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The Yurt

The Yurt

By Captain Scott
A Podcast the takes a look at people throughout Society and Culture to try and find out what leads them in the direction they are in. The world is full of people doing interesting things and I would like to find out as much as I can about them. So tune in and make an hour of your work day a little bit better. Thanks for listening.
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Alicia Baker From Girl On A Hike

The Yurt

Alicia Baker From Girl On A Hike

The Yurt

Wing Suit Interview - May 25th 2021
Today's Episode we'll go through The History Of The Day, then we'll go straight into an interview with Brandon Mikesell a dude that does the Wing Suit professionally. Even if you don't listen today check out one of his flights. He does short straight to the point amazing flight videos ( ) Click on that you wont be disappointed.  Have a good day everybody. 
May 25, 2021
Joshua Leeman Land Based Shark Fishing
This episode Joshua Leeman is going to go over his experience Land based Shark Fishing. This dude is living the fishing dream out in East Florida and from the photo's I've seen of his Catches he's caught some pretty big fish. Hopefully we can get Josh back on because there is a lot more I'd like to hear about his trips out catching sharks. Thanks for listening.
March 18, 2021
Fear Incorporated Presents, The Carnival of Extraordinary Wonders
This episode I'm talking with Ryan and Michael who run a Haunted House up in Twin Falls, Idaho called " Fear Incorporated Presents, The Carnival of Extraordinary Wonders ". They really get into the holiday as everyone should and the haunt they put together every year is really worth checking out, go take a look at the FaceBook page " ". Have a Happy Halloween 229 days early. Check out the podcast page at " " Thanks for listening, have a great day.
March 16, 2021
Jon Bull Salt Water Fly Fishing
This episode I'm talking to Jon Bull about Salt Water Fly Fishing. He runs a Guide Service called Shadowcast Fly Fishing out of Ruskin Florid. If you want to check Jon Out you can book a guide with him on FaceBook at " " Thanks for listening. 
March 11, 2021
Captain Andy Gonzalez Alligator Gar Adventure Fishing
Today's episode i get to talk with Captain Andy Gonzalez The owner of Alligator Gar Adventure Fishing out in Houston Texas. You wanna find out about fishing this guy is who to talk to, not only is he catching Dinosaurs but he does it for a living. Go check out Captain Andy's FaceBook Page " Alligator Gar Adventure Fishing " you can email him at or give him a call and get more information on booking a trip (832) 212-6467 Go catch some big fish this year. Thanks for watching for more information on up coming episodes check the podcast out on facebook " "
March 10, 2021
Timothy Hudman Kayak Cat Fishing
This episode I'm Talking to TImothy Hudman a Kayak Catfisherman up a little more north then I am. We go over kayak set ups, how t try and avoid bugs, and drop the seeds of the idea someone should plant some flat heads out in Utah waters. Check out Tim's YouTube He's got a couple videos out now but is going to be making more video's coming up. Thanks for Listening the intro music is by " Mark Leonard - Open Letter " go check that out. Check out the Podcast Page on FaceBook " TheYurtCast " Thanks for listening.
March 8, 2021
Jesse Harrison Lapoint Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch
This episode I'm talking with Jesse Harrison from the Lapoint Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch in Lapoint Utah out by Vernal. She goes over how the mazes are shaped and grown, and also gets into how to grow some good pumpkin's. Stick around till the end and she gets into Giant Pumpkin Grows and shooting pumpkins out of a cannon. If your trying to make plans for the Fall season check them out. They have a big maze and lots to do and the ride up will be beautiful. " " , " " or email them at
March 3, 2021
Capt'n Dan Gianvito Snow Bording Winter Alaskan Fishing Summer
This episode has to have been one of my best so far. Captain Dan has a pretty interesting story. He's a local Utah snow boarder in the winter and he's a commercial fisherman up in Alaska in the Summer. Between snowboarding avalanche and boat fires you should listen to this episode.
March 1, 2021
Dave Robertson Ultimate Guide to Zombies
This episode we talk to Dave Robertson the author of " The Ultimate Guide To Zombies ". We also get into some of the other books he's written, Zombie Pop Culture, and how to get started to become an author. This is a fun episode, listen in so you can survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Check out Dave's Books on his " Amazon Authors Page "  or get " The Ultimate Guide To Zombies " or just check out the " FaceBook Page " You can follow The Yurt on FaceBook as well to see what shows are coming in the future " " Thanks for listening.
February 25, 2021
Phillip Mallory Comic Artist
This episode we talk to Phillip Mallory the creator of the comic strip " Flip Psycho ". This episode we get into his Comic, 80's Cartoons, Horror Movies, and More. He's also in a band You can check them out on YouTube at " Creeps Inc " Check out the comic " " or follow his FaceBook Page " " You can check out upcoming episode on The Podcasts Page " " Thanks for listening.
February 24, 2021
Robert Rask Guitar Builder " Luthier "
This episode we talk to Robert Rask, the owner of Rask Guitars. Robert is a local Luthier ( a stringed instrument builder ) that makes beautiful guitars. He's gonna take us through the process of creating these instruments and get into everything from selecting the wood to shaping them. If you stick around you'll also be able to hear them, they sound really good even being picked up with my crappy mics. Go check out his Guitars on Facebook at " Rask Guitars " Hear some good music and check out some tips on how to make guitars on " YouTube " follow what he's doing on     " Instagram " and if your interested in purchasing a guitar go straight to the source " " Thanks for listening follow whats going on with the cast at " TheYurtCast " on FaceBook.
February 22, 2021
John Long Krampus
This episode we got John Long he runs the Baltimore Krampus Page and hosts Krampus events out in Baltimore. In this episode he's going to talk a little about the history of Krampus, the Krampus run he hosts, the costumes and his time at the Renaissance Fair, but Hell we get into every thing from how to pick out bells to the down fall of society. So listen in and then go check out John's page " Baltimore Krampus " Follow the podcasts Facebook page as well " The Yurt Cast " Thanks for listening, have a good day.
February 18, 2021
Nick Odom Gator Hunting
Today's episode I'm talking with Nick Odom on Florida Gator Hunting. Nick has been hunting gators before it was popularized and has some pretty interesting stories on the subject. We also get into a little fishing and land hunting talk. If anyone wants to learn more about gator hunting you can check Nick out on " FaceBook "
February 15, 2021
D & D With William Sherman
On this episode William comes on and talks about starting D&D in the 80s and his other favorite ways to role play on the table top.
February 12, 2021
Jose Feliciano
Today's episode we got Jose Feliciano on the show he's a Bow Hunter and Podcaster. He's going to go over his experience learning how to bow hunt then he'll go over his podcast a little bit. Go Check him and his podcast out The FaceBook Page is " TheIntergalacticNeanderthals " , " " , or " " To check out new episodes " "
February 10, 2021
Gator Hunting With Josh Grolling
Today's episode is an interesting one, Josh Grolling is gonna walk us through the world of Gator Hunting. He;s a professional angler by trade and an established hunter. He also makes fishing rods on the side that he ships all over the country, so if your looking for a quality rod check out his FaceBook Page " Reelentless Rods Custom "
February 8, 2021
Local BBQ Sam Streacker and Andy Hayford
This episode I've got Andy Hayford and Sam Streacker come on and talk Barque. They get into everything from how to start out BBQing, what to look for when buying a BBQ, how to pick out meat, and different styles of cooking. So listen in and get hungry.
February 4, 2021
Mountain Biking with Sam and Matthew
This episode we have Matthew Brennan a Local Mountain Bike enthusiast and Sam Buckmiller from Salt Cycles that coaches and rides. If you guys have ever been curious about getting into the Northern Utah Mountain Bike scene these are the guys to talk to. They are both super friendly and encourage new riders to get out there. You can also hear some use full information about where to ride and what you should look for when getting your first bike. You can find Sam at " Salt Cycles " and check them out on " Instagram " or follow him on " FaceBook " or " Instagram " and Check out Matthew on " Instagram " as well. Thanks for listening for more shows Check out the FaceBook Page " TheYurtCast " Back with another episode soon.
February 3, 2021
Home Brewing with Gary Pruiksma
Today's Episode Gary gets into brewing at home and a little distilling at home. Living in Utah options for craft beer can be on the slim side so that is why Gary and many others have to take the brew into there own hands. If your interested in getting started in the home brew world this would will give you a good idea of how to get started in the hobby. 
February 1, 2021
A Great Escape With Brett and Patrick
This was a fun episode with Brett and Patrick owners of A Great Escape escape room at Gardener Village out in West Jordan Ut. Listen in as these guys get into what it takes to run and create an escape room, some of the escape rooms they like to visit, and the technology it takes to have an escape room. Listen or not you should definitely plan your visit to A Great Escape.  Check out the website " " , " FaceBook " , " Instagram " , or give them a call at: (801) 566-3798 Thanks for Listening.  
January 28, 2021
D&D Group Discusion
This episode I've got Steve Bartell, Robert James, and Jacoby Davis on the show, they are all local D7D players. I ask them about the game and overall its a pretty fun informative episode. If you have ever thought about starting to play these guys give a lot of good advice and resources. Thanks for listening I'll be back with another show tomorrow.
January 27, 2021
Brian Ruggles From The Utah Chocolate Society
This was a super fun episode. In this episode Brian Ruggles blows your mind with how complicated chocolate can be. He gets into a whole lot that I wouldn't have even considered. You actually get a little lesson in Neuro Chemistry and how chocolate can effect your senses. We get into some general food talk and your going to find out not only where to find the best chocolate here but the best Mom and Pop restaurants as well. So tune in, then go check him out.                              " Utah Chocolate Society " , " Chocolate Fascination - YouTube Channel " , " ChocolateFascination.Com " , " Chocolate Fascination - FaceBook " , " Chocolate Fascination - Instagram " Follow The FaceBook Page for New Episodes " The Yurt Cast " Have a good day.
January 25, 2021
Lupercalia with Kairo Duchess
This episode Kairo explains the origins of Valentines Day. She goes through the traditions and origins of Lupercalia and the adoption by the Catholic Church. She also talks about the importance of the seasons and way more then i can put in this description. Tune into the episode with an open mind and learn something.
January 21, 2021
John M. Olsen Author
Today we got John M. Olsen on the show, he's a local author and the current president of The League of Utah Writers. He's written a ton of SciFi and Fantasy stories, everything from a trilogy to short stories. He's got a deal going on now if you sign up for his news letter he's giving you a free short story. You can check out his work at his " Blog " , " Twitter " , " Amazon " ,  " FaceBook " , and get that " Free Short Story " Thanks for listening.
January 20, 2021
Jon Johnson Owner and Founder of Zipline Utah
Today I'm talking with Jon Johnson the owner and founder of Zipline Utah. This guy has an amazing story of how he started his carer in Zip-lines that I think can bring hope to some of us out there. He saw an opportunity and grabbed it by the short and curley's and made it happen capt'n. Not only do you get an inspirational story but he goes over a ton of information on how zip-lines work, from home built to worlds best Jon has done it all. If none of that interests you I'm sure his zip-line coarse will so even if you don't listen to the episode go check out Zipline Utah because those will be memories that will stay with you forever. I'm definitely checking it out with the family this summer, cause i don't do the cold unless i have to. Check out Zipline Utah " " or on " FaceBook "  or  " Instagram "  or  " YouTube "  or  " Twitter " Thanks for watching.
January 18, 2021
Days N Daze ( In Your Face Brittney ) On My Show
First I want to say Brittney listen to the end of the show Jesse gives you a shout out. Second listen to this band they have to be the most talented band I've heard since Bad Brains released Banned in DC, and I'm not trying to stroke their ego. You can check them out on YouTube at " Days N Daze Official " I'm pretty sure this is there web site " Days N " or on their FaceBook because their old " " Thanks for listening to the first out of state Sunday episode. Next week it will be Saturday
January 17, 2021
Roy and Josh from Utah Back Country Pilots Association
Today I'm talking with Josh and Roy from the Utah Back Country Pilots Association. They talk about some of the cool places they are able to get into and camp with back country flying. So if your into the back country whether it's hiking, biking, or overlanding listen in because these guys are getting deeper out there and into more remote areas and they help other people get there to. They share a lot of information from plane maintenance, landing strip management, and the awesome places they visit. You should check them out to see the cool stuff they do and if your interested in getting into back country flying check them out for sure. You can go to the website at " "  check out there FaceBook " "  or on Instagram at " " For more on the show or to suggest a guest check out the FaceBook page " TheYurtCast " Thanks for listening.
January 14, 2021
Jason Glover Owner of Mammoth Creek Knives
This episode I'm talking with Jason Glover the owner and creator of Mammoth Creek Knives. This guy has made some really awesome knives that you gotta see, lot of etched details with really amazing shapes. You can check his knives out on " FaceBook " or " Instagram "
January 13, 2021
Justin Nelson Co Owner Drang Boards
This episode was a fun one I've got Justin Nelson one of the co owners for Drang Boards. We get into wood work, skate board making, skating, nostalgia, and today's atmosphere. Tune in for a good show then check out Drang Boards on " FaceBook " & " Instagram " or " YouTube " If you want to see New Episodes follow us on " FaceBook " @TheYurtCast "
January 11, 2021
Clayton Cox Owner of DIY Log Worx
Today's Episode i got Clayton Cox the owner of DIY Log Worx to come on the show. This guy is a master wood worker, his pool tables look amazing you really got to check those out. In this episode he tells us about how he got started in the business, the ups and down and the set up he's got going now. Like I said this guy is legit, go check out his YouTube Channel he's even made that a professional set up. Listen to the show to find out more and check out his " YouTube " - " FaceBook " or search him up DIY Log Worx or check out his FaceBook at " Rustic Mountain Furniture " . Thanks for listening checking out the episode if you got any questions about the show join the FaceBook Group " Utah Discussion Board "  or the FaceBook Page " The Yurt Cast "
January 8, 2021
Eliot Steimle with The Food Truck League
Today's episode is with Eliot Steimle with The Food Truck League and its a pretty fun episode. Eliot goes over the food truck industry and we get into a little story telling. If you want to find out more on how the food truck industry runs this would be a great episode for you. Bonus to the episode it might start get the wheels turning for you to start thinking about small businesses you could start. Anyway listen to the episode and if you ever have an event you need catered look for Eliot at the " " or check them out on " FaceBook " You can always email to at If you want to get notified of whats going on with the podcast Check Out The FaceBook Page " @TheYurtCast " Next Episode coming soon, see ya.
January 7, 2021
Drones In The Desert with Vicki Felmlee
Today's episode we have Vicki Felmlee on the show talking Drones. She hosts the "Drones In The Desert" race every year out in Grand Junction Colorado. The 5th annual race will be held September 4th & 5th this year so check out the "Website" and the "Facebook Page" If you want to talk more about this topic or any others join the podcast group " Utah Discussion Board " Or the Facebook Page " The Yurt Cast "
January 5, 2021
Nathan McGuire Local Flight Instructor
Nathan McGuire is a Local Flight Instructor in Utah County For Utah Valley University and Phoenix Flight Academy. He walks us through how he obtained his Pilots License and how you can get yours. If you wanna find out more you can follow Nathan on his Instagram @TheRealNater2 Thanks for listening see ya on the next episode.
January 2, 2021
Rocky Mountain Ryan and Treasure Hunting.
In this episode local treasure hunter Ryan Larking tells us how he goes out and finds rare artifacts. He walks us through everything from Mining, medal detecting, to rock hounding. He is even giving away some of his secrets to finding some really cool stuff. If your interested in seeing him out there hunting you can check him out on YouTube at " Rocky Mountain Prospector Ryan " or on Instagram " @rock_mountain_ryan " Then you can check out his School bus modification on his other YouTube Channel " The Skoolster  " and get some idea's for your own family off road truckster. If you wanna say anything about this episode come join the FaceBook Group at " Utah Discussion Board " Thanks for listening, come check out another show later this week.
December 30, 2020
Angelique and Cindy From The Wine Hiking Society.
Today's show I'm Talking with Cindy and Angelique from The Women's Wine Hiking Society here in Northern Utah. They do everything from day hikes to backpacking trips in what sounds like some pretty cool places. There group is pretty big and pretty active out here so if your a woman or your wife is looking to get out into nature listen in. Even if your male they even get into some good outdoor equipment review and backpack cooking advice. So tune in and then go check them out on Instagram at " Wine Hiking Society " or Join the FaceBook Group at " Womens Wine Hiking Society of Utah " If you wanna talk further about this episode join the FaceBook group for the Podcast " Utah Discussion Board " Thanks for listening.
December 28, 2020
Merry Christmas with Kiery Baert
Merry Christmas from The Yurt with Kiery Baert. Northern Utah Christmas.
December 25, 2020
Rob McNealy cryptocurrency
In this episode Rob McNealy talks about cryptocurrency, prepping, and what the world might look like in the near future due to the pandemic.
December 23, 2020
Kevin Merrit Ice Fishing
In this episode we talk to Kevin Merrit about the Ice Fishing here in Northern Utah. He gets in deep with how to not only catch fish through the ice but how to find them. So sit take a listen then get out there and go catch some fish before the ice is gone. Check out the FaceBook Group at Utah Discussion Board
December 21, 2020
Alicia Baker From Girl On A Hike
Alicia Baker is a local hiker who's been all over Northern Utah. She gets in to everything she brings to where she goes here locally. You can check out her blog at Girl On A Hike You can also get her on Pinterest   YouTube   or   FaceBook
December 18, 2020
Luke Millquas Local Filmographer.
Luke Millquas is a local filmographer in the Northern Utah area. He is currently working on a comedy horror, even though Covid 19 had slowed him down. He's been in other movies around the area and works at the improve over in Midvale. So if you wanna hear more about it check out the episode or you can check out the movie he is currently working on " Curse of the Werehuahua " If you guys want to keep the conversation going join the FaceBook group for the podcast " Utah Discussion Board " Thanks for listening and have a good day.
December 16, 2020
Peter Somers Bee Keeper
This episode we talk to Peter Somers a local Beekeeper and the owner of Beez Hives N Honey. So if you wanna learn more about local bees, honey, pollination listen in. You can also check out Peters shop and get some fresh local honey the address is 2607 State St. Salt Lake City, Ut 84115 or call (385) 888-2521 or just visit his website at thanks for listening and come check out the new FaceBook group " Utah Discussion Board " 
December 14, 2020
Homer Morrill Micro Brewing
This episode we talk with Homer Morrill who owns the company Beverage Buddies a local Micro Brewing kit supply. He gets into not just brewing beer but explains how to brew soda and kombucha as well. Enjoy the episode and then check out his website and get you or some one you know a starter kit. This would make for a super cool Christmas gift.
December 13, 2020
Melissa and Mike from Destination Mystery
This episode we got Melissa and Mike who run the Destination Mystery Podcast. They get into some areas here in Northern Utah and up in Southern Idaho that you should definitely check out. Listen to their podcast or check out their videos at their website:
December 9, 2020
Kairo Duchess Pagan Christmas
This episode we talk to Kairo Duchess about traditional Christmas/Winter Solstice Celebration and where they come from. So get in the Christmas spirit and see how other people are celebrating the holiday. Check out Kairo's blog Merry Christmas Everybody. To learn more about the holiday season check out: "The Winter Solstice by John Matthews and "Yule, a celebration of light and warmth", by Dorothy Mortison "The encyclopidia of withccraft and magic" by Susan Greenwood.
December 8, 2020
John Olsen Author of the Stranger Bridgerland book series.
John Olsen is the author of the Stranger Bridgerland books series. The series starts with paranormal activity here locally in the Northern Utah area and then branches all over the country by book 4. John has a lot of really cool stories he shares in this podcast but he has tons of cool stories to tell in his books. I've listened to the first book so far and I can't wait to hear the second. The biggest part of the listenabilty of an audio book definitely starts with the narrator and they nail that for sure in the first book. So if you wanna check John's book out go to the link in the bottom of the description, I enjoyed it for sure.
December 4, 2020
Caymen Rasmussen Tournament Bass Fisherman
Caymen Rasmussen is a tournament bass fisherman that mainly fishes from his kayak. Listen in and hear what he's gotta say about getting into the tournamant scene and how to catch bass. Check him out on Instagram @Utah_Bass_Addiction
December 2, 2020
Danny Staten Road Bicyclist
Danny Staten is a Road Cyclist that is super  knowledgeable into the sport. He's involved in all sorts of long journey cycling trips and has been to some pretty cool places. So listen in get inspired and hear about all the cool adventures Danny has been on.
December 2, 2020
Tyler Hacking Mycologist
Tyler Hacking is Mycologist, Biologist, and Soil Pro. Listen in  and learn about why you shouldn't eat raw mushrooms, how to improve your gardens soil, vermaponics and more. Tyler is a super interesting dude and I cant wait to have him back on the show to learn some more interesting stuff. Sorry in advance for the 2 times we had to stop.
December 2, 2020
Anthony Lujan BBQ Pit Master
Anthony Lujan is a local BBQ Pit Master who has one awards for his grilling and runs a podcast about the subject.
December 2, 2020
Justin Wollam Northern Utah Ice Fishing
Justin Wollam is a local ice fisherman in the Northern Utah area. We go in to his experience out on the ice and brake into a little bit of regular fshing and local hunting. 
December 2, 2020