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Cat Waves: Welcome to the World of Cat Kabira

Cat Waves: Welcome to the World of Cat Kabira

By Cat Kabira
This podcast contains meditations, writings, classes, interviews and talks put together by Cat Kabira
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Cat Waves: Welcome to the World of Cat Kabira

Dealing with Criticism without Shame
My question to you today is how do you deal with criticism without shame? Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? Are you highly critical of yourself or have history of abuse? Listen to my audio where I talk about my experience with dealing with feedback. For people that have strong self-esteem, when they receive feedback their reaction is neutral and they take it as it is. This is not the case when you have gone through trauma, the reaction can be emotionally charged. There’s a tendency to try to protect yourself or try not to hurt the other one with your reaction; which sometimes leads to feeling shame. In order to function in our society, it’s necessary to practice how to ‘receive feedback’ and witness our reality in a healthy way. In the work that I do, I teach how to create the space to heal your inner child wounds and deal with your feelings, especially the one of shame. One way to deal with it is to look at yourself at those moments and start loving yourself in those moments with the realization that everything passes. Knowing that you are allowed to make mistakes is a very important practice. There’s always the opportunity to make things better as well and repair things; sometimes by simply saying 'sorry' and acknowledging that you've made a mistake. I invite you today to bring tenderness to yourself and stop living as a perfectionist. This is just a reminder that you can witness the pain moving to your body and let it be like a wave, moving through. Learn about my journey and the work I do at #catkabira #witness #love #acceptance #energy #healing #kindess #newyear
January 05, 2022
Enjoy your choices
How much do you enjoy your choices? Watch my video where I explore the possibility of allowing your energy to flow and be fully present. The theme of second guessing and self-doubt come up quite often when I’m working with my students, especially when there is so much deliberation. Then once that the choice is made, there’s a follow through instead of really just allowing yourself to enjoy the experience. Suddenly there’s a stopping of the energy and wondering if you have made right choice. As a result you’re never fully present and instead you become fragmented in your mind, plus you affect your energy system as well. This is a friendly reminder that there’s never a perfect choice. There’s always balance between black and white. Dark and the light both need to be there; that’s simply reality. And especially now, the essence of reality is surprise. Even when things don’t exactly go as you expected, there’s the gift of learning and appreciating what you had. Regardless the fact that you never can know what’s going to happen, you do have a choice. The choice to allow yourself to have it and trust it, literally letting yourself rest and enjoying it! I invite you today to enjoy your choices and stay in the feeling of pleasure. Go with your heart… Focus and let the magic happen! Learn more about my journey at #catkabira #focus #energy #healingarts #support #magic #healing #energetic
December 10, 2021
Movement & Joy
I am curious to know what does ‘movement’ mean to you? Do you move your body and enjoy it? Watch my video where I talk about how we can start reclaiming that love of movement and feel freedom to enjoy our bodies. There’s joy in respecting our bodies and allowing yourself to play. For me enjoying movement is learning new things, being creative and getting out of my head. So it’s less about shaping your body and looking certain way; and allowing yourself to nurture your body. For me activities like surfing, ice climbing and hiking, where you are engaged with nature and it’s more about can I do this movement to get somewhere, are the place where I find pleasure of the process and freedom. I invite you today to discover pleasure in movement. Learn more about my story at: . . . #freedom #movement #happy #joy #pleasure #eatingdisorders #healing #energy #energetics #catkabira
December 03, 2021
What does being healthy mean to you?
My question for you today is how do you measure health? Watch my video where I talk about the meaning of being ‘healthy’ and the importance of listening to your body. We all have been affected by the ‘diet culture’ and many of us have fallen into the ‘body shaming’ trap. I’d like to know your opinion because I’ve done it. At some point in my life, I was yo-yoing with my food and manipulating which ending being harmful to my body and not healthy. Now I realize that when I’m really taking care of myself, there’s going to be a range in body weight. As women we are meant to ebb and flow… sometimes because of emotions and other times it can be your hormones. To be healthy around your size is allowing some movement. Here lays the importance of not being too hard on ourselves and we can really attack our bodies when our body isn’t the problem. I am curious to know what health is to you and inviting you to use joy your barometer. Why would you do something that it’s not fun? When we are too rigid that’s when health turns into denial. We’re here to be moderated and balanced. Cupcakes and brownies are not evil; it’s all about moderation and balance. Do what you what you love and enjoy the movement! Let me know in the comments, how do you measure health and what’s your relationship with pleasure. Have a beautiful day! To learn more about my work in energy healing please visit: . . . #catkabira #dietculture #moderation #joy #pleasure #mentalhealth #eatingdisorders #health #beauty #energy #healing #movement #balance
November 27, 2021
Sitting Practice
Are you ready to bring yourself back into the beauty of the here & now? This is a friendly reminder of how supportive meditation is :-) Along with what I mentioned in this video, being able to observe your own thoughts is so empowering. It might help you stop believing all of your madness, you might see how quickly you go into old pain and future fantasy, and you can start to bring yourself back into the sweet beauty of the here and now. There's no goal to feel or be a certain way and it helps us stop that compulsive striving to be better or different. Let's stop thinking that we're broken beings. I know that you already know all of this - but it's one thing to know it on the mental plane and another thing to embody it. So whether you're new to meditation or have been more casual, give yourself the gift of 15-20 minutes a day to sit. If you do have a history of Trauma you may need some additional support while you sit otherwise it can be easy to go into overwhelm. This is where working with someone highly skillful helps you discover tools in how to integrate the pain of your past. My work tends to be trauma-informed due to my own history so when I teach sitting/meditation, breathwork, asana, and energy work there's always that lens of how to integrate your story and pain without going into overwhelm (and of course how to ground) in what I share. So if you do have a history of Trauma and are new to meditation, keep this in mind :-) Have a beautiful day! To learn more about my work in energy healing please visit: . . . #catkabira #resilence #meditation #sittingpractice #mentalhealth #anorexia #eatingdisorders #health #beauty #trauma #energy #training #feeling #supersenses #online #healing #connection #yoga #bodywork #immersion #boundaries #joy #happiness #energetics #healingarts #subtleworld #kabiraenergetics #energetics #remotehealing #heal #connect #community #support
November 12, 2021
What causes an eating disorder?
While the diet industry (and fitness and "wellness") spends billions of dollars to ensure that you're convinced that you're not good enough as you are, and while the most ideal body type for each woman in each decade will be the one that's usually the hardest to achieve within her culture, and while there are high beauty standards that DO NOT celebrate the beauty of women but instead place time-wasting pressure...the causes for an eating disorder include these factors and also go beyond. There now is proof that there's a gene making one prone to an eating disorder. Also this is the way that someone really is managing much deeper pain through the abuse and control of food and harm to her body. Part of what I teach is how to healthily process your pain as well as learn that you can create a life beyond the trauma you've experienced. There are new alternatives available to you so you can now thrive. How to stop turning your anger inwards? Also I work with highly sensitives as I personally understand how challenging it is to be in the world and feel so much. So those of you with eating disorders and are very sensitive and have a multi-dimensional intelligence, I really get you. Check out this Minnesota Starvation Experiment I mention in the video - written by Kelsey Miller, 2016. There are a lot of resources - here's just one (you can google Minnesota Starvation Experiment too) • The Starvation Study that changed the world: Learn more about my story… . . . #catkabira #resilence #mentalhealth #anorexia #eatingdisorders #health #beauty #trauma #energy #training #feeling #supersenses #online #healing #connection #yoga #bodywork #immersion #boundaries #joy #happiness #energetics #healingarts #subtleworld # kabiraenergetics #energetics #remotehealing #heal #connect #community #support
November 05, 2021
Worth Beyond The Body
Are you ready to break the spell and start feeling what’s underneath? Watch my video where I talk about the gift of self-awareness and finding your true beauty. Despite all of the embodiment practices, therapy and intensive work since 1997, there are still days when I still struggle on not seeing myself. You can be body dimorphic even when you are not anorexic or have an eating disorder. Especially for women, we are often off on our own self-perception. There’s beauty in truly seeing ourselves and realizing the ways in which we can treat ourselves in a more gentle and loving way. I was unconsciously hurting myself and still find duality in my feelings between healing or staying stuck and not stepping forward into a life that goes beyond food. The spell that I am working now is going beyond my mental level and go into the subtle, energetic depths of my eating disorders so I can own it differently. In our society, so many times as women we place our worth in our body shape and many times the ideal shape is impossible to achieve, leading to starvation and hurtling ourselves. Overcoming trauma and living with an eating disorder is a lifelong practice, which starts with gaining the self-awareness that will allow you to reclaim your inner power and live to your full potential. I invite you today to step into the space where you can start liking yourself and find real beauty and health. To learn more about my programs and energy healing work visit: . . . #catkabira #resilence #mentalhealth #anorexia #eatingdisorders #health #beauty #trauma #energy #training #feeling #supersenses #online #healing #connection #yoga #bodywork #immersion #boundaries #joy #happiness #energetics #healingarts #subtleworld #kabiraenergetics #energetics #remotehealing #heal #connect #community #support
October 22, 2021
Resilience & Healing
Finding your own lightness to start thriving Are you ready to come back into power and learn how to feel? Watch my video where I speak about my role as a practitioner and the practice of energy healing. Building resilience for you starts from grounding and learning how to truly take care of yourself. Finding the place of safety in your own wiring and learning how to feel will help you start creating the self-awareness to overcome trauma and truly take care of your needs. As a practitioner one of the biggest gifts in healing is sharing the ways and practices that have helped me create the environment for being more healthy and thriving. In my work was a healing practitioner I teach how to build the foundation for resilience and getting back into your essence so that healing can begin, You do have a choice to thrive and not being controlled by fear which often begins with learning the concept of ‘reparenting yourself’. I invite you today to find and own your lightness so you experience the totality of reality and come back into your own power. If you like to learn more about energy healing and dealing with trauma visit my website @ . . . #catkabira #resilence #mentalhealth #trauma #energy #training #feeling #supersenses #online #healing #connection #yoga #bodywork #immersion #boundaries #joy #happiness #energetics #healingarts #subtleworld #kabiraenergetics #energetics #remotehealing #heal #connect #community #support
October 15, 2021
The Superpower of Feeling
How do you handle when you start feeling more? I’m currently in the middle of running my course ‘Connection’ and last night one of my students remarked that doing energy work has led her to “feeling more”. There’s sometimes the assumption that when we do energy work and do certain practices, everything will be okay and that you will magically feel happy all the time. Watch my video where I talk about what it is really like to be in your own power and the importance on learning how to tolerate feeling in order to handle life. I invite you today to reclaim your power of feeling and find the beauty of having awareness in all aspects of your life. To learn more about my energy work and upcoming courses please visit: . . . #catkabira #energy #training #feeling #supersenses #online #healing #connection #yoga #bodywork #immersion #boundaries #joy #happiness #energetics #healingarts #subtleworld #kabiraenergetics #energetics #remotehealing #heal #connect #community #support
October 08, 2021
Following Liveness
How do you make your choices? Is it from familiarity? A routine? Can you recognize when there's a healthy stretch zone for you that will give you the growth you're craving? What does it feel like in your own body to follow your own life force? Check out this video and I'd love to hear from you - especially in how to nurture and support your own curiosity and growth. Learn more about my energy healing sessions at: . . . #catkabira #energy #training #online #healing #connection #yoga #bodywork #immersion #boundaries #joy #happiness #energetics #healingarts #subtleworld #kabiraenergetics #energetics #remotehealing #heal #connect #community #support
October 01, 2021
Allowing yourself to be…
Today I am curious to know if you feel like you can choose to be happy? Recently someone reminded me that I have the option to be happy when I was sharing some sad news. Culturally we have been wired to ‘behave certain way’. Watch my video where I share my thoughts on the importance of acknowledging our feelings and finding the space to be vibrant beings. Feeling comfortable in all aspects is not always easy; and it’s even more difficult to let go of social expectations and trauma in our lives. We don’t always get to choose our feelings and actually cause pain to ourselves trying to manipulate and fix your feelings. When you allow your feelings to start to flow and move through you, you actually start moving your energy. Magic actually starts to happen when you simply allow yourself to be and stop forcing yourself to feel certain way. Allowing yourselves to be grounded and have the awareness of where your feeling of power is will help you make better choices. This will give the insights to pull yourself out of the feeling of being stuck and realize that you do have the choice to pull yourself out. And the same goes for pleasure, allowing yourself to rest in the feeling of joy often is a practice that you must learn to embody, so you have that feeling of anchor sport that you can remind yourself to go back when you are going through challenges. One of your superpowers is learning what to do with what has been done to you and this is where the real work begins… We can’t stop the heart breaks, we can’t stop the surprises, we can’t stop death… But we have the power to receive beauty and stop turning towards ourselves with attack. I invite you to start turning towards yourself with love and care! If you would like to learn more about the world of energy, join me in my upcoming course ‘Connection’, your initiation to Healing Arts, starting September 26, 2021. You will learn in a supportive environment how to strengthen your energy field and how to connect to your own super-sensing skills among other topics. Only 2 spaces left! Sign up today at: . . . #catkabira #energy #training #online #healing #connection #yoga #bodywork #immersion #boundaries #joy #happiness #energetics #healingarts #subtleworld #kabiraenergetics #energetics #remotehealing #heal #connect #community #support
September 17, 2021
Energetic Boundaries
Have you ever wondered what are astral, psychic and energetic boundaries? Watch my video where I talk about how your body projects energy, which is especially important during healing sessions. If you work with sensitive or people that have gone through trauma, this awareness to the energy boundaries becomes essential.  As a teacher or healer, having awareness of the energy field will give you the cues and information of when someone wants to be touched and whether they feel safe. Regardless whether is at work or in your regular life, a way to create trust is to respect boundaries, For those of you that are familiar with my work, grounding is a cornerstone of what I do. The biggest work that I teach is the more grounded and safe you are, healing magically happens on its own. Knowing there is value is waiting and listening becomes key for creating that space of healing. A feminine practice starts with the statement: “how do I create trust and safety”. If you like to explore more about the world of energy healing and learning my approach to grounding, my upcoming course ‘Connection’ starting at the end of September dives into how to connect to your own super-sensing skills and learning how to work with energy with others (both hands-on and remotely). Connection Your Initiation in the Healing Arts September 26 - October 21, 2021 (Few spaces left!) Sign up today at: . . . #catkabira  #energy  #training  #online  #healing  #connection  #yoga  #bodywork  #immersion  #sensitive  #energetics  #healingarts  #subtleworld #kabiraenergetics  #energetics  #wisdom  #remotehealing  #heal  #connect  #community  #support  #learning  #video  #people  #energy  #motivation  #teacher  #coaching  #training  #trauma  #resilience
September 10, 2021
Creating Stability: Building a landing pad within yourself and why the environment matters?
When wanting to heal and also thrive, we sometimes miss that if we are honest about what creates a feeling of security and safety -as well as stability - that in itself will provide the ground you need to expand. Also when the body is grounded, that's when it actually can begin to heal itself. I'm curious if you can be too hard on yourself? Sometimes we forgot to listen to our true needs, especially if they're different from what we expect. As I write this, we're still affected globally by covid management and some of us are in lockdown. What can we do to take care of ourselves? In this video I talk about the power of environment and why where we live (and work) does matter. If we're sensitive we will be extra-influenced by where we are. Or we may cope by numbing out so that we don't have to feel how we're affected. We also get to create our own "landing pad" which is essential to help you drop down and land wherever you go. If you get ungrounded often or find that you scatter or have a history of complex trauma or a chaotic background, it's essential to start to wire in this feeling of support and safety so that you get that inner rest that's so necessary. There's so much more that I can share but I hope this is helpful for you in some way. And, if you are wanting to dive more into energy work, spaces are still left for my Level One Energy Training: Connection! Sign up today at: . . . #catkabira #energy #training #online #healing #connection #yoga #bodywork #immersion #sensitive #energetics #healingarts #subtleworld #kabiraenergetics #energetics #wisdom #remotehealing #heal #connect #community #support
September 03, 2021
The importance of being grounded in healing work.
For those that have taken any of my courses, you probably know that ‘grounding’ is a passion of mine. Watch my video where I talk about the power of grounding and the effect of your embodiment in others’ presence. When you have a certain level of awareness of your own wiring, your system will help land others in the same field of embodiment. Especially if you are a therapist or a healer, the ability of grounding yourself will create the gift of showing others that they can also find the space to create awareness and check in with themselves. Join in my upcoming course ‘Connection’ starting September 26, 2021. Early Bird Pricing ends August 31, 2021 Take advantage of Early Bird pricing ending by August 31, 2021 Sign up today at: #catkabira #energy #training #online #healing #connection #yoga #bodywork #immersion #sensitive #energetics #healingarts #subtleworld
August 27, 2021
The Importance of Neutrality in Healing Work
I have trained in several healing modalities and have spent a long time in trying to make sense on how to approach others during energy work. The big question that always comes up is: How much influence does the perception fo someone affect the field of the person being viewed? This is where the initiation in all my courses begins with ‘opening up to a whole new world’; letting go of your expectations and allow ourselves to truly see. There’s a lot of self-inquiry and self-awareness when it comes to holding space for others. The more you pay attention and drop in your body, you start reclaiming your connection with the subtle world. The beauty is that the body heals itself when it’s grounded and relaxed. Watch my video where I talk about the initiation that you get when you work with me. Beginning from the importance of neutrality and how can you create safety when working with others so you can meet them at the space where they are ready to receive. Learn more about my upcoming energy training courses at: . . . #catkabira #energy #healing #healers #subtleworld #boundaries #immersion #consciousness #higlysensitive #visionquest #connected #grounding #decisions #podcast #trust #balance #respect #online #training #yoga #compassion #love #energeticarts #frequency #empath
August 13, 2021
Badass Boundaries - Free short grounding practice
How do you own your true desires and how do you know what is right for you? If you have an open system, it’s important to learn how to manage your energy to stay within yourself. When we are making decisions, knowing your energy body is essential to make the choices that are your ‘true yes’. When your energy system is ready, it will allow to process previous trauma and create more awareness in the safety of grounding. Watch the video here where I share a brief breathing practice for grounding. My Badass Boundaries Online Immersion will help you feel the current within your own integrity and trust your inner resources. I will share the tools and energy modalities that will enable to integrate and embody your true self so you can step more fully. I’d love for you to join me on my course ‘Badass Boundaries’ starting August 15, 2021. It’s a 4-week dive into all the aspects of boundaries and how to create more awareness to help you manage your energy system to live more fully. You have today and tomorrow to take advantage of Early Bird Pricing Discount (until July 31, 2021) and start moving your energy outwards towards your true desires. Sign up today at: . . . #catkabira #energy #healing #boundaries #immersion #consciousness #higlysensitive #visionquest #connected #grounding #decisions #podcast #trust #balance #respect #online #training #yoga #compassion #love #energeticarts #frequency #empath #joy
July 30, 2021
Trusting yourself and inner discernment
How do you know what’s true for you? If you are a regular student of mine and resonate with my teachings, you probably have what I call a more ’open’ energetic system. This means that naturally you are more open and absorbent. There are definitely ways to help manage, refine and taking care of who you are; but you can’t change who you are. This is something that people who start working with me often wish that they weren’t as sensitive as they are. I invite you this sensitivity to be your superpower, especially now that we are bombarded with so much information. When we are more open there’s higher level information that you receive; discernment then becomes then essential. We are unique and knowing your essence becomes important, as what works for others will not necessarily work for you. The challenge then becomes: How can we keep coming back to ourselves when everything is so crazy, be grounded and still feel joy? This is when alone time and creating space for yourself to feel your ‘vibes’ becomes important. In my work I help people find their ‘truth’ and feel what is your body saying and speaking to you. Knowing your patterns will also help you know when you are contracting or expanding’ basically know your ‘true no or yes’. Being aware of the signals your body gives you will give your discernment of true meaning of certain things, like feeling nauseous when you are giving your power away and someone is crossing your boundaries. Other times, feeling nauseous may happen when you are moving forward and clearing some previous trauma. This knowledge of yourself and being aware of your tendencies will give you the edge on how to manage different situations, have a healthy coping mechanism and come back to your power. I invite you to join me in my upcoming course ‘Badass Boundaries’ where we will work on finding what’s true for you and adjust your energy system to find more joy in every aspect of your life. Take advantage of Early Bird Pricing Discount (until July 31, 2021) and start learning how to open your eyes to a whole way listening to yourself and knowing what is true for you! There’s always a current of light and love when you start trusting yourself! It’s time to own your power and own your truth. Badass Boundaries August 15 - September 9, 2021 Start getting into your body and feel what’s right for you Sign up today at: #catkabira #energy #healing #boundaries #immersion #consciousness #visionquest #connected #grounding #decisions #podcast #trust #balance #respect #online #training #yoga #compassion #love #energeticarts #frequency #empath
July 23, 2021
A Message of love for those with suicidal thoughts
What do we do when we feel that we don’t want to be here? We are in a global crisis where anxiety levels have risen and so have suicide rates. The real question is what do we do to take care of ourselves and still move forward with hope… Manage to treat yourself with love and care for one another. How do you meet yourself and have the courage to reach out so you don’t get stuck in the inner spiral? Part of it is reaching out and communicating that we need help. This is where having a support community comes into place. The support system needs to have certain level of grounding and compassion integrated. Movement can also help especially when it’s in an inviting environment and involves human interaction, such as dancing or going to a yoga class. Live interaction is more powerful than you realize, especially during current times. We have fragmented parts of our psychic that we need to make space for them. When there is no one there to listen and to validate those wounds remain there. When we allow them to flow and integrate, then it’s possible to start rewiring them and acknowledge their place. While we cannot change the past, it’s possible to integrate at an energetic level and embody those feelings in such a way that you feel safe and want to be here. To explain this, I often use surfing as an analogy: When you are in an ocean, the waves don’t stop, they change and you learn how to ride them or move to the side to stay safe. I invite you to find your way to engage, having first compassion with yourself and listening to the parts that are energetically stuck in your body. Especially during those times when you feel frozen, it’s time to stop shaming ourselves and reach to one another. One of our superpowers is being able to listen to ourselves, being able not to bypass or suppress our feeling and being able to reach out to someone in our community. Especially during these times, it’s important to realize that we are here for each other. We are not alone; we are in this together. It’s time to support each other in our life work, come back into your own love and own soul center. I am saying this with love and intensity because we can get through this… together. Reach out to the people that can hear you, that you can trust and resonate with your system. This is part of the work that we are doing in my upcoming Badass Boundaries Online Immersion. Learning how to work with your own energy system in a compassionate way with the support of a group community. Sign up today at: #catkabira #energy #healing #boundaries #immersion #consciousness #visionquest #connected #grounding #decisions #podcast #trust #balance #respect #online #training #yoga #compassion #suicideprevention #love #energeticarts
July 09, 2021
Leaving your body
What happens when we are feeling? Is there a time when it’s healthy to leave your body or should you stay within yourself? In my work I help you discover what is true for you and provide you tools for grounding. If you resonate with energy, you can probably tell the difference when someone is present and give you their full awareness and when they don’t. The same is true for yourself, is there a difference between leaving your body, going into fantasy or having a vision? ‘Leaving your body’ in energetic terms presents the possibility to develop different personalities to protect yourself. My question to you is: Is there a time when it’s healthy to leave your body or should you always stay in your body? When you are grounded you will be able to stay in your own truth. There are ways that you can journey so you can stay connected with who you truly are. Our real power comes when we are conscious and aware of what we are choosing. If you would like to learn more about boundaries and techniques for grounding, join me in upcoming online course: Badass Boundaries A 4 week online course where you will discover how to make space for your own desires. Learn more at: #catkabira #energy #healing #sessions #consciousness #visionquest #connected #grounding #decisions #podcast #trust #balance #respect #online #trainings
July 02, 2021
Hair and Intuition
What is your relationship with your hair? “Intuition is using the inner body energy and heart to pave the way for your life.” - Matthew Donnelley Indigenous cultures have often connected long hair to improved intuition. My question to you today is… What is your relationship with your hair? When dealing with malnutrition from anorexia, my hair was falling and it took a long time to grow it our again. Getting my hair back is part of what has made me feel I reclaimed my power. I am very mindful regarding when I cut my hair and what products I use on my hair. Paying attention to your hair can give you a clue of how you are handling stress in your life. If you ever have noticed that the hairs on your arms stand up under certain situations, you probably understand what I am talking about. Being mindful of your relationship with your hair can be grounding and help you be more in tune with your body. If you like to learn more about grounding and energy work, visit my site: #catkabira #catkabirayoga #energy #healing #intuition #grounding #hair #change #season #summer #eatingdisorders #bulimia #anorexia #self #love #beauty #nurture #health #energybody #enlightment #purpose #makeup #organic #yoga
June 28, 2021
Time to reclaim your beauty and allow yourself to be seen
“Beauty surrounds us.” - Rumi Today I am switching topics and sharing some of my beauty tips with you. My question to you today is… What happens if we really take care of our health, what beauty comes from that? Maintaining one’s health in today’s toxic rich environment requires proper rest, hydration, paying attention to the source of our nutrients and being selective about the products that you use on your body. Throughout my own experience with eating disorders, I kept rejecting being beautiful and my femininity. It took a lot of energy work to allow myself feeling safe to been seen. It’s been a journey to appreciate my femininity and taking pleasure in feeling pretty. It’s time to reclaim your beauty and allow yourself to be seen. I invite you to take time to pamper yourself, nurture your heart and soul with love. Tell me in the comments, if you have any favorite beauty tips to share. Love from Bali, Cat #catkabira #catkabirayoga #energy #healing #change #season #summer #eatingdisorders #bulimia #anorexia #self #love #beauty #nurture #health #energybody #enlightment #purpose #makeup #organic #yoga
June 25, 2021
Allowing yourself to matter
“Your silence will not protect you” - Audre Lorde Why would we protect other people’s feelings more than respecting your own? How can we be aware when this is happening to us? If you have been raised in trauma or have a history of abuse, you probably have developed survival mechanisms. Sometimes it can be out of fear that we don’t speak up. Allowing yourself to matter is not always easy. The beauty is that you don’t have to live in your past and you don’t have to struggle all the time. Watch my short video where I expand on the topic of protecting others feelings more than respecting your own. Learn more about my trainings and energy healing work @ #catkabira #energy #healing #sessions #decisions #podcast #trust #balance #respect #online #trainings
June 12, 2021
Protecting other’s feelings vs protecting your own
How much do you protect other people’s feelings more than respecting your own? When reflecting upon the topic, you can be surprised on how many times you do it. It’s important to have awareness of our feelings and set boundaries so that we can show up as ourselves. There needs to be balance between caring about others and respecting yourself otherwise you can disregard your own emotions. Creating safety requires boundaries but also grounding yourself. Using your voice can be challenging but it is also empowering. You will start to owning ‘your reality’ and be able to communicate better. I invite you to sit with yourself and start being aware of yourself. Listen to my video where I walk you through the process of feeling your feelings, making space for your emotions and dealing with them in a healthy way. Learn more about my trainings and energy healing work @ #catkabira #energy #healing #sessions #decisions #podcast #trust #balance #respect #online #trainings
June 12, 2021
Making Choices and Trusting Yourself
Are you being a friend to yourself? Throughout my life I have noticed that I have a hard time making decisions. My mission had always been ‘what’s my real truth here’. The challenge begins when we start overthinking and overanalyzing. Before you getting into this cycle of overthinking, one helpful tip is to acknowledge your body’s first response. Respecting the flow within our own body, without judging or restricting yourself, will help you find your truth. Just by making space to stand as yourself, you will be able to be a friend to yourself. Your body and mind are not separate and there’s always a balance. Listen to my podcast where I discuss from an energetic level how being aware of your body’s reactions can help when making choices and the importance of trusting yourself. I invite you to start creating flow and expansion by listening to your body and trusting yourself. Learn more about my trainings and energy healing work at:
June 06, 2021
Feeling your feelings
What to do you with our feelings and ride the waves of emotions? Empowering to bring awareness to what is unconscious During the work that I am doing with my current course ‘Illumination’, the topic of allowing yourself to feel your feelings keeps coming up. In my courses I often remind my students the power of being different and that you belong even if you are different. There is power in owning your real truth even if it’s different than everyone else’s. In the energy healing courses that I give we work on ways to own your waves of emotions. There is a big difference of what’s in the surface from going underneath. Instead of trying to judge it, manipulate it or fix it, I invite you to sit with your feelings. Allow yourself to ‘ride the wave’ of your feeling as a tool to get to know yourself better. That’s a way to find what it’s ‘underneath’; by sitting with yourself you will find what’s behind of what is making you feel the way you do currently. The work that I do, both for eating disorders and highly sensitive people, part of it is to how to safely feel what you are feeling and how to be comfortable with it; not only tolerate it but do the work of learning how to listening to yourself. Let yourself have a place… Just like in music, allow your feelings like notes to have a place and compose your own beautiful melody. I invite you to start walking in the present moment and allow yourself to find the joy of being you. Learn more at my courses and energy work at: #catkabira #energy #healing #sessions #eatingdisorders #anorexia #bulimia #empaths #waves #feeling #online #courses
June 04, 2021
Eating Disorder Tip Make Space for you
Listen to this episode where I share my insights on digging deeper and allowing yourself to have better relationships with food, eating patterns and portrayal of yourself. Your greatest superpower is how to be yourself and come back to your own essence. Part of my main work is grounding… how to feel comfortable in your own body. When you are ready to heal, your main focus needs to change from getting rid of things. I am inviting you to shift your perspective from restricting to how can I create more stability and support. While healing is certainly a process, an important step is to find pleasure in being alive and present. Celebrate your beauty today and reach out for aliveness! I am grateful for the pleasure of being alive. Sign up for my upcoming online immersion ‘The Power of Pleasure’ at: #eating #anorexia #bulimia #beauty #power #pleasure #grounding #body #trust #healing
May 23, 2021
How comfortable are you with being jealous? Is this something you acknowledge or do you feel ashamed by it? How can we use jealousy as a tool? I am curious to know your feelings on jealousy. In my video you’ll learn how I handle jealousy and actually have improved my relationships by acknowledging my feelings. When you sit with yourself and analyze what’s underneath, you actually allow yourself to know you. When jealousy and possessiveness show in your relationships, it can trigger feelings of insecurity stemming from your childhood. The simple action of acknowledging our emotions can be helpful to dissect our feelings and help us learn more about ourselves. I invite you to ride the wave of the emotion and feel the sensations in your body. When you start being aware of where those feelings reside within your body and ride the wave to the end, many times there’s a ‘gift at the end’. That pain is usually your power or message that will help you in your journey. There’s always a transformation at the end. If you would like to learn more about my journey visit: #catkabira #healing #energy #feelings #jealousy #emotions #waves
May 14, 2021
The Pleasure of Mistakes and Staying with Yourself
Do you feel shame and immobilized when you make a mistake? Do you allow shame to control you? If you are a perfectionist, making mistakes doesn’t feel comfortable and it’s easy to be hard with yourself. I was classically trained playing the piano and practiced hard to create ‘perfect’ melodies. Later on, I studied creative Jazz Improv that’s when I first realized that sometimes ‘mistakes’ can be turned into beautiful melodies. This is my way of inviting you to be present in every moment. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Allow yourself to follow the flow and let the magic happen. Learning to turn any fallback into a teaching moment can be key for our growth. Staying with yourself will help you find peace and contentment and be who you really are. We are all human and being hard on your self will only attract the wrong type of energy. Be gentle with yourself especially when analyzing your faults. Having the right type of attitude will make a difference and bring relief in your life. I invite you to stay with yourself, play with those ‘mistakes’ and find the wisdom within. It’s wonderful when you start ‘owning’ your mistakes and realizing your place at that time. Let your heart settle, be gentle and stay with yourself. This will allow you to find new coping mechanisms and help you when the same situation arises again. Looking in the inside you’ll realize how to stop those external influences trigger you. Staying with yourself will help you find peace and contentment and be who you really are. Learn more about my energy work at: #catkabira#pleasure #mistakes #learning #experiences #flow #magic #healing #energy
May 07, 2021
Love and Compromise
What really matters to you and how do you set priorities to respect your essence? How do you handle “surprises” in your life? What is healthy compromise? What really matters to you and how do you set priorities to respect your essence? Do you struggle finding balance with yourself?
April 29, 2021
This Year I’m Meant To Set Fire to Myself
Part of Covid reflections- I lost a baby in 2020 and am reflecting on the power of surrender through loss.
April 25, 2021
Freedom and The Man on the Boat
While resting and exploring on a tiny remote island called Gili Asahan, I met a sailor who invited me to run away with him on his boat. It made me consider the nature of freedom from my 40s perspective compared to the freedom I was searching for in my 20s. What’s freedom for you?
April 25, 2021
Weight Gain & Protection: How can we unravel to find another source of comfort and nurturing that is not food?
What do you do when you get caught up in emotional eating? What is a healthy weight for you to be in power and gain your authority? For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve had anorexia and bulimia for 20 plus years. I started considering myself fat when I was 4 years old and put myself on my first starvation diet when I was 9. For those of you that are recovering from eating disorders, you understand that part of it was an attempt for me to have some control in my life; and another part was restricting myself not to feel. I didn’t feel safe enough to allow myself to feel and dealt with feelings of rejection in an unhealthy way. In this way food can become a source of protection and it’s easy to get caught in an undercurrent of emotional eating. When reach out for food as a fix, it will only temporarily will make you feel better and will not meet deeper emotional needs. On the other side, if you are restricting yourself you are setting yourself up for a binge as your body will be feeling starved. It’s easy to get mad and the big work becomes how we can start turning to ourselves in loving and caring ways. This is where our inner work begins: How to start to unravel our feelings and stop triggering the victim response? How to recognize where your wounds are still hurting? What are the sources of nurturing that you still crave? How do we start to re-wire our Mother energy that we might not have gotten elsewhere? How do we catch ourselves when there is a compulsion? How do we allow ourselves feel safe enough to feel our feelings? How do we unravel to reach out for other sources of comfort and support that are not food? Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe that “It’s ok to eat and it’s ok to have pleasure in eating”; however it’s not a substitute for meeting our emotional needs. Food is nurturing and soothing but doesn’t bring emotional grounding and support that you we really need. The challenge is to create new patterns and realize there are new possibilities for protection and comfort. There’s a new world where you won’t be looking for a way to numb and protect yourself. I invite you to start turning towards yourself with tenderness and caring. Allow yourself to feel love, start listening to yourself and begin setting healthy boundaries. This is part of the work that I do with my energy coaching and courses. Learn more at: #catkabira #catkabirayoga #online #course #energy #body #self #healing #nourish #balance #wellbeing #connection #grounding #energetic #yoga
April 23, 2021
What Turns You On?
How much do you follow your own life force? When is it habitual patterns that are leading your way and when is it the delight of your spirit?
April 22, 2021
I will break my own heart enough times...
The power of diving inwards, meeting ourself, our own Heart
June 22, 2020
Fear Focus Training- Dance with the Waves
A sharing on surfing, fear management, and the global pandemic
April 08, 2020
Bali I Love you- I let myself get made
Morning spoken word about how we are all perfectly placed where we belong, and the discomfort of sitting with ourselves, our own inner deaths and the power of surrender.
April 01, 2020
Confessions of a Princess
Morning writing about my own relationship with money, how coronavirus is causing me to pause and reflect. The power of our own adaptability and our need to create meaning in ambiguity.
March 30, 2020
Love in the Time of Corona: the best WiFi is in our closet
Negotiating a new relationship during a global pandemic by one who’s been a feisty sensitive nomad for decades. Spoken word
March 30, 2020
Mystics are Born out of Prisons
Spoken word sharing in the “Love in the Time of Corona” Series
March 29, 2020
The World is Ending and Your Cock is in my Hand- part of the “Love in the Time of Corona” Series
Spoken word from daily writing and musings, especially at this time of us in this global pandemic
March 29, 2020
How to sense your own energy field
Here’s a shorter meditation in which you can start to visualize or feel your own energy field and also the “holes” in your field. This is an excerpt from a training with Cat Kabira called “The Field.” Cat runs shorter and longer workshops around the world teaching you how to sense and understand your own energy as well as others. She has a YouTube channel: CatKabira and an “Energy 101” online course at
August 29, 2019
Choosing to Exist
This contains and intro and a guided meditation in which we get to work with our “life line.” Cat talks about how some people, especially those who have a hard time grounding or staying in their bodies, may have cut off their primary grounding cord that’s connected to their birth place. Listen to the intro (first few minutes) to learn more.
August 08, 2019
Yogic Vision Quest: Journey into the Heart
This is Cat Kabira’s creative and shamanic take on the traditional yoga nidra. A great way to have a guided meditation, increase relaxation and connect to your subconscious and dreaming states. All you need is a quiet place and to lie down comfortably so you can listen to the words and go on the journey. Get interested in what appears to you and what your experience is when you go on this journey. Want to learn more? Contact us at and go to
August 07, 2019