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Career Elixir Podcast

Career Elixir Podcast

By Sylwia Glowa
This is the space for conversation about all good and bad when it comes to work. New perspectives, useful tips and work stories all in one place.✨
Is “great resignation” a sign of mass burnout?
In this episode I discuss the new phenomena - “great resignation”. It’s a massive problem that if not addressed can have huge impact on attracting talented employees. Tune in and share your thoughts 💭
October 11, 2021
Gaslighting at work? - here are the signs
With all of my organisational experiences I do have say - I’ve seen a lot. As a younger employee it was challenging to me to understand certain situations… this one - gaslighting took me sooome time to grasp on. The hidden signs and confusing actions of our gaslighter can keep us in the night for months (or even years). But once you trust yourself, then everything changes. It’s only how to go about it that matters. Curious enough? Tune in 🙌
October 02, 2021