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The Freestyle Way

The Freestyle Way

By Carl Paoli
Welcome to the The Freestyle Way podcast where Carl Paoli and his guests share insightful thoughts, stories and lessons they've learned in life, what they stand for and believe in, and what they are doing to continue to develop themselves in order to maximize their efforts to continue the pursuit towards their vision.
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School Of Calisthenics | Tim & Jacko - Episode 11

The Freestyle Way

Rules, Standards, Progression, and Awareness
This Stream Of Consciousness is a soundbite from the Human Development Podcast with Nick Maier I got to guest on last week.  Listen in here:
May 21, 2020
Anníe Thorisdottir | Episode 14
In this episode, Carl sits down with the two-time CrossFit Games Champion Anníe Thorisdottir. The conversation ranges from talking about living through the pandemic, discussing the future of Anníe’s gym— CrossFit Reykjavik, training and moving through pregnancy, Anníe’s message of acceptance and respect towards other people’s beliefs to what we can learn from them.
May 20, 2020
A Conversation About Love
Here is a soundbite from the Human Development Podcast which I got to be a guest on a few weeks ago and talked about Lifestyle Design. I decided to post it here for you to listen as a little experiment to see if it resonated with you. If it did and if you are reading this, message me anywhere you can get a hold of me.
May 19, 2020
Smart Body, Strong Mind | Episode 12
This is a recording from Carl's Coffee Club where Carl and Co. talked about Fitness, how the quote "Mens Sana In Corpore Sano" was a big influence in Carl's up bringing, and how going within is an important aspect for becoming fitter. Join the next Coffee Club:
April 26, 2020
Carl's Coffee Club - April 11th | Episode 11
Today we talked about Economy. ECO - Household NOMY - Management The way we manage our resources, communicate, move, create, and think is all part of our economical structures. The question is: Are we aware of this? and if so: Don’t you think we can do better? NEXT COFFEE CLUB
April 16, 2020
6 Fold Upgrade | Episode 10
Now for the good news. I believe this transitional period of time will bring us a beautiful upgrade. And the upgrade is going to be 6 fold: Mental, Physical, Relationship, Craft, Resource Management, and Consciousness. Mental The first thing that we’re going to upgrade is our mindset. Our thought process. Not what we think, but how we think. This time in our lives is creating space for our brains to rewire themselves by helping us notice our true priorities and how they serves us. What we believed used to be important, will slowly fall to the waste side and no longer be part of the mental model we use to make decisions. Physical The physical will be in relationship to how we move and how we act. In the Fitness space, especially in CrossFit, we have learned that intensity is of the essence. We have learned to go hard, to be complex, to use a lot equipment, and gather in gyms. For the time being, that doesn’t exist. We are being asked to return back to basics. To a very simple state. In this state, our body is going to continue to move but in a more subtle way, in a more simple way. With that simplicity, with that subtleness, there’s going to be a deep reprogramming of how our body experiences the reality we live in and how we interact with our environment. Relationship Just like we will change our interaction with the environment through our bodies, our interaction with others will reach for a new level. A new level of depth, connection and meaning. Take for example the implementation of social or physical distancing to flatten the curve of the outbreak. It has brought us closer together. When before we barely spoke to our neighbor, now we sing to them. When before we used to take health care workers for granted, today we applaud them and treat them like heroes. When before we may have under appreciated cleaners, truck drivers and retail workers, today we see them as not only essential but as the most valuable players. Craft Our craft is what we do. Not necessarily what we do for work, but rather that which we find interesting and have spent time practicing. Such as singing, playing an instrument, drawing, inventing, or simply creating. That which we may have considered to be a hobby, may now be what the world needs most from us as expressing that which we love is sharing our strengths and truest version of ourselves. Resource Management Think about the madness that has ensued, where people started buying insane amounts of toilet paper in preparation for quarantine. It’s a very strange behavior and it comes to show where our resource priorities lie at a collective level. I believe this limitation will push us to better manage what we have and what we get. I’ve always said: If one can’t manage $1000 in their bank account, one has no business generating or having $2,000 or $10,000 or a $1,000,000. Consciousness We are all being touched by the pandemic, thus we are starting to make decisions that take into consideration the needs of the collective.
April 2, 2020
Navigating COVID-19
In this episode I discuss the current climate of change we are living through due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. After a few weeks of waking up to messages from concerned health and fitness practitioners, it became clear that struggle was in the air and we were entering a state of transition. So I decided to take to social media to ask some questions, make some calls, and in a semi-live fashion report what a few health and fitness leaders have been dealing with and experienced over the last few days as Italy went on lockdown, Spain followed suit, and now the USA is next in line and bracing for impact. In this episode I feature: Kitcho Evangelidis - Founder and Owner of Oviedo Strength and Garaje Strength in Oviedo, Spain. Angel Orozco - Founder and Owner of Telegraph CrossFit in San Francisco, CA. Andrew Bueno - CoFounder and CoOwner of Foundation CrossFit in Seattle, WA. Logan Gelbrich - Founder of Deuce Gym in Venice, CA.
March 17, 2020
Tony Sherbondy INSIDER | Episode 08
In this episode, Carl Paoli sits down with his co-author Tony Sherbondy to publicly discuss the process of writing Freestyle The Book, the nature of their collaboration, and how ownership influenced the production of the New York Times Bestseller.
February 10, 2020
Diane Sanfilippo INSIDER Keynote | Episode 07
In this episode we share Diane Sanfilippo's talk at the Freestyle INSIDER which took place in San Francisco, CA in October of 2019. To support the podcast, please visit:
February 3, 2020
Shantell Martin | Episode 06
This week we Carl Paoli is joined on the podcast by Shantell Martin. Shantell Martin is a visual artist best known for her large scale, black-and-white drawings. She performs many of her drawings for a live audience. In this episode Shantell shares her life journey and her philosophy for encouraging self expression and asking ourselves - Who Are We? You can support The Freestyle Way Podcast here:
January 27, 2020
Lukas Graham | Episode 05
In this episode we sit down with Lukas Forchhammer from the Lukas Graham Band and have a conversation about everything life, learning, and development. You can support The Freestyle Way Podcast here:
January 20, 2020
Tom Reid’s INSIDER Keynote | Episode 04
In this episode Thomas Reid shares TASK, a framework for becoming a more effective communicator. You can support The Freestyle Way Podcast here:
January 13, 2020
Logan Gelbrich's INSIDER Keynote | Episode 03
In this episode we share Logan Gelbrich’s Keynote from the Freestyle INSIDER which took place in October of 2019 in San Francisco, CA #TheFreestyleWay #GoingRight #LoganGelbrich
January 6, 2020
IKIGAI featuring BBoy Wicket | Episode 02
In this episode Carl Paoli sits down with Producer Ryland Hormel and surprise guest BBoy Wicket to discuss the concept of IKIGAI-- The Japanese Art of Purpose. You can support The Freestyle Way Podcast here:
December 30, 2019
Welcome Back | Episode 01
Welcome Back To The Podcast! After a little break, we are back and ready to kick ass with this new Season. This time Carl is joined by Ryland Hormel who is co-producing the podcast and at times will be sitting in as a co-host going forward. We are looking forward to sharing all the meaningful conversations and insight from our guests with you in 2020. You can support The Freestyle Way Podcast here:
December 23, 2019
Classical Music | Carl Paoli on Benjamin Zander - Episode 19
In this final episode of Season 2 of the podcast Carl Paoli shares why the season is ending and gives you a taste of what is to come in Season 3. In this episode Carl dissects one of his favorite TED Talks by Benjamin Zander on the Transformative Power Of Classical Music, Enjoy. You can support The Freestyle Way Podcast here:
May 8, 2019
Chase Wildly | Carl Paoli - Episode 18
In this episode of the podcast the roles are reversed and I take the seat as the guest while I get interviewed by Chase Nelson, the host of the podcast - Chase Wildly.  During our conversation I share my curiosity for the creative process and how being creative in my work as a coach has served me in finding my voice and crystalizing my life’s mission and purpose. We also dive into what led to the shift I made in my business in 2014, when I transitioned from focusing on the physical aspects of performance to now the mental and emotional side of it. Although the focus has changed the root of helping and teaching people how to move has remained the same. Movement is still the core of who I am as coach, business owner, and family man. To move is the one thing that has given me the most clarity in my life. We dive into what it’s like to live in a constant state dissatisfaction or in others words, to live in a proactive and constant state of adaptation and change. How the constant search of my true self has become the fuel to my fire and what some would perceive as having the IT FACTOR. I share how I’ve harnessed IT and how I have focused on producing the outcomes I believe can have the most positive impact in this world.  Chase asks me about parenting and how it has effected my life, which you will learn in this episode that it has been a life changer and my greatest lesson in life. We discuss the benefit of speaking multiple languages, which is something we all do whether we are aware of it or not. We talk about how when one cracks the code that make up different languages, we begin to realize who we are, how we see the world, and how we are currently expressing ourselves. Moreover, we become aware of how we can begin to express ourselves at higher level. We talk about death and what it means to know that THIS TOO SHALL PASS. We get into my new coaching initiatives such as Lifestyle Design and the importance of one’s ability to think clearly. I share how we are all mirrors of each other and emphasize the importance of finding your style and doing things your way can be the right way. The Freestyle Way. I share my relationship with money and how it has changed over the years. I shed light on what I believe you can do to have a healthier relationship with it as well. We get into how I view and set standards and how these standards are the backbone of my process. In addition, I share how these standards set the tone for the behavior we are modeling which ultimately is producing the reality we live in. I talk about the importance of communication and what Non Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg has taught me and helped my marriage, my role as a father, a friend, a leader, and a citizen of the world. We finish the conversation by asking the question I have found to be the one that we can all asks ourselves and which I believe has the ability to provide us with the most valuable feedback. FOR WHAT? I hope you enjoy this episode and if you did, make sure to go visit Chase Nelson over at the Chase Wildly Podcast. Carl Paoli You can support The Freestyle Way Podcast here:
April 30, 2019
RAD Season | Oliver Russell-Cowan - Episode 17
In this episode Carl Paoli sits down with his childhood friend Oliver Russell-Cowan, Founder of Rad Season - A company dedicated to helping people book tickets, accommodations and travel to the world’s best action sports and adventure events. In their conversation Oliver dives into the inception of RAD and how he has navigated the waters of creating a platform that now features hundreds of events and collaborates with over 100 contributors to produce entertaining, insightful, and meaningful content for their clients and readers. The main takeaway of the conversation is to challenge your belief system, to seek support where needed, to exercise self care on a daily basis, and learn how to show up daily with the intent of contributing to the greater mission and picture of what one is building. We hope you enjoy this intimate and insightful conversation. You can support The Freestyle Way Podcast here:
April 23, 2019
Rebel Tendency | Diane Sanfilippo - Episode 16
In this episode of the podcast, Carl sits down with Diane Sanfilippo - The Founder of Balanced Bites and 2X New York Times Bestseller. Diane is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and the New York Times bestselling author of Practical Paleo and The 21-Day Sugar Detox. Her newest book, Keto Quick Start which was released on January 1, 2019.  It's Diane’s my mission to empower people to live a better life through real food nutrition, advice on entrepreneurship, and beyond which is something she shares in this intimate and casual free flowing conversation with Carl. In this conversation Diane describes how her Rebel tendencies as defined by Gretchen Rubin have given her clarity and structure to understand why she is wired and unsecured to try new things, learn new skills, develop a strong community of independent and critical thinkers. One of the big takeaways from this conversation is the importance of self awareness which Diane discusses in this conversation as she reflects on her career path, the choices that got her where she is today, on how she communicates with others, and how she continues to be a student of self development. We hope you enjoy this sneak peak into the mindset of a rebel and serial entrepreneur. You can support The Freestyle Way Podcast here:
April 16, 2019
Returning Home | John Marman and Tony Dam - Episode 15
In this episode of the Podcast, Carl Paoli sits down with returning guest Tony Dam from Episode 7 of Season 1 and John Marman, the Transitional Age Youth In Custody Program Manager at Five Keys - The first charter school for incarcerated adults in the nation. After Carl had Tony Dam on the podcast, John Marman reached out to Tony to ask if he would be willing to come and speak and share his story of transformation with Marman’s students who are currently serving time in County Jail in San Francisco, California. After Tony agreed, Tony asked Carl to join him and ended up becoming a life changing moment for Carl and the reason for this podcast episode. In this episode, Tony dives deeper into his transformational story which started when Tony was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison and since has returned back to society where he currently acts as the Head Coach at Telegraph CrossFit in San Francisco while John who is currently working as the Program Manager for Five Keys is dedicated to helping those who are incarcerated develop the tools required to re-enter society or as John mentions in the podcast - To Return Home. We hope you enjoy this powerful conversation that dives deep into the core of what it means to be human. You can support The Freestyle Way Podcast here:
April 9, 2019
WeMove | James Shaw and Chris Baker - Episode 14
In this week's episode of The Freestyle Way Podcast Carl Paoli sits down with the founders of WeMove Magazine - James Shaw and Chris Baker. James and Chris share how they founded the magazine, what they've learned along the way, where the magazine is going next, and how they are staying true to their original message as they grow. WeMove now has a podcast titled Movers and Mavericks which you can find on any platform where you listen to podcasts and are gearing up to launch their first event called the Complete Human Experience. You can support The Freestyle Way Podcast here:
April 2, 2019
TASK | Tom Reid - Episode 13
In this week's episode Carl Paoli sits down with his mentor Thomas Reid the author of TASK a book on Performance Based Communication. Imagine you had access to a set of communication tools that you could deploy at any time. This tool kit would increase collaboration and improve the odds of positive outcomes for you and those around you. Furthermore, imagine the instructions were clear and tools simple and easy to use. Would you use them? I believe you would. You now have access to this tool kit, it is called TASK™. You should know that I am obsessed with helping people improve communication performance and achieve positive outcomes. It is from this place that TASK was born. Over thirty years of working in a variety of clinical settings, and as a business owner, I have observed the following: if you authentically communicate your thoughts and feelings in a clear, simple and compelling manner while using the tools of TASK, you will achieve greater positive outcomes. As our society migrates from manufacturing industry to service provision, communication becomes the new hot commodity. In this book you will find the tools to help you achieve the positive outcomes that you seek. We are like machines, both in mind and body. Our thoughts and emotions are the engines that drive our actions, decisions, motivations and course corrections that we make so frequently, thousands of times per day. If you manage and cultivate your thoughts and emotions as an athlete manages physical training and competition preparation, then you will communicate at an elevated performance level as well. You too can become a communication champion. Listen in to learn what acronym TASK stands for and how it can help you change the game in your relationships, business, and life.
March 26, 2019
Rhetoric In Motion | Kimmy Moss - Episode 12
In this week’s episode of the podcast, Carl sits down with his friend Kimmy Moss who is an athlete, coach, and the mind behind Rhetoric In Motion. Carl met Kimmy in 2017 when she attended one of his movement seminars and later applied to be one of Carl’s Lifestyle Design Students in 2018. Lifestyle Design is a coaching initiative dedicated to working with lifestyle entrepreneurs interested in developing their communication skills, their brand, and business. It was Kimmy’s drive and love for communication that gave birth to Rhetoric In Motion, a projected to help people communicate and become their most genuine selves. It was Kimmy’s commitment to live in a constant state of development that scored her a spot as an attendee at Carl Paoli's first ever Freestyle INSIDER, which took place in London in 2018. In addition to attending the exclusive event dedicated to those individuals looking to level up in mind, body, and business, it was Kimmy’s contagious energy that led Carl to offer Kimmy an opportunity to be one of the speakers at the event as part of her Lifestyle Design graduation. In this episode, Kimmy shares everything RHETORIC. Ranging from self awareness to developing tools to effectively communicate verbally, physically, and emotionally. If you care about communicating at the highest level, holding space for complex ideas, becoming solution conscious, and putting your ideas into motion, this episode is for you.
March 19, 2019
School Of Calisthenics | Tim & Jacko - Episode 11
This week on the Podcast, Carl Paoli talks to Tim Stevenson and David “Jacko” Jackson - Founders of The School of Calisthenics.  Both Tim and Jacko have a background in rugby. During Tim’s years of playing rugby, he suffered several shoulder dislocations and had two reconstructive surgeries, and Jacko who played professionally for 14 years was forced to retire after suffering numerous head injuries.  "Making the impossible possible." - Tim and Jacko  After rugby, Tim became a strength and conditioning coach and one day on his quest for finding something that would help keep his shoulder in place and safe, he began to practice handstands. Although humbled by the difficulty of learning how to perform basic gymnastics movements such as a handstand, he fell in love with the process and began sharing what he was learning with his friend Jacko - who at the time had just retired from playing  professional rugby and no longer had a purpose for training his body other than for looks.  Besides training calisthenics together, Jacko also started shadowing Tim in his strength and conditioning practice. Thanks to Tim’s focus on working with adaptive athletes, Jacko got a chance to quickly develop the ability to coach and develop inclusive and effective progressions to help others improve their physical performance regardless of their background.  Since they first met and started practicing calisthenics for fun, Tim and Jacko have made it their profession by founding a wonderful organization called the School of Calisthenics - a digital platform for teaching individuals the foundation of bodyweight training with the intent of making the impossible possible. They also travel and teach in person workshops all over the UK. In this fun and insightful episode, Tim and Jacko share how they first founded and funded the school of calisthenics, what they’ve learned, the mistakes they’ve made along the way, how they made corrections that have allowed them to continue to grow, and what legacy they hope to leave through all of their initiatives.  The School of Calisthenics -  Freestyle -
March 12, 2019
Rising | Caroline Burckle - Episode 10
In this week’s episode of the podcast, Carl sits down with his friend Caroline Burckle - Olympic Swimmer and Co-Founder of Rise Athletes. Caroline is not only a top level swimmer who stood on the podium with a bronze medal around her neck at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Caroline is someone who understands performance beyond the physical. Caroline gets it when it comes to developing the mental and emotional side of performance as well. In this conversation Caroline shares how at a young age she went from feeling like anything was possible to being overcome with a cloud of expectations when realizing the hard road she had ahead of herself to get to the Olympics. Caroline discusses how she dealt with this feeling and was able to eliminate all distractions to keep her on the path. Caroline also shares what it was like making it to the Olympics, spending time in the Olympic village, and how she met Usain Bolt 3 days prior to him making history. She also shares what she felt standing on the podium after dedicating every moment of her life leading up to that day to swimming.  Carl and Caroline discuss her transition from swimming to focusing on school, where after going through a dark period of time she had a breakthrough one day when she got together with her fellow Olympic swimmer Rebecca Soni. Burckle and Soni discussed how hard it was to retire and acknowledged the importance of having mentorship as a young athlete so one can develop a mindset that can transcend their sport and carry over to all aspects of life, which became the inception of Rise Athletes - A company dedicated to developing the Athlete Mindset with an Olympian mentor. Caroline also shares how growing up although she was in great shape, she struggled with body image, relationships, and later in life became plagued with injuries that were caused by trauma she had been holding onto for years but was able to finally release and find healing. Caroline is now operating at a whole new level which she shared in this episode and how she is expressing it through her work at RISE, her physical practice, and her passion for design.
March 5, 2019
Company Spirit | Sheena Lister - Episode 09
In this Episode of the podcast Carl sits down with his long time friend Sheena Lister, founder of Workforce Athletics (WFA.) Sheena shares how she grew up in Calgary, Canada and from a very young age loved playing every sport she could get her hands and feet on, but eventually chose to focus on playing tennis which landed her a division I scholarship at Northern Arizona University. After enduring a career ending knee injury she left NAU to finish up her undergraduate degree in Montreal. First leaving Calgary to pursue playing collegiate tennis and later leaving NAU was tough as it meant leaving behind a huge piece of her identity - the sport of tennis, her routine, consistent practice and training, playing daily, and competing.   After graduating college and dabbling in everything from working on a film set to traveling all over South America, I Sheena moved to San Francisco, California where she began her career in Youth Sports Management. During her time in youth sports she yearned for the feeling she got every time she stepped onto the court. She missed her teammates, coaches, the nail biter matches. She missed wearing the team swag loud and proud. Sheena missed the early workouts and late night snack stops on route back from a tournament. Sheena missed being a high performance athlete even though she never forgot the "feeling" and incredible impact that sports had in her life.    It was during her time working for the JCC that Sheena couldn't help but ask herself: Why is there an enormous focus on youth sports?  What happens to athletes once they graduate college and enter the workforce? Why don't adults have team sports coaches? How can we create that "feeling"  I got from playing sports?    It was one night at 3am when Sheena woke up from a dream. She dreamt of a time and place where sports would have the same impact on adults as it does on youth. She dreamt of playing for her company, wearing the logo loud and proud. She dreamt of having a coach and learning new skills. She dreamt of competing and caring about the outcome.  She dreamt of teammates becoming family and family watching me compete again.  She woke up from her dream and announced to her wife - "The NCAA for Companies,  A governing body for corporate sports - I must create this!" And so she did. Introducing Workforce Athletics, the NCAA for Companies, dedicated to the lifelong success of Employee-Athletes.  WHAT IS WFA Workforce Athletics, the NCAA for Companies,  strengthens company culture  by investing in the lifelong success of Employee-Athletes.    WFA's authentic, "pro-like" sports leagues are guaranteed to deliver great value, energy and impact to Employee-Athletes's and their companies. WFA  brings company values to life by providing sports league experiences that facilitate leadership, teamwork, retention, networking, inclusion, wellness and professional development. WFA takes care of everything from  hiring amazing coaches, to roster creation,  payment collection, custom uniform orders and scheduling! WFA is guaranteed to provide the best adult sports experience ever.   THE WFA WAY At WFA, our mission is to strengthen company culture through sports by investing in the lifelong success of Employee-Athletes.  We do this by ensuring  safe, structured, authentic sports environments that promote teamwork,
February 26, 2019
Going Right | Logan Gelbrich - Episode 08
In today’s episode of The Freestyle Way Podcast Carl Paoli sits down with his friend and fellow Coach Logan Gelbrich - Founder and Owner of Deuce Gym. Logan is no ordinary founder or former athlete. Logan is a thought leader who is obsessed with the idea of pursuing one’s peak expression even knowing that the chances of achieving said expression are slim to none. It is in knowing that the outcome of our efforts is out of our control where Logan thrives and zeros his focus in on becoming process oriented, exercising extreme vulnerability, and taking full ownership of one’s performance. Logan believes that in order to be able to pursue said standard of living, one must be willing to live in a constant state self development and hold oneself accountable to it by creating a structures and safe environments to do so.  In this conversation Carl and Logan do a deep dive into the principles behind his book Going Right, a term Gelbrich has coined as A LOGICAL JUSTIFICATION FOR PURSUING YOUR DREAMS and to show people how they may be choosing a disadvantaged position for growth and how one can change that. Logan’s principle of focusing on what one can control has led him and his team to develop a trusting and willing mindset open to change and evolve through operating at the edges of their abilities while constantly receiving feedback that whether negative or positive helps the individual and group course correct as needed. Logan’s ability to cut through the hype is what has allowed him in his former goal of playing Major League Baseball to learn and create qualities in his character that has made him fit to do whatever he chooses in life. He knows in his heart that he has the ability to take on anything he sets his mind to and has proven this with the ongoing success of his organization Deuce and the individuals who belong to it. After you listen to this conversation you will learn how holding the standard on relentlessly pursuing one’s peak expression and Going Right will inevitably result in not only a meaningful and deep body of work but also in a joyful experience.
February 19, 2019
AMRAP Mentality | Jason Khalipa - Episode 07
In today’s episode Carl sits down with Jason Khalipa - The CrossFit Games champion and the Founder and Owner of NCFit. Jason shares how he started his athletic career by riding BMX and later transitioning into Football where he found Strength & Conditioning and a love for Fitness as he worked the front desk at a local gym. It was through fitness where he started practicing CrossFit which led Jason to taking the tile of the Fittest Man On Earth by winning the 2008 CrossFit Games. While pursuing his career as a professional athlete, Jason decided to simultaneously take his job in the fitness industry to the next level by opening his own gym. A gym that has now grown to over 20 locations around the world. As Jason juggled being a professional athlete and operating a rapidly growing business, a wrench was thrown into his life when his daughter was suddenly diagnosed with Leukemia. It was at this moment when Fitness helped him navigate this scary period of time in his life, which he did through what he has now coined the AMRAP Mentality - A mindset in which one remains focused, shuts out the noise, commits to hard work, and ads a touch of competitive energy to achieve the desired results. In Jason’s case, the results he was looking for were to remain solution conscious, create a safe environment for his daughter to heal, while making sure that he stayed connected to his family and on top of helping his business thrive. Jason has now written a book with the title As Many Reps As Possible and subtitled “ Succeeding in competition, business, and life by making the most of every single minute”, where Jason talks about how you too can develop the AMRAP Mentality which has allowed him to find freedom and success in his life. Jason's book is now available on Amazon and where a portion of the proceeds will be donated to support children and their families battling pediatric cancer.
February 12, 2019
Running Free | Wavezilla - Episode 06
In this episode Carl Paoli sits down with Darryl Stingley also known as Wavezilla. Darryl Stingley represents a modern day breed of human beings that seem to possess supernatural powers when it comes to their ability to move. Although these individuals are rare, there are enough of them in the world that they no longer go unnoticed. I’m talking about freerunners- athletes that practice the art of Parkour, a discipline with roots in military escape and evasion tactics originating in France in the late ’80s. Fast forward thirty plus years and here we are, bearing witness to a self-regulated, fully functioning, interdependent community of athletes dedicated to the exploration of movement. Movement that is expressed through the navigation of the most fluid, effective, efficient, creative, and original fashion possible. Darryl Stingley represents a modern day breed of human beings that seem to possess supernatural powers when it comes to their ability to move. As in any community there are always those that stand out. The ones that break the rules. The ones that set new standards. The ones that are unafraid to showcase the fullest expression of themselves within their discipline and beyond. These character traits are the ones that define Darryl Stingley, aka Wavezilla. Darryl is disciplined as a high performing athlete. His movement abilities (which resemble those of a comic book superhero) are rooted in a strong influence from hip-hop culture. Darryl’s burning desire to be the best version of himself, along with a vision to create the most inclusive platform for people around the world, makes him one of a kind. In this episode of The Freestyle Way Darryl shares how he became a professional Freerunner, how he produces is head-scratching content for Social Media and Youtube, how he looks at business and making money, what his intention is to contribute to his community and the rest of the world through his craft.
February 5, 2019
Self Love | Charlie Rocket - Episode 05
In this episode of the podcast CarlPaoli sits down with Charlie Jabaley aka Charlie Rocket 🚀. Charlie shares his inspiring transformation story where he went from being at the top of his game in the music business to finding himself overweight and diagnosed with a brain  tumor. Charlie’s transition from the music industry to becoming an athlete has led Charlie to lose 125 lbs, complete 3 marathons and 1 Ironman, to reversing his brain tumor, and being featured in Nike’s Dream Crazy commercial in 2018. Make sure to go follow Charlie in instagram. Find him at
January 29, 2019
My Life’s Mission | Diane Fu - Episode 04
In this episode Carl sits down with his long time friend and fellow coach, Diane Fu. Diane shares how it wasn't finding success in the fitness industry as a reference for olympic weightlifting that brought her a sense of fulfillment and purpose but rather in becoming a parent. Diane talks about how in the wake of ending her marriage with the woman who she had her daughter with helped her find clarity in her life's mission which is to be a student of relationships. Diane shares what she has learned through the separation from her wife,  how she navigates being a single parent, and ultimately how these life lessons are transferring into all other aspects of her life including her career as a coach in the Fitness industry.
January 22, 2019
This is 40 | BBoy Wicket - Episode 03
In this episode Carl Paoli sits down with his long time friend Gabriel Jaochico aka BBoy Wicket.  This open and vulnerable conversation between Carl and Wicket leads to Wicket talking about why he dropped out of High School, why he moved to Las Vegas at the age of 17, what it's like to perform on the big stages with artists like Usher, what his vulnerabilities have been in the Hip Hop scene, and ultimately what legacy Wicket intends to leave behind for the BBoy community.
January 16, 2019
The Run Experience | Nate Helming - Episode 02
In this episode I sit down with Nate Helming, my friend and Co-Founder of The Run Experience. We discuss how Nate navigated his career in the pursuit of becoming a professional triathlete and later becoming a coach and co-founder of one of the top online resources for runners around the world. How learning how to breakdance took his coaching career to the next level and how fitness has shaped his philosophy not only in his running practice but also in building a team and growing his business.
January 9, 2019
Skin In The Game | Daniel Severin Petersen - Episode 01
In this episode I sit down with my friend and fellow coach Daniel Severin Petersen to talk about his journey from working a job that had him feeling incomplete to traveling the world teaching seminars, coaching recording artist Lukas Graham, and becoming the Director of Training for Freestyle.
January 2, 2019
The Freestyle Way | Season 2 Trailer
Release date 01.02.19
December 22, 2018
Thank you
Here are Carl's closing remarks for Season 1 of the Freestyle Way Podcast and what he intends to bring to the show going into Season 2.
June 16, 2018
Performance Based Communication with Tom Reid.
In this episode Carl Paoli interviews his mentor, business advisor, and friend Tom Reid on the topic of communication through TASK - a tool designed for teaching others how to communicate effectively based on the principles of treating people with dignity and respect, assuming positive intent, identifying one's strengths, and keeping people empowered.
June 13, 2018
Communication, Innovation, and Leadership
In this episode Carl Paoli shares a talk he gave at the Alive in Berlin event of 2014 about communication, innovation, and leadership through the language of movement.
June 6, 2018
Transformation with Tony Dam
In this episode Carl Paoli sits down with Tony Dam, Head Coach at Telegraph CrossFit to talk about the process of transformation.
May 31, 2018
Maximizing Life
In this episode Carl Paoli talks about his take on the concept of maximizing life and shares insights from an ABC Network interview with Michael Jordan, and talks from Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, and Scott Geller.
May 24, 2018
Meeting Resistance with Caroline Burckle
In this episode professional swimmer and Olympic medalist Caroline Burckle discusses meeting and overcoming resistance.
May 17, 2018
Freerunning with Wavezilla
In this Episode I talk to my friend Darryl Stingley aka Wavezilla about the art of freerunning, his influences, his process, and ultimately what makes him a high level performer.
May 10, 2018
What is Freestyle?
In this episode I discuss how I crossed paths with the concept of Freestyle and how professional dancer Bboy Wicket and Olympic swimmer Caroline Burckle relate to it.
May 4, 2018
Being proud
In this episode Carl Paoli discusses The Be Proud Project.
May 3, 2018
You teach people how to treat you.
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May 3, 2018