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The "Come and Talk to Me" Podcast

The "Come and Talk to Me" Podcast

By CeeCee
This podcast was birthed from the need to create a platform for positive, personal, authentic conversations that spotlight life experiences from the perspective of the 40 and over audience. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, my mission is to make this yet another contribution to "The Culture" from "The Land" *Self-Care *Relationships *Mental Health *Social Issues *Sex *Current Events Produced, Edited and Hosted by Carmen "CeeCee" Jones Theme Song: "Come & Talk to Me" cover; Produced by Larry Owens, Vocal Production and Arrangement by B. Landrum and Dre Walton, Lead Vocals by B. Landrum
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Episode 25: "You Don't Have To See The Whole Staircase, Just Take the First Step"

The "Come and Talk to Me" Podcast

Episode 25: "You Don't Have To See The Whole Staircase, Just Take the First Step"

The "Come and Talk to Me" Podcast

Bonus Episode-Domestic Violence: The Need for the Discussion
This bonus episode features a discussion with my good friend Lisa, who is on the verge of launching her own Podcast - "Domestic Violence: You're Hurting Me", a discussion that is timely and necessaryin ALL communities. Stay tuned for more details and airing of her show!
May 06, 2022
Episode 54: "Black Women and Our Beloved BRAIDS"
In this episode I provide the history and importance of hair braiding in the African American community. This episode's cover art features some of the BEAUTIFUL Black women in my family that fiercely rock braids.
March 13, 2022
Episode 53: Black History: Tell Your Kids About What Happened on August 11, 1973
Rare Black History Discussion - August 11, 1973 The Day Hip Hop was born. Source Cited:
February 19, 2022
Episode 52: What Is Your Family's GREAT MIGRATION Story?
Another " rare conversation" about Black History. Where is your family originally from in America? Everyone has a story. It`s time we start sharing these stories with each other. REFERENCES
February 12, 2022
Episode 51: Ask Your Kids About The Middle Passage
Season 4 will be a "Solo Season" that features quick "Pop Up" Episodes about Black History concepts that we think are "common" but are rarely discussed, especially with our youth.
February 05, 2022
Episode 50: "That Moment When The Babies Grow Up" Special Guest: My Mom
For the final episode of Season 3, I present MY mother, Ruby. We discuss the quote, "Hanging out with your adult kids is like watching the best parts of your life". She shares her wisdom and observations of changes in the generations. Follow the show @comeandtalktoceecee on IG
December 12, 2021
Episode 49: "Single For The Holidays: Are There Benefits?"
This episode is DuPree's final appearance for Season Three. We decide to close out the year by unpacking the article "9 Underrated Benefits Of Being Single For The Holidays" from (2014). We end up delving into other topics such as when is the right time to introduce a significant other to the family. How do you find the perfect gift for a "new boo" and of course we end up talking about the power of therapy. Follow DuPree @Hulkquotes on IG Follow the show @comeandtalktoceecee on IG
December 04, 2021
Episode 48: "Stress and Anxiety: Let That "ISH" Go..."
The 3rd Installment in my Stress Management Series.
November 27, 2021
Episode 47: "Funny, Black, Gay and Christian... Yep, I'm A Comedian" (Mature Language)
This week I have a conversation with the very animated, up and coming Comedian, Carli Robe. Not only do we discuss our favorite comedians and comediennes, we also discuss the quote "Normal is just a cycle on the washing machine" -Whoopi Goldberg Follow the show @comeandtalktoceecee on IG Follow Carli @carlirobecomedy on IG
November 20, 2021
Episode 46: "Surprise! I'm Your Son."
This episode is part 2 of my discussion with RoyAllen Bumpers. During our conversation in Episode 45: "And Then... There's A Plot Twist", we talked about the many "plot twists" Roy has experienced in his life. This episode delves into one of the biggest "twist" of his life, meeting his father for the first time. It is actually a very heartwarming, inspirational story that touches on many other issues such as knowledge of self, setting and accepting boundaries, perseverance and the true meaning of family. Follow the show @comeandtalktoceecee on IG Follow Roy @royalbumps on IG
November 13, 2021
Episode 45: And Then... There's A "Plot Twist"
My guest this week is my friend RoyAllen Bumpers. He discusses his journey with discovery, diagnosis and treatment of chronic kidney disease. This episode was recorded during one of Roy's dialysis sessions that he must attend 3 times weekly. It is a very informative, detailed story of paying attention to and taking responsibility for your own health.  Follow the show @comeandtalktoceecee on IG
November 06, 2021
Episode 44: Laughing Out Loud
My guest this week is Terrence Glave, a local comedian, author and film producer. We start out talking about how as a creative, you can't just "turn off" the creative process. By the end, I felt like I was in the middle of one of his stand up routines. He definitely made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!! Follow Terrence @SteelBizz on Instagram Follow the show @comeandtalktoceecee on Instagram
October 30, 2021
Episode 43: "Dear Nashville..."
It's time for another episode of "Come and Talk to Me... and Dupree". My monthly co-host DuPree Pinson leads the discussion with an announcement. He's relocating! He shares with us the ins and outs of stepping out on faith and picking up to move to another state for new position. He also expresses his love and appreciation for the city he's leaving behind, the city where he became A MAN... Nashville. Follow Dupree @Hulkquotes on IG Follow the show @ComeandTalktoCeeCee on IG
October 23, 2021
Episode 42: "A Candid Conversation About Our Schools"
Many educators have been discussing the increase in violence and violent dispositions among student since we've returned tp school. What happened during the pandemic to cause this influx of anger? I am truly asking listeners to contact me to give input on this topic. DM at @comeandtalktoceecee on IG or leave a voice message at the anchor link below. 
October 17, 2021
Episode 41: How Stress Shows Up and Shows Out
This episode is part 2 in my Stress Management series. As a certified Stress Management Coach, I offer some insight into the various ways stress shows up in our bodies and physical health.
October 09, 2021
Episode 40: "The Real GLOW Up Is Internal"
My guest this week is Podcast Host,, L - Boogie from Black Women Connecting Communities. She shares her journey through Lymphoma Cancer and the chemo treatment that helped her get her life back. FOLLOW HER @mslboogie_1
October 02, 2021
Episode 39: "Technically Speaking..."
My guest this week is Michael Hines, who just recently earned a degree in Computer Science and has secured a position in cyber security. We talk about passwords, data, viruses and all things "tech". Our discussion is definitely geared towards the 40 and over population that may struggle with some of the everyday terminology and notifications that "pop up" form time to time.
September 25, 2021
Episode 38: "Tis The Season... Cuffing Season That Is"
My monthly Co-Host DuPree and I discuss "Cuffing Season" and a few other "Autumn Dating" terms like "Ghosting" and "Zombie-ing" Follow the show @comeandtalktoceecee on IG Follow Dupree @hulkquotes on IG
September 18, 2021
Episode 37: "Stress Management"
In this second episode of Season 3, I introduce a new monthly segment that focuses on Stress Management. In this episode, I identify the 3 most recognized categories of STRESS. Follow the show @comeandtalktoceecee on IG.
September 11, 2021
Episode 36: "Sometimes You Gotta Lose to Win Again"
For this first episode for Season Three, I sit down with my cousin Sierra to discuss her weight loss journey, her commitment making healthy choices and her bounce back from a recent break up. Her story definitely proves that sometimes you gotta lose to win again! Follow Sierra at i_am_si on Instagram
September 04, 2021
BONUS EPISODE: "Do We Teach Little Black Girls to Hide Their Womanhood?"
This bonus epiode is an excerpt that was not included in my conversation with Da I.Z.Z in Episode 35. You can check out Da I.Z.Z on The 30 Minute Podcast and his educational and entertaining platform The Science of Sex and Sexuality @sxnsxuality
August 28, 2021
Bonus Episode: "Thoughts On A Clear Summer Night..."
Solo episode... I share my personal, authentic thoughts on the world "opening back up" and the "weird" reactions that I get from some people about the podcast.   Follow me @comeandtalktoceecee on IG
August 18, 2021
Bonus Excerpt: Social Media... Friend or Foe?
This excerpt is from a conversation I had with DuPree. He asked for my thoughts on Social Media. We have a 12 minute discussion about the good and bad aspects. It also serves as an introduction into some of the topics that will be covered in Season 3. The full conversation DuPree and I had is a part of Episode 35 "I Put My Thing Down, Flip It and Reverse It".  Follow the show on IG @ComeandtalktoCeeCee
August 07, 2021
Episode 35: "I Put My Thing Down, Flip It and Reverse It"
For this last episode of Season 2, I trade places with former guests. I gave them a list of topics and they had the freedom of creativity to present them in any way they desired. During these conversations, we talk about sex, sexism, being and inspiration, true friendship, red flags, "my" relationship conditions and more! So, I AM THE GUEST for the following hosts... 1st Conversation with Da IZZ: Sexual Outlook, Sexism, Sexual Education on the Podcast- Timestamp @5:10 2nd Conversation with Michelle: Being an Inspiration, True Friendship, Red Flags- Timestamp @37::50 3rd Conversation with DuPree: Love is unconditional but relationships have conditions... we talk about my "conditions"- Timestamp @1:08  Guest Host Info Da IZZ from Episode 10 and 11 - "The South Got Something to Say"  Follow Da IZZ - "The Sex E Podcaster"  @sxnsxuality on IG and Facebook Michelle from Episode 13 - "Everybody Plays A Different Role In The Revolution"  Follow Michelle @queen_essence3 on IG DuPree from Episode 2 - "Don't B.S. The Process" Follow DuPree @hulkquotes on IG
July 17, 2021
Episode 34: CBD... The Chill Factor
This week's guest is Tyler, a young up and coming You Tuber who shares his advocacy for therapy, knowledge of CBD and personal research on Dreams. Of course, we also get into a pretty interesting conversation about social media's effects on mental health. While Tyler is not a clinically trained expert in any of these areas, he has done extensive research in these areas as well as previously worked in a CBD supply shop. Follow Tyler on IG @cherryboiy_ Catch him on You Tube:    Tyler Cherry
July 03, 2021
Episode 33: "Where All My Line Dancers At, Where All My Line Dancers At?"
Today's guest is known as the "Line Dance King" across the entire country. We know him personally here in Cleveland, Ohio because he leads most of the line dance class and the line dance community. Him and I have a great discussion about his start in line dancing, which dances are his favorite and the line dance that has "worn out it's welcome" with him! This is a very inspirational conversation that is a great example of someone taking their "craft" and "skill" and turning it into business that is beneficial to the community in more ways than one. Line dancing is a great way to exercise, socialize, release stress and bond cultures through activity.  Follow Rob on Facebook at Robert Johnson Jr. You can also find many of his instructional videos on You Tube by searching "The Line Dance King", Cleveland, Ohio
June 26, 2021
Episode 32: "Piling Up Bodies: Is It Empowerment or Toxicity?" (Mature Content)
My friend Dre, a returning guest from Unapologetic The Podcast, provides a male perspective of Rihanna's hit "Needed Me" as a follow up to episode 31. We dive deep into the empowerment and toxicity of both men and women in the type of situation that is presented in the song. We then discuss "Bodies" by Jazzmine Sullivan which involves an another level of empowerment and toxicity. Follow "The Come and Talk to Me Podcast" @comeandtalktoceecee on IG  Follow Dre @UnapologeticthePod "Bodies" Song Credits: Written by: Dwane M. Weir III and Jazzmine Sullivan Produced By: Key Wane Released January 8, 2021 "Needed Me" Song Credits: Written by:  Rihanna, Dijon MacFarlane, Nick Audino, Lewis Hughes, Khaled Rohaim, Te Whiti Warbrick, Charles Hinshaw, Brittany Hazard, Derrus Rachel and Adam Feeney Produced by: DJ Mustard Released: March 30, 2016
June 19, 2021
Episode 31: Female Toxicity: We "NEEDED" This Conversation (Mature Content)
Tyi from Black Women Connecting Communities joins me as we continue to celebrate Black Music Month by "Unpacking The Lyrics" to "Needed Me" by Rihanna. This song was chosen as a follow up to last month's choice "Song Cry" where we highlighted Toxic Masculinity. "Needed Me" is my way to bring balance by presenting song that highlights a little female toxicity. We get into it so deep that it leads us to give an "honorable mention to "Heaux Tales" by Jazzmine Sullivan. "Needed Me" By Rihanna was released on March 30, 2016  Written by Dijon MacFarlane, Rihanna, Nick Audino, Lewis Hughes, Khaled Rohaim, Te Whiti Warbick, Adam Feeney, Brittany Hazzard, Charles Hinshaw, Derrus Rachel  Produced by DJ Mustard Follow Tyi @tyiflood on IG Find her on The Black Women Connecting Communities Podcast
June 19, 2021
Episode 30: "Music is Life and Life is Music"
My guest this week is one of beloved college deejays from undergrad years. I say beloved because they always brought us (a small population of African American Students at a predominately White University) "home" away from home through music at the parties at Bowling green State University in Ohio. Him and I talk about that and more as we celebrate Black Music Month. We also take the opportunity to introduce his new Podcast "Nzone2020 - WkimRadio" to my audience. Nzone2020 - WkimRadio is available on Anchor, Spotify and Google Podcasts You can follow KWal on:  IG @kwal_aka_faveli FB @ K Wal NZone FB @Life, Love and Laughter *The Relationship Years*
June 12, 2021
Episode 29: Girl Talk... "From Superwomen Syndrome to Refurbished Men"
This week I am joined by the host of "Hey Black Girl, Let's Talk Podcast", Demi Hollie. We discuss our journey to podcasting. We also discuss the Superwoman syndrome and the idea of a "refurbished" men. It was authentic "girl talk" that all when I asked Demi my Icebreaker question... "Which Character best represents you from the show Girlfriends?" Listen to Demi's podcast: "Hey Black Girl, Let's Talk" on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and at Follow her @heyblackgirlletstalk on IG
May 29, 2021
Episode 28: Is He The Male Version of Zane?
This week I am joined by Robert Mathews, author of "She Was The Man and I Was The Woman". This brief memoir is part one of a compilation Rob has written about a traumatic past relationship. Our conversation is based on 3 quotes from his writing. Just to give you an idea... we wrap up the convo by mentioning the chapter entitled "Mr. 8 Dollars An  Hour".  "She Was the Man and I Was the Woman" by Robert Mathews is available on Amazon (Kindle) - $5 You Tube: Cool Rob TV
May 22, 2021
Episode 27: Anonymously In and Out of Love
Recap from Season... Anonymous testimonies from women answering the questions ... "I knew I was in love when..." and "I knew it was over when..."
May 15, 2021
Episode 26: "He Had The Audacity!" (Explicit Content)
I am joined by Reg and Dre, hosts of "Unapologetic The Podcast" for an unpacking the lyrics episode. This month I chose "Song Cry" by Jay-Z. Because of this heavy male presence, I had to bring my sister Bri for back up and it also helps that she is a Jay-Z historian in her own right. We uncover and discuss how this hip hop classic is both toxic and honest. We reveal how it presents misogyny and reality. But throughout it all we had a great conversation! Find Reg and Dre @Unapologeticthepod on IG and Facebook Tune in to Unapologetic The Podcast on You Tube, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and Spotify
May 08, 2021
Episode 25: "You Don't Have To See The Whole Staircase, Just Take the First Step"
My friend Eric joins me for the first episode in May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month. We discuss our views on how our community and culture responds to Mental Health. He also shares his experiences and practices as an entrepreneur as the Creator of The Group Home App. We discuss the importance of group homes and how his app helps to bridge the gap between case workers and mental health resources. Eric's contact info: grouphomes11@gmailcom
May 01, 2021
Episode 24: Black Women's Health: Be Your Own Best Advocate
I invited Toya Fulbright to share her own personal experience with Uterine Fibroids. We discuss how stress, diet and cultural traditions that add to our health issues. Toya also offers some excellent advice for parent's who are sending their kids off to college for the first time, as she is a Campus Housing Advisor for John Carroll University.  Toya's contact info: @tigerlee6 on IG
April 24, 2021
Episode 23: "Shots Fired..."
For this episode, I am joined by Curtis Jackson who is a school administrator and owner of the "Prepared to Protect" training program for certification to Carry a Concealed Weapon, better known as CCW. We talk about the importance of the certification, gun safety, education and most importantly House Bill 38 that has recently been passed in Ohio as well as some other states.  Curtis can be contacted at: (216) 245-7126 Facebook: Curtis E Jackson Instagram: p2p_ccw   Email: More information on the "Stand Your Ground Law":
April 17, 2021
Episode 22: The Evolution Of A "Damaged" Woman
My daughter Karma and her friend Lauren join me for this first "Unpacking The Lyrics" episode of Season 2. Both young ladies will be college graduates next month and were the ideal choices for the "unpacking" of the song "Damage" by the artist H.E.R. The analysis of this song led us to the analysis of "Bag Lady" by Erykah Badu. After breaking down both songs, we conclude that the narrative of both stories  represent "The Evolution of A Damaged Woman". Follow Karma: @karms_11 Follow Lauren: @andimlauren   @sis_letstalk    @youngblackandbranded "Damage" by H.E.R - Songwriting Credits - H.E.R., Ant Clemons  Released 10/21/2020 "Bag Lady" by Erykah Badu - Songwriting Credits: Erykah Badu and Dr. Dre  Released 9/12/2000
April 10, 2021
Episode 21: "Go DJ, That's My DJ"!
In this first episode of Season Two, my friend, colleague and favorite local DJ, King Lou joins me in a discussion that centers around the "importance" of The DJ at the party. We also get into a deeper conversation about personal "purpose" and Lou's personal triumph after suffering a childhood illness.  Follow King Lou @thekinglouexperience  Musical Clip: "December 4" - Jay Z  
April 03, 2021
You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers - Bonus
This is the last bonus episode before the premiere of Season 2. It is a Q and A that includes voice messages from listeners. Follow me @ComeandTalktoCeeCee on IG to become a part of the show or add to the content.
March 27, 2021
Bonus: "Loving You Is Like A Battle and We Both End Up With Scars"
The first Unpacking the Lyrics with my cousin Joy. We are unpacking "Ex- Factor" by Lauryn Hill which was released in 1998 on the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album. This time around we've added excerpts from the song to highlight the lyrics. Make a suggestion for the next "Unpacking the Lyrics" by voice on or by DM on Instagram!
March 20, 2021
All I Need Is ONE Mic...
Bonus Episode featuring Me, Myself and I. I get a chance to address some of the topics that I have been wanting to discuss but may have not been able to during the regular season. I will touch on... "You are the only person that you have to spend the rest of your life with, so you better like you", Why don't more women approach men, and other topics that I can talk about all day! LOL! I'm asking all of my listeners to be sure to follow me on Instagram @ceecees_authenticvibe to stay up to date on the episodes, the themes and possibly become part pf the show!
March 13, 2021
Episode 20: "Don't Stop... Get It, Get It!": Black Women Entrepreneurs
Three awesome, hard-working, determined young women who just happen to be in my family, join me for this final episode of Season One of the podcast. My cousins Kita and Koko along with my Sis-in-Law, Priscilla jumped into entrepreneurship with nothing but passion, drive and most of all FAITH.  In honor of Women's History Month, We discuss some of the experiences of being a Black Woman Entrepreneur and/or Creative during these times.  Support Their Black Businesses in the Cleveland Area Contact Priscilla for Soul Food Entrees and Catering: Katie"s Kitchen & Catering on IG and Facebook Contact Koko for your Sea Moss Needs: Melanated Beauty Essentials on Facebook Contact Kita for Cakes, Desserts and Chocolate Covered Treats: Kitas_SweetTreats on IG and Facebook
March 06, 2021
Pop Up Bonus - Testimonies from Black Men: What Keeps Them and What Keeps Them From Making A Woman Their Wife
This is a special Pop Up Bonus Episode as a follow up to Episode 16: "I Knew I Was In Love When... and I Knew It Was Over When..." where several Black Women gave their personal, anonymous testimonies about falling in love. This bonus content is from Episode 19: "What Keeps Them and What Keeps Them From Making A Woman Their Wife". These are anonymous testimonies from Black Men.
February 27, 2021
Episode 19: Men Talk: What "Keeps" Them and What Keeps Them From Making A Woman Their Wife...
Reggie from Unapologetic: The Podcast joins me this week to close out Black Love Month with a very candid conversation about relationships. We explore what keeps a man in a relationship and that moment when a man knows he WON'T make someone his wife.  There is also a bonus segment during the last 10 minutes of the show that features anonymous testimonies from Black Men finishing the sentences; I Saw Her Beauty First, But What Kept Me Was ___________ and I Knew She Would Never Be My Wife When __________________. 
February 27, 2021
Episode 18: Intimacy: Men Are Like Microwaves and Women Are Like Ovens (MATURE CONTENT)
MATURE CONTENT: My friend Crystal, who is a trained Sexual Wellness Advocate and Pure Romance Consultant stops by to discuss some of the basics of Sexual Intimacy that both men and women tend to forget or... never even knew. We also discuss sex in your 40s, relationship "enhancements" and we even sneak in a little convo about "Bridgerton". Contact Crystal for Pure Romance products: Crystal Steward on Facebook prby_crystal on Instagram
February 20, 2021
Episode 17: "Can A Black Man and A Black Woman Really Coexist?" (Unpacking a legendary conversation between Nikki Giovanni and James Baldwin)
This week my childhood friend Tony and I "unpack" sections of a legendary discussion between Nikki Giovanni and James Baldwin that aired in 1971 on a show about black issues called "Soul". This episode includes 3 audio excerpts from Giovanni and Baldwin's original discussion. We touch on the Black Woman's "need" for love and the Black Man's need for her "staying power" when he may not be able to give her that love. Throughout the discussion we seamlessly connect this discussion from 50 years ago to the same conflicts that occur today. We also discuss real life connections to the "staying power" that was present in both of our families as well as many other Black families in past generations. Timestamps from Giovanni and Baldwin Conversation: 1st excerpt -38:00  2nd excerpt - 48:00 3rd excerpt - 53:00
February 13, 2021
Episode 16: I knew I Was In Love When... AND I Knew It Was Over When...
Tyi and L Boogie from BWCC (Black Women Connexting Communities) join me for some Girl Talk about LOVE specifically, falling in and falling out of love.  Then following our discussion, I have a montage of testimonies from beautiful, strong, intelligent Black Women of various ages sharing their real life accounts of "I Knew I Was In Love When..." and "I Knew It Was Over When. . ." We're keeping it all the way real for this Black Love Month.
February 06, 2021
Episode 15: If You Don't Date Your Wife, Somebody Else Will
This week I'm joined by Gator from Down5 Podcast and Dope Discussions with Erica straight out of Atlanta by way of Louisiana. We talk about long lasting relationships that don't require marriage, dating and how men want sex and women want money. This conversation gets all the way real! This Week's Topics: "Together for 37 Years and Not Married", "If You Don't Date Your Wife, Somebody Else Will, "All Men Want is Sex, All Women Want is Money".
January 30, 2021
Episode 14: "All Black People Are Not African American!"
This week I talk to my friend Sheldon. He shares some comical yet, serious stories about growing up as a young Jamaican adolescent in America. He expresses how the Black Plight is different for our brothers and sisters from the West Indies. We also discuss raising daughters, love, relationships and of course, music. I had him stumped with the question: Hip Hop or Reggae?
January 23, 2021
Episode 13: "Everybody Plays A Different Role in the Revolution"
My friend Michelle joins me for today's episode. We have a conversation about her participation in a few peaceful protests for Social Justice. We also discuss the idea that we all have different "roles" in the fight for Social Justice as well as the importance of pulling yourself out of a dark space mentally and dating over 40.  Listen in on our timely conversation as it was intentionally scheduled to air during MLK Weekend as a nod to Dr. Martin Luther King's lifelong commitment to social, civil and human rights. It is also timely as this episode airs on the heels of one of the worst examples of a "protest" in our country's history. We recorded this discussion 4 days before the insurrection at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.. 
January 16, 2021
Episode 12: Unpacking The Lyrics: "911" by Wyclef Jean and Mary J. Blige
It is the Second Saturday of the month! That means it's time to "unpack" some lyrics from an R and B classic! My friend Carol and I take a deeper look at "911" by Wyclef Jean featuring Mary J. Blige. It was written by  M. Brown, Wyclef Jean, K. Cadet and Jerry Duplessis. The song was released on June 27, 2000 on the album "The Elclectic: 2 Sides II A Book".  During our conversation, we come to the conclusion that the song may possibly have even more "hidden" meanings than we thought!
January 09, 2021
Episode 11: The South Got Something ELSE To Say...
Warning: MATURE ADULT CONTENT This episode is part two of my conversation with Da I.ZZ from the 30 Minute Podcast. We discuss Polyamorous relationships and other ideas of "Ethical" Non-Monogamy.  The meme that drives this conversation is: "What screws us up most in life is the picture we have in our heads of how it's SUPPOSED to be". 
January 02, 2021
Episode 10: The South Got Something to Say... We Full.
This episode is part one of my conversation with fellow podcaster Da I.ZZ from The 30 Minute Podcast. We have a great conversation about the "other" great migration from the North to ATL. We also discuss supporting Black owned businesses. He even drops some names of a few little known business that we may need to add to our list. 
January 02, 2021
Episode 9: Was He Too Harsh or Just Too Honest?
After the conversation that I had with a male listener in episode 6 about the young lady who was referred to as "average at best", I knew I had to follow up with an episode featuring the female perspective. It only made sense that I would sit down with two of my "Girls".  My cousin Ashley and my sister Bri join me for this conversation. In discussing the controversial video, we touch on such topics as the importance of authentic self confidence in women, how a person's delivery can prevent you from hearing the message and how men often pursue women who are out of their league TOO. Listen in on our conversation as we share insights, experiences and even some laughter!
December 26, 2020
Episode 8: "What A Difference a Year Makes..."
Fellow Podcaster Deandre is my guest this week. This episode airs on the official 1 Year Anniversary of his show, 1130 Podcast, which  is a unique, entertaining platform for Black Men who dig Pro Wrestling!!! In his own words... "What a difference a year makes!" In this episode, we go from discussing Jeezy vs Gucci to an interesting quote from old school wrestler "Rowdy Roddy Piper", that actually applies to life. 
December 19, 2020
Episode 7: Unpacking The Lyrics... "Ex-Factor" by Lauryn Hill
In this episode, I sit down with one of the few people I know that dissects and analyzes song lyrics as much as I do, my cousin Joy Johnson. She works closely on the advancement of our local inner city neighborhoods and has been promoted as a leader who represents "for the culture" in more than one way. But on this day, she plays the role of a co-host and lyrical analyst! We take a deep dive into the meaning, symbolism and emotion behind the lyrics of one of our favorites, "Ex-Factor" written, produced and preformed by Lauryn Hill. Released December 8, 1998. 
December 12, 2020
Episode 6: "You're Average. Why Can't You Just Get A Man That's An Average Guy?'
My friend Kyle and I discuss the video clip that has gone viral this week of a You Tube show host gives some harsh advice to a woman who starts out saying "I want a man that makes 6 figures". We also touch on other topics such as "the expectations of traditional dating" and the fact that "men pursue women out of their league too"!
December 09, 2020
Episode 5: "I'm Good. He's Good. We Good."
Who thought it would be a good idea to sit down with their Ex- Husband and have a discussion while everyone eavesdrops... THIS GIRL. LOL! This week I am joined by my Ex-Husband/Friend Rolando. We talk about: 1. How Black men can literally "I'm Good" their way into depression  2. When we started giving Hip Hop the *side eye*  3. Who is REALLY responsible for educating Black Youth about Black History.  Sorry folks, no drama here. This episode is not about "us", but it is about "US" (Black People over 40).
December 05, 2020
Episode 4: "Heal Your Emotions, Heal Your Life"
My guest UniquleyNiyia and I discuss many topics that just happen to connect directly to her many receipts. She is a Holistic Practitioner, Grief Specialist and creator of the Eye Release 20/20 affirmation series. We dig deeper and share our perspectives on the following concepts: How social toxicity can develop into physical toxicity, how you can "grieve" anything you have a connection to... even shoes and the quote  "You don't have to have sex to be a cheater".
November 28, 2020
Episode 3: Generation X Meets Generation Z
I sit down with one of the most vocal members of Generation Z I know, my daughter, Karma. We discuss some of the current topics and our personal experiences that present a definite contrasts between the generations such as: Is the slogan "You Messed With The Wrong Generation" a jab at us? The difference in how X and Y embraces LGBTQ.  That moment when grown kids start "adulting" and finally get out of our pockets!
November 25, 2020
Episode 2: "Don't B.S. The Process"
This week I am joined by Dupree who sheds some positive light on the growth process of divorce, the "real"  value in relationships that doesn't include money and what he was doing on that notorious day in 1997 when we lost Biggie.
November 21, 2020
Episode 1: "Pretty Reiki what they call it..."
I invited my first guest in to help me explain why I decided to launch this show on 11/11. Join us as we discuss why some people "act like" they don't believe in Astrology, the power of Reiki and raising Black Boys with balance. Shadae Carlisa shares her knowledge that she has gained from studies, trainings and life experiences!
November 14, 2020
November 13, 2020
November 13, 2020