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The GDPR Guy

The GDPR Guy

By Carl Gottlieb
The GDPR Guy - the podcast dedicated to all things privacy, hosted by Carl Gottlieb - the trusted privacy advisor to leading tech companies, helping them gain maximum advantage through the right privacy strategy. Each episode Carl will be providing information, insights and inspiration to help you on your privacy journey. There'll be regular interviews with leaders in the tech industry about how privacy and security are an essential part of their world. You’ll find show notes and useful resources on the website,, as well as details for getting in touch with Carl directly.
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Kabir Barday - CEO of OneTrust
In this episode I'm chatting live with Kabir Barday - CEO of OneTrust. We're discussing hyper growth, listening to customers, maintaining best-of-breed and what's next for OneTrust.Show notes and videos for this episode are available at
March 18, 2021
Didi Dayton - Partner at Wing Venture Capital
In this episode I'm chatting live with Didi Dayton - Partner at Wing Venture Capital. We're discussing VC investment strategies, big trends in tech, trust as a differentiator and diversity in the boardroom.Show notes and videos for this episode are available at
March 03, 2021
Pedro Pavon - Senior Counsel at Salesforce
In this episode I'm chatting live with Pedro Pavon, Senior Counsel at Salesforce. We're discussing privacy within the tech industry, risk taking and whether the CPRA should make us optimistic for privacy law in the US. Show notes and videos for this episode are available at
March 02, 2021
Chat with Andy Dale, General Counsel at Alyce
Chat with Andy Dale, General Counsel at Alyce – A recording of a live video chat between Carl and Andy Dale of Alyce about his role in helping the business thrive through privacy.
September 29, 2020
Chat with Joey Stanford of
Chat with Joey Stanford of – A recording of a live video chat between Carl and Joey Stanford of Platform about his role as a DPO and security lead.
September 18, 2020
YouTube Meets COPPA
YouTube Meets COPPA – Explaining YouTube’s recent COPPA settlement with the FTC and the new changes they have implemented.
March 04, 2020
Do Not Sell
Do Not Sell – Discussing the new requirements of the CCPA for a Do Not Sell My Personal Information link on your website, and what selling really means in the context of the CCPA.
January 06, 2020
One Year of the GDPR
One Year of the GDPR – After one year of the GDPR, I talk about its biggest and most disappointing impact, the annoying cookie banners you see everywhere online. Show Notes
May 24, 2019
CCPA SB 561 - Discussing the CCPA Senate Bill 561 (SB 561) amendment to The California Consumer Privacy Act. I'll dive into the bill, what it was trying to do and what its demise means. Show Notes
May 17, 2019
Introduction to the CCPA
Introduction to the CCPA - The California Consumer Privacy Act. I give an overview of the CCPA, what it contains, who it applies to and what the penalties are for non compliance. I also cover one of the notable amendments, SB 561 and how the CCPA shares similarities with the GDPR. Show Notes
May 09, 2019
Marketing Consent in the GDPR - The GDPR Guy Episode 8
Marketing Consent in the GDPR. I talk about the eMarketing rules under the GDPR and the various options you have for getting compliant. Topics include the changes to the consent definition for GDPR, the lesser known Soft Opt-in rule and the implementing a repermissioning campaign. Show Notes
April 22, 2018
Hot Topics in GDPR - Part Two - The GDPR Guy Episode 7
Hot Topics in GDPR - Part Two. I talk about some of the common questions I’m hearing in the GDPR world and also recommend some great tools I’ve seen recently. Topics include managers becoming the DPO, American companies needing to be compliant, Subject Access Request tools and the use of health data in the workplace. Show Notes
March 05, 2018
Hot Topics in GDPR - Part One - The GDPR Guy Episode 6
Hot Topics in GDPR - Part One. I discuss some of the hot topics being discussed inside GDPR projects and amongst us Data Protection geeks. Topics include the right to erasure and backups, the need for lawyers to lead your GDPR programme and the thorny topic of what happens if a Government department is breached. I also give a run down of the big UK news of the new Data protection Bill. Show Notes
August 08, 2017
The Virtual Data Protection Officer - The GDPR Guy Episode 5
The Virtual Data Protection Officer. I discuss how a Virtual Data Protection Officer might be the right answer for your organisation, how the role works and what to look for to get the right help. Show Notes
July 26, 2017
GDPR Interview with Cylance - The GDPR Guy Episode 4
In this special episode I bring you a recent GDPR interview I gave to the Insecurity Podcast, presented by Shaun Walsh of the Next Generation Antivirus Vendor Cylance. I delve into the potential quagmire that is GDPR compliance, and what it means for organisations doing business in the EU. Show Notes
July 26, 2017
The Right to Erasure - The GDPR Guy Episode 3
The GDPR Right to Erasure. I discuss the requirements on organisations for complying with this data subject right, when it applies and what the exceptions are. I give my general advice for complying with the Right to Erasure and complying with the spirit of the GDPR. Show Notes
April 21, 2017
The Data Protection Officer - The GDPR Guy Episode 2
The role of the GDPR Data Protection Officer. What it is, who needs one and designating the right person for the job. Discussing conflicts in the DPO role, outsourcing models and the day to day duties involved in the role. Show Notes
April 21, 2017
GDPR Overview - The GDPR Guy Episode 1
Overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Enhanced rights of the individual, fines and penalties, breach notifications, data processors and controllers and the role of the data protection officer. Show Notes
April 12, 2017