costing us valuable time with the ones we love.  We went there in this episode, and we thank Jake for his candor. Many active duty Rescue Swimmer s never get the opportunity to actually ply their craft in a civilian rescue scenario. In 2017 Petty Officer Sonnier got the chance to do just that, and the story is electrifying. Imagine being afraid of heights swinging from a helicopter in a storm, down onto a shrimp boats, surrounded by hungry sharks. This is an all-timer folks, you won’t want to miss it! So Others May Live Jake can be found on Instagram @jakesonnier
May 07, 2018
008 – (Update For May) The Coastal Athlete Program
The Coastal Athlete Program Podcast is stepping up to weekly episodes through the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere to provide as much quality content for water rescue professionals as possible during the tourist season. * Joe is getting his mobile recording set up online so we are doubling our range. * Schep & Joe are coming to Mendocino for the Water Rescue Rodeo and will be offering a class on the alternate day of the event. * Episodes dedicated to the true cost of water sports goods, examining the human and natural cost of things like rubber/foam/polyurethane * Product reviews * Summer Special Events! like the 3rd Chum Challenge CAP CLASS SUMMER TOUR The guys are ready to hit the road the provide CAP Classes in your area on the Pacific Rim, specifically for water rescue professionals or any group of water sports enthusiasts. Schep and Joe have fins, boards, paddles, and small craft standing at the ready to come to your town! Contact us HERE or via any of our social media channels. * 10 students minimum per session * 20 students maximum per session As we begin to offer mobile classes we will talk about them on the podcast, so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss your chance to try out a CAP Class for yourself. NEXT REMOTE CLASS MAY 19 OR 20 (DEPENDANT UPON RODEO SCHEDULE) MENDOCINO, CA SaveSave SaveSave
April 30, 2018
007 – Swim Fin History
Swim Fin History  ‘Doc’ Joe Jackson and Schep are back, this time to discuss an in-depth analysis of swim fin history their design progression through time. From DaVinci to WWII to Mavericks we outline the evolution of the most well-known name brands and dive, pun intended, into what has made them so successful. Swim Fin History * Polynesian swimmers w/ hard palm leaves tied to their feet some dried palm leaves were even coated in tar or natural latex (Churchill witness 1930’s)  * Leonardo Da Vinci (15th century)  * Giovanni Alfonso Borelli (17th century)  * Benjamin Franklin (18th century) As a child he loved swimming as fancied himself a sailor. He would affix wood planks to his hands and feet – “artist palette” shaped) documented in the Smithsonian   Louis de Corlieu (1914-1939)  In 1914 the 1st prototype were designed by French naval officers, 1924 Corlieu left the Navy to work on his fin, in 1933 he received a patent (767013) for fins and paddle combo,  and mass production began in 1939 after selling a Churchill purchased a license from him. propulseurs de natation et de sauvetage translated as “swimming and rescue propulsion device” Churchill renamed the design as Swimfins which is still used in English today.  He went to the US Navy to demonstrate their value and application which,  and the subsequent order allowed the gear to shine in battles of World War 2. Churchill fins left prints on the Normandy beaches attached to the feet of  “Naked Warriors” as they cleared landing sites for the invasion. Fun fact Owen Churchill is a gold medalist, yacht racing 8m, 1932 Open Strap Heel * 1946 Skin Divers and Duckfeet and custom duck feet (what we use modern duckfeet wise) (Spearfisherman the fin company was started 1945 by Arthur Brown later sold in 1955 to Swimaster, which became Voit in the early 1960’s 1st to use rails or ribs for stiffness and power * 1948 Italian cressi-sub and Luigi Ferraro came up with a closed foot (closed heel) fin design * 1949-50 Udt’s, a larger version on the Duck  Feet fin (both have duck feet still written on them) in use on record w/ US Navy through Vietnam with the Frogmen (fighting on land as sea) * 1964 Georges Beuchat designed and produced the jet fin (Scubapro Jet Fin) * 1980’s or 1990’s Dr. Greg Deet rescued the UDT fin mold after production had been moved down to Mexico. Rumor had it they were sitting behind a barn in TJ  Viper Swim Fin History * 1st released 1982  *   I-Beam 7” black no drainage holes  * Mid-late 80’s  *   V7/ V5 yellow and orange dots iconic colorway  * 2014 injection molded rubber fins were made as an update. The new rubber didn’t require the use of paddling, the rubber was smooth enough not to make your feet a bloody mess  *   Vectors V7/ V5 yellow/ orange * 2015 vector V7/v5 blk/ grey  * 2016 New yellow dots V7’s v’5  * *Weird rubber in late 90’s early 00’s in both the v5 and v7*  DaFin history * Andy Cochran, a lifeguard living in Hawaii designed the fins in the mid 90’s * Official swim fin of the US lifesaving association  * Standard issue fin of Hawaiian Lifeguard Association   Yucca Surf Fin History In 2016 Sean Straky made an update of one of his favorite fins for bodysurfing the wedge, what he came up with is considered by the hosts of the show to be the best fin on the market. 3 rubber variations 
April 23, 2018
006 – The Great Swim Fin Debate Part. 1
The Swim Fin is a vital part of any waterman’s gear, especially water rescue professional’s, and can be used for a variety of purposes. Surfers, lifeguards, dive and salvage teams, as well as snorkeling guilds, require different levels of stiffness and comfort to do their job. Some use swim fins to train their legs for non-fin events or to increase kinetic awareness. Others use fins to explore deep below the water’s surface and require the perfect combination of performance and efficiency. Episode 006 – The Great Swim Fin Debate Joe and Schep recently sat down to try and help you make sense of it all. Below are links to the brands and topics discussed. Scuba Pro Jet Fins Voigt Duck Feet Da Fin  MS Viper TYR Cross Blades   Viper V5 V7 Yucca Surf Fins (Extra Stiff) Churchill Swim Fins  Final Categories (as agreed upon at the conclusion) Dive Fins A good Dive Swim Fin places an emphasis on subsurface propulsion, efficiency, and strength of stroke delivery. These fins tend to be longer, heavier, and require proper leg strength development prior to efficient use. Multi-Purpose Fins Can serve for surface and subsurface duties, often the pair of fins you bring if you only can have one in your kit. A good multi-purpose swim fin is like a good multi-tool; durable, easy to use, flexible enough to meet your needs. Surf Fins The Surf Swim Fin category contains fins designed for comfort and control while playing in the waves. These fins are usually made of high-quality rubber that is both buoyant as well as durable. Training Fins Fins that are designed for pool work, and are made of chlorine resistant materials.  Typically cover the entire sole of the foot, with an enclosed heel pocket. A Pool Swim Fin is typically not buoyant and is not well suited for ocean use. SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave
April 09, 2018
005 – The “First Four” debrief about the origins of the Coastal Athlete Program
One year ago the first CAP Class assembled at Del Monte Beach to brave the overhead plus heavy slab waves and driving north wind. We began this Program in order to prepare a group of recent Naval Academy graduates for their careers in the special operations community.  The “First Four” sat down with Schep to talk about the origins of the Coastal Athlete Program, what motivates their desire to serve in the United States Navy, and why they have chosen their paths. We recorded this interview several months ago before the guys had a chance to class up.  They have since all completed Navy Officer Dive School and will continue down the pipeline to being Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technicians. Rest easy at night knowing brave men and women like this are standing the watch.   SaveSave
March 26, 2018
004 – Cal Fire Captain Drew Rhoads (Rescue Swimmer/Crew Chief)
We are joined this episode by Fire Captian Andrew Rhoads of the Cal Fire Mendicino detachment. Drew serves as a rescue swimmer, crew chief, salvage/rescue diver, firefighter, and as a member of multiple water rescue training cadres. Drew lays out how he steered his career towards the water, the sacrifices he made early on to gain experience in a marginalized field, and speaks frankly about the challenges first responders face balancing work and family life. For aspiring firefighters, rescue swimmers, divers, and first responders this is an absolute must listen. If you would like to participate in a CAP Class or have any further questions about this interview please click here. There are many routes to working as a rescue swimmer, but every route requires self sacrifice and discipline to achieve success. We would like to thank Captain Rhoads for taking the time to lay out the path to a rewarding career as a rescue swimmer in Cal Fire.   Jesse Pittman was born and raised in the redwoods of northern California. As a young man, he spent two seasons as a wildland fire fighter with CAL Fire before he joined the United States Navy to become a SEAL commando. After completing his third deployment, Jesse volunteered to do another back-to-back. Jesse had a saying among his teammates, “I don’t run, I charge.” On August 6, 2011, Jesse was one of 31 American heroes lost in a helicopter crash over Afghanistan. Jesse died while living a life dedicated to service and conquering challenges. His next goal was to attend college and earn his bachelor’s degree. Now, Jesse’s wish will carry on with you. The Jesse Pittman Fund will be hosting the 7th annual Jesse Pittman Memorial 5k Run/Walk on June 17th, 2018 in Ukiah California.  more information can be found at (live link) Sign up for the race HERE (The JPF allows people to virtually participate so you can support this worthy cause without traveling to Ukiah. This is an incredible cause. We urge any of our listeners in the area to participate and post your results for us to share.   SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave
March 12, 2018
003 – Senior Director Of MMA Training for UFC Gym’s “Razor” Rob McCullough
This episode of the Podcast features an interview with former W.E.C Lightweight Champion and I.M.T.C. Welterweight Muay Thai Kickboxing Champion “Razor” Rob McCullough. Razor Rob has also coached on two different seasons of the TV show “The Ultimate Fighter” (TUF) Season 11 Ortiz vs. Liddell & season 14 Bisping vs. Miller.  He has also traveled the world as a striking coach and training partner for Martial Arts legends as Michael Bisping , Ricco Rodriguez, Kevin Randelman, Tito Ortiz, and Rampage Jackson.  Rob currently works as the Senior Director of MMA at UFC Gyms, and holds a litany of certifications listed below. We can not wait for you to hear what he has to say about the Science of Sport, practical application of knowledge and skill, and about how he successfully transitioned from professional cage fighter to loving father & businessman. Qualifications * National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal trainer (CPT) * NASM YOUTH EXERCISE SPECIALIST (YES) * NASM MIXED MARTIAL ARTS CONDITIONING SPECIALIST (MMACS) * NASM FITNESS NUTRITION SPECIALIST (FNS) * AMERICAN RED CROSS: FIRST AID/CPR/AED/OXYGEN INSTRUCTOR * TRX Master Trainer * TRIGGER POINT PERFORMANCE THERAPY MASTER TRAINER * ESCAPE -TIYR/Kettlebell/Bulgarian bag- MASTER TRAINER * UFC FIT SENIOR MASTER TRAINER * HYPER WEAR SANDBELL MASTER TRAINER * dot FIT CERTIFIED NUTRITION COACH Make sure to like and subscribe to the CAP Podcast on whatever platform you use. If you listen to us on iTunes please leave us a review, it helps us reach more people and spread good knowledge. Rob’s fan page can be found HERE SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave
February 26, 2018
002 – California State University Monterey Bay Assitant Professor of Kinesiology Dr. Maria Bellumori
We are joined today by California State University Monterey Bay Assitant Professor of Kinesiology Dr. Maria Bellumori.  We discuss her journey to academia, her 11 year stay as a Blue Hen at the University of Delaware (Crew, BS/MS/PhD),  the research she worked on to earn her PhD, and what she is doing now. Dr Maria Bellumori Ph.D. Biomechanics & Movement Science, University of Delaware – 2014 M.S. Exercise Science, University of Delaware – 2009 B.S. Health Behavior Management, University of Delaware – 2007 If you would like to reach out to Dr Bellumori, she can be reached at SaveSave
February 09, 2018
001 – Naval Expeditionary Combat Command Force Medical Master Chief Dan Ritch (Navy Diver/Hospital Corpsman)
We are honored to be joined today by Naval Expeditionary Combat Command Force Medical Master Chief Dan Ritch. Schep and Dan go deep discussing ways to identify a shallow water blackout, the need for qualified professionals to be ambassadors of conservation, and geek out on their love for “mother” ocean. Dan shares some sea stories from his work as a Navy Diver in the Arctic and stresses the impact of irresponsible tourism on local ecologies. Dan shares his passion for the sea, mentorship, and explains how he designed his career to keep him in and around the water.  Make sure to like and subscribe to the podcast to get first listen to new episodes, and like and subscribe to us on Facebook. If you listen to us in iTunes please leave us a review and subscribe! Shallow Water blackouts I would like to thank Master Chief Ritch for appearing on the podcast and taking the time to teach us about shallow water blackouts.US Navy Diver screening calls for subsurface swims in a pool to be conducted in various states of stress, it is important to develop this skill prior to arrival. The threat is real when training in a subsurface environment; be it in a formal training environment or during personal development. ALWAYS HAVE A LIFEGUARD PRESENT PRIOR TO CONDUCTING SUBSURFACE TRAINING EVOLUTIONS NEVER TRAIN ALONE, ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN. We will discuss this topic further on a future podcast, but this is a quick and dirty breakdown of what to look for. If you have specific questions about shallow water blackouts please submit them HERE. Social Links Dan can be found on Instagram @deep_sea_doc Dive the World Over can be reached on Instagram @dive_the_world_over   You can find Dive the World Over on Facebook HERE   Navy Diver / Hospital Corpsman   SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave
January 25, 2018
Intro to The Coastal Athlete Program
The Coastal Athlete Program is a podcast about the skills, jobs, and lifestyles of water rescue professionals. Swimming, surfing, paddle sports, and diving are regular topics as well as interviews with rescue crews from around the world. Follow along with our free amphibious program on our website SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave
January 01, 2018