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Catchers U

Catchers U

By Jack Ferrick
Educational Podcast that will cover a variety of topics in the baseball/softball world from a catching perspective!
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Baseball Recruitment in 2021 with Travis Turgeon
Coach Jack Ferrick interviews former college and current Cape Cod Coach Travis Turgeon.    Get the free Bullpen Report at    TikTok: @catchersu   IG: @catchers_u
October 14, 2021
New School Catching with Joe Singley
Coach Ferrick interviews Joe Singley on this episode of the Catchers U podcast.   Get more from Coach Singley at  IG: @catching_singley   TikTok: @joe_singley  Get the free Bullpen Report at  TikTok: @catchersu  IG: @catchers_u
March 06, 2021
Don't Break The Chain with Brandon Oliver
In this episode we dive deep into pre pitch movement and help catchers understand efficient movement patterns.  Our guest is Brandon Oliver the founder of Catching Coalition.
February 20, 2021
Catching with Ray Ricker
Join us as we talk catching with Ray Ricker, a catching coach within the Philadelphia Phillies organization!!!
January 28, 2021
Prep and Recovery for Catchers
Want to maximize your performance during your games.  Listen to this episode as we talk about ways to get your body ready for competition and how to help yourself recover after your games are done!!!  Special Guest Ethan Ferrick!!!
August 14, 2020
In Game Adjustments with Travis Ferrick
Check out this great conversation with Dayton University's Pitching Coach Travis Ferrick.  In this episode we discuss how to make in game adjustments and understanding our pitchers so they can have success in the game!!!
July 30, 2020
Being a Great Teammate with Casey Dykes
The Catchers U Podcast is excited to have Casey Dykes, New York Yankees AA coach on as we discuss the definition of a great teammate.  We also dive into program culture and leadership as well.  I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did!!!  
June 12, 2020
Pitcher and Catcher Relationship
This Episode the Catchers U Podcast welcomes Travis Ferrick, pitching coach at the University of Dayton.  Listen in as Travis and I talk about the special bond and ways to help your battery get stronger!!!
May 25, 2020
Breaking Down Your Opponent
In this episode we will break down our opponents by setting up a system in which we can categorize the running threat of each player!
May 18, 2020