The Cultural Megaphone


An episode of The Cultural Megaphone

By Carl Svanberg
Carl Svanberg is an Objectivist intellectual; writer, speaker and researcher. He regularly comments on current events, philosophy, morality, politics and economics. If you are interested in ideas in general and Ayn Rand’s ideas in particular, then “The Cultural Megaphone” is the show for you. Enjoy!
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More places to listen

“The Ecological Footprint”
In the episode, Carl discusses the meaning and validity of “the ecological footprint.” (Correction: I say that according to the Global Footprint Network, we were roughly “consuming” 0,7 planets in 1960. The correct number is roughly 0,4.)  References:'s%20Toxicity.htm
May 20, 2019
This is the premiere-episode of Carl Svanberg's podcast “One small voice.” In this episode, Carl explains why Venezuela is socialist, and not a “mixed economy” like Norway.
April 29, 2019
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