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Smart Chicks Career Chat

Smart Chicks Career Chat

By Carol Maloney-Scott
Smart Chicks Career Chat is THE place to be for smart career women who want to overcome the obstacles on the path to career happiness!

Listen for actionable tools and resources, as well as thought provoking, disruptive wisdom to help you face the challenges of today's volatile and rapidly changing workplace.

There is NO reason to settle for anything less than a career and life you love.

My name is Carol Maloney-Scott and I am here to help you love all of your days, not just the weekends.
Episode 17 - Job Seekers: What's Working for My Clients NOW!
This job market is like a wild rollercoaster ride!  Things are changing rapidly and it's hard to stay on the cutting edge of the job market and the subtle, and not-so-subtle changes in the hiring process and work culture.  In this episode, I share what is working for my clients NOW, so you can avoid the outdated tactics and "rules" that will hold you back in this exciting but volatile world of work. If you'd like to find out more about working together on your one-of-a-kind career happiness, you can reach me at 
May 17, 2022
Episode 16 - How to Quit Your Job NOW: Creative & Quick Exit Strategies
Do you wish you could join the #greatresignation right now? What's holding you back? In this episode, we talk about how you might be limiting your options and what to do instead to get out now and create more time and energy to pursue your career happiness. Let's treat toxic work situations like the emergencies they really are! If you'd like to get a jump start on creating your strategic career happiness plan, please check out my new FREE workshop, Discover Your Career Happiness:
April 21, 2022
Episode 15 - Create Your OWN Job
Do you have lots of ideas about your ideal work?   Have you been putting off the job search hate job searching?    You're NOT alone!   But here's a twist - what if you could learn and implement some strategies to create your own job, right where you are now?   If you don't ask for something, you probably won't get it. Check out my website to learn more:
April 14, 2022
Episode 14 - Fear Is Stupid: Cultivating the Courage for Career Change
I work with women every day who are literally dying to make a career change, but something is holding them back.    Often that pesky something is just plain old fear.   But fear is a liar and a sneaky little B!   So, let's reframe her and kick her to the curb so you can find your shiny career happiness. AND - if you are interested in starting your very own career coaching business, please join me April 4-8 for my FREE workshop, Launch Your Career Coaching Biz! Click below for details and easy sign up:
March 24, 2022
Episode 13 - How to REALLY Make a Side Hustle Work
Would you love to start a side hustle? Perhaps career coaching or some other service-based business? Does that feel overwhelming and like you'll never find the time? Join me and let's dig into some practical strategies to make your side hustle rewarding and fun, not exhausting and stressful! And if you want moe, join me for a free workshop: Have you thought about the career satisfaction that could come from guiding others to receive their ideal job offers with dream employers? All the while providing you with unlimited earning potential and a flexible lifestyle for you. Well, that's EXACTLY what Career Coaching can provide, and I don't want you to miss out on this! So, register today for the upcoming FREE 5-day workshop series, Launch YOUR Career Coaching Biz, April 4th - 8th. I'll be sharing the path to moving from an HR/TA professional to a Career Coach. REGISTER TODAY:
March 15, 2022
Episode 12 - Recruiting Sisters: Everybody Wants You - Negotiate Your FULL Worth!
Are you a recruiter or another TA professional woman?   If so, you are a HOT commodity right now (really, you've always been on fire but your flames are in HIGH demand right now).   As Billy Squier said in the '80s, "Everybody Wants You"!   But do you want them?    And what about getting all you deserve and all the market will bear?   I'm not just talking about salary, although that is important.    Let's talk about how to get you the best salary, perks, work culture, and the ability to recruit for the roles OTHER people want (this is soooo important to avoid stress and burnout).    In this episode, we talk about how to maximize your career happiness and satisfaction.  Don't be lured into the wrong role just because you are the "IT" girl of the moment (and I don't mean information technology, although that's a hot one too!)
March 14, 2022
Episode 11 - Recruiters: Use Your Skills to Empower Others
If you are a Recruiter or other TA/HR professional woman who longs to make a greater impact on people's lives and use your skills to earn more with way more freedom and flexibility, career coaching may be the side hustle or corporate exit strategy for you!   Making other people's career dreams come true while doing the same for myself has been a complete life/work happiness makeover for me!   I am all about doing things with ease, no stress, and maximum fun.   It's time to break the cycle of work frustration for ourselves and others - the happiness of the world depends on it. :)
March 10, 2022
Episode 10 - Design Your Career: Make Time for YOUR Priorities
Do you have personal goals and priorities that constantly get pushed to the back burner (or off the stove entirely) because of work? Are you tired of the same old time-management strategies wrapped up in new bows (I don't know about you, but I am NOT getting up at 5 AM)? Do you wish you could love your work and your life? Work is a part of life - not a separate entity. But how can we earn money and still honor our passions, desires, interests, and personal goals?  If so, listen to today's episode for an eye-opening look at how a career coaching business of your very own can help you to achieve ALL of your goals, make a greater impact, and truly LIVE life on YOUR terms!
March 03, 2022
Episode 9- Clues: Getting Unstuck and Making Better Decisions
This week we are going to talk about Clues: Getting Unstuck and Making Better Decisions.  In my experience with clients...and in my own life, one of the biggest reasons for career unhappiness is feeling stuck. Stuck in the wrong job, career, mindset, etc. But even more so, stuck in a place of indecision. You have SO many ideas, but which is the right path? And what would even make it the right path? Let's delve into cultivating better decision-making skills to help you FINALLY choose the next best thing for YOU! 
February 17, 2022
Episode 8 - Giving it Away: When Free Works in Your Biz...And When it Doesn't
This week we are going to talk about Giving it Away: When Free Works in Your Biz...And When it Doesn't.  We see a LOT of entrepreneurs, especially coaches, giving their work away for free to attract clients. But does this work? And when does is it driven by fear and imposter syndrome vs. a genuine desire to help? And do clients really benefit from free stuff OR is paying better for all involved?  Let's delve into FREE as an effective strategy to launch and grow a career coaching business. 
February 10, 2022
Episode 7 - Career Coaching Offerings: What Are We Actually DOING For Our Clients?
The concept of career coaching means different things to different people, and defining it for you (the new career coach) and your niche is VITAL to everyone's success and career happiness.
February 03, 2022
Episode 6 - The Entrepreneur Life: Myths, Reality, and Opportunity
I absolutely LOVE the entrepreneurial lifestyle, BUT it's not for everyone. There is SOOO much noise in the online space about the glamour and excitement of running your own business. And while some of that is true, as with everything on social media, it could use a dose of reality! Join me in this episode as I reflect on 2+ years of FT business and what you need to consider to set yourself up for success AND give yourself permission to enjoy it!
January 31, 2022
Episode 5 - Finding the Courage to START!
Courage is the foundation for finding and growing a career (and life) you LOVE! Why do we struggle so much with fear and doubt, and what can we do about it?  Join me as we talk about the 1st component of my Career Happiness framework, Courage! And get ready to push your boundaries in new and exciting ways.
January 20, 2022
Episode 4 - You DO Have Time for Your Dreams
Please stop saying you don't have time to make your goals come to life.  We all have the same number of hours in a day - it's how to we use them, how we prioritize, how we break habits and form new ones. It's how we set boundaries and shift our way of thinking.  We delegate things because we aren't the ONLY ones who can do them. Ask for support.  Find a new job where we aren't working a million hours.  Say no to the things that no longer serve us. I have made time for MANY goals, activities, and dreams that many people say they can't do because of time. If I can do it, so can you! Let me know if you'd like some help sorting it all out.  Email me at 
November 02, 2021
Episode 3 - Recruiting Sisters - You are AMAZING at what you do!
Don't let the plethora of career opportunities pass you by while you help everyone else find their dreams jobs! They don't call it the #greatresignation or #greatreshuffle for no reason. We are living in a time of career musical chairs and you, my dear recruiting sister, need to play the game.  If you'd like some help, please check out my new, fun program designed just for YOU!
October 28, 2021
Episode 2 - Carol's #1 Job Searching Tip
Tune into my Facebook Live in my exclusive community for professional talent acquisition women, Recruiter Your Career Happiness (join here -, where I discuss my #1 tip for job seekers.  Reach out to me at and let me know your thoughts.  Visit my website for information on all of my programs and free resources:
October 26, 2021
Intro to Smart Chicks Career Chat - YAY, I made a podcast!
Welcome to the Smart Chicks Career Chat podcast - THE place to be for women who feel stuck in the wrong career, and who want to build a path to their own unique career happiness. I am your host, Carol Maloney-Scott and it's my mission and life's work to spread career happiness like fairy dust! Work CAN and SHOULD be fun, and career happiness is available to everyone. In this episode I introduce myself, my work, and my 6 Tickets to Career Happiness. Thanks for listening!
September 30, 2021