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Fascinating With Carlos Caro

Fascinating With Carlos Caro

By Carlos Caro
The Facinating Mindset how-to's of self-improvement, income and success with your host Carlos Caro. Go ahead and follow our podcast so won't miss a thing. Thank you.
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Superpowers You Can Build
Hello everybody, I’m Carlos Caro and welcome back to superpowers you can build in order to increase your income The first superpower is the Superpower of Ecommerce Yes, today thanks to the internet, you can build an online store and sell anywhere, either your own product or resell the products of other manufacturers The great thing about ecommerce is that you can automate most of your store’s operations so you can sell 24 hours a day 7 days a week There are several platforms out there to build your store but my favorite is Shopify because there are so many add-on apps that give more functionality to your store along with different themes that will help you customize the look and feel of your store depending on your industry The second superpower is the Superpower of Investments One important thing that you must do, is to save at least 20% of your monthly income in a savings account with compound interest. Now, what is compound interest? Compound interest is interest over interest over interest. This means that, for example, if you invest 100 dollars to be reinvested every 28 days with a interest rate of 8% annually, at the end of the 28 days you will have 100.62 Then you reinvest this amount of 100.62 plus another 100 again for 28 days. So at the end of the next 28 days, you will have 201.87 And if you reinvest this amount of 201.87 plus another 100 again for 28 days, at the end of the next 28 days, you will have 303.75 At the end of 12 months, you are going to have 1,249.66 If you save 200 a month, after 12 months you are going to have 2,499.32 If you do save 100 a month in a savings account with an interest of 1% annually, at the end of 12 months you will have 1,200.96 instead of 1,249.66 If you save 200 a month, you are going to have 2,401.92 instead of 2,499.32 That is almost a 100 dollar difference So, find a financial professional and learn how money works You can find a useful link for that in the description below: The third superpower is the Superpower of Coding App development is hot stuff. If you build an app that can be used by millions, your income can go off the roof. This means that if you develop an app and sell it for 2.99 and that app is downloaded by 100,000 people, you will get an income of 209,300 which is 70% that is paid for developers after final sales Not bad, right? Game apps, business apps, productivity apps are the most downloaded apps but you can find a great niche if your app solves a burning need for your audience. For this you will need to learn a coding language like Swift, Python and Javascript. So, these are three superpowers that you can build as a side hustle and if you commit to any of them, they will help you create a new source of income that can become a great business for yourself. Thank you for listening Please like, comment and share this podcast/video down below and see you in the next episode Take care!
July 13, 2020
Email Marketing
You’ve probably heard of email marketing before. But what exactly is email marketing? Well, Email marketing is one segment of outbound marketing, which encompasses online marketing via websites, social media, blogs, and more. It is essentially direct mail done electronically instead of through the postal service. Email marketing helps you increase your brand awareness by getting your email messages into the inboxes of potential new customers. The more consistent your communication is with your email subscribers, the more likely they will be to think of your business when they are looking for your products or services. It is very helpful when you create content through your blog and social media channels because you can ask your audience for their email address in exchange for free newsletters, ebooks and offers. In a way, you are creating a two-way personal communication between your brand and your potential customer giving you the opportunity to offer them exclusive content like tutorials and courses that will add value to their lives and businesses. There are many email marketing services which you can choose from. In this episode, I will talk about two services which I consider are the best of the pack: and MailerLite’s features and design have a clean, modern, and simple outgoing look, which is bound to attract bloggers and content creators. The platform is also very cost-effective. Once you have a free account set up on their website, you can go ahead and enjoy powerful automation for up to 1,000 subscribers on your mailing list. Moreover, with a free MailerLite account, you can also access the platform’s landing page builder, and Facebook pages subscribe form as well. You can also access the platform embedded and pop up / sign-up forms as well as great features such as their email campaign reports and surveys data. You don’t even need to input your credit card details on the MailerLite website. Just sign up and enjoy free email automation features for your subscribers. Mailerlite main features are: Intuitive Dashboard Email Marketing Automation Auto Resend Features Drag and Drop Builder A/B Split Testing Team Management Permission Collaboration Delivery by Time Zone Now, ActiveCampaign ActiveCampaign is an email marketing automation champion with a robust integration feature. It might look a bit overwhelming at first glance. Nevertheless, its powerful automation tool makes it perfect for your business if you are looking for a platform that has thorough reporting and automation making it an intelligence-driven online marketing automation platform. Its main features are: Email Marketing Software Marketing Automation Reporting CRM or Customer Relationship Management Integrates with 150 other e-commerce apps such as Facebook, Shopify, and WordPress Has a robust list and tags management tools for segmentation A rewarding 30% recurring commission lifetime program Campaigns resend feature ActiveCampaign has no free account, but you can try their 14-day trial. The starter Lite package begins at $15 dollars a month for 500 subscribers. Another thing is that ActiveCampaign does not offer a Landing Page Builder like Mailerlite. You will have to connect your ActiveCampaign forms to your website or a landing page provider like Leadpages or Instapage. In conclusion, both platforms are robust email marketing platforms with efficient drag and drop builders. They offer A/B testing tools as well as an email template library. MailerLite, nevertheless, has a lower learning curve and is designed for small to medium business owners. ActiveCampaign’s automation feature is perfect for larger businesses. Both are cloud-based platforms,
March 23, 2020
What are you doing to increase your sales? On today’s episode I am going to talk about the sales channels that you must use in order to increase your sales. You know, the times when you had to knock doors and offer your products and services are over. Right now at this very moment, there are millions of people around the world looking at their mobile phones, right? They are using them to make phone calls, video calls, send messages, check their emails but most importantly, people are watching and interacting with social media channels. Social media has become, and listen carefully to this, your main sales channel today. In particular, the best sales channels to show and promote your products and services are: YouTube, Instagram, Periscope and Anchor. Why? Well, let’s start with YouTube. YouTube is the king of video. You have heard that an image is worth a thousand words. A video is worth a million words. Today, people can watch your videos anywhere anytime. With YouTube, you can produce videos using your phone with amazing quality and they can be watched on any device, from an Apple, Android, Amazon, Roku and Windows device.. Isn’t that amazing? Just imagine the audience that you can build to make them aware of your brand is humongous. Next, Instagram. Instagram its the perfect place to show pictures of your products, your services and even yourself. You can share individual photos in square or full size format, galleries of 10 photos and videos, 1 minute videos in square format, vertical photos and 15-second vertical videos with different layers of text and graphics if you like. You can also create live streaming videos, loop videos with Boomerang, collages of photos with Layout, lapse videos with Hyperlapse and full time videos with IGTV whichs stands for Instagram TV. The possibilities are endless, don’t you think? Next, Periscope. With Periscope you can create live streaming videos in vertical and horizontal format. Live streaming can be a powerful way to show your products and services in real time in a casual way. Your live streaming videos can be very spontaneous since you don’t have to edit them and many people love this. People can interact with you in real time through Periscope’s Live Chat so you can answer questions and read comments. And since you can connect Periscope to your Twitter account, your audience can be much bigger. Finally, there is Anchor. Anchor is the perfect place to create your podcasts. A podcast is like a radio show that is transmit it through Apple Podcasts, Spotify Google Podcasts and other audio internet  platforms. With Anchor, you can produce your episodes using the tools available and you can use your iPhone, iPad or the Web to create them. So, if you really want to increase your sales and make more people aware of your brand, products and services, these social media channels are the way to go.
March 06, 2020
Welcome to The Carlos Caro Podcast
This is my first episode welcoming you to hear more about me and what my podcast is going to be about. Thanks for listening!
February 20, 2020