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YOUR VILLAGE: Birth | Pregnancy | Hypnobirthing | Parenthood | Grief

YOUR VILLAGE: Birth | Pregnancy | Hypnobirthing | Parenthood | Grief

By Carys Worsdale

Hi, I'm Carys Worsdale, an experienced Hypnobirthing teacher, Birth and Postnatal Doula and mum to a cheeky 4 year old.

This podcast is to encourage real, honest and open conversations around all topics of pregnancy and parenting.

I'm here to talk openly and honestly about all things parenthood from pregnancy, birth and grief - after losing my own parents at a young age.

I never want another new parent to say "I wish I knew that when I was pregnant / when mine were small!"

Thanks for listening, Carys x
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7. 'Induction: What you need to know' with Suze Mildinhall
7. 'Induction: What you need to know' with Suze Mildinhall
If you're currently expecting a baby you will, at some point, have a conversation about induction. Sadly, induction rates have kept on creeping up across all trusts, especially since the pandemic. It is as crucial as ever to be as informed as possible about your choices, your rights, as well as the risks and benefits of induction.  Suze is so experienced and knowledgeable on the topic and this episode has SO much gold!  Below are Suze's contact details and the great resources available. Thanks for listening as always, Carys xx Balanced Birth Hypnobirthing (social links below) "I teach full hypnobirthing, masterclasses, rocking an induction and offer power hours on anysubject, as well as local (Suffolk) post natal support." Fave resources on inductions: Books - 'In your own time', Dr Sara Wickham 'Inducing Labour', Dr Sara Wickham 'Why induction matters', Rachel Reed, Pinter and Martin series AIMS guide to induction of labour Online resources
May 13, 2022
6. The Forgotten Trimester - Why planning for life after your birth is so important.
6. The Forgotten Trimester - Why planning for life after your birth is so important.
A gorgeous, honest and really informative discussion about "the forgotten trimester" with expert in the postnatal field Grace Williams from The Postnatal Doula -  We discuss why planning for your postnatal period is just as (if not, more!) important than planning for your birth.  Have a listen to understand why we both think that getting support from a postnatal doula in those early weeks is so invaluable. Thanks Grace for joining me! x
February 21, 2022
5. “Is there a normal?” Infant Sleep Chat with Kate Cohen
5. “Is there a normal?” Infant Sleep Chat with Kate Cohen
An open and honest chat about what to expect in those early months of newborn sleep and busting some myths about what to expect when it comes to infant sleep. Follow Kate for loads of great sleep content here:
February 04, 2022
4. An introduction to my bigger story - My Grief!
4. An introduction to my bigger story - My Grief!
Hi, welcome and thank you for being here. Trigger warning - talking about loss and grief. I wanted to share something about my bigger story today - the loss of my parents when I was young. I have decided to read a blog I published last December (2020) as an introduction on this topic that I want to continue talking about and learning from. I hope you enjoy it. Do get in touch if it resonated with you! I'd love to hear from you. Big hugs, Carys xx
September 23, 2021
3. My First Year of Motherhood
3. My First Year of Motherhood
An honest and real whistle spot tour of my joys and struggles navigating my first year or so as a new mum. In this episode I talk about the ups and downs of becoming a mum and that massive shift in identity you may all have faced. My son struggled with silent reflux, milk and soya allergies, awful sleep and we all really struggled for quite a while. I also was made redundant while on maternity leave which left a massive whole in my plan and was a massive trigger for my postnatal anxiety. Hopefully some of my story resonates with you - if you want to talk about any topics covered in this episode please get in touch. If you're a new parent in those early months I'm sending you so much love and restful naps! Biggest of hugs, Carys xx Follow me on Instagram for more information: 
July 20, 2021
2. The Birth Story of my Son, William.
2. The Birth Story of my Son, William.
Here is the short version of my own birth story from 2017 - the birth of my gorgeous, nonconformist son, William.  To give you an understanding of why I do what I do and where my passions come from and how I ended up working in the birth world. I absolutely love my work - supporting families with their antenatal / Hypnobirthing education and since becoming a birth and postnatal Doula, I cannot wait to support families even further by attending births and supporting them at home in those early months of the parenthood juggle!  I feel so lucky that I LOVE my "job" this much! I hope you enjoy this episode. (and yes I have a better mic on order!)  Big hugs, Carys xx
July 01, 2021
1. Introduction
1. Introduction
A little introduction from me, your host, Carys Worsdale. Who I am, what to expect and what lies ahead for Your Village - The Podcast!  Thanks for being here and stay tuned! Big hugs, Carys x
June 21, 2021