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By Mark McGuire
CARES - Community Alliance for Restorative Education and Social justice Institute is here to bring about healing and hope in advocating against unfair practices, policies, and injustices against Blacks and other minorities. CARES will prove "WE are GREATER TOGETHER!"

CARES JII is a grassroots, minority lead, Civil Rights and Social Justice agency providing key awareness, accountability, advocacy, advancement and action, campaigning on the value of Eradicating Racism, fighting in the war of Racial Inequities, and to be agents of change in the Inequality of Opportunity.
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All Things Diverse


All Things Diverse
Our May podcast included the featured TEDx presenter, Dr. Tammy Hodo. Dr. Hodo gave us an inside look and a researched view of the constructs of race, bias, and the need for increased diversity and inclusion in America. Subjects like implicit bias and micro aggression are addressed in this podcast in a very educated and inspiring way. All things diverse is the name of her game. Find us at: @caresjii
May 28, 2022
Salute To A King
Today’s Podcast is a relaunch and reboot conversation from our Executive Director and Founder Bishop Mark C. McGuire, Sr. It is also a salute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Monday, April 4 is the 54th anniversary of his assassination in Memphis Tennessee. They can shoot the dreamer but the dream will never die. CARES is inviting you to partner as a Momentum Mover and a movement messenger in the advocacy of justice. We are greater together. Find us at: @caresjii
April 01, 2022
From The Professors Perspective
Today’s podcast gives us a glimpse in the minds of two men who have become living legends in the city of Dayton, the county of Montgomery, and the state of Ohio as it relates to the Power of Unity and Change. Professor Amaha and Professor Marlon each have a unique perspective that will help us to understand the impact of injustice, as well as the power of transformation. Enjoy today’s podcast as we look at a fresh perspective on the future. Find us at: @caresjii
September 28, 2021
Police Bias: Myth, Misunderstood, Misappropriated
Todays conversation highlights the need for the continued well-being of Law Enforcement Officers and the impact that it will have on the mutual trust within the civilian community. We address the impact on biases and the possibility of healthier Law Enforcement Officer’s engagement within the community and the change it may have on the presupposed narratives on Community-Police relations. Find us at: @caresjii
August 28, 2021
Justice or Just Us?
As we look for justice and equality in America we keep seeing the same situations perpetrated over and over again. Today’s podcast speaks to the consistent behavior and consequences against blacks and people of color. The question as we move further down this road of actions for civil rights and equality is simply “Justice or Just Us?” Find us at: @caresjii
April 29, 2021
Where Do We Go From Here?
This is an overview of the past few months, looking back over the last 200 years, and the progress needed for America to experience a Community of Justice. The plight of Blacks in particular (and other people of color) has been horrific, if said plainly. The inequality of opportunity has been blatant, and Racism has been intentional. So the question is not, "Is Racism, Inequity, and White Body Supremacy real; rather the question remains, since the Emancipation Proclamation, since the Reconstruction Era, since the Civil Rights Movement and the signing of the Civil Rights Act, since yesterday, 'Where Do We Go From Here?'" Find us at: @caresjii
March 29, 2021
Where Are WE In The History Of America?
Episode 3 of The Who CARES About Justice Podcast is an awe-inspiring conversation that will catapult each listener into a place of empowerment and action.  Our special guest, Dr. Tameca Bradley Hobbs of the FMU Social Justice Institute brings vital information that will impact the lives of those who care about social justice and awaken those who have not yet been provoked that the system of racism and inequality of opportunity in America must be eradicated. Dr. Tameca Bradley Hobbs does so as a great Historian, a proven practitioner, Author, Professor, and advocate for the Civil Rights of “her people”.
February 28, 2021
Cultivating Action and Power
In another intriguing episode Who CARES about Justice, Bishop McGuire sits down with two experts in the law and social justice arena from Bethune-Cookman University. The three engage in intense dialogue, exploring the impacts of racism and the need to cultivate generations with fresh consciousness for the advancement of blacks and people of color in America. Awareness creates power for Action. Be inspired by this bonus episode. You can also find us  @caresjii
February 17, 2021
Racism in America, Is There a Problem?
Bishop Mark C. McGuire Sr., host of "The Who CARES about Justice" Podcast sat down with the Honorable Judge Walter H. Rice to discuss the question, "Is there a problem of Racism in America?"  They also discussed the white privilege, white fragility, and the idea of white supremacy. This conversation will inspire, impact and information as they further discussed systemic racism and its impact on Black persons in America.  Enjoy, God Bless and PEACE be still! Follow us: @caresjii 
January 28, 2021
Welcome to Who CARES about Justice
Listen to Mark C. McGuire Sr as he brings us The Who CARES about Justice podcast.  A monthly podcast dropping on the 28th day of every month.  Who CARES about Justice will bring healing and hope as C.A.R.E.S. advocates against unfair behaviors to champion the conviction "WE are Greater Together." @caresjii
January 08, 2021