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Catherine A. - Holistic Health Coach

Catherine A. - Holistic Health Coach

By Catherine Allouis
Become a Paid Subscriber: The series of the podcast is aimed at educational purposes and self-development. Well-being is the foundation of your balance, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Everything starts with you! You control your emotions, how you react and so on. In life, we have two choices; go with the flows or take the waves. I decide to go with harmony, joy, happiness, freedom, wealth, health, and love. I follow my path and passion and make a living by helping and supporting others, attaining their deep desire. Forget one moment you are an adult and return to the young you. Peace & Love
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Art Therapy- Benefits
The benefits of Art Therapy are endless- When I say Art, It can be all kinds of Arts, music, dancing, singing, cooking, drawing, etc. The Art you choose should resonate with you; it should bring you self-expression, creativity, harmony, and joy! Art therapy supports mindfulness, awareness, feeling, emotions, and healing. Well-being starts with healing your past hurt and trauma; you learn to express your feelings and emotions with Art. When you create, you are in harmony with yourself; learning to let go of the past is crucial to living an abundant life. As everything starts with you, you must make the change with yourself. Change your mind, change your direction. Art brings harmony, tranquillity, peace, and happiness. It’s a gentle healing process but powerful. Art is a powerful state of expression, especially when you let go of all control of your ego and let express your soul. You discover with art therapy your more profound desire, emotions, and life purpose. The more you calm your mind, feel at peace, and relax, your healing process goes deeper. After healing completely, you feel an immense liberation; it was a Wow moment for me. The missing key I was looking for. I feel free, tranquil, peaceful and in harmony with myself. What is one secret of happiness? Follow your heart, passion, and love. Do what makes you truly happy; every second day! Finish reading @ Thank you for Prada west for his music, www.YouTube/ Follow your heart! Peace & Love
May 03, 2022
Follow the link to read the full version of the benefits of mindfulness. Share the love! Peace and love- Thank you to Prada West for his music; find him @
March 26, 2022
What is love?
What is Love? Everything starts with you- What is love? It seems a simple question! Love is unconditional. Everything starts with you! Love yourself to love others. If you do not love yourself, how can you love someone else? What is Love? Love is a feeling, an emotion; you feel deep inside your heart and soul. Love is not loving others; instead, it starts with you, by accepting your flows, growing with learning, accepting what does not serve you; people and things. Acknowledging you are doing the best you can with what you have now. Be patient, loving with yourself. Allow all changes to come your way by accepting it's for your good. Be kind and tolerant toward you. Everything starts with you. Love is linked to self-esteem, self-confidence, and happiness. Until you allow yourself to love unconditionally, you cannot be happy with somebody else. Learn to enjoy your company and allow some quiet time to take care of your well-being; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When you bring awareness to your well-being, balance is with you. Harmony, happiness, love, and joy are part of your day! How to bring balance? Balance is primordial to stay away from "burnout." Keeping a healthy mind and body is vital. But many forget to align the heart and soul-deep desire. Until you do it, you will see obstacles in front of you. Listening to what you truly desire is part of loving yourself. Respecting yourself your values is showing care and love to Self. Don't put your dreams and goals aside to please someone else. Love yourself enough to go after what you want. Get up, dress up and show up! Loving yourself is tied to happiness; do what makes your heart sing. Tools to love yourself - Positive affirmation- Positive affirmations are great to rewire your unconscious mind toward a positive attitude and love to you. They reinforce the words, phrases, or sentences you use to motivate and inspire you to think and feel loving. When you repeat your affirmations, it overcomes obstacles and negative belief patterns. Some examples: "I love myself"; "I am beautiful"; "I do the best I can"; "I am worthy." - Practice Mindfulness- Mindfulness clears your mind and helps you focus on the present moment. It opens your eyes to self-love, confidence, and positivity. You gain a non-judgmental attitude that allows unconditional love to yourself and others. - Self-care- Self-care is doing for yourself what you have passion and love for. It's taking care of your mind, body, heart, and soul. It's doing everything that brings harmony and joy into your life. Take a walk-in nature to breathe sincerely, read a book, take a class, dance, cooking…Use your imagination and follow your heart😊 Peace and Love Read more @ Thank you To Prada West for the music, find him @ www.YouTube/
March 02, 2022
The Great Awakening
The Journey to your spiritual path- You probably heard a lot about" Awakening "or "The Great Awakening." We are all different as "human beings," your experiences may differ from somebody else. In the end, the Awakening processes lead us to our Spiritual Journey path. Accepting the truth and our purpose towards a New World; by enlightening and allowing the flow of Love, tranquillity, harmony, abundance, and prosperity to all. Awakening is a journey from restriction to freedom - from unconscious to conscious. If you are new to the term awakening, it means opening your eyes to the truth of the world, acting to change to a New World. Taking control of your life in your hand; not being led by fears, but by unconditional love. You never know who you are until your shadow meets your light as you are unhappy because you are not aligned with who you are. Awakening follows our soul's desire to lead to infinity, love, happiness, and abundance. Listen to your profound want to harmonize your mind, body, heart, and soul. Until you accomplish your purpose and follow your path, you will never find harmony and peace deep in your soul. The most important events you must achieve on Earth are enlightening your “Self” to enlighten others with your light and energy. Leading with positivity, love, empathy, compassion, and optimism is an example. Awaken- You are not here by accident. You are the Awakening that breaths the magic of Love and light into the troubled world. Though you will be tested and supported on your spiritual path; You will confirm to be the fighter you have always been. Rise, release the past and be the hope for humanity That you indeed are. You are the highest vibration! - Awareness- You bring awareness into your life, personal and career. You see with new lenses; it is not the life you want to live, or you realize you don't want this world to your children, yourself, or the world. You discover yourself, and a deep desire starts to surface for you to act toward change for the better. The Universe always wants to test your truth; you will encounter situations that make you second guess everything. These are lessons. You know in your heart what is true. Stay in your intuition; connect with your soul for guidance. Read more at A big thank you to Prada West for sharing his music, Peace and Love-
January 11, 2022
Spirituality is not a religion, but rather it involves a search for meaning in life, a connection to something bigger than us. It is a collective human experience—The Great Awakening. Many persons describe a spiritual experience as a deep sense of wholeness. Spirituality is perceived at different levels; it depends on your awareness, mindfulness, and meditation practice. My experiences and gifts lead me to my journey of spiritual awakening.  It means healing your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual; to be whole. My passion and purpose are to empower you and share my knowledge to support you to stay on your self-knowledge. You will find your key toward unconditional love, abundance, prosperity, and harmony.  But first, let's see what's spirituality means. What's Spirituality Means? Spirituality means you are in balance between your mind, body, heart, and soul. You listen to your deeper through to guide you to your life purpose. When you find the purpose of your life is; You feel great, light, free, happy, thankful, and grateful. You start making the change necessary in all aspects of your life. You follow your goals and purpose with great energy and motivation; nothing can stop you. You keep the focus on the prize. You form a whole with yourself, as your soul is in harmony with your heart. Freedom, abundance, love, success is around you everywhere. You see magic and beauty; your eyes are open. Positivity and optimist empower your growth mindset and your miraculous awakening. Awareness, self-care, and mindfulness are part of your daily routine to enjoy the tranquillity and appreciate unconditional love within you. It also involves understanding the correlation between the universe and energy, as we are energy. The more you raise your vibration, the more you attract abundance and Happiness. It's a process of allowing who you are. What is your life purpose? What is your more profound desire? Carl Junk called it the "Self" and Maslow's "Self-Actualization. " Spirituality and psychology are linked together. When your basic need is fulfilled, and you take time, you improve and find your life journey. Don't fight the changes coming to you, but instead, be resilient and accept them. To attain contentment and enlightenment, you need to allow the spirit to heal. Read more at Thank you to Prada West; find him at
November 25, 2021
Loneliness means your current relationships don’t meet your needs. You don’t have to be alone to feel lonely. Loneliness comes up when we feel alone, unwanted, or isolated. Loneliness comes from a lack of self-esteem and self-worth. Until You recognize your core value, improve resilience, and anchor yourself. Without all of that, you are at the mercy of people to boost your well-being. What is Loneliness? Loneliness is a sense of disconnection; we imagine it comes from being isolated from people. The truth is many people are lonely even with having family, friends, colleagues, and a vast social network. You feel lonely when you don’t see your company as meaningful and fulfilling. All good relationships involve quality presence. They are the greatest! Loneliness is feeling physically alone. It is a feeling of isolation, emptiness, and separation; social contact cannot solve it. People feel lonely when they are not comfortable with themselves. Low self-worth is the most significant contributor to loneliness. When someone gives little value in themselves and their personality, opinions, and goals, making and maintaining relationships is challenging. They don’t see themselves as worthy; low self-esteem leads to isolation and lower self-esteem. It is a non-end cycle until you decide to take your destiny into your own hands. Lack Of Acceptance You cannot rely on others to make you feel unique or worthy. If you don’t accept yourself, you cannot expect people to welcome you. It is an inside job within yourself, your mind, and your soul. You need to have self-esteem, self-worth to have meaningful relationships; if you don’t, you will always feel lonely, no matter what. You’ll get upset and experience emotional isolation since your sense of value is low, and your well-being depends on others. Improve Your Self-esteem Connect with your true nature; you will not feel lonely, no matter your situation, even if you live alone or don’t see your circle. You reduce unhappiness with self-esteem. Connecting with yourself helps you see events from a different angle. You don’t rely on others for their opinion to feel good. You ‘know’ who you are and recognize your inner power. Someone can be unpleasant, but their behaviour won’t bring you pain when you connect to your true self. Self-esteem decreases the feeling of loneliness, but you need to connect with yourself. The answer to loneliness is not to find external love; the answer is self-love. Love yourself first to attract the right people into your life. Everything always starts within you, nothing external. You Have The Power The first step to self-esteem is to realize you have the power to change. Rely on yourself to do what it takes to make a change. Build your resilience and accept to be by your own company. To connect with yourself, increase your awareness of the way you influence your through. Keep positivity and optimism around you to elevate your good energy. Imply Self-care to take care of you, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Treat yourself with respect and love to gain positive results. Spend value time with yourself, do something you like, or go for a walk into nature. Read more at ; Need help and support, you can book a session with me.  Thank you to Prada West for his music,  
November 06, 2021
Mental Health and Social Media
'Like' it or not, using social media causes anxiety, depression, and other health challenges. The platforms are designed to be addictive and are associated with anxiety, depression, and physical disorders. According to some research, 4.48 billion users worldwide as of July 2021 use social media. It puts a large population at an increased risk of feeling anxious, depressed, or ill over social media use. Social Media and Mental Health Humans are social beings. We need others to thrive in life, and the strength of our connections has a significant impact on our mental health and happiness. Being connected to others ease stress, anxiety, and depression, boosts self-worth, provides comfort and joy, prevents loneliness, and even adds years to your life. On the other side, lacking social connections poses a severe risk to psychological well-being. In the world today, many rely on social media platforms. It's important to remember that social media can't replace the natural world and the human connection. It needs in-person contact with others to produce the hormones that improve stress and make you feel happier, healthier, and positive. Surprisingly for a technology created to bring people closer together, spending too much time connecting on social media make you feel lonely and isolated—and aggravates mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Suppose you're spending extreme time on social media and feel sad, dissatisfied, frustrated or lonely; It's impacting your life. In that case, it's time to examine your online behaviours and find a better balance. Negative Aspects Of Social Media Read more at  Thank you for listening:) Thank you To Prada West for his music; find him at www.YouTube/ Next week" Loneliness, Stay safe!
October 26, 2021
Importance of Freedom
Importance of Freedom Freedom is when people can speak, act, and pursue happiness without unnecessary outside restrictions. Freedom is essential. It leads to improved expressions of creativity and thought, increased productivity and quality of life. I decided to discuss the issue of Freedom as it is taking away one by one worldwide, disguised under the pandemic of our safety and health. Let look first what are the constitution of Freedom and our rights. Second, we will overview how our Freedom supports our well-being, health, and safety. And Third, what we should retain from Freedom behind the history. What is Freedom? · The condition of not be in prison or captivity. · A condition without restraints, control or interference by another or by circumstance. ·  Not be controlled by another nation or political power, political independence. · The situation of not be subject to dictatorial or oppressive power; civil liberty. The General assembly Proclaim this Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations, to the end, that every individual and every organ of society, keeping the Declaration constantly in mind, shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures, national and international, to secure their universal and effective recognition and observance, both among the peoples of Member States themselves and the peoples of territories under their jurisdiction. ARTICLE 1 All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are granted with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. ARTICLE 2 Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms outlined in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinions, national or social origin, property, birth, or another status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made based on the political, jurisdictional, or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty. ARTICLE 3 Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person. ARTICLE 4 No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms. ARTICLE 5 No one shall be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. ARTICLE 6 Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law. ARTICLE 7 Stay safe, stay awake!
October 16, 2021
Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive dissonance is the view of contradictory information. Mentions to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs, or behaviours. It creates a feeling of mental discomfort leading to a change in attitudes, opinions, or behaviours to reduce the pain and restore balance. When we have an inconsistency between attitudes or behaviours, something must change to eliminate the dissonance. People seek consistency in their attitudes and perceptions, so this conflict causes feelings of anxiety or discomfort. People try to reduce the tension in different ways, like rejecting, explaining away, or avoiding new information. Self-esteem is your answer to deal with cognitive dissonance, as it is linked to self-confidence. When you have both, your chance of dealing with cognitive dissonance is lower as you know your believes and values. Signs of Cognitive Dissonance Every person experiences cognitive dissonance to some degree. Some signs include: · Feeling uncomfortable before deciding or doing something. · Trying to justify a decision or action you made. · Feeling embarrassed about something you did and hiding your actions from other people. · Feeling guilt, regret about something you did in the past. · Doing things because of social or peer pressure. What are the causes? Cognitive dissonance happens when a person keeps contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. It is psychological stress when they take part in an action against one of them. When somebody is pushed to do something against their will, they do it; the dissonance is created between their perception and behaviour. It causes moderate trauma. Different situations create conflicts that lead to cognitive dissonance. Subscribe to my newsletters to have access to all blogs and other helpful information at Thank you to Prada West for his music, you can find him at www.YouTube/ Thank you for listening; share the knowledge! Stay safe:)
October 03, 2021
Heal With The Power Of Your Mind
The mind helps provide the power need to heal the spirits and bodies. Every person has the tools to fix harmony, balance, and health in their bodies through the mind's healing energy. We know that thoughts and perceptions affect physiology –from stress to everything else in life. The mental state is crucial to determine the experience of symptoms like pain, fatigue and depression. The mind affects all functions like digestion, circulation and the immune system.  Control by the brain via the nervous system. Reducing stress is number 1 to stay healthy by eating a lot of nutritious foods full of nutrients. The Power Of the Mind The subconscious mind does not know the difference between truth and imagination. The thoughts have a physical effect on the body. One of the reasons for Positivity! Keep your thoughts positive and ditch negativity from your mind and around you. If you want to be and stay positive, allow only positive experiences and people. Take Back The Control Of Your Mind · The mind-body connection- Realize you are in control of your situation. When you understand your mind, body and emotions are links together; you can achieve the unimaginable. · Stay Mindful- Notice your thoughts and emotions and how they connect to your actions. Bring awareness to your daily life. Embrace your life in the present moment. · Focus- Change your direction from the negativity. Positive thinking reduces stress and depression and makes you feel good and uplift. · Meditation- It's a natural method to calm,  center your mind, and ground yourself. When you meditate, you bring your focus on something comforting like your breath or a mantra. · Coach your mind- Keep the mind focus by engaging the body by taking deep breaths to encourage a positive physical state in the morning. As you focus, you clear your mind and concentrate on the present moment. · Visualization-The mind is powerful. When you control your thoughts, you have your destiny in your hands. Visualize reaching a specific goal over and over; It manifests into your life only with the power of your mind. Trust in Yourself! · Change the beliefs about yourself-Beliefs are influential in shaping how we see ourselves and the world. Learn to control your mind by reframing your thoughts. See your worth in all situations. You have the power. Tips To Heal · Believe you can heal- The path to healing is first to believe in the process. Trust in you and the power of your mind. · Choose to be optimistic- An optimistic mindset brings you a positive outlook. · Laugh- Don't take yourself too seriously and laugh. Enjoy what life has to offer. Bring back your inner child in this world. · Meditate- Boost your overall well-being with meditation. It brings you clarity, calmness, and focus. · Journaling- Put your thoughts on paper. Writing your goals, your dreams, and everything else you want to achieve supports the power of your mind. · Social support- Have excellent social support with open minds and supportive people. The one who brings Positivity into your life. · Self-care- Take care of your mind, body, and spirit are they are linked together. Do what makes you happy and feel in life. Read more by subscribing to the newsletter @ Thank you to Prada West for his music www.YouTube/ Thank you for listening, share the knowledge:) Stay safe!
September 27, 2021
The power Of Your Mind
Your mind is powerful; what you put in your mind, you can achieve it. The human mind holds one of the most potent powers accessible to us. Unfortunately, its powers are ignored mainly unknown, so many of its abilities have become undeveloped. The power of the mind is the most incredible power you can tap into. We’ll discuss the incredible power of the mind and what you can do to use your mind’s ability in the following. The power of the mind is mainly dependent on your thoughts. What you think you become. The ideas you decide to entertain influence what happens to you in life. Your beliefs, minds and attitudes influence how you behave and how you respond to specific events. Even more so, your thought patterns essentially decide how you interpret certain situations. And this can make quite a difference. Two people might share precisely the same experience, but the way they interpret what happens could be different. One person can use these lessons to grow; the other can feel the universe is hostile to them. That’s the reason our thinking makes a vast difference. It is not important what happens to us in many situations, but how we interpret and react. As you think, your life becomes. To make changes in the outside world, you must change yourself and your thoughts first. Your mind is like a movie screen. You decide what type of video is playing on your cerebral screen. The video that plays in your mind influences the life you’re living to a great extent. Let’s look at the power of the mind and what you can do to control it. The Mind’s Power Use your thoughts to change the humanity around you. The process takes patience and practice. It is like plant seeds. Just as seeds are planted in the earth, thoughts are produced in the mind. But it takes persistence and care to grow a plant. You must water and fertilize the ideas you want to create. When you slowly plant and take care of the thoughts you wish to manifest, they slowly come to roots in your mind. When this happens, your thoughts start to flow into your subconscious mind. It is where the power of the subconscious mind starts to take effect. Over time, it begins to impact your behaviour. By doing so, it helps you take the required steps for the realization of your goals. When you plant beneficial and supportive thoughts, they assist you in the accomplishment of your goals. But nearly all people are not aware of the process, so they ignore it. As a result, many obstructive beliefs and mindsets grow roots in their minds and negatively influence their behaviour. The Subconscious Mind Read more at, subscribe to get some news as I start to offer different coaching sessions and courses for Self-development.  Thank you to Prada West for his music, you can find him at www.YouTube/ Share the knowledge, share the love :) Stay safe!
September 06, 2021
How To Cultivate Happiness?
Everyone is looking for Happiness. Most people do not realize Happiness is a choice! It is up to each of us to find, cultivate, and shine our light. Happiness is not about fame, money, career, and everything else society wants you to think it is. The Root of Happiness The root of Happiness comes from inside yourself. Happiness is not something that comes to you because you want to be happy. It is something you create; by changing how you react to events around and inside yourself. Your attitude, behaviours are everything to consider when you strive for Happiness. Adopt a positive attitude, and life turns out to be a rewarding adventure. Smile more; it is contagious others will smile back to you. The root of Happiness is the core of who you are. To be happy, you need to align with yourself. KNOW YOURSELF When you understand and comprehend, you cannot buy or get Happiness by doing nothing; You start to ask yourself some crucial existential questions. Knowing what you really want from life, your purpose, and what makes you truly happy; You have your answer. Ask yourself what you want; it is crucial to create a happy life with a purpose. It would be best to live your life to your terms and not what society expects from you. True, job security and money are necessary. Still, it's challenging to live a happy life when you don't do what you really desire to do. Life goes fast, and regret is easy to feel or blame yourself not to reach what you want. Ask yourself where you stand, where you want to go. This is how you explore what gets your heart to vibrate. Are you happy accomplishing what you do now? Is that your passion? To get your answer, you must listen to your thoughts and your gut and your heart. For that, meditation, walk in nature both clean your mind, and you can think straight. Self-care is vital at any time, as it's the way to go when you need to make some critical decision or find an answer. A calm mind brings many options and solutions. You need to know who you are to be truly happy, and you do not find your answer with noise around you. Please take a lot of time by yourself, and you will get your answer. You may need time, be kind to yourself and get support if you feel stuck. Read more at Thank you to Prada West, follow him at www.YouTube/
August 31, 2021
Today, I want to discuss love and the power love has on people. It's not only love in a relationship but love from people around you and self-love. The two essential things in life are loving and accepting yourself and true love with people your bonds. It brings you peace, security, and support. Many people are confused about love in the current society, where people love things instead of loving others. You were lye when they told you money brings you happiness. Happiness comes from a loving heart and not from materials. Usually, it's often late in life when people finally understand unless they are awake. People move on without feeling love, from family, friends. Love, support, and respect are love. What truly matters: "loving materials, which bring satisfaction for a short time for having them or feeling the love and support from people and having a genuine connection"? Nothing can replace the feeling of love, not even money. I met many people in my life who had all the money they want; they were not happy. They miss a deep connection with others, the love, support, true intimacy, and the love and self-esteem which come from them. Love Yourself Love yourself to love others. What does that mean? It is accepting who you are. Loving yourself is being true to yourself, meaning listening to your thoughts and gut, loving without limitation who you are or who you begin to be. Life is in constant movement; you change and go through a different stage in life. Same if you want it or don't. Life is a cycle. When you love yourself, you shine, are self-confident, and have good self-esteem as you know your values and boundaries. You are happy being alone and enjoy recharging and taking care of yourself by doing self-care. Learn to be compassionate towards you and realize this made your compassion towards others more powerful. Be kind to yourself first, like that you distribute kindness everywhere you go. By taking those steps, you can love others as you understand the power of love, with support, kindness, non-judgment, and empathy. But also, you don't burn yourself by giving too much and forgetting about yourself. Your inside balance is essential to keep at any time. Your value and self-worth need to be in your mind. Forget yourself about your past experiences, take them as a lesson and move on. Be mindful of being in the present moment; it helps you accept who you are and understand that living in the past of the future only brings anxiety and fears. Never let others tell you what you can and can't do, and don't let the opinion of others get in the way of the love you have for yourself. Your happiness comes first. When you take care of yourself, you feel and look better; you attract positivity and good vibration — it all begins within you, nobody else. Once you succeed at loving yourself, you can love someone else entirely. Cultivating a sense of true self-love is a process, and it isn't always easy. It's something that you need to work on every day, but it is worth it in the end. Read more at Thank you to Prada West for his music, follow him on www.Youtube/
August 23, 2021
Resilience For Mental Health
Resilience is the capacity to adapt to challenging situations. When stress, adversity, or trauma hits, you experience anger, grief, and pain. Still, you keep operating — both physically and psychologically. However, Resilience is not about dealing with something difficult, being indifferent or figuring it out on your own. But by reaching to others for support; is a crucial part of being resilient. Resilience protects you from several mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety. Resilience helps compensate for issues that add to the risk of mental health conditions by improving your coping ability. What Does Resilience Mean? Resilience means to adapt to life's hardships and setbacks. Resilience is the mental quality that lets people hit by life's adversities and come back stronger. Instead of allowing the struggles their encounters to beat and drain them, resilient people find a way to change direction and focus on their goals. Why Is Resilience Important? Resilience is a crucial skill for success in life. Without being resilient, we cannot push through hard times and bounce back stronger to face life. Resilient people utilize their skills and strengths to cope and recover from problems and challenges. Resilient people face life's difficulties instead of falling into desolation or hiding from problems with unhealthy coping strategies. It does not mean that they experience less distress, grief, or anxiety than other people. Instead, they apply healthy coping skills to handle difficulties in ways that foster strength and growth. They understand that setbacks happen, and life is hard and painful sometimes. They experience the negative emotions that come after a tragedy. Still, their mental attitude allows them to work through these feelings and recover faster. It is the reason that Being Resilient is essential to have in the toolbox. Read more at Thank you to Prada West, follow him at Thank you for listening; I truly appreciate it. Share the love and the knowledge! Next week is about love. The Importance of feeling and sharing love.
August 16, 2021
Heal From Trauma
To Heal from Trauma is a personal journey by placing pain to take a rest. It gets you ready to go on with your life. But make sure to do Self-Care to cope with your feelings and heal your body. Rely on other people for help, reach out to friends,  family, or professionals. To know how to heal from Trauma, you need to understand Trauma, the types, and finally, how to heal. What Is Trauma? Definition Trauma is any experience that causes extreme physical or psychological stress reactions. I can be at one or many events. It's an experience that threatens or harms an individual and severely negatively affects someone's physical, emotional, social, or spiritual well-being. Many situations are traumatic or highly stressful. These situations are often unexpected and outside of someone's control. You have a different reaction to Trauma. Mostly, people show immediate effects after a traumatic event. Some people experience fears, vulnerability, and physical stress reactions, including changes in the brain and body. Often these changes are temporary. For some people, the effect of Trauma disrupts their lives, requiring some intervention and care. When people use Resilience, they often work through a traumatic event or experience without therapy. Two Types Of Traumas When people are resilient and use the skills, disorders are not likely to show. Many people get overwhelmed when they don't do Self-Care or see a Coach/ Therapist to support them with stress and anxiety. The reason we saw many people dealing with ASD and PTSD. ASD- Acute Stress Disorder is a normal response to a highly stressful situation. It may include facing death, serious injury, or sexual violation. ASD occurs because of one specific event rather than the experience of long-term or chronic exposure to Trauma. ASD symptoms include numbness, loss of memories of the event, flashback, sleep disorder, concentration, and angry feelings. The symptoms appear two days to 4 weeks after the event and can be resolve in 4 weeks. PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the most common Trauma related disorder. The symptoms last more than four weeks and are extremely draining. People develop a condition after an intensely traumatic event; as life-threatening, injury, or sexual violence. It disturbs people of all ages, cultures, and gender. The symptoms can go away by doing Self-care. Still, in many cases, the intervention of a professional is required to get support and help. Read more at Thank you to Prada West for his music. Follow him at Thank you for listening, share the love:) Next week, learn about Resilience and how to be resilient.
August 06, 2021
Love in a relationship
A relationship is about friendship, sexual attraction, intellectual compatibility, and love. Love is the glue that keeps a relationship solid. Love has different meanings for people, and  It's also about the emotions we have, the feelings we get with the special one. The personality and the right mindset are also important. Not everyone has the same experience with love. But we are all looking for the right person who will open our hearts and fall in love. It should bring you joy, security, and a sense of belonging. True love is a mix of passion, intimacy and commitment to be present in a relationship. What is love in a relationship? Love keeps a relationship healthy and stable; without love, you do not have a relationship. You may be sexually attracted to your partner, but that does not mean you love your partner. Not having a base of loving feelings for your partner, once the sexual spark dies, you will become bored; It's call lust. People are confused between lust, attraction, and companionship. To define love is one of the most profound emotions humans experience. It is a combination of attraction and closeness. The person we feel attracted to or close to is the person we are in love with. Love is a feeling of attraction or affection. To build and have a strong bond as a couple take time. Nothing happens in one night. It’s only when you and your partner share your thoughts, feelings, dreams, goals, fears and hopes. The relation grows deeper. Love is generous; you give to each other without expecting a return. It is what it takes for a deeper partnership. You do that to show your support & love to each other. Being in love means desiring your partner's happiness, admiring them for the individual they are, and feeling motivated to be a better person. When you are in love, your relationship goes beyond a simple physical attraction. What is the meaning of love? Read more at Thank you to Prada West; follow him at www.YouTube/
July 26, 2021
How To Gain Trust?
Trust is an important word with a vast meaning. When people gain our Trust or break it, it matters. We say we trust people or that somebody violated our Trust. But what does it mean? How do they damage Trust? Trust is built with actions, and when individuals treat with respect and care what is important to you. It is also easy to break the trust and not easy to rebuild it. To talk about Trust, you must understand the meaning; It stands for boundaries, reliability, accountability, integrity, non-judgment, and generosity. Understanding the components of Trust and how they work help you understand how we trust or don't trust. We start with the definition of Trust. Follow by How to earn trust. The ways we build trust, with an understanding of the Importance of Trust and what to do to regain trust. What does Trust mean, and the definition Trust definition by the dictionary of Cambridge: · To believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm you, or that something is safe and reliable. · To hope and expect that something is true Trust is a feeling of confidence and security. It is a key to all human relationships, including romantic partnerships, family, business, politics, and medical practices. Without Trust, you have nothing, as It is the foundation of all partnerships.  Whether it keeps your word, confesses to someone, or delivers on time, Trust is the glue that holds everything together. But Trust takes time to develop, and it only grows when people feel comfortable and safe. Fostering Trust helps create an environment where communication is open and honest. Problems are solved before harm is done. Trusting, and feeling trusted, makes a deeper connection and a shared sense of purpose. It brings the best in people. Trust gives everyone the chance to grow and demonstrate themselves. Trust is earned and not given. How do you earn trust? Trust is earned over time by being authentic and not trying to be someone else via a series of positive experiences. You don't need to be perfect to earn Trust. You receive it by giving what you promise to people -- every time. These are some qualities and behaviours to have to gain trust- -Clear boundaries: It is vital to be clear about your limits so others understand and respect them. We must understand others' boundaries, so Trust flows both ways. -Be reliable: Reliability is when somebody follows what they say. Words without action are nothing. It goes with your boundaries. Do not commit to something or someone you don't want. -Accountable: We trust people who acknowledge their mistakes, apologize, and make changes. We are responsible for the way we behave and act. - Be Trustful: We cannot trust someone who shares our personal information with others without our permission. We need to keep the secrets, stories, and knowledge of other people in confidence so they can trust us. Suppose someone tells us confidential information about someone else. In that case, we know we can't trust them as they do the same to everyone else. - Honesty: It's living matching our values. Plus, when we live with integrity, we build trust with others and ourselves. - Non-judgmental: Non-judgment is an act of kindness and compassion towards self and others. We make peace for ourselves and others and bring healing instead. Read more at Thank you To Prada West for his music, follow him at www.YouTube/ Thank you for listening! Share the love:)
July 24, 2021
Communication skills
The importance of communication skills is crucial to hear, understand and interact with others successfully. It doesn't only apply to your love life, but everywhere, like at home with your family, work and your coworkers and everyday life to interact with people. Having the right skill set to communicate is primordial in today's world. It's not hard to learn and change to be successful. Keep in mind that the first reason for a misunderstanding is the inability to speak well or listen effectively. What are communication skills? Communicate effectively; it's an essential life skill. It enables us to pass information to other people and understand the message we want to pass on. To do that effectively, we use our voice, writing skills, visual and non-verbal. For example, body language, gestures, tone and voice are non-verbal communication. It helps us build trust, respect and create the right conditions to share ideas and solve problems. It's not only about the way we talk but also your understanding and how you listen. Yes, listening is a huge part of communication. If you don't listen attentively, how can you answer and communicate? What are the seven barriers? We have some behaviours that get in the way of communicating effectively with others. The seven barriers are: Not being attentive when others talk to you- Being on your phone texting/scrolling or looking away. You cannot listen and understand when you don't pay attention. Mindfulness and how to be mindful? You are judging- If you conclude before you hear what the other person has to say. Your mind is busy with criticism and blocks everything before you can listen. You are judging before knowing. Thinking about your answer- Thinking about what you want to answer before the end of the communication is the same as not being present. You missed some information as you are not fully present mentally. Using complex language- The use of complicated words is a barrier to good communication. You express yourself to be understood, not to show you can use technical terms. Unwanted advice- People do not need advice or solution when they talk to you. They want someone to listen to their concerns and be there for them. Avoiding concern-Not listening to the person's concern and changing the conversation without addressing the problem of finding a solution. Understanding- Understand what the person says to you is so important to answer adequately. For that, you have to listen attentively and be present in the moment. Read more at and book your 15 minutes complimentary call. For everyone in need of help and support with communication skills,  Catherine offers 10% exclusively for people listening to the podcast. Let me know at the time when we have the call :) Thank you to Prada West, follow him at www.YouTube/ Stay safe, and share the love!
July 16, 2021
Toxic People In Your Life
Toxic people definition If you know someone who is Challenging and causes many Conflicts in your life, you deal with a Toxic Personality. These people create many Stress and conflicts for you and others; they bring a feeling of emotional and physical pain. People with Toxicity drain your good energy, and you feel exhausted, tired, and have no power around them. Today, You learn how to identify Toxic People, their traits, and characteristics. The last but the best is how to avoid Toxicity and bring positivity. A toxic person is someone whose behaviour increases negativity and disappointment in your life. Toxic People deals with their Stresses and Traumas. They do not show their true- self as they lost themselves trying to be someone else, with everybody around them. They are known as great manipulators with their victims. Toxicity in people is not a mental disorder. However, there are underlying mental problems that cause to act in unhealthy behaviours involving Personality Disorder. They want you to feel sorry and responsible for what happens to them. Still, toxic people's problems are never solved; once you helped them with one crisis, there is another one. They want your constant sympathy and support, and they create one drama after another to get it. "Taking" only does not work. Especially you possibly care more about them than they do. You have the power to accept or reject Toxic People. Traits and Characteristics of People with Toxicity The traits and characteristics of people with Toxicity become the core of who they really are. Let us look at the main factors of a toxic person. Read more at Thank you To Prada West to let me use his music, follow him at www.YouTube/ Share the love and Stay Safe :)
July 10, 2021
Self-Esteem And Why It Is Important
Having healthy self-esteem can influence your motivation, mental well-being, and overall quality of life. However, having self-esteem that is too high or too low can be problematic. Better understanding your unique level of self-esteem can help you strike a balance that is just right for you. What is Self-Esteem? Self-Esteem is essential; it is one of your most critical values. It is excellent for your well-being mentally and physically. It is a highly positive factor in life; and associated with achievement, Happiness, good relationships, and satisfaction. It brings joy, vitality, and well-being to your life. Self-esteem is also loving yourself, respecting yourself and others, showing emotions and empathy by knowing yourself, your value, personality, and loving yourself. It means accepting who you are and living your best life. Having Low Self-Esteem is nothing wrong and can happen to everyone during our lifetime. We all must work to keep our self-esteem up. We will see how we can keep our spirit up a bit later in the episode today. It may bring people depression, anxiety, panic attack. The reason is they are not aware of being "Mindful. "Often, they are people's pleasure and don't know how to say "No." Which brings unhappiness, a feeling of worthless. They are often shy and do not want to hurt people; their Self-Confidence is low. Without the ability to see their worth, skills, and potential, they do not explore by fear. Too Much Self-Esteem is not good, especially when people show signs of arrogance, blaming others for everything that happens to them without showing any accountability. They are not thankful and do not show any gratitude as they feel everything is due to them. They think they are perfect and do not want to change. They do not accept criticism often, and as a result, they have issues with relationships in general. They often bully other and are great manipulator to gain what they want. It is a sign of Narcissism as they behave in a self-centred, arrogant, and manipulative manner; they are not happy and often destroy everything around them by jealousy. It isolates them as healthy people do not want to be around them. We call them Toxic People. If you listen to the podcast about Happiness, you know toxic people do not bring positive energy. They will drain you in a minute. They often complain about everything and anyone but do nothing to change their situation. Instead, they wait for others to do something for them. Self-esteem, self-confidence are two priceless values to have to live a happy and free life. Self-esteem comes from you and the thoughts in your mind, not from anything else, like Happiness. Never forget, your mind is powerful; you create your life. Why a Life of Freedom? When you know yourself, you gain self-esteem and self-confidence to do what makes "you" happy. You do not need affirmation from others to know your worth. You also do not need the approval to go on in your life. Knowing your value make you strong, independent, and free to do what please you. You are your best friend in life and enjoy being by yourself. You are not afraid to be alone and need some quiet time to be the best of you in society and family. It is Healthy and good for your well-being. BY knowing your worth, you follow your path toward Happiness and take action to stay happy. It means choosing your tribe carefully and being around people. Read more at Thank you to Prada West, www.YouTub/, for his song:) Share the love.
July 05, 2021
What is happiness and how to be happy?
Happiness has different meanings, but the majorities of people who are truly happy inside and out are those characteristics mentally and physically. They send good vibrations around them. In exchange, they received good vibrations back, only if they are around positive people or things they love and respect. To understand Happiness, you have to know all positivity brings well-being mentally and physically. The more you are positive more you are in balance with yourself. The reason for that it’s they are in touch with their mind and body. Happy people know and understand how the brain and the body are linked together. For example: when you have a headache, you have a hard time focusing. In the case of a migraine, many people have to be lye down in the dark to feel better and do nothing. I know that I sometimes experienced a migraine. During your illness, your complete focus it’s on your pain, how you don’t feel good, and of course, you cannot be sick because today and tomorrow you have to work. Sound pretty accurate, no! So, by being sick. It’s first in your mind with your thinking and being unable to do too much and take some rest to feel better; it’s your physical. By changing your mind with good thoughts or just listening to something to change the focus on your mind, your pain disappears for a moment tend; negativity brings anxiety, stress, heart disease and so on. One of the reasons Happiness is so important. For happy people to keep good vibes inside and outside their environment, they know themselves and accept who they are. Meaning, they have good self-esteem and are self-confident about themselves and life. For that, they practice optimism and positivity. Optimism is about finding good things in all bad situations by keeping positivity. And you do that only by changing your thought. Each time you find yourself having something negative in your mind, change them with one positive or have your happy place in your mind instead. It takes practice and time to make it a habit, but you will see the difference in the long and short run. Happy people practise mindfulness. Mindfulness means having the focus on the present moment. Not in the past or the future. The past is done; nothing you can do to change it. But, learn from your mistakes, take them as a life lesson as experiences. Learn to let go of the past, to be in peace and love with yourself. As for the future, it did not happen yet. So why thinking about something that does not exist. Focus on the now, the present moment. Enjoy the people around you and the things you have passion or love. Spend quality time with them by being present, and you achieve that by practicing mindfulness. Be mindful that you have the power to change your future, as everything starts first in your mind. All decisions you make as an impact on your life, personal or individual. Happy people exercises as they know it’s good for them and needs for their mental and physical balance. They need to feel grounded, and they understand having a solid body is the link with a strong mind. Read more @ and subscribe to get access to all blogs.  Thank you for listening and sharing the love :) A big thank you to Prada West to let me use his music; follow him at Stay safe!
June 25, 2021
Grateful For Happiness
During hard times, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Negative feelings and thoughts sneak in, which make it difficult to see the positives. However, a straightforward practice, "gratitude," helps to reduce these feelings. Many people believe that happy people are more grateful, but it's the other way around. Being comfortable means being thankful for what we have already. Even Though it's a simple concept, gratitude makes us happier, healthier, and balance. First, we look at what grateful means and the benefits it brings, along with some practical tips for being thankful. Finally, we look at the importance of gratitude. Grateful Meaning Live your life with gratitude means choosing to concentrate your time and attention on what you appreciate. The goal is not to stop the difficulties but to deal with them from a different viewpoint. Gratefulness softens you. It soothes the mind by connecting the ordinary and small things you might take for granted. Practice gratitude keeps your heart open to the warmth in your daily life. There are many things to be grateful for. We are encircled by abundance and unconsciously turn into automatic pilots, losing sight of life's nourishing wonders. Take trees, for example. Trees provide fruit and shelter and offer themselves as climbing gyms for the children. The same is true of people. Showing appreciation to one another is a powerful way to strengthen and restore emotional bonds. As you grow a better awareness of what is around you, be thankful for who you are, your distinctive talents and strengths. Benefits of Gratefulness Gratitude has an excellent effect on the brain; it is linked to life satisfaction and improved well-being. Gratitude is the state of being grateful. It involves saying thanks or thankful for something or someone—gratitude help to keep you grounded and feeling positive, particularly in uncertain times. Gratitude realizes the positive things in your life and how they influence you. For example, acknowledging the smell of the beautiful flowers you pass on the sidewalk or being thankful you have food on the table. You find many benefits of practicing gratitude, both mental and physical. Regular practice shows to have positive effects on health. The benefits of practising gratitude include: Read more Thank you to Prada West for his music, follow him on Youtube Stay safe, share the love:)
June 18, 2021
Importance Of Self-Care
Self-care is essential for everyone. It nourishes your mind, body, and spirit. The main goal is to take care of yourself. It is a much-needed break; the importance of self-care makes you a better partner, employee, co-worker, and friend. Self-care is the number one and essential tool for your well-being. It means you need to take action, purposefully, and intentionally do something for yourself—value what nurtures your well-being. Above all, it helps manage how you feel, especially during times of stress. Self-care gives you some ‘me’ time; and allows you to connect with yourself and restore your mental and physical health. What is self-care? Self-care is any activity that we do to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. To clarify, it is a simple concept, in theory, but often neglect. Good self-care is vital to improve mood and reduced stress and anxiety. In addition, it is essential for a good relationship with ourselves and others. Self-care is essential to build resilience toward the stress in life that you cannot eliminate. In short, when you take steps to care for your mind & body, you are ready to live your best life! Seven tips for self-care -Sleep-  Each night between 7 to 9 hours; Your heart is healthier. Learn relaxation techniques to fight the effects of stress and fall asleep faster. Sleep reduces inflammation caused by a lack of rest. As a result, your energy level is up and improves your memory. Getting enough sleep may help with your weight loss and maintain your body's proper functioning to heal itself. -Healthy eating-  Food affects your performance and energy levels; Reduce the intake of sugar and fat and add more veggies and fruits to your plate. Your body & mind need proper nutrition to stay healthy. Exercise- For example, you need at least 20 minutes a day, or by taking a walk in nature. You get better sleep at night, a clear mind and a healthy body. -Water-Drink enough water; it eliminates all the toxins in your body. As a result, increase your energy, reduce fatigue and reduce headaches. Remember, you made from a good part of water; keep your hydration level. -Meditation-Help; you clear your mind and relax. Reach your goals quickly and bring peace to you. Let go of the past that doesn't serve you, and accept the present. Read a book- It calms to read a book as you use your imagination and escape from daily life stress. Reading is excellent entertainment, and you can learn something new. In addition, it helps sleep better as it does not stimulate you, like an electronic device. -Socialize- It is key to self-care. Connections are essential to your well-being. Cultivate and maintain close relationships; put time and energy into building relationships with others. Read more at Thank you to Prada West for his music, follow him at Take care and stay safe!
June 10, 2021
Journaling For Mental Health
Journaling Definition Journal writing is personal recording insights, reflections, and questions on personal topics. Journal entries are a form of reflective writing. You can use them to consider and respond to something you have experience, thought, or emotions. You write in your journal daily or only when you feel the urge. With a journal, there are no rules, no rights, or wrongs. Of course, you can choose to share parts of your journal, but basically, your journal is for you. Your journal is a breathing space where you are entirely free to express yourself. Writing about your experience makes you a better witness. When we write about something, we pay attention to it. Keeping a journal puts you in the habit of observing the details of your life. Journaling For Self-Care Writing is accessible and practical and helps increase your awareness of your feelings. Consequently, it clears your mind and offers a safe place to release your emotions and thoughts. When you express your experiences through writing, you look at your feelings, circumstances, and desires with clarity. In addition, it gives some insight into understanding what is happening by supporting and prioritizing your goals, dreams, and hopes. Journaling For Gratitude Showing what you are grateful for is the most important thing you can do to protect your mental health. Gratitude journaling is reflecting on something you are thankful for consistently. It is a way to "count your blessings" and keep in mind the things in life that matter most. Gratitude journaling is an extremely healthy practise to stay ground and mindful. Acknowledge that gratitude means different things to people. Find your definition and let it inspire you. Read more @ Music from Prada West @ Thank you for listening :) Stay safe, stay healthy!
June 03, 2021
Mindfulness and how to be mindful? Mindfulness is being in the current moment, on purpose and without judgment. It helps you become thoughtful, insightful and wise. Through Mindfulness, you learn to observe your attitude and respond to the challenges life presents. At this time of pandemic worldwide; We experience social distancing and isolation. It's our new way of living for now, and it's not easy to accustom. The condition affects people's mental health, which affects emotions and destabilizes our balance. Some people respond with fear, anxiety and stress, which hurt health. Mindfulness is the capacity to be present at the moment. Aware of where you are and what you do. You disregard what is going on around you; Instead, you focus on your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. How you think at the moment When you attain this state of mind, you are "mindful." Mindfulness is something you possess; it's available to you when you practice daily. When you bring awareness to what you are experiencing with your senses or your state of mind with your thoughts and emotions, you are mindful. Research shows that you remodel your mind's physical structure when you train your brain to be aware of it. Furthermore, it indicates that Mindfulness, or the act of being mindful, impacts emotional well-being in specific ways depending on which of the three dimensions of Mindfulness you put your focus on. Two keys components of Mindfulness Awareness-It's a sense of what occurs inside and outside yourself. The experience brings awareness without the focus on one thing. You notice and recognize without any attention in general. You listen to your internal emotions and thoughts; You are aware of them. You can positively change the traumatic effect by being aware of what happens in your mind & body and acknowledge the sensation the feeling and emotion bring you. Attention- It's something you need to work on every day to be receptive to things around and inside you. It's also the ability to focus on you; Attention makes you open, creative, and emotionally stable. It helps you to enjoy what you do and appreciate the small thing in your life. Attention and awareness are the two significant keys components of Mindfulness to be ground. Three dimensions of Mindfulness Placing Your Attention in the Present Moment- Support the ability to focus on what happens in the here-and-now. Nonjudgmental acceptance-When you experience a painful emotion or feeling, don't judge but instead notice it. Acknowledge your feelings or mood. Act with Awareness- Focus your attention on what you do now; instead of working on autopilot and allowing your mind to wander. How to practice Mindfulness? Mindfulness is accessible to you in every moment, through meditations or mindful moments like taking time to pause and breathe. Meditation- Affirmation- It's helpful to have a word or a phrase to come back to when your mind wanders to overthink. It calls" affirmation." It's a simple phrase, said in the present tense. They are statements; you can use them whenever you need them.
May 27, 2021
6 easy ways to eat healthily
To start eating healthy, you need more fruits and vegetables into your diet, which boosts your fibre, vitamin, and mineral intake. Eating healthy also means limiting your intake of processed foods like refined grains, deli meats and added sugar intake. If you struggle to start eating healthy, create a menu plan for your week. It will help with your shopping and your spending. Then, only buy what you need to prepare your healthy food for the week and stay strictly with your list. Eating healthy is vital for a good lifestyle, and it helps fight many conditions and diseases. In general, eating a plant-focused diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein sources is healthy for most people. 1. Eat more fruits and vegetables They contain many vitamins and minerals your body needs. · Fibre help with constipation and digestion. (all veggies & fruits) · Magnesium supports bones. (Fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes, seeds, whole grain, and dark chocolate at least 80%) · Potassium helps with healthy blood pressure. (fruits, veggies, dairy, nuts and seeds, fish, meats) · Vitamin A protects against infection and keeps your skin and eyes healthy. (liver, dairy, fruits, and veggies, · Vitamin C aids iron absorption and keeps your skin and gums healthy. (fruits and veggies) 1. whole grains When talking about whole grains, it includes the entire kernel of wheat. All part of the grain contains essential nutrients like: fibre and B vitamins carbohydrates and protein B vitamins, healthy fats, and vitamin E White or refined grains undergo a process and lost their vitamins and fibres. Whole grains contain more fibre, micronutrients and offer more health benefits. · Whole grain bread · Whole grain pasta · Brown rice · Quinoa · Oats 3. Limit processed foods All processed foods are high in calories and low in nutrients. In addition, salt, sugar, and preservatives are added to processed foods; these harm your health.  Packaged foods like frozen fruit and vegetables are not processed foods. 4 control your portion By eating the recommended serving sizes during your day, you control your portion. But, conversely, it impacts your weight, metabolism, hormone balance, and energy if you don't. A good plate consists of half fruit and vegetables, a quarter protein, and whole grain. 4 Eat more healthy fats Good fat is a crucial part of a healthy diet as it helps the body keeps the metabolism to store your energy. However, not all fat is the same, and some cause adverse health effects. Saturated fat should be limited as it raises cholesterol which increases the risk of heart disease. (coconut oil, full-fat dairy, and pork meat, especially bacon) Unsaturated fat includes nuts, avocadoes, olive oil, and fatty fish like salmon. They have a positive effect on your heart health. Trans fat is found in fried and processed foods. Trans fat offers no nutritional value and increases your risk of heart disorder. Omega-3 fatty acids it's a type of unsaturated fat. It's an essential component of a healthy diet. These are found in fish, flaxseed, and plant oils like canola oil. In addition, it supports your heart and immune system. 4 Create a plan An eating plan help set you up for success. It can include the recommended number of fruits, vegetables, protein, grains, how they will be prepared, and when they will be eaten. Having ready-to-go foods help you to avoid snacking and choosing unhealthy alternatives.
May 19, 2021
No Added sugar and the health benefits
No added sugar- For Health Benefits- Sugar is obviously in lots of foods like fruit, vegetables, milk, cheese, and even grains. Manufacturers add different sugar and syrup forms to processed and prepackaged foods like ice cream, cookies, candy, soda, and many products you do not know if you do not look up the ingredients. Sugar -Natural vs Added sugar There are two types of sugars in diets: natural sugars and added sugars. Natural sugars are in foods like fruit and milk. Added sugars are any sugars or sweeteners mix into foods or beverages during the processing or preparation process. Added sugars include natural sugars such as white sugar, brown sugar and honey, and other chemically manufactured sweeteners. The best sugar consumption is the one you find in whole foods that contain natural sugar. Your body digests them slowly; the sugar in them offers a regular source of energy. High consumption of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains reduces the risk of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancers. You may want to limit added sugars to stay healthy. What sugar does to your body? Impact on your heart- A study published in 2014 in JAMA Internal Medicine found a connotation amid a high-sugar diet and a higher risk of dying from heart disease. High amounts of sugar overload the liver. It leads to a significant buildup of fat, which turns into liver disease, diabetes, which raises your heart disease risk. Raise blood pressure and increase chronic inflammation-, both of which are pathological pathways to heart disease. Weight gain- Added sugar tricks your body into turning off the appetite-control system. The liquid calories are not as satisfying as calories from solid foods. It is easier to add more calories to a regular diet when consuming sugary beverages. Added sugar favours blood pressure, inflammation, weight gain, diabetes, and liver disease link to increased heart attack and stroke, when consuming too much added sugar. Low energy- sugar and processed carbs cause a rapid rise in your blood sugar. It indicates your pancreas produces more insulin to get the sugar out of your blood and cells. The increase in blood sugar levels and fall make you feel tired.  When your body craves quick energy, you go for another food with added sugar, which leads to a vicious cycle; with no end. Several studies found that minimizing sugar and processed carbs at meals and snacks leads to greater energy levels. Acne- The body produces insulin when you consume excess sugar, which leads to increased inflammation — and inflammation is a critical factor in acne. Having excess insulin in your blood can cause your oil glands to produce more oil, increasing your acne risks.
May 11, 2021
Eating Heathy- The importance of a good diet-
Eating Healthy It is a part of a series as It turns around food, micronutrients, vitamins, cooking, and shopping. Healthy eating starts with healthy food choices. You do not need to be a chef to create nutritious, healthy meals your family will love. But, first, learn what to look for at the grocery store. I will discuss in this series: how to eat smart, how to lose weight, process foods, added sugar, adding colourful food to your plate, the good fats you need, and all other nutrients you need to be healthy and keep a robust immune system. Today, we start with the importance of eating healthy and eating healthier and ten healthy eating tips. The importance of eating healthy Good nutrition is essential to keep us healthy during our lifespan. People with healthy eating patterns live longer and are at lower risk for serious health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. In addition, for people with chronic illnesses, healthy eating help manage these conditions and prevent complications. A good diet included foods from all major food groups, including lean proteins, whole grains, good fats,  fruits and vegetables of many colours. IT means replacing foods that contain trans fats, added salt, and sugar with more nutritious options. Plant-based eating is the way to go. “Studies show that people who consume a more plant-based diet have a lower risk of all the chronic diseases. If you start toward healthy eating, Rather than focus on what you shouldn’t be eating, think about what you can add to your plate to improve your health. Food is one of the essential tools to have a good life away from diseases. It’s not just our physical health that we see a boost when we prioritize a healthy diet. Research shows that food choices affect mental health. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals is associated with a lower risk for mental health disorders, including anxiety, depression, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The payoff of a healthy lifestyle is enormous! You lower your risk for cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and even anxiety and depression. In addition, you have more energy, feel better, and have a better mood daily. A big thank you to Prada West for his music. Follow him on
May 07, 2021
Improve Your Stress with 10 Useful Tips
Stress is not always bad. At a low level, emphasis prepares our bodies for daily challenges by boosting energy, improving mental performance, and focusing attention. It is when pressure is extreme or lasts for too long that it becomes problematic and dangerous. Unhealthy stress contributes to heart disease, anxiety, depression, relationship problems (home, work), drug or alcohol use, weakened immune systems, sleep deprivation, and more. The stress hides behind more issues, where it increases painful emotions and triggers unwanted behaviours. Stress management helps you control and improve your stress level; by implementing the tools to back your mind's freedom. Recognizing the symptoms of stress help you regulate anxiety. The ten valuable tips are easy to implement in your daily routine to lower your stress. Knowledge is power; take back control of your pressure and feel at peace. To contact me to have tools to help you with sleep deprivation and Deep Breathing, go to You can find Prada West music at Take care and stay safe!
April 30, 2021
Meditation And The Benefits
Meditation brings a state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. When you meditate, you learn to be in the present moment, to be mindful. Taking care of your brain is as important as taking care of your body. Meditation is peaceful, clears your mind, and has a calming effect. With meditation, your mental, physical health improves.  Need breathing techniques, contact me A big thank you to my friend, PradaWest, for his music; follow him on
April 24, 2021
How to be positive?
The positivity starts within you; change the way you think to identify the problem. Accept your negative thoughts and feelings and change how you respond to them to change the process. Do not critic yourself for your thoughts or feelings. Remember, the idea that comes up or the feelings you experience are not good or bad. You can control how you understand and respond to them. Accept yourself for who you are! Constantly focus on the positive instead of the negative :) Get the tips and tools to be more positive, happy and relax; ready to listen to the podcast! A big thank you to you for listening and a special thanks to my friend Prada West for letting me use his music. Follow Prada West at Join me on my website at
April 14, 2021