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The CARE Podcast

The CARE Podcast

Welcome to the CARE Podcast, which focuses on Creative And Restorative Enterprises during and after group crises or disaster. The CARE podcast is a project of the Institute for Collective Trauma & Growth (ICTG).
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CARE - E02 - Leah Kahn

The CARE Podcast

Care - E05 - Carrie Kohler
In this episode, a special guest host, Carrie Kohler, interviews Kate. Join us as Kate shares stories from the early days of the Institute, and answers the oft posed question: "Why collective trauma response?"  If you are interested in Mental/Emotional/Spiritual Care or in disaster response, these stories will resonate. Are you a volunteer, or interested in trauma-informed education? Are you already involved in a career in disaster response but looking for new creative solutions? Listen in! 
November 20, 2019
Care - E04 - Keith McLellan
Keith McLellan has deployed to many disasters across the country with the American Red Cross, and serves as a Chaplain for the Lompoc Police &  Fire Department.  About this episode Kate Wiebe and Keith McLellan discuss how communities and disaster response agencies are adapting to meet increasing needs around the country. They explore the shift in disaster response from an infrastructure-focused rebuilding effort to more whole-person and whole-community care, and the emergence of the Disaster Spiritual Care department at the American Red Cross. Keith shares learnings from many deployments including the floods across Nebraska in March 2019, the Camp Fire in 2018, the Montecito Debris Flow in January 2018, Hurricanes, and more. Do you want to know more about agency partnerships, social media in disaster response, and the intricacies of securing and sharing data? Listen in!
October 23, 2019
CARE - E03 - Erin Jantz
Kate Wiebe and Erin Jantz discuss the Village of Care. Erin shares her experience and research in the ways Spiritual Direction and trauma or disaster intersect. She shares trauma informed tips for whole community care, thoughts on networking between various health professions, and some helpful resources for trauma training. Listen in!
September 18, 2019
CARE - E02 - Leah Kahn
Kate Wiebe and Leah Kahn discuss emergency management and community care, including  learnings from Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy. Leah shares tips on how to get involved as a volunteer, when donations don't help, the importance of public-private partnerships, and stories about community resilience that can be replicated in your community. Are you interested in volunteering in your community? Thinking about a career in emergency management?  Are you already involved but looking for new creative solutions? Listen in!
August 21, 2019
CARE - E01 - Introduction
Welcome to the start of the CARE podcast, focused on Creative and Restorative Enterprising before, during, and after organizational or community-level loss. This podcast is a project of the Institute for Collective Trauma and Growth (ICTG).
June 24, 2019