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Catching Up With Dwayne

Catching Up With Dwayne

By Dwayne Duke
Join comedian Dwayne Duke as he catches up with his friends over trash talk and pop culture.
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15 Bathtubs Only! (Guest Andrew Ferrara)
We're back after a brief hiatus with all new episodes. This week we're talking with Andrew Ferrara (P3 Comedy Festival /  Pensacola, Fl).  Tom Hanks has 4 kids, A Bachelor is gay, QAnon missed Matt Gaetz, and  we're partying in Pensacola Memorial Day weekend.   Follow Andrew on Instagram
April 16, 2021
14 Forensic Files and Board Games (Guest Sarah McPeck)
This week Dwayne catches up with  comedian/ producer Sarah McPeck (Minneapolis). It's good to have family all under one roof, but these board games are a killer.   Follow Sarah on social media
March 26, 2021
13 Circle Circle Dot Dot (Guest Amanda Averell
Dwayne and Amanda (Pittsburgh, Burning Bridges Comedy Club)  talk about getting vaccinated,  supporting local businesses, Disney, and briefly touch on the tragedy that happened in Atlanta. There is light at the end of the tunnel friends.  Spring is almost here, again. Check her out at  
March 19, 2021
12 It's Friday Ella (Guest Spencer Taylor)
This week Dwayne's guest is  former nanny Spencer Taylor (ABC's Mixed-ish), they talk about  Cinderella ('97) Pancakes, traffic and her boyfriend's zucchini. Follow Spencer: Watch  Mixed-ish (Season 2 episode 4 in particular.   
March 12, 2021
Spotify Exclusive Episode 11.5 Mushroom Spiral with the Music of Saint Free
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
This Spotify  exclusive episode has clips of Saint Free's Music This week Dwayne's guest is Bradley Freedman (Musician/ Rochester). They talk about the creative process,  touring,  and bad audio book narrators. Follow Bradley and Saint Free Saint Free on Spotify Saint Free on Instagram
March 5, 2021
11 Mushroom Spiral (Bradley Freedman of Saint Free)
This week Dwayne's guest is Bradley Freedman (Musician/ Rochester). They talk about the creative process,  touring,  and bad audio book narrators. Dwayne Mentions hearing Saint Free's music, but that's exclusive to the episode on Spotify.   Follow Bradley and Saint Free Saint Free on Spotify Saint Free on Instagram
March 5, 2021
010 John Armstrong (A Different Podcast)
This time Dwayne is joined by comedian John Armstrong (Cleveland) to discuss the premiere of season 2 of A Different World.   This is the beginning of the DEBBIE ALLEN ERA! Ep 1 -  Dr War is Hell Dir - Debbie Allen Writer -  Thad Mumford Original Airdate -  October 6,  1988 Ep 2 Two Gentlemen of Hillman Dir - Debbie Allen Writer -  Susan Fales Original Airdate -  October 13, 1988
February 28, 2021
009 Sampson McCormick ( A Different Podcast - S2 Ep 5)
This week Dwayne is  joined by the incomparable Sampson McCormick ( comedian, writer, director).  A discussion on growing up in DC, going to an HBCU, Christopher Street in New York, and black tv from the 90s.   Season 2 Ep 5 Three Girls Three Dir -  Debbie Allen Writer - Jeffery Duteil Original Airdate November 17, 1988 Sampson McCormick's new film Love the One Your With is available on Amazon Prime.
February 27, 2021
008 Spark Tabor (A Different Podcast - Pilot Redux)
This week you're in for a treat.  Dwayne is joined by  Spark Tabor  (Cookies for Breakfast Podcast/  Chicago).  Spark has seen the show, but doesn't have a real memory of it. So we're revisiting the Pilot episodes, of this iconic series. Ep 1 Reconcilable Differences Ellen Falcon (dir) Lissa LEvin and Thad Mumford (wri) Airdate Sep 24, 1987   Ep 2 Pilot Jay Sandrich (dir)  Joh Markus, Carmen Finestra, and Matt Williams (Wri)   Ep 22 My Dinner With Theo Ellen Falcon (dir)  Scott Spencer Gordon (wri) Airdate July 7, 1988 Spark Tabor
February 26, 2021
07 Catching Up With Aireonna McCall (A Plant Called Anna Nicole)
This week  Dwayne catches up with Photographer/ Event Planner Aireonna McCall.   They cover social work, school photography, shitty kids,  being a plant mom, and  Cardi B. Follow Aire  on Instagram Catching Up With Dwayne is part of the Cleveland Comedy Festival Podcast network. Follow the pod  PICS (  & Words (
February 12, 2021
Catching Up with Nikkia and Mikael (Baby Sprinkles and Birth Charts)
This week we Dwayne catches up with friends from college. They're talking birth charts (guess where Dwayne's Moon is), straight people registries, C - sections, birth times, and Michelle Obama's Belt Buckle. Catch Dwayne at Pickwick & Frolic Hilarities in Cleveland Feb 5th & 6th, 2021
February 5, 2021
Catching Up - Ray Roberts (Ohio Escapee)
This week Dwayne catches up with Comedian Ray Roberts.  Ray is a recent Wisconsin transplant from Ohio.  This week we talk politics, writing, and the struggles of being a positive person. Ray is online at  
January 29, 2021
Throwback Episode - Winston Hodges (Pokémon Movie)
in this throwback to 2020 Dwayne talks with comic Winston Hodges about the Pokémon Movie! 
January 29, 2021
Catching Up - Riley Cosgrove (Goldmember Daddy Issues )
This week Dwayne chats with Riley Cosgrove a comic and  good time girl from the midwest.  They  chat about ice skating drag queens, being a catholic tw*t, and Riley's fit fam obsession  with the Black Eyed Peas.  Listen and learn who the top Baldwin is. Riley is Minnesota nice for Joy Reid. 
January 22, 2021
Hey  Friends, and person who mistakenly found this feed.  Catching Up is moooooving on over to the Cleveland Comedy Festival Podcast Network.  Same RSS  (I have no idea what that is) but we're part of a network now.  MAMA I'Ve GOT A Home.   Also this February episodes of the podcast A Different Podcast (  will be on this feed!  
January 20, 2021
Throwback Episode - Mike Whitaker ( 2019'S Why Even Post This?)
Happy 30th Birthday Mike! Please enjoy this throwback episode of Mike's short lived Podcast (Why Even Post this?)  We talk about social media, Florida People and  of course Aaron Carter.
January 15, 2021
Catching Up - Nick Sahoyah ( Mortal Kombat Kitties)
Happy New Year!  Dwayne catches up with West Coast Comedian Nick Sahoyah!   This week we discuss  video games, Armie Hammer, and the Adidas/  Puma split. Find   Nick on Twitter and Instagram.  @Sahoyah 
January 8, 2021
Throwback Episode - Sandlot vs Rookie of the Year
Recorded in April2020 with the original format of the podcast.  This week Dwayne hosts a round table talking two classic baseball movies. Strap in this one goes to places, you wouldn't imagine.   Guests  Chris Downing (@pastafazool), Bryce Damuth (@Cubanrose) and Ryne Diperna (@Dr_Turn_Esquire).  
December 31, 2020
Throwback Episode - Charley McMullen
Recorded in April 2020 with the original format. Dwayne Catches Up with Charley McMullen (@CharleyMcMullen) over Office Space and The Newsroom.
December 29, 2020
Throwback Episode - Sarah Dalton
Recorded in April 2020, with the original format of the podcast.  This time Dwayne Catches Up with Sarah Dalton (@daltron_3030) over The Matrix and Dawson's Creek.
December 24, 2020
Throwback Episode - Todd Masterson
Recorded in April of 2020 with the original format of the podcast. Dwayne catches up with Todd Masterson (Rupual's Drag Race/ @GayFatFriend) over A Star is Born and  The Leftovers.  
December 22, 2020
Catching UP - Mike Whitaker
Dwayne catches up with comedian, and decent human Mike Whitaker. This week w
December 18, 2020
Catching UP - Jason Kelly
This week,  Dwayne Drinks Red Wine, and catches up with a friend from college.  This week we're talking Baseball and Lord of The Rings.   Catch Jason online at . He's a host of Benny and The Betts Podcasts and Stactic Rift Radio. 
December 11, 2020
Catching UP - Corey Saunders
This week Dwayne Catches up with comedian and producer.   Corey Saunders (MA) and Dwayne catch up over  Happy Endings, Furries, and of course Jay -Z.   Recorded  Nov 29, 2020.   Follow Corey across social media at @ecoreysuanders 
December 1, 2020