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The Path with Cat McElveen

The Path with Cat McElveen

By Catherine McElveen
We are all on the Path. Join Me, Cat McElveen, and guests who are on the path, as we chat all things awakening, spirituality, and being human. Our mission is to take the shiny spirituality you see online and shine a light on it - find what’s authentic, what isn’t, and hear from others who are making their way through this human experience and awakening with imperfect, messy, beautiful steps down the Path.
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What is Kundalini, Really?
Wtf is Kundalini, really? Like... really? We know that phrases like Kundalini, Kundalini Awakening, Kundalini Rising, and more are thrown around the spiritual space like it's no big deal. But this is a powerful concept of energy AND a super powerful practice. Learning the truth about Kundalini will show you that although powerful AF, the concept is quite concise + clear. And... you don't have to be some fancy guru to learn it.  For more Kundalini content, follow me on IG: To learn Kundalini + Subconscious Recoding 1:1, check out my coaching offerings here: My website: This podcast was created using Anchor:
November 04, 2021
Honoring the Path, Your Humanity, & Your Heart with Leslie Medley
This episode is a real, raw & deep soul conversation between me and one of my dearest sisters on the path, Leslie Medley! Leslie is a worldwide mindfulness mentor and retreat creator who has facilitated healing retreats and conscious experiences around the world, from Bali to San Diego and everywhere in between. Her story is one of strength as she overcame a great deal of adversity in her early years, which she details in our chat. Her story is one of trust, faith, incredible spiritual commitment, and consciously creating her own dreamy life. Now living in California as a women's empowerment coach, retreat creator, and leader in conscious, heart-centered healing... she is a beacon for radical trust, believing in yourself, and doing the work. Listen to this episode to get inspired, to hear Leslie's story, and to get some permission to go out there and create your dream life right now.  Connect with Leslie:
October 13, 2021
Astrogeography, Shamanic Bee Wisdom, Breaking Up with the Moon, and Cultivating Spiritual Discernment - with Alyssa Donato
In this episode, I chat with the amazing Alyssa Donato! Alyssa and I connected via Instagram about our mutual interests in embodied spirituality, namely our "unlearning" of the current cultural obsession with the moon. I love Alyssa's calm energy, clear wisdom, and sense of appreciation for the earth and simple spirituality. We talk about allllll the things in this episode. Listen in for some gems on Human Design and Astrology, Astrogeography, and how we can cultivate our discernment to decide what practices and cultural movements truly resonate with us and are for our highest good. We also get in to why Alyssa has decided to "break up" with the moon and moon rituals, and we speak about her Shamanic Beekeeping practice. This episode was so fun and flowed so easily! I love when I have just as much fun recording the podcast as I would chatting with an old friend! Connect with Alyssa: Instagram: Upcoming Summer Solstice Gathering // Bees, Breath, and Astral Bodies: Connect with Cat: Instagram: Spirit Shift 1:1 Deep Dive:
June 16, 2021
The Path Isn't Easy, But It's Worth It - My Awakening Story
Spiritual Awakening is not always rainbows and butterflies. Often, it's anxiety, feeling disoriented, lost, confused, and frickin' lonely. I mean... you're literally having old parts of you die off. But... it is SO worth it. It's hard sometimes but the process is simple. Not easy.... but if you show up day in and day out and are HERE for it... it gets to be simple.  In this episode I share my sometimes rough, sometimes amazing, always beautifully human path of awakening. I lead you through my journey to this point, sitting here in front of you (virtually), waking women up to their fullest expression of their Self, trusting life, and living with ease and flow. (It was not always this easy).  Let me know what you think by connecting with me on Instagram @catmcelveen.  Rate, review, like, and share to spread the love!
April 27, 2021
Waking Up, Growing Up, and Answering the Call to Your Path with Francesca Chiamulera of The Oasis Retreats
This episode with my dear friend Francesca Chiamulera, founder of The Oasis Retreats, covers ALL THE THINGS growth, learning, and how your path finds you. Fran's story of overcoming her addictions, traveling the world for 5 years, and landing in Hawaii and Colorado to create her dream retreat company is the inspiration you may need to take your own leaps and trust that Source has got yo back. Francesca has a calm wisdom beyond her years and we know she's an old soul like me ;) Join us for a deep conversation on life, love, waking TF up, and growing TF up...and loving & accepting every minute of it. You'll want to hear about her Kundalini awakening too! We chat all the things awakening, spiritual growth, calling in miracles, and following your dream life, so buckle up and tune in to this inspiring woman's story.  CONNECT WITH FRANCESCA: Instagram: @francesca.chiamulera AND @TheOasisRetreats Website: CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram: @catmcelveen Website: ANXIETY HEALING GROUP COURSE:
March 19, 2021