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Keepin It Real w/Caramel "As We Say 100"

Keepin It Real w/Caramel "As We Say 100"

By Caramel Lucas
Welcome to Keepin It Real w/Caramel "As We Say 100". The podcast is based on entrepreneurs who wants to be heard. There will be interviews of deep & real conversations with inspirational & creative entrepreneurs. The podcast interviews USA and International entrepreneurs, from beginners to professionals. We have fun on the podcast, like friends having a normal conversation. The podcast is to motivate, uplift, inspire, helpful and be YOU. This is the time to relax and have an one on one conversation with the host but you have to keep it real. Hosted by Caramel Lucas
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Interview with Anju Gattani, a multitalented entrepreneur & Author

Keepin It Real w/Caramel "As We Say 100"

Interview with Anju Gattani, a multitalented entrepreneur & Author

Keepin It Real w/Caramel "As We Say 100"

One on One Talk with Nigerian Fashion Designer... Yele
I have to tell the listeners the truth. I had the most amazing time tonight interviewing Yele. She is very inspirational and full of life. Our conversation was like two friends catching up. We definitely laughed alot. Yele was born and raised in Nigeria and she now resides in Maryland. She has been sewing professionally for 3 years now. When I asked Yele what was her fun fact, she told me, she could sing...I can't wait to hear her..Yele is taking the fashion scene to a whole new level. She is making her own original patterns that honor the textile history of Nigeria within luxury fashion. Yele is ready to share the history of her amazing patterns with outlets seeking to be the first to put herself on the rise to fame. She has her own slogan "African Fashion is Luxury Fashion." Yele has a YouTube channel that she helps people to learn how to sew. She has her own magazine and so much more. Yele loves fashion and she wants to make other people look good and feel good about themselves. She wants to show the world that Nigerians are coming. She is very passionate and motivate. Yele wants to train future designers on the essentials of the trade with a few life hacks to keep production. I asked Yele how will people find her, she told me everywhere...Google I must say her clothing line is the BOMB!!! Her spring/summer collection is coming out soon..definitely watch out for that. You can follow Yele on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok at @yelestitches and you can go to her website at if you want to book her you can go to Sheena D. Palmer THANK YOU FOR LISTENING AND SUPPORTING THE PODCAST. PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK AND ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA AT CARAMEL LUCAS...
December 15, 2021
Interview an amazing survivor Jimmy Roenick, from Obese to Beast and ICU to Brand New
Jimmy is a survivor who wants to tell his story on Keepin It Real w/Caramel to help others that may be going through the same or similar situation. He is such an amazing person. Jimmy is from Michigan and he now resides in Tampa, Florida. He use to ride a motorcycle and now Jimmy and his wife rides scooters around town, which his friends laugh at them. I say as long as you are riding...thats all that matters..Jimmy is a Life Transformation Coach @ Motivation and Coaching. For many years Jimmy was obese and he felt depression and didn't have any self confidence or esteem. Jimmy was a chain smoke, alcohol and drug abuser, Type 2 diabetic, heart failure and he had a horrible marriage. Jimmy went through so much in his life. LETS KNOW MORE ABOUT JIMMY: 15 years ago Jimmy was admitted to the Mount Carmel Cardiac center, because he couldn't breath and his legs had ballooned up to 5 times there normal size! He was a chain smoker at just over 3 packs a day! an alcoholic, and drug abuser, opiate pain pills was Jimmy poison of choice, he was in a horrible marriage and when he was admitted to the cardiac care center Jimmy tipped the scales at 420 lbs! His life wasn't in a very hopeful or promising place! That day in the cardiac unit his diagnosis wasn't full of hope and promise either. Jimmy had congestive heart failure, caused by pulmonary edema and a lower aeo itrtic heart aneurysm! The doctors said not only Jimmy was sick, he wouldn't ever work again, his chances of survival were grim and at best. Jimmy would be on Oxygen 24-7 and need a literal bag of medicine to just keep him alive! When Jimmy was 40 years old! his health would improve slightly then back slide horribly when he would let his guard down basically when he would stop listening to the medical team trying to keep him alive! Soon Jimmy started back visiting all his old Demons and they remembered Jimmy well! Like his best friends at a highschool reunion, whiskey, pain pills, and lots of junk food! Jimmy was already a type 2 Diabetic taking 2 different pills in a attempt to control his blood sugar. Jimmy can remember one time, he was going to the doctor for a monthly check up after a night of drinking whiskey mixed with a few percocet and getting a blood sugar reading of nearly 400! If you don't know, normal sugar levels are 100 or less! He remember acting shocked telling the doctor this makes no sense, he has been eating healthy and trying to exercise by walking. Jimmy acting wasn't so good the doctor wasn't buying his BS. Jimmy was sent home with a prescription for insulin and trulicity both self injectable medicines! At that point Jimmy's life was in a pretty dark and miserable place, he didn't have much hope! It has been years ago and now Jimmy life has changed tremendously. His life is so very different now, Jimmy hardly recognize it! The drugs and alcohol is gone! Cigarettes is gone! Poor health is gone! Bad marriage is gone. And now is has the most amazing wife that supports him through everything. She is his #1 fan. This is Jimmy now! At the age of 55, he is an athletic beast, he is healthier and stronger than most 30 year olds! Best of all that hopeless feelings are all gone! Jimmy is blessed to get a chance to tell his story to others and be able to live a better life. His life now is Blessed! Jimmy Roenick wants to share some of the steps, truths and wisdoms he have found. Mostly, he want people to know the hard way on his journey not only to self improvement but for his very own Survival! I hope this story inspire every listen to know the impossible is possible. If you would like to speak with Jimmy you can email him at Or This story is so motivating and inspiring, please share. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!! IF YOU WANT AN INTERVIEW ON KEEPIN IT REAL W/CARAMEL PODCAST EMAIL ME AT MSCARAMELLUCAS@GMAIL.COM ... BE BLESSED...
November 15, 2021
Conversation with an amazing & uplifting entrepreneur - All Around Professional Singer Joy Anderson
We had so much fun...Joy and I had a very great conversation. She is a sister, bestfriend and everything else that goes with it. She has been my favorite person to inspire me to keep going and don"t stop. Joy has been an inspiration to alot of people and still she inspires people. She is humble and very spiritual person. Joy grew up with her mother and father who both were ministers. As a little girl Joy sang all the time, her siblings wanted her to be quiet but Joy just couldn't help it. She loves singing and expressing herself to the world. As a little girl she use to sang with a choir. She knew that singing was for her and that was the path she should follow. Joy is from Atlanta, GA and she has done many shows. She performs many shows with her band "The Party." Therefore, Joy works with other bands and she does her own thing. Joy is branding herself and she is doing a great job. She performs in different places such as clubs, bars, etc. Joy still sings in church and give glory and her blessings to the man above..GOD. Joy believes she carries her ministry everywhere she goes even though she sings in many places. When it comes to business Joy is about her business. She never mix business with pleasure. Plus, she does not give extra you should know what that means..Joy is a very fun person to work with and an amazing person to know. She is never in competition with anyone, she is a woman who will be cheering you on. Joy has a beautiful song out now called "I AM (Affirmation)&qu