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My City, My Shelter

My City, My Shelter

By Cara Bach
My City, My Shelter
14,657 animals were housed at Indianapolis Animal Care Services in 2019. My City, My Shelter explores how all residents of Indianapolis can help and care for our cities homeless animals. By accepting animal welfare as a community concern we can improve our shelter and the lives of its residents.
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The Intake Process

My City, My Shelter

Animal Behavior Programs
Laura and Cara interview Lori Clevenger and talk about the animal behavior programs that are offered. Specifically, programs for dogs that need help on learning how to live in a home and be the best dog they can be. Lori Clevenger is with Friends of Indianapolis Animal Care Services Foundation. To learn more about this nonprofit and/or donate to this wonderful group, go to Hosted by Laura Keith-Williams and Cara Bach (podcast recorded in 2020)
February 22, 2021
We Have The Best Volunteers!
Laura and Cara meet with Cybela and talk about her role as volunteer coordinator for 220+ volunteers! Listen to learn about the many ways people in our community can bring their unique talents to the shelter to help. Hosted by Laura Keith-Williams and Cara Bach (recorded in 2020)
February 15, 2021
Jenny Adopts Josie - A Cuddle Before You Commit Story
Laura and Cara interview Jenny Boling as she shares her story of adopting Josie from the shelter. The Cuddle Before You Commit Program gives everyone time to make certain its a good fit and it's a wonderful way to bring our furry friends into a great home. Hosted by Laura Keith-Williams and Cara Bach (podcast recorded in 2020)
February 08, 2021
Adoption Increase During COVID 19
Laura and Cara discuss the high increase of adoptions during the pandemic and how they have made the necessary changes to adapt. Great job Indianapolis! (podcast recorded in 2020) Hosted by Laura Keith-Williams and Cara Bach
February 01, 2021
Introducing Tyrone McPiggems & The Exotic Animals
Introducing Tyrone McPiggems & The Exotic Animals – No this is not a new band here in Indy, it’s a highly insightful and fun filled podcast about the wide range of animals that make their way into the shelter. Laura and Cara allowed the producer, Josh Bach to join this one… That was risky!
January 22, 2021
The Intake Process
Laura and Cara discuss intake for the animals and how our community can help with this process. Hosted by Laura Keith-Williams and Cara Bach
January 22, 2021
The Importance of Community
Laura and Cara talk about the variety of ways each of us within our community can actively participate to help our shelter. Lots of great information! Hosted by : Laura Keith Williams and Cara Bach
January 22, 2021
B-Dog and Cuddle Before You Commit
On this episode, Laura Keith-Williams and Cara Bach discuss B-Dog and some of the challenges animals have and ways we can navigate through these challenges. Laura and Cara also discuss a very successful program called Cuddle Before You Commit that allows a trial period with an animal to make sure its a good fit. Hosted by: Laura Keith-Williams and Cara Bach
January 22, 2021
Freedom Day Out and Rescues Day Out
Laura Keith-Williams and Cara Bach open up this season of My City, My Shelter discussing the success of the Freedom Day Out program and how a local Facebook page called A Rescues Day Out is helping to get people from the community involved with the shelter. Hosted by: Laura Keith-Williams and Cara Bach
January 22, 2021