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The Fit Habit

The Fit Habit

By Caren Magill
Be well & fit after 40! Sharing the best of workouts, eating strategies and wellness practices for busy women who aren't about to let age slow them down. Want to look and feel your absolute best now and in the future? Keep listening. Topics Covered: Eating low carb, keto and intermittent fasting. Simple, efficient workouts that work for busy schedules. Coaching on mindset & limiting beliefs that hold you back. Optimizing sleep for weight loss and brain health. Visit me at connect with me at
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Is your life a collection of half commitments?
What are you half committed to? It’s normal to have some, but saying yes to everything will make you half committed to your entire life. Inspired by a Zen Habits article:
March 10, 2020
Ep: 22 How to avoid a midlife crisis
I'm hearing a lot of women my age complaining that they're going through a midlife crisis.  While I agree that aging can be a little intimidating, it doesn't have to be traumatic.  There's one thing I do that helps me stay inspired to try new things and keep growing as a person - find people older than me that are doing amazing things!! Here's a few of my favorite peeps! Helen Fritsch Becca Looney Jan McCarthy There are so many more that I can't wait to get on the podcast! Try Beachbody on Demand Free for 14 days and get in your best shape ever from home!
January 24, 2020
Ep 21: 7 Steps to Lasting Weight Loss & Longevity in January
Ladies, whether you're looking to lose weight or just feel better and live a better quality of life in 2020, these habits will get you there.  Today I share the top habits to cultivate in the new year, along with tactical steps you can take to implement them. Want to do a Barre workout with me in January?  Click here to learn more.  It's not too late to join. Want more great wellness and weight loss ideas?  Head to The Fit Habit today and be sure to connect with me on Instagram, too!
January 4, 2020
Bonus Episode: Winning in 2020 with this goal planning method
Sharing a method of goal planning that goes beyond just writing them down and wishing for the best.  Also sharing specific tactics to make this the year you lose the extra pounds and start looking and feeling your very best. Want to join my online fitness bootcamp?  Click here.
December 20, 2019
Ep: 20 Your brain vs. your goals: how to stop sabotaging yourself
Your brain will do anything to keep you safe (and alive), including telling you self-sabotaging stories that make you give up on yourself over and over.  If you want to stop this from happening again, this podcast will give you the tools to do it. Visit me at for more helpful tools for getting fit and well after 40!
December 15, 2019
Ep: 19 How to be more intentional this December (links in show notes)
December is typically the busiest month of the year for most of us.  If you want to spend your time more intentionally, I invite you to join me in a 31 day challenge where we'll plan our top three intentions for every day, and then check in on the platform daily when we've completed them. Join the challenge here. Interested in learning more about Beachbody on Demand?  It's the app I use DAILY to stay in great shape.  It's fun, affordable and it travels with me everywhere I go (so no excuses!).  learn more about Beachbody on Demand right here.
December 15, 2019
No more goals
If you write down the same goals every year and never reach them, you need to hear this. Also - here's the link to the free Beachbody on Demand trial - enjoy!
November 5, 2019
Swapping Burnout to Best Self Stories
Listen in as Michelle from Purpose, Passion and Burnout and I share our personal journeys from burnout to becoming better versions of ourselves.  It's amazing to me how similar our experiences were.  Perhaps our stories might resonate and help you climb out of a bad situation as well. Visit me at and join me on Instagram. Visit michelle on Instagram.
October 27, 2019
Ep 16: The one thing that will make you happier right now
We simply can't be happy all of the time (although a 24/7 state of peace is possible), however, we can make ourselves happier during moments of stress, burnout and anxiety, by doing this one thing differently. Connect with me on Instagram and head to my website for more support on burnout, wellness and weight loss, specifically for women over 40.
October 20, 2019
Ep 15: The power of self acceptance and how I resolved limiting beliefs
When it comes to being your best self, your ability to accept yourself is critical.  For without self-acceptance, we live in shame and shame breeds limitation, fear and insecurity.  The minute you can accept who you are, warts and all, is the moment your innocence and pure joy for life can resume.   Listen this week as I talk about how I built my own self-acceptance and let go of so many limiting beliefs!   Show Notes Train with me
October 5, 2019
Episode 14: The one thing holding you back from success & change
There's one thing that many of us lack.  It's so common we barely even notice it, and yet - it permeates our lives and sabotages everything we do.  The good news, is that once you can identify it - it's fixable! Want a list of the podcasts I talked about?  Click here To your health, Caren
September 29, 2019
Episode 13: Personal leadership
How are you participating in the design of your own life?  Do you know where you're going or what you're aiming for?  For those of us who have experienced burnout, we often feel as though we're rudderless.  As though we are scrambling to stay afloat, but without a clear line of sight to our shore. If that's you - it's time to get clear about your values and your vision for your life.  These journal prompts will help you think through what's important to you and what's not.  From there, it's time to lead yourself out of burnout and into the best vision you can muster for your life. Start here.
September 17, 2019
Episode 12: Burnout + Not Feeling Enough
What's driving your sense of burnout?  Very often we drive ourselves to hard because we don't feel like we're enough.  Today we unpack that idea and I provide some helpful tools for getting past your own self-destructive thought patterns. INTERESTED IN MY COACHING OFFER? Click here for details.
September 4, 2019
Episode 11: Rushing & Burnout
When rushing becomes a way of life it can create burnout or at the very least, aggravate an already stressful situation.  If this sounds like you - this episode will help. Connect with me on Instagram.
August 27, 2019
Episode 10: breaking the cycle of stress
Stress is cyclical and the aftermath of a stressful event won't settle down until you make a point to reassure yourself that the threat is behind you.  Here's how to do it. Visit the blog at Connect with me on Instagram at @carenmagill
August 23, 2019
Episode 9: The Role You Play In Your Own Burnout
Hiya! THis week I'm sharing some truth about how we contribute to our own burnout.  By understanding how we exasperate our own thoughts, feelings and results, we can start to make subtle (or drastic) changes to take more control of our emotional health and ability to create a better life for ourselves. We've got this! For more info and journal prompts, please head to Connect with me on Instagram! 
August 11, 2019
Episode 8: the difference between knowing and doing.
If you're not reaching your health and fitness goals, it has less to do with something you don't yet know and more to do with what's holding you back from what you know you "should" be doing.  Let's dig into that. Visit me at Connect with me on Instagram.
August 4, 2019
Episode 7: What you believe, is.
Who you are and the quality of your life and health can all be traced back to your beliefs. In this podcast I share how you can use that truth to your advantage to live your best life.
July 28, 2019
Episode 6: Cortisol & your unexplained belly fat
Gaining weight around your back or mid-section but not sure why?  I've got an answer that you may not have considered and it's absolutely fixable.   For show notes and links to the recommended book, click here.
July 25, 2019
Episode 5: EFT: how to heal past hurts and limiting beliefs
Emotional Freedom Technique (aka EFT or "tapping") is an effective way to help heal past hurts, traumas and get past limiting beliefs that hold you back from living your best life. To get the show notes and a list of all my resources, click here.
July 8, 2019
Ep 4: How to Overcome Resistance and Get What You Want
Grab Your Future Self Journal Prompts Here. Connect With Me on Instagram here. Head over the website here Show Notes: DESIRE IS A FUNNY THING. It directs our intentions and actions, but it also comes with a ton of baggage. We desire things/people/experiences and therefore we attach an expectation to the actions we take to get what we want. We desire a strong, fit body so we work out regularly and eat well and therefore should expect a brilliant physique to appear. But maybe it doesn’t. Then we get upset. We push harder We workout more We restrict more The more we push, restrict and workout, the less progress we see. But why? Because progress can’t happen when it’s up against powerful resistance. —> progress —> |
June 29, 2019
Ep: 3 | Passion Burnout: When your dreams take you down
Got a passion project or side hustle that's burning you out?   Knowing when to step back, reevaluate what you're doing and making an effort to change course can make the WORLD of difference to your time, energy and wellbeing.  Click here to find out how.
June 23, 2019
Ep 2: Future self journaling
Manifest or change anything you want about yourself in 30 days with intentional journaling.  Want to learn exactly how to future self journal?  Click here for  journal prompts. Future Self Journaling Resources This is my journal write in. Use any note book you like, but I think your future self deserves a pretty book to come to life in. Read more about Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work on developing the future self Grab Julia Cameron’s widely celebrated book The Artist's Way (hint: it’s not just for artists, it’s for anyone who want to get to know themselves better). Read more about the psychological and physical benefits of journaling Learn how I used future self journaling to help heal from burnout
June 16, 2019
Ep. 1: Tell-tale signs of burnout and how to fix it.
Signs of burnout, how it impacts us and what we can do to prevent it
June 10, 2019
When your heart just isn't in it.
You guys!  This is my last episode of The Fit Habit.  In this podcast I'm talking about my transition away from food and fitness to dive into more impact areas of wellness - your heart and mind. I can't wait to take you on this journey with me.  If you have ever experienced emotional or physical burnout, you're going to learn how to take control of your life, become who you truly are and live the life you were meant to live. Head to my new website to join the discussion and if you're ready to step into your future best self, start with my free future self journaling prompts.  This process has been incredibly powerful for me and I think you'll get a ton out of it. Ready to get started?  Let's do this!
June 4, 2019
How I transformed myself and how you can, too
Today's podcast is a personal story that I hope will resonate with you.  It's my own transformation journey and goes into where my weight problem started, how it got worse, and what happened for it all to change.  This is intended to open your mind to possibilities.  Trust me, if I can transform, so can you. Click here to get the show notes.
January 11, 2019
Season 2, Ep 1: Best of Fitness & Food Trends in 2018 and how to make 2019 the best year ever.
I'm back with a new season of The Fit Habit Podcast.  Today we're walking through the best of 2018 workouts, recipes, inspiration, blogs, podcasts and more.  I also discuss how to think about 2019 in a way that's less restrictive and more fulfilling.  I also cover lots of personal stuff and we go deep on the meaning of life. Get the show notes at
December 29, 2018
How to Conquer Emotional Eating
Emotional eating is tough.  It's something we all deal with at some point and it can take you down a spiral of self-destruction if you don't find a way to manage it.   In this episode, I share practical tips for dealing with emotional eating and how you can address the root causes.  If this is something you'd like more support and help with, I invite you to check out my new program on dealing with emotional eating and building better habits for a lean and fit life. Find out more about the program right here. Thanks for listening!
April 30, 2018
Mental Blocks Be Gone: Become the "Doer" that Actually Makes Change Happen
Very often we excuse ourselves from achieving what it is we want for ourselves because the cards aren't stacked in our favor. The gym is too far away, so I didn't work out.  She doesn't work full time, so of course, she's fit and I'm not.  I don't have time to take care of myself, I have a job and a family. If I didn't have to work full time, I'd kick ass at being a professional blogger. I can't get a better job because I don't have a college degree. But let's say you suddenly had the time Saturday afternoon to go to the gym.  Would you go?  Imagine you could wake up an hour before your family and do an hour of writing before everyone else gets up.  Would you do it?  Have you tried everything you can possibly do to get a better job?  Everything? Here's a truth I want you to think about for a moment... it doesn’t matter how smart, capable, educated or advantaged you are, it’s the doers that get ahead.     In 2018, I'm dedicating the entire year to the pursuit of getting you past your aversion to being a "doer".  From the big picture vision of where you want to go to the tiny, detailed tasks you need to do to get there, I will help you get yourself to a point of execution. To get you started, here are a few ideas to chew on. Make sure your mental blocks aren't actually just a lack of desire.  I've mentioned this before that very often we don't do what we need to do because we don't actually want to pay the price of achieving our goals.  Sure, I'd love rock hard abs, but I'm not willing to give up what I know I have to sacrifice, just for a leaner midsection. It's just not worth it for me. Make sure you're thinking through the small stuff, not just the big picture.  Yes, it's great to be a big thinker and have a strong, clear vision of where you want to go, but do you actually know what you need to do on a daily basis to get there?  I think this is where a lot of us get hung up.  It's the how of execution that's not clear.  When you feel yourself spinning your wheels and going nowhere really fast, that's why.  Break down your big goals into smaller ones and write down your steps in the form of daily tasks.  This is a MUST DO for big thinkers. Manage your time like a boss.  Yes, I have plans to get blog posts up at least twice a week, but life gets in the way.  You probably feel the same about getting to the gym or the salad you didn't eat for lunch any day this week (hmmm?).  You have to prioritize and plan my friend.  Hard stuff never happens by accident.  It's always 100% intentional and planned. Let some stuff go for 90 days.  In order to succeed at the point above, you're going to have to say no to some things, but not forever. You can have what you want, but not all at once.  Decide what you want in the next 90 days and commit fully to making it happen.  This will not only get you results, it will also help build confidence to make more results happen. Bite off less than you can chew.  For once, please don't try to be a superhero and make outlandish commitments that you can't possibly follow through on.  This year, why not commit to not disappointing yourself?  We do this SO often, we rarely notice it.  Imagine your inner child (or in my case, inner old lady) is counting on you to do what you say you're going to do.  Do you really want to look that person in the eye and say - "sorry, you just weren't important enough"? More to come, but give these ideas some consideration this week.  You are 100% worth the effort. Want help reaching your fitness goals?  I offer affordable, action-driven fitness training online that will help you crush your fit goals and your new year.  Find out more right here. [bctt tweet="Hard stuff never happens by accident.  It's always 100% intentional and planned.  " username="@fundinghappy"] Beautiful Photography by Archer Inspired
January 5, 2018
The Magic of Changing Slowly
“Resistance is proportionate to the size and speed of the change, not to whether the change is a favorable or unfavorable one.” ~ George Leonard Said another way, the more you try to change all at once, the faster and harder you will fail at all of it. When it comes to behavior change, less is more. As a fitness coach, I think this is possibly the most critical message I can convey to any client. Just like our bodies have a set point weight that it’s comfortable at (whether this is a point you desire or not), your mind has a similar comfort level. And since your mind drives your behaviors and behaviors determine things like health outcomes, it’s fair to say that fitness and weight loss is all in your head. So with this in mind (no pun intended), and armed with the knowledge that less is more, how will you now go about getting to your desired fitness and health goal? The right answer is - as slowly as humanly possible. This may not be the answer you’re looking for. It will not help you lose 10 lbs in 3 days, but it’s the truth and once you're ready to accept it, it’s going to get you where you want to go. Slow and steady is the only way to lose this weight race. Now, you might be thinking that this is not the case with the transformation stories that you hear about on Biggest Loser or the latest diet program that you’ve been investigating, but guess what you don’t see? The after-after picture. That’s the picture that’s taken 6 to 12 months after the first “after” picture where said transformation has magically transformed back to it’s “before” shape. I encourage you to Google what happens to the Biggest Loser contestants after they leave the show. It’s sad. The irony is that weight loss can be the easiest thing to do in the world if you tackle it at the slowest possible pace and focus on changing one tiny little behavior at a time. What do I mean by tiny? Habit 1 - instead of 2 teaspoons of sugar in your coffee, do one teaspoon of sugar and one sachet of stevia. Repeat for 2 weeks or until taste becomes normal for you. Then replace the other teaspoon of sugar with stevia as well. Habit 2 - instead of having a coffee and a snack at 2 pm every day, have a chocolate superfood smoothie. It will keep you fuller longer so you'll eat less at dinner and you still enjoy that sense of having an afternoon "treat". Habit 3 - when watching tv, take one commercial break to do 10 air squats. The following week, squat during 2 commercial breaks. Keep building on that habit every week. You see how small these behavior changes are? The key is that they are so small, you literally cannot get frustrated with them and quit (which is the primary reason we fail to reach our goals). Or at least, it’s really hard to fail. You might forget to do them, but if you set up some accountability and social support to keep them top of mind, that won’t happen. So think of some small, inconsequential behaviors that you know you can do without too much trouble and just work to make them habits. Then build on that. Just don't do too much all at once. Remember - resistance is proportional to the size and speed of the change, so less speed and less change = less resistance. So who’s with me on the path of least resistance? PS - if you want support and guidance like this for the whole year (which is plenty of time to work on building lean body behaviors), work with me in my private coaching group. The opportunity to work with me for the whole year, with at-home workouts, meal plans, coaching and accountability for $199 ends Feb 28th. Price goes up March 1st. Apply here.
February 12, 2017
How to get off the Weight Gain/Weight Loss Cycle
After speaking with a client about this, I thought it was worth talking about as I hear it a lot.  Many of us spend our time and energy gaining and losing the same 10 or more pounds every year and every time it gets harder to lose the weight, and easier to put it back on. There are few risks here, not the least of which is extra strain on your heart and joints, but it's also emotional energy wasted because you're never getting past the same hamster wheel.  You also gain more loose skin as your body expands and contracts, not to mention the metabolic damage you're doing to yourself. So how does one actually get off the wheel of crazy? Ask yourself  - is what you're doing right now working for you?  If you're unhappy with your results, then probably not.  Then ask yourself - what is that trigger that makes me go downhill?  What is it that flips the switch from losing weight to gaining weight? Is it stress?  Lack of time? Support?  Motivation? The key thing you need to consider if you want to stop gaining and losing the same however many pounds, is to focus on adding habits to your life that are supportive and healthy and engrain them in your brain so that when you hit your trigger point next time, you won't be compelled to fall back on bad habits. What habits should you focus on?  These need to come from you, as only you know what you're ultimately willing to stick with.   Think small, like switching out sugar in your coffee for stevia, walking for 16 mins a day or taking stairs instead of elevators.  If you're open to workouts, build a home gym or start jogging a mile a day.  You have to start where you are and be reasonable with your incremental habit development. If you're looking at weight loss solutions, like shakes, gyms, coaches, personal training or meal prep services, make sure whatever you chose will help you develop healthy skills and habits.  Investing in your health and fitness is great, but there has to be a sustainable element to it or the minute you stop paying for whatever product or service your using, you'll revert back to your old ways again. If you're looking for help building new habits, I can help.  If you want a more immersive experience, I also recommend the  Precision Nutrition Coaching program.  If you need a more DIY approach, I recommend the book Lean Habits For Lifelong Weight Loss: Mastering 4 Core Eating Behaviors to Stay Slim Forever.   Georgie Fear (the book author) and I were both trained by Precision Nutrition that values behavior change over a specific diet protocol. Have you experienced this issue?  Tell me what your triggers are and how you've dealt with the weight loss/gain cycle?
January 14, 2017
Your Personal Narrative Determines Who You Are - Believe Carefully.
I listened to a short video today that talked about how our personal narrative determines how we evolve and who we become as people. It’s also a frighteningly accurate measure of how successful you’re going to be at pretty much anything, including: Career Romance Health and fitness Finances I actually did my master’s thesis on the development of personal identity through blogging. How and what we share in social media can influence who we are because we become what we focus on, but we can hinder that process if we don’t truly believe we’re worthy or capable of becoming that what we desire. In my own life I’ve struggled with every aspect I’ve listed above. I was never a good student so I felt as though I wasn’t destined to be much (and I’m pretty sure my parents felt that way as well). It wasn’t until I went back to school as a mature student did I surprise myself by actually being academically inclined and a gifted writer. I never thought I’d find a quality guy, especially when I was much younger and heavier. I was never treated well by men, and I gave too much of myself because that’s what I thought I had to do to be loved. I am sad to admit, I was well into my 30’s before I learned my own value and power in romantic relationships. On a more positive note, I’ve been happily married to the same wonderful man for close to 10 years now! Finances was a tricky one for me to learn because growing up we didn’t have a lot. I never knew what living a comfortable life meant, and I often still struggle with the idea of having more than enough financially. It’s been a lifetime of work believing that I’m worthy of the money I make and the things I’ve accumulated. I am still a work in progress on this one, as I still tend to seek out the cheapest options, hoard things that are on sale, and obsess over saving money for fear of being out on the street someday.  Weird, but true. But health and fitness has been the journey of internal narrative transformation that has taken me the longest to get through. From being an overweight teen who NEVER wanted to do sports, I had a narrative that I just wasn’t athletic from a very young age. It’s taken me years to overcome this idea. I was also a smoker, binge drinker, over 200lbs for a long time and ate the crappiest food I could find. That took 20 years to fix. It didn’t have to, but I’m a slow learner and I didn’t have the personal development, social support or role models that I have now. From where I stand now, I’m a completely different person. I’m healthy, fit and I prefer good food over junk. I choose to take care of myself because it’s my preference, not my obligation.How did I get there? Literally, one step at a time. Here’s what I’d recommend if you simply don’t’ believe you can change (and you know who you are). Take any action you can – take a walk, buy running shoes, read fitness blogs like this, follow three new people on social media who emulate who you’d like to become (and don’t make you feel bad about who you are right now) and go to bed early tonight. None of these things are going to move the needle much at first, but anything you can do to start adopting the behaviors of a fit person, (or whatever person you want to be) is going to start to accumulate. Eventually, no matter how unnatural it feels to behave in these new ways, you will eventually lean into it. The key here is baby steps!! If you do too much at once, you’ll snap back to your old internal stories quickly. Find a supportive community. This probably won’t be in your immediate circle, because they clearly haven’t influenced you to grow yet, but it’s not as hard as you think to find a new tribe. Facebook groups are awesome. Search groups on Facebook that reflect where you want to go. Running for low carb eaters? Weight lifting for vegans? It’s all out there. Just search for it. Invest in something. Put your money where your mind is. If you want to grow, find a coach, take a class, join a group, buy some new clothes, sign
January 8, 2017
It's okay to do the right thing for the wrong reason.
Motivation is a tricky thing.  You have to find a reason to do hard things, and it has to be a good enough reason to get you through the lows.  Because the lows suck, and that’s where we all want to quit and believe me - no one escapes the lows.  No one. So if you’re looking at a weight loss goal in 2017 and you’re thinking - “oh, I just want to get healthy”.  Well guess what.  The first time you don’t feel like getting a workout in or choosing a salad over french fries, You’re. Going. To. Fail. Why?  Because what does “getting healthy” even mean?  There’s zero emotion in that goal.  There’s no visceral attachment to getting healthy.  It’s arbitrary and vague. You know what’s not vague? I want to get into the best shape of my life because my ass of a husband left me after 15 years of marriage and 3 kids because he found someone hotter.  I will show him what hot looks like.  I want my evil “friend” who is always putting me down to eat my sparkle dust this year.  She thinks I can’t lose weight.  That I’ll always be big and I should just “be okay with that”.  I will show her what I’m capable of. I want to find a man and be in a relationship where I don’t feel like a welcome mat.  Where I don’t feel like I’m just a last resort because he couldn’t find better.  Where I’m a-okay being naked and feeling sexy in my own skin.  These may seem like some deviant and pretty fickle goals, but who cares?  If it gets you to make the right choices, then big deal if they are shallow AF.  If it works for you, then it’s the right goal.  So know what moves you and keep it front and center in your mind.  Meditate on that shallow goal and let it be your mantra. No one else needs to know it’s seeded in revenge.  You do you. Meanwhile, here are a few other ideas to keep you moving in the right direction. Schedule your workouts in your calendar.  The rest of your world can revolve around what you need for once! Partner up with a frienamy - that gal who’s never quite happy about your success.  She will be a way better motivation than your dear sweet cheerleaders friend who will love you no matter what.  Put skin in the game.  Yes, take out your wallet and pay for that goal.  It will mean something and you’ll be 200% less likely to quit because no one likes to waste money. Make the process as easy and doable as humanly possible.  At the end of my podcast I share a solution that I think it hands down, the best (and most doable) way to get in shape for ANYONE in 2017.  You’ll be hearing more about that in my next email, so get on my list if you’re not already. On that note - I want to hear what holds you back.  Why are you not where you want to be yet?  What’s the hang up that keeps you from moving forward?
December 23, 2016
Setting Appropriate Goals for the New Year.
I’m the first to admit that goal setting is not something I’m great at. Actually, I’m really good at setting goals and writing them down, but I'm also equally proficient at putting those goals in a file folder somewhere and promptly forgetting about them. 

Now, oddly enough, about 50% of my goals DO materialize anyway. Sometimes that’s dumb luck, and sometimes it’s because they’re just important enough to me that I make sure it happens. An example of a dumb luck goal was finding the job I have now where I’m well paid, love the people I work with and it’s actually work I like doing. That was a goal I wrote down when I decided to end An example of a dumb luck goal was finding the job I have now where I’m well paid, love the people I work with and it’s actually work I like doing. That was a goal I wrote down when I decided to end Procakes, and it happened quite by accident (or so I think). Meanwhile, there are other things I’ve accomplished that have 110% come from my own stubborn determination, like competing in a fitness show or a half ironman. These are things I thought about quitting on an hourly basis, but I never did. Then there are the goals I write down every year and that shit just never happens. Like being 15% body fat. I write that arbitrary number down every year, and I know it’s unlikely I’ll ever reach it because I know that I’m pretty miserable at 18% body fat and it’s near impossible to maintain without wanting to kill someone, so 15% is just never going to happen for me. I have about 46 other goals just like that one, too. Then there are the goals I write down every year and that shit just never happens. Like being 15% body fat. I write that arbitrary number down every year, and I know it’s unlikely I’ll ever reach it because I know that I’m pretty miserable at 18% body fat and it’s near impossible to maintain without wanting to kill someone, so 15% is just never going to happen for me. I have about 46 other goals just like that one, too. So my first thought about setting goals is being really honest about what you’re willing to put your time and attention into. Sure, I’ll probably continue to put that 15% body fat goal on my list every year, but now it’s more like the goal equivalent of an “elf on the shelf”. It’s more about tradition and decoration than execution. Looking back at 2016, I’ve accomplished about 50% of what I set out to do. Maybe that’s a hack - aspire to do so much that you’d be happy if you only got 50% of it accomplished. Genius! But to be honest, this coming year, my goal list will look much different than it has in the past. Maybe it’s age, or maybe it’s acquired wisdom, but I don’t feel the need for Looking back at 2016, I’ve accomplished about 50% of what I set out to do. Maybe that’s a hack - aspire to do so much that you’d be happy if you only got 50% of it accomplished. Genius! But to be honest, this coming year, my goal list will look much different than it has in the past. Maybe it’s age, or maybe it’s acquired wisdom, but I don’t feel the need for improvement based goals this year. Instead, I aim to stop the self-development cycle and simply embrace and own the woman I’ve worked hard to become. For example: I don’t have weight loss goals this year. I’m happy with the body I have (although I will continue to build strength through weight lifting). I don’t have career goals this year. I like the job I have and I’ll continue to do the best work I can, but outside of that, I simply want to enjoy writing my blog, practicing my photography skills and perhaps doing less in social media. I’m also going to dial back on the coaching this year to make more time for my personal life. I don’t have relationship goals in the sense that I’m no longer actively trying to expand my network or meet new people. This year, I want to focus on the relationships I already have and cherish. I want to be a better friend to the friends I’ve already collected rather than always trying to make more and more. I do
December 17, 2016
Are Meal Plans Ever a Good Idea?
One thing I think is super important to understand is that the perfect diet for anyone is not so much about low carb, high protein, gluten free, paleo or vegan. It's about compliance before anything else. I can write you a meal plan that is so perfectly balanced it would solve all your problems, but unless you were able to adhere to it, it would be worthless. Same goes for workout programs. I partner with Beachbody - because I think their programs are outstanding (and I say that as a personal trainer and a user). But a brilliantly programmed workout regimen is just a DVD unless it's consistently followed through on. So we have to start with compliance which starts with knowing who you are as a person, and what you're willing to tolerate. I know for myself, any meal plan that makes a little sugar-free chocolate and wine completely off limits, is not something I will adhere to, because I love those things. So I have to negotiate and say to myself, okay, I'll make a little room for wine and chocolate, but I'm also willing to give up potatoes and bread so that my carb intake doesn't go off the rails. This is why success should be slow and methodical. Because you're discovering and negotiating what you can get away with, rather than white-knuckling through a program you have every intention of ditching after 8-weeks because it's near impossible to follow and enjoy. Start with enjoyment and work backward. Negotiate what you're willing to give up, consume less of, or alter. Then see what your results tell you. By the way, if you're interested in getting some help figuring all this stuff out, consider joining my online fitness groups.  They're 3 weeks of support, training and kick-ass recipes to help you rock an awesome body in 2017!  Want in?  Drop a comment below and I'll give you the deets.
December 10, 2016
How not to be a miserable cow on a diet this holiday season.
What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the Christmas holidays?  Your weird uncle Fred?  Mall madness?  Or food?  Seriously, eggnog, cookies, and crappy holiday party food is everywhere you look!  No wonder people joke about gaining 5 to 10lbs over the holidays and then feel like crap on Jan 1.  Sound familiar? The key to long-term success is adopting a lifestyle mindset. Accept that you’re not on a diet that has a start and an end, but that you generally (not always) chose foods that help your goals, not hinder them.   You’re eating for a way of life and doing so means being able to incorporate holiday eating into your plan. There’s no doubt that the holidays present a unique set of challenges with all the delicious holiday baking and boozy parties.  And I bet you feel pretty badly about yourself when you over indulge.  But here’s the thing…  unless you’re out there night after night, diving face first into Christmas goodies, you’re going to be okay.  And if you’re looking to make fitness a lifestyle, then you need to make a little room for the things you love, or you’ll be a miserable cow that will poop all the parties you go to. Speaking of party poopers – have you ever seen this video???  F*&king hysterical. I digress….. So here’s my advice to you for getting through this festive season and still be able to fit into your pants in January. Control the meals you have control over. Stick with your plan for the meals you can.  That means prepping meals for lunch, making sure your breakfast (if you have one) is healthy and when your dinner is planned to be a festive one, be intentional, but not maniacal with the food that you chose to eat. Control the portion sizes of the meals you can’t control. A common mistake is not respecting the fact that quantity trumps quality when it comes to calories. So, even if you’re enjoying some indulgent food, how much of it you eat will be the biggest determinant of the effect that indulgent eating has on you. Get MORE sleep than normal.  Yes, we’re all busy over the holidays, but scrap the malls this year, buy your gifts on amazon, then put your phone down and be lights out by 10pm every night!  I know you guys are sick of me talking about how important sleep is for fat loss, but it’s true. Continue to get your workouts in 100% of the time.  Now is not a time to say to yourself that you don’t have time to get to the gym, because that becomes a slippery slope into not workouts and lots of bad food choices.  No time for the gym?  Workout in your bedroom.  That’s what I do, and it works. Say no to events that don’t appeal to you.  If you’re invited to a party that you don’t want to go to, then say you have another commitment and you’re done.  No drama. Be realistic about the expectations you place upon yourself.  If your intention is to not have ANY wine or dessert, but everyone around you is raving about the cabernet and flourless chocolate cake, and you LOVE wine and chocolate, then you’re going to be a miserable cow with impeccable eating habits.  Let me know how that works out for you. Get support.  I have an accountability group starting Dec 17th to address that feeling of being all alone (and miserable) because everyone around you is enjoying the Christmas goodies, but you're trying to stay on track (and we know they'll be feeling crappy in January). Our group will be focused on practicing the 80/20 principle - 80% on track, 20% Christmas goodies.  Join us! But, but, what about your goals? A few meals here and there aren’t going to do anything to negate the results of all your hard work. Especially if you’re paying attention to the size of your portions and how much you’re eating as I suggested above. It’s the constant partaking in large quantities of holiday treats that’ll catch up to you. And you end up there only when you allow yourself to, by ignoring the choices you are making and the impact it is having on you physically and emotionally. Give yourself permissio
December 4, 2016
Staying Committed to My Goals While On Vaycay
Greetings from Palm Springs!! OMG, I love it here.  It’s a little cooler than I'd like it to be (low 70s) so I’m sitting here in the late afternoon in yoga pants and a sweatshirt, but it was warmer earlier, so I did manage some sun time in :) Honestly, I’m just so grateful to have flexible work that affords me the ability to do these little trips.  It’s so nice to just rent a house with a pool, somewhere warm with a huge backyard and let the dogs have a blast.  This is seriously my kinda vaycay.  I’d take this over a resort in Cabo any day.  But that’s the hermit in me :) Anyway, suffice to say, it was worth the 9-hour drive to get here!!  Speaking of 9-hour drives, someone on Facebook asked me about thermos recommendations for healthy travel and just toting food to work.  Here’s a few of my must-haves for travel.  The cooler pack is not the same as mine (it's better) and it already comes with the little travel containers, so it’s something that might end up on my Christmas list as I bring breakfast and lunch to the office with me every day.  I just wish it came in pink
November 21, 2016
What’s the best workout for losing weight?
First, you need to know that nutrition is always going to “trump” your workout program. You can’t work your way out of a poor diet. That said, “abs are made in the kitchen” is all true. Here’s what I think (feel free to disagree)… optimize weights and do as little cardio as you can get away with. Unless you truly LOVE cardio for mental reasons, in which case, do what floats your boat because it’s giving you benefits beyond weight loss. If you’re doing it JUST for weight loss, it’s a futile effort, so stop the madness. Do as little as you need to do to reach your goals and not a minute or mile more. Because here’s the thing, cardio breaks you down - weight lifting builds you up. This is the critical difference between these two work out modalities. The biggest issue is with cardio is that the body adapts very easily to what you’re doing and then you have to do more, to get the same level of results. That blows. It also elevates hunger levels which means, you’re eating more, and therefore you’d need to do MORE cardio to negate the extra calories (and the math never works out). Cardio is not a tool or punishment for erasing bad food choices. When it comes to weight-bearing exercise, you can lift weights or just focus on bodyweight exercises. The choice between those two options is largely dependent on your goals and your body type - ectomorphs should lift heavy weights, mesomorphs could get away with just bodyweight workouts. Body weight workouts I recommend Core de Force P90X3 - does require some weights. Piyo Pure Barre Physique 57 Weight workouts I love 21 Day Fix 21 Day Fix Extreme Body Beast A Few Nutrition Notes Be smart with your carbs - if you’re going to eat starchy carbs, eat them around the time of your workout. Have protein and fats in the AM. Leave your carbs for your workout period. Don’t have 5 to 6 small meals a day unless you like doing that. Otherwise, do 3 square meals a day like your grandparents did, and limit snacking as much as possible. Focus on veggies, proteins and healthy fats. After a workout, eat a carb and a protein (or Shakeology is perfect for a post workout meal) to get glucose into your muscle as soon as possible. Aim to eat 30 grams of protein per meal. You need healthy fats for muscle repair, healthy hair and nails. Sleep is critical to muscle repair! Get at least 7 to 8 hours a night. Got questions? Feel free to leave them below. I’ll do my best to answer them and as always, thanks for listening to the podcast!! 

November 13, 2016
How Your Environment Drives Your Success
I grew up with some pretty bad habits. Partying, smoking, not sleeping well and eating all the wrong things. It showed. I was over 200lbs until my early 20's when I finally did something about it. It wasn’t until I moved to California when I was 36 that my life really shifted. I found better social influences, I tried new sports, and I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, time and time again. That was the catalyst that I needed to go from party girl to sporty-spice. According to James Clear: Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior. We tend to believe our habits are a product of our motivation, talent, and effort. Certainly, these qualities matter. But the surprising thing is, especially over a long time period, your personal characteristics tend to get overpowered by your environment. Bottom line, if you want to create a better environment for yourself, you have to make good behaviors more convenient, make bad behaviors less convenient and be consistent enough to make the good behaviors, habitual. Here are some ideas to consider with your own environmental setup. What can you do to make your good behaviors more accessible and the bad ones, more inconvenient?Get your groceries shipped to you by amazon fresh or similar.  You’ll be less tempted to buy crap.Autoship things like supplements, meal replacement shakes etc.  You'll know if you're slacking if theystart to pile up and you won't let that happen.Create a home gym (can do in a very small space)Make going to bed inviting.  Wash your face and brush your teeth before you get too tired.  Have aGREAT book on hand. Invest in the best bedding you can find.Sleep in your workout clothesMEAL PREP!!!!Have smoothies in the AMHard boil all the eggsAlways have a quest bar on handDon't keep wine in the house - buy bottles as you need themDon't center your vacations around loafing around and eating food.  Center them around hiking, or exploring a new city or a spaWear workout clothes as much as possible - invest in cute stuffHave rules - no food on the couch, no carbs before noon, etc.Have a pair of walking shoes at your desk at work (and use them)Want more great tips on living a fit life?  Come over to The Fit Habit and sign up for my weekly hit of awesome.  It's typically 3 to 5 of my favorite recipes, workouts, athletic wear and more from around the web. See you there!
November 6, 2016
How to Ditch Gluten (and why you want to)
Love the podcast?  Sign up for updates at The Fit Habit and be the first one to know when new episodes are uploaded. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now. I mean, I don’t eat a ton of gluten anyway, but at least once or twice a week, I’m eating a “healthy” pizza, dipping into the breadbasket at restaurant, or dipping my sushi in soy sauce (yes, soy sauce has gluten and a shit ton of sodium). I find that I when I do indulge, the same things generally happen - I get stomach cramps almost immediately and a little bloating, but then the next day, my “#2” is not normal (I’ll leave it at that and you’re welcome) and I’m in a funk/fog for the rest of the day. It’s like I get a bread hangover and I’m just a little dumber for the next 24 hours. The other thing about gluten is it promotes visceral fat (read Wheat Belly for the deets on this) and I for one, don’t need any more help in the belly fat department. I’m all good there, thanks much. So if you’re curious about whether or not you may have a sensitivity, take a look at this self-test, or just watch how you feel 2 hours and 24 hours after you eat something with gluten in it. Not sure what has gluten? I’ll post a non-exhaustive list at the bottom of this post. Want to ditch gluten but you’re not sure where to start? Well, you can listen to the podcast I just created. When you’ve covered that, here are a few more resources for you to explore. Do you think you have a gluten intolerance?  I pulled this from  You might be surprised to know things like soy sauce and lip gloss contain gluten.  Read on!Gluten-Containing Grains and Their DerivativesWheatVarieties and derivatives of wheat such as:wheatberriesdurumemmersemolinaspeltfarinafarrograhamKAMUT® khorasan wheat einkorn wheatRyeBarleyTriticaleMalt in various forms including: malted barley flour, malted milk or milkshakes, malt extract, malt syrup, malt flavoring,malt vinegar Brewer’s YeastCommon Foods That Contain GlutenPastas: raviolis, dumplings, couscous, and gnocchiNoodles: ramen, udon, soba (those made with only a percentage of buckwheat flour) chow mein, and egg noodles. (Note: rice noodles and mung bean noodles are gluten free)Breads and Pastries: croissants, pita, naan, bagels, flatbreads, cornbread, potato bread, muffins, donuts, rollsCrackers: pretzels, goldfish, graham crackersBaked Goods: cakes, cookies, pie crusts, browniesCereal & Granola: corn flakes and rice puffs often contain malt extract/flavoring, granola often made with regular oats, notgluten-free oatsBreakfast Foods: pancakes, waffles, french toast, crepes, and biscuits.Breading & Coating Mixes: panko breadcrumbsCroutons: stuffings, dressingsSauces & Gravies (many use wheat flour as a thickener)traditional soy sauce, cream sauces made with a rouxFlour tortillasBeer (unless explicitly gluten-free) and any malt beverages (see “Distilled Beverages and Vinegars” below for more information on alcoholic beverages)Brewer’s YeastAnything else that uses “wheat flour” as an ingredientFoods That May Contain Gluten (must be verified by reading the label or checking with the manufacturer/kitchen staff)Energy bars/granola bars – some bars may contain wheat as an ingredient, and most use oats that are not gluten-freeFrench fries – be careful of batter containing wheat flour or cross-contact from fryersPotato chips – some potato chip seasonings may contain malt vinegar or wheat starchProcessed lunch meatsCandy and candy barsSoup – pay special attention to cream-based soups, which have flour as a thickener. Many soups also contain barleyMulti-grain or “artisan” tortilla chips or tortillas that are not entirely corn-based may contain a wheat-based ingredientSalad dressings and marinades – may contain malt vinegar, soy sauce, flourStarch or dextrin if found on a meat or poultry product could be from any grain, including wheatBrown rice syrup – may be made with barley enzymesMeat substitutes made with seitan (wheat gluten) such as vegetarian burgers, vege
October 29, 2016
The Ultimate Guide to Meal Prep
Breakfast: I do a shakeology superfood smoothie every morning with 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, water, ice, and 2 tablespoons of nut butter or coconut oil.  Approx 350 cals, mostly fat and protein. Lunch:  Fill large containers with bagged lettuce.  Done In 3 smaller containers put your salad fixin's including cherry tomatoes, olives, cheese, and protein (chopped chicken, flaked tuna etc).  Bring dressing in a tiny container, or do what I do, and keep a bottle of olive oil at your desk at work. Snack:  portion 2 hard boiled eggs into a container or in a baggie.  Best grab and go snack ever.  Chop small cucumbers and sweet peppers as well. Dinner:  Roast 1 spaghetti squash and make a few different meals out of it.  Bake some protein like chicken or salmon (6 servings) and use this for your lunch and dinner. When you get home at night, you have the spaghetti squash that makes great spaghetti and meat, or if you have a few more minutes, this lemon pesto shrimp dish is awesome and it's really easy to make Done.Grocery list3 bags lettuce1 container of cherry tomatoes1 container of small cucumbers1 bag of sweet peppers1 dozen free range, organic eggsBagged shredded parmesan cheese1 or 2 spaghetti squashesprotein (your chicken, fish or whatever)unsweetened almond milkOlive oilolives (for salad)tomato sauce for spaghetti squashcoconut oilnut butteravocadonuts (raw, unsalted)Organic cheese sticksplain single serve yogurtsBoom!  Done.  Really, this is my food plan and it works! What do you think?  It would take you longer to wait in line at Starbucks than it would to prep these meals. I'm all about easy peasy and healthy!
August 7, 2016
Wellness Vs Weight Loss (and what you should really be focusing on)
Many of my clients and readers come to me because they’re in their 40’s and they notice everything is starting to fall apart on their bodies and their waistlines are getting bigger and bigger.  All of them ask me for the same thing - a meal plan and workout program that will fix the problem and make the fat go away (preferably forever and ever). While I get the frustration (been there, done that), I always tell them the same thing (which is not always appreciated, but it’s the real deal) - all the squats and kale in the world is not going to fix your problem if the problem isn’t food or nutrition. There are several variables that impact sudden or gradual weight gain.  Yes, some of it is about food and nutrition, but a lot of it is also about sleep deprivation, stress and exhaustion - something most women are dealing with on the regular. If you are stressed out about work, family or money, that’s having an impact on your weight (I know, something else to stress about).  If you are sleeping less than 7 hours a night, you can be sure, that it showing up in your increasing dress size. I could go on, but I talk about it all on the podcast. The takeaway here is that there’s a much broader issue to address when looking at losing weight and looking and feeling your most awesome self (for like, ever).  I want you to see the bigger picture which is why I blog, podcast, share stuff on social media and do my fitness challenge groups.  It’s about getting healthy, but it’s also about the steps you need to take to get there. So stick with me.  I can help you lose those 10 or 20lbs, no problem, but I want you to get to a place where that’s never an issue for you again, and where you don’t have to suffer through the journey.  You just start to live better, little by little, day by day. That’s the difference between wellness and weight loss. Tell me what you think!  Does this make sense, or does it frustrate you?  It’s okay to be honest if it’s not resonating with you.  I’m here to help! Head over to the blog and let's connect!  xo
August 2, 2016
Focus & Balance (and why you need both for everything)
Most people that look at my life think I’m a total health nut.  They’d say I’m not normal because I don’t eat bread or because I workout every day.  They’d be mostly wrong though (okay, except maybe with the whole “normal” thing…)But I’m not a health and fitness freak.  Not even close. Truth is, I just know exactly how much I can get away with in terms of indulgence, and still look good in a pair of skinny jeans (at the ripe old age of 46).  And you know what?  That ratio is about 20% wine and cheese (which I love and won’t ever give up) and 80% healthy stuff like morning runs and kale salads. But the key to this being totally doable and never a problem for me to sustain is that I like the 80% part (almost) as much as I like the wine and cheese!  I’ve built my life so that the workouts I do, give me the right amount of energy and happiness while not draining my mojo (which is why I NEVER workout in a gym) #DreamKiller. Here’s the (very cliche) philosophy that seems to work really well for me - take an 80/20 approach to life.  Give yourself that 20% room to enjoy your life and REALLY indulge, but do it consciously.  Totally enjoy it.  Be present with it.  Really be there in that moment.  Set yourself up with the other 80% to be routine, pleasant or at least neutral and  definitely automated.  Kinda like brushing your teeth.I fully believe that you HAVE to enjoy your life and all the rosé moments that come with it, even if you have health and fitness goals you’re trying to attain as well.  There’s room for all of it, as long as you know exactly what works for you!   Why are balance and focus so important?  Because this journey to a healthier, stronger, more amazing you, never ends.  It’s not a deadline that once you’ve achieved a certain body weight you can let it go.  It has to be a part of your daily existence until you no longer exist.  So make it enjoyable.  Make it sustainable so that you never WANT to give it up.  You can’t put your health on a deadline.  You can’t have a goal that’s so rigid that if you don’t achieve it in a certain timeline that you’re just going to give it up and let yourself go. Living well doesn’t work that way! So how can you maintain focus and balance for yourself? Here are a few things that work for me.  If you want the full list, you’re going to have to listen to the podcast (while you workout preferably!  xo)Find things you LIKE to do.  Don’t “white knuckle” your way through workouts you hate or foods you don’t enjoy. Ask yourself how you can make this experience more enjoyable and funFind people who inspire you to move forward when things get hard (because the will!)To be continued on the podcast….
July 24, 2016
How do you define success?
I'm not going to add much to this episode because I think it speaks for itself.  I talk about some personal successes and failures, and what's worked for me in order to push through hard times (because I'm a pro at giving up). I hope you find some value here for your own life and how to approach your own definition of success.  The real takeaway is to define it on your own and know what works for you in terms of managing your own expectations and riding the wave of sucky parts (because those always come). Want more insights light this?  Head this way.
July 18, 2016
The Power of Accountability: How to make yourself 70% more likely to achieve any goal.
In 2012 I asked myself what the heck had I gotten myself into when I signed up for a bikini competition. It was hands down the hardest thing I’ve ever accomplished, and the only reason I followed through was that I made myself accountable. Had I not taken that step - I would never have made it to the end. My willpower is just not that strong.Can you relate? Here’s an interesting tidbit - a study from Dominican University compared two groups of goal setters - one with accountability partners, and one group without. Turns out that 70% of the people who reported progress on their goals (daily) to their accountability partner, actually achieved them versus 35% who didn’t have accountability. That’s pretty significant.The secret to achieving goals is to set them so they are:Just outside your comfort zone (the sweet spot)Measurable and specific (have a date and a metric to achieveCompelling enough that you won't lose momentumWant to make sure you follow through? Then make sure you: Put yourself on the hook - be public, tell everyone.Put some skin in the game - invest $$ in your goal because we’re motivated not to squander money.Don’t promise to do things that you don’t think you’ll follow through with. It chips away at your own sense of self-worth.Know what your why is. What’s the driving you to accomplish this goal, and is it strong enough to carry you through hard times (because there will be hard times).Have a roadmap to get yourself where you need to go, but be willing to adjust your strategy if it’s not working.Goal setting is an important way to move you forward in life and kick you out of stagnant ruts. My online fitness groups help women achieve their weight loss and health goals by keeping them accountable, actionable and focused for a specific time period. Interested? Get the deets here. 
Got goals? Tell me about your Big Audacious Hairy Goal (BAHG) in the comments. Go ahead… put it out there!
July 10, 2016
Intermittent Fasting - The Easiest Formula For Fat Loss (for some)
Want more info on Intermittent Fasting?  Head to the website for deets and links! If you’re holding down a corporate job, raising kids and generally trying to manage some semblance of a life, I trust you’re very busy.  Probably too busy to prep meals, eat 4 to 6 times a day and hit the gym after work.  Story of your life?  I’ve got something you might find interesting! If you’ve never heard that term before, it’s basically decreasing the window of time that you eat in a day to typically 8 hours a day or less.  You don’t necessarily eat less calories, you just eat them in a shorter period of time, perhaps say between noon and 8pm.  So in that scenario, you wouldn’t skip breakfast, but you would hold off on eating it until lunch time.  Then you could eat whatever you typically would, until you hit a hard stop at 8pm.  (The timing of your window is entirely up to you.) This may sound very familiar to your typical habits.  Or maybe this is something you did in the past, but changed that habit because consumer health experts insisted that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you started forcing yourself to eat before your left for work in the morning. Before I go on, I will say that for some, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day, and without it, they feel sluggish and tired.  In his book, The 4 Hour Body, Tim Ferris recommends eating 30 grams of protein first thing in the morning to control leptin hormones (your internal hunger barometer) and Dr Sara Gottfried suggests it calm the adrenals.   Even with intermittent fasting (IF) you can eat when you first wake up, but you better be all good with eating 5pm blue-haired dinner specials because you’ll be fasting pretty early on in the evening. But there is ample research to support not eating breakfast.  Many health experts, including Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple, practice this approach and typically do their workouts in a fasted state as well, leading to a better fat-burning effect and greater human growth hormone production.How will intermittent fasting make you lose weight? Well, the short answer is that it improves hormone balance, insulin resistance and fat oxidation, but it also controls overall caloric intake because you just have less time to mindlessly graze without accounting for calories.  If you want more scientific explanations to these points - Mark Sisson has pulled together a great deal of research here.  If this is something you think would work for you, particularly if you’re not one to crave breakfast or find you’re too busy to eat 3 meals a day (with IF you can eat all your food in one meal, or spread it out however you like in your eating window), then it might be worth giving it a try.  To be clear, I’m not an expert in this protocol, but here’s a great resource from a trusted source on the evidence-based approach to intermittent fasting from Precision Nutrition that I would highly recommend checking out. Just a few caveats before you head off on your fasting adventure.  IF is not for everyone, and more particularly, it’s not always the best choice for women.  It can cause hormonal fluctuations in some women which can lead to weight gain, instead of loss, and it’s also not advised if you’re pregnant, nursing or have a history of eating disorders. Clearly the downside of this practice is that you may push your hunger too far and end up in an uncontrollable binge which is obviously not the goal.  However, if you’re someone that can ease through a good part of the day without eating, IF can also increase mental clarity and focus, free up a lunch hour to do other things, as well as being an awesome fat-burning technique.What are my thoughts on Intermittent Fasting? I’ve been experimenting with this protocol for the past few weeks, but I feel I need to give it a bit more time before I share my thoughts on the fat burning effectiveness, however I will say that I do find I can get more done in the morning and enjoy a more alert state of min
July 3, 2016
Macros and how they impact health and weight loss
I hope you found today’s podcast on carbs and counting macros to be eye-opening about how fat loss can be largely influenced by what you eat not necessarily how much. Here’s a quick breakdown of the 3 major macro groups. If you want a full video tutorial to give you the full view, shoot me your best email and I’ll get that right over to you. It’s about 20 minutes long, but it’s very helpful to put everything into applicable context.So here’s the macro breakdownCarbs - 4 calories per gram Non-starchy are the BEST!! Eat these with abandon. They are highly fibrous, made with mostly water and are packed with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Starchy carbs - potatoes, rice, grains, etc - you have to earn these, so if you’re not doing intense workouts, stay away from them (if fat loss is your goal). Processed carbs - sugar, bread and baked goods, and food-like products like Pop-Tarts. I have no words for these other than stay away.Protein - 4 calories per gram Found mostly in meats, dairy, and eggs but also in supplements and veggies. Go for quality over quantity here! Organic, free-range meats, eggs and dairy and quality supplements like Shakeology or Vega is great, too.Fats - 9 calories per gram Healthy fats are great!! Aim for 50% of your diet as fats. Opt for avocado, egg yolks, olives and olive oils, coconut, full fat, organic dairy and fatty meats like salmon.Macros - I explain them all right here. Want the 20 minute tutorial on how to put this all together? Shoot me your best email and I’ll send it over to you.
June 26, 2016
The Road To Awesome
Wow - this book really punched me in the gut!  If you want some wisdom nuggets, listen to the podcast, but DO get the book as well.  It was life changing! Jon really made me aware of a few important areas where I’m playing average (and shouldn’t be).  Areas where I could be doing SO much more, but I’m not either out of fear of judgement or perhaps even fear of success (yes, this is a thing). That said, I don’t think it’s critical or even possible to play “awesome” in all areas of your life, because only the truly important things need your absolute attention.  The rest can be average (or below average if you can tolerate it).   Certainly for me, that’s my house cleaning and I’m a-okay with that.  I have a maid that comes bi-weekly to get the place back into shape and I’m happy to let it go to ruins in the meantime.  My focus is too important to think about toilet bowls and dust bunnies. Food for thought, but meanwhile, I’ve got a bunch of great notes from the book on my blog.  Go check it out!
June 19, 2016
Slowing Down Pays Off - Yoga, Happiness and Staying Fit When You're Sick
A cold and an injury forced me to slow down and limit my workouts to yoga and walking.  What I wasn’t expecting was the increased happiness and continued leanness that new routine delivered.   Some of my favorite online yoga classes: Ali Kamenova - some free classes and also a membership site.  Very challenging classes and she has a unique style you may or may not love. YogaGlo - great line up of instructors and class levels.  I think it’s $18 a month for a membership. Beachbody On Demand - LOTS of yoga classes as well as every form of workout from hiphop to weight lifting of varying lengths and levels (try P90x yoga classes).  You can get a free 30 day trial for this platform and after that it’s $2.99 a week. Yoga Today - great classes and they do offer a free version every week.  Membership is $15 per month. Get connected for more great info!
June 12, 2016
The Making of #Fitspo Girl & Why You Might Not Want To Follow Her
Fitspo Girl - When you see #fitspo girl on Instagram looking all lean and cut, how does that make you feel about yourself? Good? Motivated?  Or maybe inadequate and lazy? In today’s episode, I talk about taking an intentional look at the social media you’re following.  I had to do a deep cleanse of my Instagram a few years ago after following far too many fitness competitors who only showed pictures of their butts and biceps and rippling abs.   It started to really make me feel “less than” which was not the emotion I was going for when I clicked follow.   I also dispel the myth that fitness models walk around looking cut 24/7.  They generally do not. Head to The Fit Habit and sign up for tips, tools and resources for rocking your best body (in a healthy, non-crazy-making way) well into your 30's, 40's and beyond.
June 5, 2016
Just tell me what to eat!!!
“Just tell me what to eat” - a down and dirty discussion of what to eat and what to stay far away from.  This is not a specific list of foods or a meal plan, but a breakdown of food recommendations that I gave to a busy friend who wanted to improve her diet without making an extra load of hours in the kitchen.
May 29, 2016
The Backstory & My Journey To Fitness (If I Can Do It, So Can You)
I'm here to educate and inspire you on your Monday morning commute to work. The first episode is about my story, why I'm here to serve you, and what you'll get from this podcast.   Visit to connect and please leave an honest review (and keep in mind, this is my first podcast ever, so please be nice :) Until next week.
May 23, 2016