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The Sleep Boss, Carolina Romanyuk

The Sleep Boss, Carolina Romanyuk

By Carolina Romanyuk

Is it bedtime yet? Hey! I'm Carolina Romanyuk, Pediatric Sleep Consultant. Join me weekly for interviews, simple sleep actionable strategies, case studies and behind the scenes in my practice. All while serving you with the tools from the science of sleep and a mother’s heart, I’ve got you covered.
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Daylight Saving Time - It's Fall!
Daylight Saving Time - It's Fall!
This is the “Scariest” week of the year for parents - Daylight Saving Time- Falling Back! It’s like we spend so much energy and time instilling a healthy sleep foundation for our little ones and when you finally think you have figured it out, BAM!—a change occurs. I remember in my 20’s, I LOVED this time. I mean who wouldn’t want to get an extra hour of sleep? Now life is different. This time change not only guarantees that it will be dark when I head into the office and at times when I wake up in the morning, ( super depressing), but it also means that my kids will be getting up an hour earlier ( cue in the scary body shivers). Even though, this week we are celebrating not only Halloween ( my fave holiday), but also Daylight Saving Time. Let’s prepare together for both events! I have created a free and simple guide that you can get here.  It’s filled with schedules, actionable tips and most of all 2 options on how to solve this scary DST dilemma. Oh and I wanted to share a fun halloween marshmallow snack I’m planning on doing with the kids. Sshhhh don’t tell them. It’s a surprise. Check it out and join me in on the fun. Thank you so much for listening, and if you’re into it, please subscribe, leave a positive review and tell your friends
October 28, 2020
1 tip that will either help you successfully sleep train or completely fail
1 tip that will either help you successfully sleep train or completely fail
What is the 1 tip that will either help you successfully sleep train or completely fail?  In this episode, we’ll talk about a tiny little tweak in your language that has this intense power in teaching you how successful this sleep training process will be for you. When you hear what I'm going to say in today's episode, I'm sure at some point in your life you said it.  Now is the time to be aware of it and change it.  If you want to get more than just a wink of sleep without either you and your little one crying it out, let's connect.  xoxo, Carolina, Pediatric Sleep Consultant & Momlife Bestie click-> BOOK A  FREE INTRODUCTION CALL           
October 23, 2020
Sleeping Through The Night
Sleeping Through The Night
Sleeping through the night is the topic of conversations around the world between moms and dads. If you’re a parent, it’s a phrase you either love, loath or just keep praying you will get to be able to say one day. Today’s episode is filled with golden nuggets on the process to have your little sleep through the night. As well as dive deeper into what does that actually mean? My goal is not to only help you solve your sleep challenges, but to also understand them. To learn more about the system mentioned, click here
October 02, 2020