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Cassiopeia Services: Invest~Talks

Cassiopeia Services: Invest~Talks

By Cassiopeia Services
Cassiopeia Services' Invest~Talks explores news and give insights into listed companies across various sectors.
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CASSIOPEIA INVEST~TALKS PODCAST #2: UK Energy Security: London-listed Union Jack Oil increases interest in Wressle ahead of production.

Cassiopeia Services: Invest~Talks

Cassiopeia Invest~Talks: Union Jack (LON:UJO) Royalty Investment in the North Sea 15/03/2021
In this episode of Invest~Talks, we talk to Zac Phllips, Business Development at London-listed Union Jack Oil (LON: UJO), a UK-focused oil and gas company. We discussed the Company's purchase of a royalty Interest in the Claymore, Piper and Scapa North Sea Oilfields. Zac is also a Director at Oil & Gas Advisors Limited who acted as financial adviser to Union Jack in respect of this transaction.
March 15, 2021
Investing in gold equities: Condor Gold, an under-the-radar company with significant upside potential
Condor Gold plc is a public listed company trading on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker CNR.  It is also listed in Canada on the TSX. In this new episode of InvestTalks, Stefania Barbaglio talks to John Cornford, a renowned investment analyst for both institutional and private investor publications. John explains why the market-listed Condor Gold (CNR) should be on investors' watchlist.   Condor Gold's flagship project is the 100% owned La India mine in Nicaragua, which is in preparation for mining next year. Although the company has been overlooked by market watchers for a few years, exciting developments in recent months have now brought Condor into the spotlight.   The project is fully permitted for development, construction & operation of a processing plant with a capacity of up to 2,800 tonnes per day and associated mine site infrastructure. This is shaping up to be a "high quality project with a high rate of return," says John.   The bullish sentiment in the gold market makes Condor even more promising. Exposure to safe haven assets such as gold is an important factor to safeguard investment in times of slower economic growth and reduced returns, such as now. There are a number of ways for investors to secure exposure to gold, such as coins, bullion and/or equities. Condor Gold should be on your radar.   Read the article here:
September 09, 2020
Invest in precious metals. In conversations with Ian Williams.
Stefania Barbaglio talks to Ian Williams, chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Charteris Treasury Portfolio Managers Limited.  Precious metals are considered the perfect investment by many during times of economic turmoil, offering an  hedge against inflation.  Here is the question. After gold hits its all-time highs, should investors still chase the market? Maybe not. On the other hand, silver offers interesting opportunities if you want to maximise returns.  IMPORTANT avoid government bonds and do not think cash is king anymore. Smart investment is key during challenging time.  A MUST TO LISTEN
August 20, 2020
#FinancialFox Week in Review: Gold & BTC Price Surge, Covid impact on Advertisements, OBC & AST
In this week of FinancialFox Week In Review, Stefania Barbaglio discusses the impressive run of Gold as prices reach $2,000 an ounce mark and analysts expect the prices to further go up to $3,500 within two years. Gold is on a bullish trend, and this can be attributed to the current market volatility, impact of coronavirus & weaker fiat currencies. Investors are looking to differentiate their portfolio with safe-haven assets, and Gold is on the top list.  A similar bull run is happening with another asset:  *BITCOIN* / *BTC*. Whether it can be considered a safe-haven asset or not, it is still open to discussions but the matter of the fact being that bitcoin reached it's 2020 high at $11,500 high with expectations to surpass $12,500- the highest in July 2019.  Steffy also mentions the reasons why she thinks investors should look at cryptocurrencies:  follow people like Robert Breedlove to learn more about Bitcoin, learn how to trade crypto from exchanges such as Coinbase & Binance.  Next topic is the advertising industry, heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies seize their marketing budgets which result in a decline in revenue for the US big techs: Google's parent company Alphabet reported a loss in revenue for the very first time; Twitter reported a 25% slump in revenue, looking at a subscription-base model to diversify its revenue stream & capitalise on the record growth in user base.   One junior London-listed company to mention is the blockchain research and development group Online Blockchain PLC (LON:OBC), the sister company of the global financial news platform ADVFN. OBC launched a new product for beta testing on 27 July called PTC.Network, offering distributed advertisements through paid-to-click advertising websites. The new feature attracted over 90k new user visits within 24 hrs. Steffy mentions how offering rewards is an integral and pivotal element in the crypto & blockchain community, and it is unique to PTC.Network model.  Do check it out and keep on the radar.   Lastly, Stefania mentions London-listed energy and natural resources company Ascent Resources Plc (LON: AST). Ahead of the initiation of its Cuba Operations, AST announces critical board appointments including well-known broker and market commentator Malcolm Graham-Wood. Do have a look!   UPCOMING INTERVIEW: Food Security & traceability: Tracing Beef from farm to table with @IOHK, @Cardano Foundation & Beefchain executives.   Follow Steffy:
August 02, 2020
#FinancialFox Week in Review: Twitter Hack, Huawei out of UK 5G and RBD offers to buy DELT
👉Subscribe to our channel - don't miss upcoming #FinancialFox episodes   The Great Twitter Hack of 2020 exposed once again the urgent need for more online and security accountability on the use of social media. Stefania mentions the work of AntumID, a blockchain company specialised in providing data protection solutions for online services. Check out MyDigiPassword, the world’s first blockchain-powered password generator and manager developed by DigiByte (DGB) and AntumID, to log in safely into any website.     Another controversial announcement this week: Huawei is out of the 5G network in the UK. Questions over surveillance were taken into account by the UK government. The decision sparked debates over the relationship of the UK with countries such as the US and China, as the country seeks more international partnerships following Brexit.    In the news on the London AIM market, Reabold Resources (RBD) made a takeover offer to Deltic Energy (DELT), an energy company with interests in the North Sea and energy giant Shell as farm-in partner in two of its licenses. The offer was rejected, but discussions between the two companies are set to continue.  Reabold Resources has a 39.7% economic interest in the West Newton, considered to be the largest onshore hydrocarbon discovery in the UK since 1973. LET'S CONNECT:  👉Follow Stefania:  💻 Website: 💻  🐦 Twitter: 🐦  🔘 Facebook: 🔘  📖 Medium : 📖  🤳 Instagram: 🤳
July 22, 2020
#FinancialFox | WEEK IN REVIEW: Boohoo Fashion, Pet insurance & UK Energy Security
LIVE every Sunday at 1pm: FinancialFox Weekly Review, where we talk about Markets, Investments & Lifestyle   Stefania kicks off this week discussion with the recent allegations of worker exploitation and serious malpractices by UK fashion retail Boohoo which resulted in the share price dropping dramatically.   Is the share price going to recover now?  Would Boohoo come out well from the situation and what will be the damages to its reputation?   Moving on, Stefania investigates the UK Pet insurance market and how the increase in pet adoption during COVID 19 has impacted the industry. Buying expensive insurance for your pet, is worth?   Lastly, she talks about the British junior energy company Union Jack Oil on which Shard Capital just released a research note highlighting the significant scope for a valuation representing many multiples of the current share price.  Do tell us what you think about the topics covered in this weeks review and share your feedback and thoughts.   For now, this is all from the FinancialFox and we will see you next Sunday, same time, same channel.   LET'S CONNECT:  👉Follow Steffy:  💻 Website: 💻  🐦 Twitter - 🐦  🔘 Facebook - 🔘  📖 Medium  - 📖  🤳 Instagram- 🤳
July 22, 2020
CASSIOPEIA INVEST~TALKS PODCAST #2: UK Energy Security: London-listed Union Jack Oil increases interest in Wressle ahead of production.
In this episode of Invest~Talks, we talk to Zac Phllips, Business Development at London-listed Union Jack Oil (LON: UJO), a UK-focused oil and gas company. This morning, UJO announced an increase in its interest in the Wressle development hydrocarbon project located in Lincolnshire. The acquisition results is 40 percent interest for UJO. First oil at Wressle is expected during H2 2020, and production is estimated at initial 500 bopd gross, of which 200 bopd are net to UJO. Wressle is one of Union Jack's flagship assets which are part of the company's strategy to focus on major projects to deliver growth in reserves, production and asset value.  Oil and gas provides more than 75 percent of the UK’s total primary energy, according to data from Oil and Gas UK. Wressle is a key asset to provide sources for energy security needs in the UK as it will help to reduce reliance on energy imports, and it will also bring great economic benefits to the region, with a boost in employment and opportunities for the local  community.
June 08, 2020
CASSIOPEIA INVEST~TALKS PODCAST #1: Share-tipper Michael Walters on market opportunities, oil stocks and investor advice
Stock Market Guru & author of “How to make a killing in penny shares”, Michael Walters is a renowned financial journalist. The former Deputy City Editor of the Daily Mail talks exclusively on the Cassiopeia Invest~Talks  podcast. Micheal evaluates London-listed Union Jack Oil (UJO) & their West Newton major onshore oil/gas discovery project, which he believes has massive upside. UJO are a rarity on the AIM: debt-free, financially strong and well positioned with an outstanding energy portfolio that contains the Wressle discovery as we’ll as a 2nd potential company maker: Biscathorpe. Some of his other favourite stock picks to watch are in the property sector: Primary Health Properties plc (PHP), a real estate investment trust, specialising in the rental of flexible, modern primary healthcare facilities within the UK and Ireland; and Supermarket Income REIT (SUPR), a real estate investment trust dedicated to investing in supermarket property. For more information about Micheal Walters, shares and tips visit: The podcast is produced by Cassiopeia Services Follow us on TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: LINKEDIN:
May 22, 2020