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CP 08: Melinda Cousins - Learning to lament

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By Mike Harris and Andy Glowacki
Captivate Podcast is a place for theological discussions about worship, Christian ministry and mission.
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CP 09: Nate Vawser - Evangelism, discipleship and why small groups are a HUGE deal
It’s time for episode 9! Mike and Andy chat with Nate Vawser. Nate’s pastoring a small congregation in the Western suburbs of Adelaide. He’s passionate about discipleship, evangelism and creating spaces for meaningful interactions within small groups.  To get in touch with Nate and follow his teaching go to: Make sure to check out our Patreon page - Show us some love on social media and iTunes by leaving a recommendation or a review (it really goes a long way and it helps our podcast get more exposure). Thanks for your support! Here’s a link that will allow you to purchase the book about discipleship Nate mentions in the interview - Connect with us: Facebook Instagram Twitter Facebook discussion group  Thanks to Bjear for allowing us to use their music. 
July 13, 2019
CP 08: Melinda Cousins - Learning to lament
In this episode, Mike and Andy chat with Rev Dr Melinda Cousins. Melinda is an ordained Baptist pastor. She works as Director of Ministry Accreditation for Baptist Churches South Australia and teaches in the field of biblical studies at Tabor College in Adelaide, South Australia.Melinda completed her PhD on the Psalms, exploring ideas of emotion, imagination and embodiment in the text.  Connect with Melinda: Facebook  Instagram Support us on Patreon and join the Deep-Dive tier to access extra content from this episode as well as other studies and theological discussions.  We still have 2 books to giveaway - don't forget to enter! To go in the running, remember to do the following: 1. Like and review our page on Facebook 2. Review on iTunes 3. Send us your review via email to Winners will be drawn at the end of June! Connect with us: Facebook Facebook discussion group  Instagram Twitter E-mail: Special thanks to Bjear for allowing us to use their music! Bjear Instagram
June 28, 2019
CP 07: Jeremy Myers - What is Hell?
In this episode, Mike and Andy discuss the topic of hell.  Mike and Andy chat with Jeremy Myers.  Jeremy is a Christian author, speaker and podcaster and he has recently written a book about hell - “What is Hell?: The Truth About Hell and How To Avoid It”.  To buy Jeremy’s book, follow this link —> To get over 10 hours of free teaching on hell you need to: Buy the book E-mail Jeremy on  Jeremy will e-mail back with all the extra content! To enter the draw and win a copy of Jeremy’s new book you need to:  Like and review on Facebook Review on iTunes Send us your Facebook or iTunes review via email - (with your details so that we can get in touch)!   We’ll be announcing the winner by the end of June! ALSO don’t forget that Kristy’s book “Doing it Solo” is still available for you to WIN! Follow the same instructions and you might be the person who gets a free copy.  We’ll be announcing the winner by the end of June! To connect with Jeremy Myers and explore his work, follow this link —> Support us on Patreon Connect with us on social media: Facebook Twitter Instagram Special thanks to Bjear for allowing us to use their music.  Bjear Instagram
June 15, 2019
CP 06: Kristy Quaziz - Doing it Solo: finding freedom in single parenting
 In this episode, Mike and Andy meet with Kristy Quaziz.  Kristy recently wrote a book about single parenting called ‘Doing it Solo’, in which she draws upon her own experiences as a single parent. Kristy’s passion is to start conversations about the challenges of single parenting and to help encourage and equip single parents to be the best role models for their kids.  You can find our more about Kristy and her book here: Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and leave us a review for the chance to receive a free copy of Kristy’s book! Connect with us: Special thanks to our friends from NEW KID FRED for allowing us to use their music! 
June 1, 2019
CP 05: Sam Chan - 2nd Gen ministry and the multicultural Church
In this episode, Mike and Andy catch up with Sam Chan. Sam ministers in the Uniting Church. He's particularly interested in helping the Western Church recognise the importance of ministering to the second generation migrants. Sam talks about his views on multiculturalism in the Western Church as well as the issues and challenges surrounding the ministry to the second generation migrants. Sam presents profound insights into the life and faith of a second generation migrant and offers an interesting perspective that will help you relate to and learn from your second generation migrant brothers and sisters. It's a fairly lengthy episode but it is definitely worth a listen!  You can connect with Sam on Facebook here Few authors and speakers Sam mentioned in this episode: 1. Soon Chan Rah 2. Grace Ji-Sun Kim 3. Mark DeYmaz As always, special thanks to NEW KID FRED for allowing us to use their music.  Connect with us on social media!  Facebook: @captivatepodcast Twitter: @captivatecast
May 13, 2019
CP 04: Dan Kent - Confident Humility
In episode 4, Mike and Andy chat with Dan Kent - a writer, preacher, general editor of Reknew and the host of Greg Boyd's ‘Apologies & Explanations’ podcast. Dan is the author of Confident Humility: Becoming Your full self without becoming full of yourself. You can pre-order it here: Dan’s twitter: @thatdankent Dan’s writing podcast  Podcast Theme Music: NEW KID FRED
April 26, 2019
CP 03: Glen Walker - How to welcome new people... and make them stay!
In this episode, Mike and Andy chat with Glen Walker. Glen's main area of ministry is among new Christians/new comers. Glen shares his perspective on taking care of new Christians. He also tells his story of coming to faith in Jesus and gives us some tips on how to effectively connect with new people in your church. You can connect with Glen on social media here. Podcast Theme Music: "Brighton" by New Kid Fred.
March 1, 2019
CP 02: What is Captivate?
In this episode of Captivate Podcast, Mike explains the intent behind Captivate ministries and the vision for this podcast. Andy sings a bit and tries to contribute the best he can... Special thanks to our friends from NEW KID FRED for helping us out with music. Podcast Theme Music: "Brighton" by New Kid Fred. 
February 22, 2019
CP 01: How to be a Healthy Worship Leader
In the VERY FIRST EPISODE of CAPTIVATE PODCAST, Mike and Andy talk about spiritual practices of a healthy worship leader. They also share some tips on improving your worship leading skills and throw in some thoughts on theological framework for thinking about worship leading. Enjoy :) Podcast Theme Music: "Brighton" by New Kid Fred.
February 1, 2019
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